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Fan Event in New York – Behind The Scenes Video

Ron-Diana-ComicCon2013Thought you all might enjoy a glimpse of what’s going on with the new cable-tv show (at least those of you in the US; this video was produced and posted by Starz, who are the US distributors of the show, and I’m afraid the video isn’t viewable by other countries–yet. I’m hoping they’ll figure out how to do that shortly, but it’s not in my hands, sorry).

This video is a Fan Event put on by Starz while I was in New York last weekend at Comic Con, promoting the new show with Ron D. Moore, the executive producer and show-runner. You’ll get at least a glimpse of the sets and characters and preparation going into the show–followed by 45 minutes of detailed Q&A with me and Ron. (At the upper right is a captured image of Ron and me from the video.)

And a little later this week, I’ll be posting a round-up of the actors who have been announced so far, along with such photos and information as I have. _That_ will be available to everybody! Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I’m heartbroken that I cannot watch the video…. it says not available in my country :(
    I’m in Canada.

  2. Dear Mrs. Gabaldon,

    My sister and I were fortunate to receive an invitation to the event at the Mckittrick Hotel. You and Mr. Moore were so gracious and informative. It was a great pleasure to meet you!

    Your books have brought me such joy. You tell the most beautiful stories, taking a person to another place and time – just what most need in this day and age.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to meet you, take photographs with you and for the lovely gifts we received that day. I have no doubt that the tv series will be a huge success, but your books will always be ever so special to me.

    Thank you.

    Ps – I was also born in 1952 – a good year!

  3. Just finished watching it and enjoyed every minute of it! I really do think that Mr. Moore and his crew will do a fantastic job with the series. Thank you!

  4. I too, was fortunate enough to attend the event hosted by STARZ and wanted to thank-you, Diana for your graciousness at the event in thoughtfully answering our questions, signing the books for us and posing for photo after photo. Having been a fan for almost 20 years, I really was pleased to meet you . (I was the person with the charm bracelet that included the charm for MOBY.)

    You mentioned in your Q&A session that you enjoyed hearing what we enjoy about your books specifically—that gave me pause –but I realized that I too would want to know that, about anything I have created for others—be it a meal or painting or a book. So here are a few specifics:

    I always enjoy the twists in the plot, the people who pop up in unexpected places are always exciting and yet–so like real life–but most books don’t cover the span of time that yours do (and with enough detail) to make that possible.

    I also love the time travel aspect, but not just because of the physical possibility that you paint—but because I enjoy seeing the play between the time periods. For example, I love the adaptations (or not) that Claire (and later Brianna) had to make in order live in the 18th century without drawing too much attention to themselves; also what they missed (or didn’t) — like the sound of cars driving on a wet road. And I like the reverse when those back in the 1700s try to understand what things are like in the future; one of my fave scenes is when Jamie dreams of Jem and the telephone. Sometimes I find myself wondering what Jamie would think, how he would adapt– if he needed (and was able) to go to the future for which he is fighting.

    I’ll limit myself to those two, although I am tempted to go on. Thank-you and I look forward to the continuing adventure.

  5. I’m sure you can’t do much about it, Diana, but oh how I wish Starz had a web-based subscription service! I, and so many others, would be on that in a heartbeat in order to watch the Outlander series! It’s not available, cable-wise, for me. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to watch it…

  6. WOW! I am SO excited for this new series! I’ve been a fan of your books since I picked one up on a plane (I used to be a flight attendant). I didn’t realize it was the third book in the series until I was halfway through, but once I found out I immediately went and got the first one, and have been a diehard fan ever since. My husband and I have cast the “Outlander” movie a million times over….

    YAY OUTLANDER!!!! Waiting with bated breath! Och aye!

  7. Although disappointed that I couldn’t watch the video, I got a laugh out of the message displayed by YouTube when I tried: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” Why a laugh? I can’t watch the video because I AM an outlander.

  8. I see a Starz subscription in my future. Impressed by the care the team appear to be taking with the series, so while I initially assumed I would wait to watch on DVD or something, I now suspect I will sign up for Starz to get this when it comes out. I will also probably start the book series over again very soon – for the 3rd time.

    As to favorite things about your writing, I love the parts about medicine and Claire learning to treat conditions with 18th century technology and learning from herbalists and healers of the time. So great to think about how much indigenous knowledge we have discarded for “newer” things.

    Also, my Dad was a historian, and in any movie or historical site, I remember he would say “I wish they would show how they went to the bathroom.” So, I always think of him when you cover such ordinary details. Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this video! The series looks to be in excellent hands and it’s wonderful that Ron Moore is taking so much care with all the details–hopefully it will be a long-term series.

    I was a bit surprised that no one mentioned how perfect Tobias seems to be for Frank/Black Jack and now that we know about the flashbacks, I’m even more anxious to know how you felt about his casting? He seems easy to costume as both bookish and menacing…

    And what about Lord John? Will we meet him as a 16-year old so that their later meeting in Ardsmuir makes sense (or am I getting too far ahead in the tale)?

    Love you and all the books (can hardly wait for Dangerous Women), and I’m saving up to add Starz to my cable lineup next year LOL!

  10. Great job with the interview, Diana!

    I was wondering… how many minutes will each episode be?

    The world is a better place with you and your incredible gift to it. Many Thanks.

  11. I appreciate that your books covered so much history in so many places. I passed my college Brit History class based on the knowledge I gleaned from your books. I was never able to place history across the world in such a context that made sense, until I read the Outlander series. It was fascinating to think of provincial lords in their cold castles as occurring around the same time as French opulence and The New World’s beginning. I always tell people if they want to learn about history around the world all they have to do is pick up one of your books to span 3 continents and many more cultures and histories…. Fabulous!!

  12. I know it is probably not affordable, but I’m hard of hearing and depend on closed captioning for virtually everything I watch. I tried to watch this video, loved seeing the actors and set and got excited when Gabaldon came out. However, I couldn’t understand them, no matter how loud I turned it up. So Starz, heads up, please make sure you close caption the movie(s.) I don’t have your channel but will definitely add it during the Outlander series. (Yes, I need hearing aids. Guess I’ll see if Santa will send me a couple:-)

  13. Hi Diana,
    I’m beyond excited about this series. The number of people I have gotten to read the books continues to increase. I think I share the same worries as anyone else who loves the books and seeing them become movies… the casting. Sam looks good as Jamie… but he’s shorter than I imagined… I know that shouldn’t hold me up. I am definitely going to watch the series regardless and I’m sure it’s just nerves giving way to doubt. I hope that it all comes out as amazing as I imagine. Thank you for the wonderful vision you possess and for passing on your gift to us all.
    Look forward to the next books…. been holding my breath for almost 3 yrs now… it’s almost time to breathe

    • Dear Candace–

      Sam’s 6’3″–but Caitriona is (I think) about 5’10″, so the disparity of heights may not be what you were expecting. She’s a fabulous actress, though, and I think it will be a wonderful show!


  14. Diana Gabaldon is a wonderful and very innovative write. Oh but how she creates up these characters and spins the stories, exceedingly impressive! For example; in the Voyager she takes you from one tassel to the other you turn around there is something, always something! Fantastic, fantastic writer, her logic, very impressive! I glorify God as I read her books, for creating inventive and imaginative human beings such as she. I absolutely, absolutely enjoyed the series, from their beginnings to the last drops.
    I wish the TV series a great success, and hope they generate as much audience as the books.

    The excerpt of the shooting of the series in Scotland is quite appealing. Mr. Moore’s analysis lends it an air of impending success. Like many of Gabaldon’s fans out there, I too, await fervently for it to air.

  15. I was able to see the interview, but only with all the background noise, from another site. This is shaping up to be a fantastic series with Mr Moore at the helm and Diana as creator and consultant. The actors that are portraying all the characters, while not necessarily meshing with my imagination in looks, are actors after all and be they shorter, taller, blue eyed or whisky eyed will sweep us all back into the excitement of reading Outlander for the first time.

    I’m waiting for the casting of Fergus and looking forward to hearing Scots with a French accent.

    I live out in the boondocks, so won’t be able to get the series. I am hoping that it will be available on DVD soon after release!

    Do you know if the publishers are going to delay MOBY until the release of the series in August? The wait will be worth it, but I am hoping that they won’t be that cruel!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Surrey!

  16. I am so happy! I first read Outlander in 1997 and became a huge fan. I waited patiently for the rest of the series to come out the old fashion way with out internet. I had the unique opportunity to meet you a few years ago at the Scottish Highlander Games in Pleasanton, Ca. Now finding out Outlander is being made into a series is beyond belief! Congratulations to you!

  17. The clip has been uploaded to YouTube by Starz, so hopefully every can now see it. :)


    • thank you Susan……just watched the clip. I can’t wait to see the series, I am sure it is going to be everything we expect.
      Not sure how we are going to be able to view it in Australia when it is released but I’m sure there will be a way.

  18. My husband mentioned he was thinking of downsizing the cable service. I told him as long as we still get STARZ, if not, I will divorce him.

  19. By the way, Canadians can watch the video after downloading Hotspot Shield at http://download.cnet.com/hotspot-shield/
    I use it all the time and it can be turned on and off. Easy to download and to use.

  20. I am reading the series for the 5th? time in anticapation of the next installment (I Hope!) Currently 1/2 way through Voyager and I have a question you’ve probably had before. How did Clair get her medicine box off the Porpoise?

  21. Thanks Susan H.E!

  22. I am a big fan since the beginning of the books and grew older with the books. I always feared that the books sooner or later would turn into movies or tv series – and they did. I am sure they will do a great job, but it`s just disappointingly so that this TV-Jamie Character does not look at all like the Jamie I have imagined all the years. For me Jamie is not only very good looking with very long red hair, but he is also very intelligent and sophisticated. And even if I am killed on the spot here: this tv series Jamies facial features look neither delicate nor intelligent to me. He is trying so hard to be THE Jamie, that somewhere in this process he lost authenticity. Either he will have to really work on his facial expressions to appear more sophisticated and literate or I will have to work on my tolerance:)) I fear, it will be me:))
    Maybe I will just wait for the next book to come out and skip the tv adaptions:) This way I won`t be disappointed. Sorry….

    • Dear Dana–

      Or…just maybe…you could hold your horses, not leap to conclusions on the basis of a single photograph and wait to _see_ what Sam Heughan does with Jamie? Just a suggestion.


  23. I know I am not alone when I say that the saga of Jamie and Claire has become my alternate reality. I am anxiously awaiting WIMHOB and the Starz Outlander series. Jamie Fraser is the ultimate ‘He’ man hero so I’m hoping slender Sam H. can convey Jamie’s physical power and magnetism. Actually,if you think about it, Tom Tebow would make a great Jamie. Imagine this quarterback in a kilt!! Thanks for listening!

  24. I am so excited to see Jamie in the flesh (well, a picture) and in a kilt. I am so excited about this series I can’t stand it.

  25. I can’t wait to see the series ! Is it too late to possibly make Sam’s hair more RED ?
    The descriptions in the book are so lovely, mentioning all the various hues of Jamie’s hair.. but in the FB photo it looks a bit brown.

  26. Devastated I can’t view this in the UK, and I suspect will not be able to watch the TV series either :( not sure how it works in the states with TV companies, but I rather wish the BBC had decided to take this book on so I could watch your brilliant characters come to life. *sob*

  27. Diana,

    Please, oh please, OH PLEASE tell me that you’re already hard at work on the next book? No…not MOBY…the NEXT one? I had never been much of a reader until I was introduced to The Outlander. Now I’m an addict. I can’t read anything BUT DG books now. Nothing even comes close… My family calls it ‘my obsession’ because I can’t stop reading and listening to the series…over, and over, and over again. I already dread finishing MOBY, and it’s still months away from being released.

    All kidding aside – although I wasn’t kidding at all – I am in awe of your talent, and so very grateful that it was shared with me by a bookseller friend in Acton, MA who met you years ago. You have such an amazing gift! I look forward to sharing the experience w/my husband when the STARZ series begins.

    Thank you so much!

    BTW… Do you know when Audible will be releasing an audio version of MOBY, and if Davina Porter will be narrating it?

    • Dear Sarah–

      How can I possibly be at work on Book Nine when I haven’t finished writing MOBY yet?

      Yes, so far as I know (i.e., if she isn’t hit by a truck or come down with pneumonia or something, God forbid), Davina will be narrating the audiobook–and it _should_ come out either with or very close to the hardcover release (there’s sometimes a slight lag, if the manuscript is delivered very shortly before the pub date, because the Recorded Books people have to wait until they have a complete book before they can schedule the recording sessions).

      Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  28. I’ve been casting these books from the beging and have read them all “again” in anticipation of the next books arrival. I’m thrilled that it’s coming to life on any screan. So, not if but when Rodger needs casting, might you consider Richard Armitage. Some Green contacts and “tag” he’s it. As for Ian, Harry Lloyd might be to handsom but ruff him up a bit, add the tatoos and “whala” Ian. I add my two cents now I’ll leave the rest to the professionals.

  29. Thank you for posting this, I really enjoyed watching you and Ron discuss everything! LOVE all of your books and I am also a Battlestar Galactica fan :), I have lots of faith that Ron will do a wonderful job!

  30. Being a HUGE fan of the Outlander Series I look forward to each & every major instalment, but tend not to look at your website until I think a new edition should be falling due, so you can perhaps imagine my surprise and delight at a new book to be released in June & a miniseries being created!!!
    HOWEVER, being on holidays I had time to browse your website & discover that there are novellas which are not about Lord John (I am not his greatest fan). Yeah, new material & I am on holidays so have time to read – BUT alas, these are not available in Australia!
    How can an electronic version of a book not be available in Australia!! My e reader, computer & android work the same as the rest of the worlds!
    Heart broken & now I have to return to work .. things are looking most unhappy in my little corner of paradise where I remain ebookless :-(

    • Dear Tess–

      Well…if you browsed a little further [g], you would see that the ebooks you mention are not (yet) available in Australia/NewZealand/UK because I don’t yet have the international electronic reprint rights back. HOWEVER…all those ebooks are indeed _available_ in your neck of the woods, as a print collection, titled A TRAIL OF FIRE. Hie thee to your nearest bookstore and cease thy mourning. [g] Happy New Year!


  31. Happy, Happy , Happy New Year!!

    You have made my day :-) Two new Gabaldon books in the same year!!! Now if you could just do something about work interfering with my reading time – all of 2014 would be golden!

    Thank you so much for the stories that you create – they continue to bring another world and time alive. I reread the entire series before each new release, and when coming to the end of the latest release, always feel a great sense of loss, as if I have lost touched with my extended family.

    Thank you for your efforts, they are hugely appreciated.