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Publication Date Change – Sorry About This…

Well. I _really_ hate writing this, and I do apologize….but the pub date for MOBY is moving.

Two reasons for this:

1. The first—and by far the most important—is that I began to realize about a month ago that I needed a little more time in order to finish the book the way it needs to be done. I could get the necessary wordage on paper by the end of the year—but it wouldn’t be _good_. Good takes more time. And I’m really sorry, but you’re not getting a book that’s less than the best I can do.

2. The second thing has to do with the new Starz tv show. Two things about _that_:

a. While the original guess as to the date for the series release was April, that _was_ only a guess. In New York last month, the Starz people were telling me (and the assorted fans present; it’s not a secret) that it will be (take your pick), “June,” “July,” “August,” or “summer.” So, you know…later.

b. While I don’t have (and don’t want) “control” over anything to do with the show, I actually am (by contract) a consultant. And while I told the production people that I considered my main job to be staying out of their way, they are amazingly generous about including and involving me. And I am actually required to do promotional things for the PR side of the production. Sooo….am I going to say, “Sorry, I can’t be paying attention to all this fascinating stuff going on, and I’m not going to New York Comic Con, because I have to stay home and finish my novel?” Errr….no. (I mean, really—would _you_?)

So. I would have told you this a week or so ago, but once I’d made the decision that I needed an extra two months to do the book properly, all of the publishers needed to be officially informed. (Publishers hate finding out important things on Twitter or Facebook.)

Now, it’s up _to_ those publishers now to decide on a new pub date. They need to take into consideration all kinds of things, including the new date for the tv show’s release (not that there is an _official_ date as yet—and even if there was, it could move. Stuff Happens, as I’ve told you before), plus the usual considerations—where they can find a good slot in their existing schedule, what’s a good time of year for it, and so on.

I don’t have any idea what the new pub date might be. I’ll tell you the minute we know. But my immediate concern is for all the people I’ve seen this week excitedly making plans to come and see me in Portland or wherever.

Since the pub date is moving….I’m afraid (and my Deep Apologies to the poor publicists) all the tour events will have to be rescheduled, once a new date is chosen.

Now, I know a lot of you have been ordering tickets to the Portland event on April 6th. I’ll talk to the Random House people and the Portland people, and see what can be worked out. I’m happy to go and do that event, even if it’s not part of the official book-tour, if the organizers want that. But that’s up to them. I _will_ do my best to make sure you aren’t harmed by the change, though.

I’m sorry about this, and I thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  1. Do what you’ve got to do! You (and your marvelous books) are well worth the wait. And thank you for choosing to take more time to write MOBY to your satisfaction instead of releasing something on time but disappointing. I’ve reread the books many times over the years, and it’s more important to me that they hold up well over time than that I find out what happens a few months earlier. This just confirms my sense of you as a fabulous writer.

    • Good for you Diana! Put out a product you are proud of, and I know I can wait… I love all of your books and have been rereading them. You are an amazing author and I am fully behind your decision.


    • I’m on my 4th re-reading of your wonderful books and was hoping to finish in time for your next book..but I’ve been “nursing it for months now”. I wish I had written what Lisa did, though. I couldn’t agree more.
      I have you on Kindle but realized that as I grow older I MIGHT not be able to even remember how to use the buttons. So my recent re-reading has been done by gathering up all your books in hardcover, as I feel confident that I will always remember how to turn the page. This will always be my FAVORITE story to read.
      In 2001, I stayed at a B&B in Inverness that is owned by a man named Jamie Fraser and his wife. The very first thing she asked me was “have you read the books by Diana Gabaldon?” It was a very magical time of finding my own heritage in that area (being of the clan Fraser) and visiting all the historical sites that are there. Going to Culloden field was truly like visiting the graves of those I would have loved, had I had the chance to know them.
      Thank you for your incredible investigation of the past…and for making that PAST so tangible to all of us who are so curious about where we came from.

      • Hi Beth, I couldn’t agree with you more about Diana and her fabulous books. Because of them I also visited Inverness and visited Culloden. It is truly a moving and spiritual place to visit and I felt everyone of the soldiers around me. It must have been quite horrific at the time of the battle and of course in the years afterwards. I have also visited Edinbough several times, again due to Diana’s books. I love Edinbough and will be going again in September of this year for a few days. Without Diana’s fabulous books I would never have thought to visit Scotland.
        Thank you Diana for bringing the past to life.


      • I am sure many people as well as myself, want to know…what is the name of the B & B you stayed at in Inverness that is owned by a man named Jamie Fraser…even though it is not “our” Jamie. we would all enjoy staying where his wife knows our books by Diana.


      • Well said Beth. I have quite reading novels by those authors who are writing for quantity, and forgetting about quality.

    • I have all books and have re read each to prepare myself each time a new book is due. I never tire of the story and your descriptive writing makes me feel I am there in the story.

      I live in NZ and had the chance to come to the last book launch in Auckland. I am hoping that you will come again.

      Will the TV series come to NZ. I can’t wait/ I am very hopeful that the series will be released on DVD so that I can watch it over and over again.

      Thanks again

  2. Take all the time you need. You are worth the wait!

    • Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

      From one professional to another – understood and, what’s more, appreciated.

      Your books are worth waiting for – Thank you for continuing to provide us with tales of Claire and Jamie.

    • We can all re-read the Outlander series again for the 4th or 5th time:-) Including the Lord John series, all are outstanding! Jane Austen wrote that she saw her characters and their action when she wrote, I think you said someting like that once, that takes time and energy! Take care and thank you for your outstandingly creative books and all the hard work that goes into their research, writing, publishing and promoting!

    • In reference to Blog on 11/12/13-What if Starz decides the suggested dates won’t do so they decide not to air the show until 2015 or 2016? Should this happen does this mean that book 8 would not be published until 2015 or 2016? I do understand that you feel you need to work on this book more:however, as a person who pre-ordered the book for the 12/13 release, it would be disappointing if publishers decided
      to wait until 2015 or 2016 to publish book 8! Since none of these decisions are up to me as a reader ,I
      would normally not ever comment. Just would like to say I love the books & wish you well-J Huskey

      • Dear J–

        No, I’m pretty sure I can state that _that_ won’t happen. You’ll get the book in 2014, no matter what else happens.


        • Hi,
          I pre-ordered the book on Amazon, and it still shows that it will be shipped March 25, 2014. Will this date change show once March gets closer? I don’t mind waiting because I love your books. :) I just wanted to know if it’ll show the new publication/release date?

          • Dear Pamela–

            Yes, it will change. There’s no difficulty with pre-ordered books from Amazon; you don’t need to change your order. They’ll just ship the book on the correct date, when it becomes available.


        • I sincerely hope you are right. It was fairly discouraging when the first postponement took place. This one is no fun at all.

          Although I do understand it is no fun for you either. /sigh/ drat.

          Thanks for a fantastic series.


        • Dangit! My birthday book(October release) turned into a New Years’ release, turned into a St. Paddy’s dayrelease, to a Memorial Day release. AAAARRGH! Trying to be Patient. Really need this book. Prayers for an easy ,quick finish of this greatly anticipated book. Mama always says patience is a virtue. Take your time and whenever it comes out I WILL BUY IT and read it straight thru.Hmmm, June release . Prayers are answered that’s enough time to re-read the entire series. Thank You ! Diana, take your time . I’m good with that

  3. Life happens while we are busy making plans!
    We will wait as long as it takes for your book to be ready, and no complains.
    Good luck with everything you’re doing, Diana.

    • Hmmm well I’m getting a bit fed up to be honest……..maybe too many fingers in too many pies has something to do with the delays?

      • Dear Caroline–

        And maybe the situation is exactly what I told you.


        • You tell her Diana! We’ve lived these stories and can wait a few more months! Thank you for sharing Claire & Jaime and their families with us! And, Lord John Grey and his series, too!


  4. My Scots/Irish Grandmother always said “Patience is a virtue” and “All good things come to those that wait”. She was a very patient person. I think some of that was handed down to me.

    Take all the time. I’ll wait.

  5. Thanks for the notice! Had planned my rereading to end in time for the new book, but guess I’ll have to slow down. :)

  6. Down here in South Texas we say “ain’t nothing but a thing” and so it goes with publication dates and movie productions. Take your time, Diana. You had me at “Well…”

  7. Give me more time to read through all the books again! Can’t wait for the book and the show.

  8. Any serious fan of yours wants you to take all the time you find necessary to produce a work of which you can be proud. Personally I hate to see the TV series have any effect on the release date as I’m not interested in it.

    • You may want to rethink disinterest in the TV series. Watch one of the trailers and you may just change your mind!

      • That’s true… I don’t know if I want to watch it I’m so in love with the books and my beloved Jamie I don’t think I can watch!

  9. We support you!!! All of your fans understand & sympathize about all the deadlines & dilemmas, obligatory contracts, etc. that you’re facing, so take all the time you need….. I’m sure in the end it will all fall into place as it’s meant to. I can’t wait!!!!!

  10. I started a re-read of the whole series when you first announced the date. No worries, if I finish my re-read before your newest novel comes out, it won’t hurt me a bit. I love your writing and am happy to wait. I can’t say I’m a patient person, but I do live by “stuff happens”.

  11. Diana,
    No worries! It’s worth whatever you need to do and however long you need to take! Actually, if it came out now I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from reading it…and I’m sorta hoping to save it for my vacation cruise in the new year! Good luck with the writing and the show PR! You got this!

  12. If we’ve learned nothing else being fans of the series, it has been patience – for the next big novel – to see a visual depiction of the work – to read any little snippet or scrap you produce. So, no big deal, this has become a lifetime gift to all of us!

  13. Hum, I hate to see the hold up. I’ve been a faithful fan since the original publication of OUTLANDER. I am going to reserve judgement until I’ve seen an episode of the series before I decide if it’s worth the wait or not for the book. I just hope that we don’t have a turkey on our hands, book or series.

  14. Hum, I hate to see the hold up. I’ve been a faithful fan since the original publication of OUTLANDER. I am going to reserve judgement until I’ve seen an episode of the series before I decide if it’s worth the wait or not for the book. I just hope that we don’t have a turkey on our hands, book or TV series. Best wishes for a successful series and hopefully a great new addition to an addictive guilty pleasure. Come back to North Carolina sometime we would love to see you!

  15. I understand and appreciate that you need to write the book to your amazing exacting standard,s which is great ’cause they just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t, but the part of me that loves the books, wants it now!
    I recently loaned the series to my 16 year old son, who has now finished them with the comment, ‘I’m going to miss Jaimie and Claire’ Quite an achievement Diana as he’s a heavy metal lover!
    Thank you for your efforts with these books, they are excellent. Take as long as you need (so long as it’s quick!).

  16. Diana, I’d rather you take the time to produce something you’re proud of – TV series (even as a consultant) or book – than release anything you consider sub-standard. I’ll wait patiently (more or less!) for everything to gel the way you want.

  17. In the last couple of months I have reread every one of your books and loved every moment. My Father always said “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. We will be here when your ready.

  18. Diana,
    I’ve always appreciated the way you put your heart and soul into your novels. Not just throw them out there to get as many books out as possible. They are certainly worth the wait, but I can’t say that I’m not a little disappointed. I wasn’t all that excited about them making a movie, or series about Outlander, but the more I’ve read about it, and seen the actors, and how much effort is being put into it, I have been getting very excited. That I can certainly wait for. The next book?…hmmmm, of course I’ll wait patiently for it, but I am having Jamie and Claire withdrawal symptoms. I might even go into DT’s, but hey, like they say, I can always go back and read the series over again. It will be worth the wait. Thank you for your wonderful books, because of your great books, it has made me look deeper into my own Scottish heritage.

  19. “Gut Ding braucht Weile” – Good things take time.

    And it´s not good for your feeling when say you ready with a bad feeling in the belly.
    I understand it very well!

    Chapeau ! for writing over 20 years books in this high quality with all this historical details!

  20. WHAT??? OH NOOOOOOO!!! I am totally DEVASTATED!!! How can I go on???
    (Just kidding!!) ;)

    Take all the time you need. Your books are worth waiting for, Diana.

  21. Now a problem here…it will be well worth the wait. I am listening to all the books on CD right now. I returned from a trip to Scotland & Ireland this fall and am enjoying them in a whole new light. Davina Porter is WONDERFUL! Listening to your words and her voice is amazing! Maybe I will be finished with all 7 books by the time #8 come4s out. Take your time and get it like you want it…Jamie and Claire deserve it. Thank you Diana!

  22. Ms. Gabaldon,

    At the risk of excessively repeating previously expressed perceptions ad nauseam…all the time you need…top notch quality…WELL worth the wait…et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    Remember the old saw:

    “You know how to make God laugh?”

    “Tell him your plans for the future!”

    Best of luck and tanx for a truly marvelous “Family History” to incorporate into my own!

  23. I was wondering if you were superwoman, lol. I am so proud that you have the guts to do this. So many (very well-known) authors just push out their books, regardless of whether they are ready to. Diana, you are the best! Not only are you the most hard-working and gifted writer I’ve ever read but to think of your readers so much just makes me want to cry. And I’m sure all of us die-hard fans can wait.

  24. Merci pour tout ce que vous m’apportez. Je lis et relis vos livres depuis des années et j’attend toujours avec impatience (et patience) vos livres.
    Prenez le temps qu’il vous est nécessaire pour nous transporter (comme chaque fois) dans l’univers de Jamie et Claire. Sachant que nous le recevront encore bien plus tard en Français. Bien cordialement

  25. Thank you so much for the series. One of my favorites….however…. having just just finished re-reading the series (as in minutes ago) I need book 8 now…as in..right this minute! Maybe I should have paced myself.
    Having described the characters looks in such detail it will be interesting to see how they fit my minds eye when the TV series starts.
    Oh well. I’ll go make a cup of coffee while I wait.

  26. Hi,
    hello from England. As a first timer for any sort of comment, I would primarily like to say profound thanks for introducing Claire and Jamie’s story to my life. Secondly, re-reading the published books allows for a greater depth of understanding and I do believe that Anticipation is a big part of looking forward to any special event. So I look at it as, the longer I have to anticipate the release of the new book, the better I will appreciate it when it arrives.

    • Dear Linda–

      Thank you!


      • Hi Diana,
        I have just realized what a rabid fan I am (not the stalker type, honest). I just charged into battle to defend your books to a person that I frankly called a narrow minded prig (and a few other things) for her nasty review. Your books are wonderful; I have been reading since 1991 when I was lucky enough to find Outlander. I have all the books and they are all in frankly pitiful shape after reading and re-reading so many times and then lending them to friends. they make us laugh and cry and wonder and feel like we are in the eighteenth century with Claire and Jamie. You take all the time you need, we’re not going anywhere!

        • Dear Janice–

          Haha! Always in favor of rabid fans [g]–thanks very much for your support!


          • Wee! I got a response from Herself! I am honored. I’m hoping to get to meet you at a conference sometime. I write too-I am a fan of great style and dialog-your books are just….delicious, there is no other description.

  27. Diana, once the book is published the words in it stand forever. In the long run, what will matter is not the extra time we have to wait, but the quality of the story. As one who rereads each book and listens to the audio versions continuously, I want the very best you can give us… not rushed words on the page to meet an unrealistic deadline. Your generosity with the daily lines and special excerpts help get me through the wait, and I suspect I’m not alone. Thank you for your candor.

    • Hi Barbie,
      Totally agree with your comments. I would rather have a great book well written than an average book that I would only read once and put away (unlike the other books).

      Take all the time you need Diana to get it to your satisfaction. Die hard fans will always wait.


  28. No worries. Better late than never and we know its coming and we know it will be fantastic. I will have to slow my re-read of the series a bit. The excerpts will keep me going. Thank you!

  29. We have waited years for this book, another couple of months ain’t gonna kill us. ;)

  30. We all know how things don’t turn out the way we plan. You are my favorite author and I know you are doing what you can in the time given. No matter when MOBY is released or the TV series premiers I stand behind you.
    Take care.

  31. Dear Diana, I found Outlander in 1991. It was at Barnes and Noble on Wahington St. in Boston. I saw the paperback with the clock and tarten, and then the cover opened up to a picture of Jamie and Claire and walked out. I thought I wanted a more “serious’ book. But, I swear that book called to me. I came back the next day and bought it. I read that book and could not put it down. At the end I swear I felt like someone I loved, died. I did want to let the characters go. I reread it right away. Then I sent that copy to my friend in Kansas City who was in law school. She was on law review and she and every person on that review read the book, before the review was written I gave it to my best friend who lives in Maine, an English major, she and all her friends in the high she teaches at read it, Loved it. I bought Outlander about 10 times. I handed it to so many people. Your books have never dissapointed me. Ever! I hope you take all the time you need to make your book as insanely great as the ones before it.

    • Hi Janet,
      I love your comment that “the book called to you”. I also couldn’t put it down, none of the others either. I have to say that over the years (since first reading Outlander) I have struggled to put it into words as to why I feel so strongly about the books. I now know why.

      I am looking forward to MOHB and hopefully future books.


      • Diana, Janet, Lynne and all

        I just found the blog and love all the comments. I was introduced to “Outlander” just six months ago when one of our Book Club members suggested we read it as our monthly choice. I am now reading number 7 and looking forward to 8 whenever it gets published. Never thought I would read 6 books of around one thousand pages in this amount of time but can’t stop. Love the Characters, history, and mystery.
        I have gleaned so much from your research and imagery Diana. The books definitely call to me.
        Thank you.


  32. As a lung cancer survivor who has spent many,many hours happily lost in your awesome imagination, I am in a bit of a hurry, here. I would like to be able to read another 8 books in this series before I check-out! Seriously? I’ll just have to start over with book One,,,,AGAIN!

  33. Take all the time you need to get it right, Diana. And is there anyway I can get my hands on the booklet that contains the fist seven chapters. Thought I had signed up for a copy, but it never came in the mail.

  34. go ahead and delete my post.. I won’t be any more offended than I already am

    • Dear Cat–

      [blink] Umm…you’re _offended_ that a book you want to read will be available a couple of months later than you want to read it? Goodness…


      • No, not about that. I love your books. I’ve ready every one of them several times. I am very much looking forward to MOBY whenever it is published.

        I’m offended that a message I posted yesterday stayed in moderation and never got posted. I can’t imagine why it wasn’t.

        However, as I said in that post… take all the time you need. Your books are worth waiting for.

        • Oh dear. I just now noticed that my previous message about deleting my post was out of line. My post from yesterday WAS finally accepted. Please accept my apology for being such an ass. (and please delete this and the other posts above this one so I don’t feel even more an ass. )
          I’m truly sorry,

          • Wow… um… thanks for not deleting my posts, even though I asked nicely. Was it your intention to embarrass me further?

            You are a brilliant author, Diana, and I have loved reading all of your books, but in my opinion, you are not a very nice person. I doubt now if I’ll be able to read MOBY without being reminded of that.

          • Dear Cat –

            In reference to your post of 17 November, 2013 @ 1:51 am

            Diana’s probably writing right now, and hasn’t got a chance to delete your posts. Most probably it might be done when she takes a break and gets a chance to catch up here. In the meantime, this might be a wee lesson in weighing your words wisely prior to clicking the “SUBMIT COMMENT” button.

            I have had the rare pleasure of dining with Dr. Gabaldon, on more than one occasion, have met her family, and pet her dogs (the ones that would allow, of course…) and can tell you, first hand, that she is one of the most gracious, generous, cordial people I have met. I do not presume to be anything more to her than a friend made through the joys of writing, but I will tell you one thing. The Lady does not suffer fools lightly. There is a vast difference between this and not nice.

            Have a nice day

            Elaine, the one from Michigan

  35. Dear Diana,

    We live in a society today that everything must be done quickly with little regard to no for quality. Therefore I am thankful that you are strong enough to say that the book will be done to YOUR satisfaction and not to our greed in wanting the next installment. Thank You

    I am feeling fortunate that I only just found your series in the fall of 2012 because the wait for the next book is excruciating and I have only been waiting a year! I am currently on a re-read of the series and I am taking my time this go around. After reading the first 3 books again, I have determined just how much detail I missed in my rush to get to the “what happens next”. I have made a pause after Voyager simply because I wish to read the Lord John series in their proper place between Voyager and Drums of Autumn. I have not read the Lord John series yet (still waiting on 3 of the books to come in the mail and when they arrive I will be like a kid a Christmas) and I am excited to learn more about not only Jamie’s time away from Claire, but also about Lord John himself.

    Best Regards,


  36. diana
    I am devdstaed that I have to wait even longer for the next book…..although they do say “the best things in life are worth waiting for” I’ll wait in line along with all of you fans.
    if this book is anything like [and i know it will be] all the others then be at peace with your decision
    Je suis prest
    god bless the frasers

  37. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for all the books you have given us! I love them and
    I don’t mind waiting!

    Wishing you all the best,


  38. OH Please, everyone is writing these nice little comments about take your time, the book will be ready when it is ready. If this was the case then why did you have Barnes and Noble place the date and the pre-0rder for that date. It was first in 2013, then in March 2014 and now it is just sometime in 2014. Let’s face it, it will be released when the series is ready. The series is primarily based on the books already out, so by the time the series end the 8th book should be out. Yes, I do love the story. I have turned a lot of people onto the books and they also love it. But give me a break. I am amazed at how you entwine Jamie and Claire’s story into the history of our land and countries. At present they are in the United States. Could it be that you have decided to rewrite parts of the book to reflect upon our current activities in this country? We have no choice but to wait because it is what it is. But there is nothing nice about it! It’s like telling be my birthday will be there on the day of my birthday only to learn that you really do not know when it will come. Publisher’s control? Probably why a lot of authors are going self publication.

    • Dear Pat–

      It’s the publishers’ decision when to set (and move) pub dates.


      • biensur que nous allons attendre … mais nous les Français plus que les autres … mes livres de vous ressemblent a de vieux grimoires a force d’ètre lus . Ne nous faites pas trop languir ..ayez une pensée pour nous .. j’ai donné le virus a ma fille et a ma petite fille qui elles aussi attendent . Voila donc dans un petit bout de France trois ames dans l’attente ..

  39. Diana,

    Good things ARE worth the waiting! It does sound as if we, your multiple-times readers, are willing to wait for the next in line of those amazing good books you’ve given us!

    Thank you!

  40. Well, that just gives me more time to re-read the series (I’m only on book 2!). Your books are the best EVER! Can’t wait for the book and the series :) (And I would totally go to New York too!)

  41. Hi Diana,

    As excited I am to read your next “big” book, I really want you to make it fantastic. I know I will be re-reading it many times so take the time you need. I completely trust your judgement.



  42. Diana,

    Sorry about the wait, but will just start re-reading from the beginning again!

    One thing – The first thing I noticed about “Jamie” for the TV series is no red hair! What’s that all about???

    • Dear Alice–

      I don’t know which photos you’ve been looking at, but obviously not the most recent ones from Starz. His hair is definitely red at the moment; I’ve seen it. [g]


  43. I just saw pictures from the filming in Scotland on The Daily Mail site. Are you aware they are referring to it as a Sci-Fi series? How weird.

    • Dear Kim–

      I see they called the book romance novels, too, which is even less accurate. [g] But newspapers are sort of Not Famous for getting things right, you know.


  44. Diana,
    I am sorry for you, that these issues seem endless.

    Of course we want the best Jamie and Claire story you can write, no matter how long that task takes. (hopefully by Christmas 2014, its a good gift)

    I am also looking forward to the starz tv series. Any imput you give them will only enhanse the shows.

    I will of course continue reading all seven books again and wait for number 8 to join them.

    Take care, get some rest and give your family a hug.

    Susie O.

  45. I just finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes (for the fourth time) and realized at the end I had chills (in a good way). I want the next book to give me goose bumps too.
    And just imagine how pissed your readers would be if you produced a sub-standard book! The internet would explode with indignation!

  46. For many months, the first seven books on disc have kept me company as I drove the half hour to work and back and drove the three hours to my mothers every month for cancer doctors’ appointments. I have one disc left; it will be done by tomorrow. I did not even know there was another book in the works until I found this web site. I am so excited.

    I will be going through aural withdrawal very soon. The books are wonderful. Thank you.

  47. My heart yearns for more Jaime and Claire. I have noticed since I finished the last book I can’t do anything but wait in anxiety. (Seriously, I get a little sad somedays for “my” Jaime ; ) and have to remind myself they are only fictional characters.) I have been reading other books to help fill the void but nothing compares. I love the Outlander series! Thank you Mrs. Gabaldon.

  48. I would rather wait for the book you want to wright, then read a hurried version. Besides, I try to remember in my eagerness for book 8 that I won’t be in such a hurry when it is the end of their journey (may it not happen for many more books) I do wonder how Jem and Mandy are as adults and if young Ian will get to be happy again. I try to think what will I do. So take all the time you need. I can read them with what hair I haven’t pulled out yet. I like hats.

  49. A book has it’s own agenda. It can not be rushed. I look forward to the next book. you are very good keep up the good work. If you have not been introduced to Dame Dorothy Dunnett. do introduce yourself to her work. You are in her class. and she is my favorite you come second. I love your work.
    take your time. the results will be all the better for it..
    thank you so much for your work.
    jonny C.

  50. Oh Diana,

    Cannot say that I am not seriously disappointed to have to wait…But I am excited to have something to look forward to.

    Keep writing…we love what you do!

  51. Aaahhh!!! The suspense is killing me! I had asked for a complete box set for Christmas (I have all the books on kindle and would like them in print as well), but I guess I will have to push that to my next birthday. ;-) take your time, get it right. I, too, am looking forward to the tv series with mixed feelings. I am sure it will not be as good as the books, these things seldom are. On the other hand, I will be able to share Jamie and Claire with my husband, who does not read for pleasure. God bless, and have a wonderful Christmas.

  52. I just got all but Dragonfly in Amber and had them sent to my daughter in Montana. so, by the time she reads thru them (while raising 2 young boys on a ranch) book 8 will be ready and believe me, she does not have the patience of everyone above. Your timing will be perfect and I won’t have to hear nag at me for book 8. In the meantime, I’ll continue to re-read along with everyone else and enjoy every minute of it! Thanks Diana

  53. As one of the people who had purchased tickets to see you in Portland in April, I was soooo disappointed to get the email canceling the event. I’m glad to hear that it will hopefully be rescheduled when the book is eventually published. My mom and I have really enjoyed this series and were looking forward to celebrating her birthday by seeing you in Portland. I am sure we will find an equally good excuse to come see you in the future! :) We are definitely looking forward to the next novel and the series!

  54. It will be well worth the wait, Diana!

  55. Good grief, you’re only human. You can do only so much. I’ll make sure to put you in for superhuman status with the Great Maker as soon as possible — we mere mortals, ye ken.

    I would far rather have the best book possible than a half-assed attempt. To paraphrase Jamie, “[we'll] do.” But thanks for letting us know. A lot of authors wouldn’t even do that much.

  56. Darn darn darn!! Oh well the anticipation will only make me want to read it worse!! I know everyone on here loves your books and we will all eagerly wait the arrival of book 8. I know for me the characters you’ve created in these book have become almost as dear to my heart as real people. You are so gifted in your ability to bring to life that I actually miss my Claire and Jamie when I’m not reading an outlander book!
    Enough gushing heheh! I’m wondering if you can give any thoughts or opinions on how you feel about the tv series?

  57. I’ll wait no matter how long it takes. That is how much I love your books. I haven’t ready any book so captivating as your books are. I was drawn in to the Jamie & Claire drama instantly and haven’t been able to put the books down since. Like everyone else, I would love to visit Scotland and see the beautiful country you have written about. Maybe…….one day. Have a wonder holiday.

  58. I know my response is extremely tardy, and not important. But, Thank You so much for letting us know where you are with it all and keeping us in the loop. You do what you need to do; I would rather read it knowing you were happy with the details and satisfied enough to share it with us. It’s not the end of the world, if so; I’m still not disappointed because you’ve given us all so much already. I’m absolutely grateful for you, your books…Jamie and Claire will live on, no matter what. I hope you will grace us with your presence in Australia, when the time comes. Thank you once again for everything.

  59. The post I put up earlier doesn’t show, either in moderation, or on the thread. ??? I came back to check on it.

    Anyhow, I’d said that I hoped you, Diana, were right that MOBY would be out in 2014…not the feared 2015 or 2016 mentioned by a poster.

    I will say that this entire “publication fiasco” has been very off putting. I’m cancelling my kindle and hardback copy until y’all can make up your collective minds.


    • Dear mitty–

      I sympathize with your frustration. I did explain my reasons for asking for a delay, though–and this is the only delay that’s _my_ doing, I’ll say that much. Hope you’ll enjoy the obok when you get it. (Don’t know why your earlier message hasn’t showed up; it may be a little further down the moderation queue…)


  60. I put down book 7 because I couldn’t bear to finish it without book 8 and I’m going through withdrawal. I’d rather read a really good book, than something imperfect. So write fast. LOL I’ve created another addict at work who is on book 1. I have truly enjoyed the books. Thank you.

  61. I am re-reading the series in anticipation for book 8…as a student of history, I am always impressed with the historical accuracy in which you write your books. I will (im)patiently wait for book 8 to be published by re-reading the first 7 books! You are a true talent and your books are my most favorite…my best friend and I are obsessed and planning our Claire and Jamie tour of Scotland for 2015. Take your time, true art cannot be rushed! Thank you for sharing Claire and Jamie with us…

  62. Darn, my wait will be even longer as I wait for the books to come out in paperback. Oh well, I have plenty of other books to read between now and then.

    • I too wait for the paperback version, Carolyn.
      But Diana…your books are so WORTH the wait. So I will wait!!
      I wish the publishers would print them simultaneous.

  63. Que sera, sera! The longer the wait the sweeter the anticipation. ;-)

  64. I have to say how dissapointed I am. I find 2 yrs hard to wait, let alone 4-5. Does this mean the next book will be 5 yrs away too? I do get needing to get the book just right and appreciated it. But, it is disheartening. I’ve already reread the last book 2 times in anticipation of the Dec release date. Not sure what to really think except dissappointed.

  65. Diana,

    I am fascinated with the stories you create and thrilled that you’ve written each one of your books. Outlander was extraordinary and truly outstanding; what a gift to find that you had not only a sequel to Outlander, but seven of them. You’ve given me and all of your Outlander fans, hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of entertainment and eager anticipation. I thank you, and I look forward to book number eight, whenever it is ready. It is surely worth the wait.

    Much appreciated,

  66. I am disappointed that I will have to wait longer, but as many others have said, I want it to be the book you want and not something cranked out for the publishers deadlines. As to the naysayers–well tell them to write their own series, get it published loved as much as Jamie and Claire’s story. Imagine the screams if you put out a book that doesn’t meet the standard set by your previous books!

    I remember going into a period of mourning 1/2 way through book 3 thinking what will I read when I finish this series–nothing will ever live up to it. And nothing has!

    Only one request– if I don’t last long enough to get the entire series read, can someone cremate the last few books and mix them with my ashes. Maybe some sort of osmosis will happen and I can absorb the story that way!

  67. Well, now to restart from book one again, I can’t keep it fresh til June.
    Thank goodness I still laugh and cry in all the same places.

  68. Many, many years back I wrote a novel and sent it out to a few agents (you had to have an agent to even submit a manuscript to a publishing house in those days). All of them wrote back that my novel did not fit a genre…it was deeper than a romance novel, not quite mainstream, etc….

    Frustrated, I threw it in a drawer and never did anything with it.

    Now, many years later, I’m trying to write screenplays and it’s all about form rather than story. It has to be this way and that way and can’t be more than 120 pages long AND, according the the late Syd Fields, it should be three acts and off the stage (like “off with your head,” if you don’t follow the form). I always thought if the story was good, the rest would follow, rather than the other way around.

    A lover of history and literature, I am happy to read your books because they blow all of these stupid constraints out of the water. It is all about the story and in depth characterization and, needless to say, I am looking forward to more.

    By the way, I think the Starz series has been perfectly cast. Sam may not photograph well in some cases, but if you see him talking in an interview, once he smiles and puts on the charm, I can well imagine him as Jamie Fraser. I think all the detractors will be silenced once they see him on the screen.

    Caitriona as Claire is perfectly cast too, as is Tobias as Frank/Jonathan Randall.

    I am hoping Starz decides to do more of the books when they see the success of this one. I can hardly wait to see how they cast Lord John Gray. From the beginning, once he was brought to life by your writing, he has been one of my favorite characters. (very well rounded and written). I sense he is also one of yours, as well.

    Good luck (buena suerte) and continued happy writing, Ms. Gabaldon!

  69. I have read these for the 3rd time while listening to the audio files while driving. Consumed 2 months of my life and I feel deeply saddened by the fact I’m done. Again. And now have to wait. As an avid reader there is NOTHING worse than finishing an amazing book, well maybe finishing the series. Thank God here’s another one or I’d have to jump of a bern into the closest loch

  70. I cant wait for the new book im still on my first time reading echo in bone. and i live in canada and was so happy to see that show case is going to be airing the tv show. i cant wait. I love this series and your writing. I found my first copy of outlander at a yard sale when i was like 14 read it and then was hooked and bought all the rest of the series. Thank you Diana for sharing you gift with the world. one of your many fans. Diane

  71. Better you take the extra time cause Jamie and Claire deserve it. Anxiously awaiting the book whenever it come out. Good things are worth waiting for. Hopefully it will be in a Kindle edition right off the bat.

  72. When will book 9 come out? and will there be a book 10? Figure as we’ve been waiting this long for book 8, may as well be braced for when to hope to expect the following book(s) to come out.

  73. I hold you in high regard! Can imagine it is not that easy to stand up to so many different people (publisher, fans, maybe even friends and family) who want you to finally finish MOBY.

  74. Dear Diana,

    Your books are always, always, always worth the wait. That said, I will undoubtedly squirm like a worm on a fishhook until Written In My Own Heart’s Blood is in my hot little hands.

    Also, I just saw the Speaking Outlander: Sassenach clip. Nobody told me Sam as Jamie was actually in it. I am frightened by the intensity of my response and think I may swear off the program entirely. I think it could be the beginning of a terrible obsession. ;-)



  75. Dear Diana,

    I am a great fan from Holland. It’s because as you said yourself, that the books are written in the best way you can, that I am looking out and longing for the next fase of Jamie and Claire’s story. So it’s worth to wait for.
    I still have the Scottish prisoner to go. And I allready know it will be great.
    I just hope the Dutch release does come sone after the US release.

    Thank you for sharing Your considerations and for bringing this great story in my life.

    as one of my great hero’s used to say ” hang tough”

    Best regards


  76. Diane,
    Some of your loyal fans may not live long enough to see your next book. How about going back to what you do best, writing? Leave the TV shows and Musicals to those that know what is up.
    How long are we suppose to wait??? I would really appreciate an ending.

    • Dear Patrick–

      I’m not writing either the musical or the tv show, believe me. (Politeness keeps me from pointing out that it would not actually be any of your business if I _did_, but I don’t. [cough])


  77. Hallo diana!! Writing from sweden. Your books are the best books. I am so looking forward to read the next one:) take care D. And take the time you nead, to wright a good book again! Love from sweden and from me:)

  78. Will the audio version release be close to the hardcopy version date? If not how much lag do you see.
    Also will D. Porter be the narrator?

    • Dear Dan–

      It should be out at the same time, and yes–God willing and Davina doesn’t get run over by a bus or something–she’ll read it. Can’t wait to hear it, myself!


  79. Would love to know if there is going to be a book 9.

    • Dear Diane–

      Yes, there will be.


      • I just read your response to the question about a book 9 and your answer took my breath away! I am an avid reader and have been all my life! (I am 54) and NO book has ever measured up to your books, and I’m sure never will. They are the BEST!!!! I am eagerly awaiting book 8, and the anticipation is delicious!

  80. Dear Diana-

    dont be sad about the delay and enjoy the time to see your magnificent story come to life. I am happy for you that you get the chance to be a part of it. we’ll wait for you.

    Lia (germany)

  81. Diana,
    I love every one of your books. The new one is much anticipated and I will rejoice when it arrives (prepaid kindle-;-) can it be tracked that long?). This makes me wish there was a gift package with all the previous books. I have many “in the cloud” and hard copies I have lent out and/or borrowed. Time to have a set. Maybe they can publish that for the original date. I don’t want movie covers though-those would not do your books justice ( PR May do that in the future anyway. Just a thought- I need to search -there may be a set published already.
    Your story of becoming a writer is amazing and wonderful. I am glad you prefer quality over quantity. I am also delighted you will grace us with another book. The few other series-time travel themed have a few then drop off – I will wait as long as it takes. Please take time to step back and enjoy who you’ve become, what you have achieved, it is truly wonderful. ( as you may be able to tell…. I am terrible at writing- for me it is like pulling teeth to put words to paper. I can, however, greatly admire talents I do not possess that others have. )

    God Bless,


  82. Diana, I am (unlike everybody else here) brand new to this series. I find your writing fantastic. Some nights, I have to drag myself away just to make sure I get a few hours of sleep! Please take your time with these books. I can’t imagine writing such novels. The length alone! Of course it’s going to take time.


  83. Great, looking forward to the release in Nov 2013, then pushed to March 2014, now June 2014. I’m disappointed with the crappy excuses.

    • Don’t you know that good things are ALWAYS worth waiting for???? The new book will be spectacular, and worth the wait……be patient!!!

  84. thank you to let us know , I am waiting and know it will be beautiful as usual ,do what you have to do, love from australia

  85. Dear Diana, Love your books, read them first in Dutch, started now to read them in English while I’m waiting for the new one… just read I’ll have to wait till June next year…. oh well all things that are good are worth while waiting for right? Hope you’ll read this, since I gather you’ll get so much response. Any way go for it dear, merry x-mas and a happy fruitful 2014 to you and your loved ones. groetje (regards!) Yolan

  86. Dear Diana, Like many others I was disappointed in reading of the new postponement. You are my favorite author, I don’t come to the website as often as I use to but I have always found your comments generous and appreciate the willingness to keep all of us as informed as possible. I love all the books in the Outlander series and Lord John, plus the other bits and pieces. I like to read or listen to them all at least once a year they are like old friends they make me laugh, cry and take me on a grand journey.Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories you’ve shared with so many. May God Bless and keep you as we wait for you to grace us with ‘Written In My Own Heart Blood’. Linda

  87. Last night I was daydreaming about how much my life has been improved by the Outlander series. I do hope Diana will leave Claire and Jamie living happily ever after somewhere. I’m off anti-depressants, so just maybe the writing will be even more vivid, as music certainly is now. I thought of all the wonderful characters . . . the little Chinaman, dear Ian with his tattoos, Stephen Bonnet, Claire’s dinner table surgery, Mrs. Bugg’s striped stockings (Wicked Witch of the West!), why Ian’s babies didn’t live, Lord John’s interesting alliances with Jamie’s womenfolk, Jamie’s comment to Briana ( “you’re huge”) on first meeting. So, will Roger get back? The last book left them so scattered! Will Gemmie get back? Will any of them get back?

    Diana, I don’t care how long it takes to do it right! We’re lucky to have you and your huge imagination and talent! I do hope you give Davina Porter a fair copy soon so she can get busy on the audio book. Meanwhile, I’m up for another listen all the way through. Here is where Gabaldon is better than Dickens or Courtenay, or Dumas or Austen! I’ve forgotten a lot, and there is always more to appreciate! XO

  88. Disappointed, but done right is worth waiting for.

  89. Diana

    My sister and I are awaiting the new release. The longer time will give us both time to reread the first ones again which we both do in anticipation of the new release. Our Mother turned us on to these and although she has been gone now seven years – we still read them. We have given them to many people and all have been enthralled with them. I am looking forward to the Starz series as well. My Mom actually wrote you about her enjoyment of your books – she said you were the only author she had ever done that with. And believe me we are all huge readers of many authors.

    Thank you Jeanne

  90. I love your books. I have been waiting at least a year for MYOB, thought the first date was a year ago but could be confused. I have had it on order forever. However, I don’t offer my own work until I’m satisfied it’s “done” and have to respect your decisions regarding your work. Just finished “The Scottish Prisoner” again. It’s my favorite of the Lord John books. Waiting with baited baited breath . . .

  91. Good afternoon, i am from holland and love the outlander serie. I would like to know when the dutch version will be published. When it takes to long, i will just read the english version. The best of your books are the number of pages, so you can enjoy the story for a long time. I don’t mind to wait any longer when you create some extra pages;).

    Yours sensirely,

    • Dear Gonnie–

      I’m afraid I don’t know when the Dutch edition will be published; usually, it takes the Dutch publisher about a year, following publication of the English original, to do the translation of the book. So I’d _guess_ that you’ll have it in 2015–but that _is_ up to the publisher. Hope you enjoy it, in whichever language you get it!


  92. How dare you keep us waiting any longer! Just kidding, quality product is always worth the wait, especially yours. The extra wait just means I won’t be anxious for the “next book”, as soon as I thought. :)

  93. Well… Guess this gives me time to reread the first seven before this one comes out! The new release date just *happens* to be the day before my birthday, so if it sticks I might just get it as a birthday present to myself!

  94. I am at the time in life where I can reread you series and it is brand new. :0) I will probable finish just as the next is available. Looking forward to your next.

  95. I never purchase books in advance but I did this one. I really wish I didn’t. Understanding that writing takes time and that you have to many irons in the fire, it still puts me off. The best part of the book’s is the old belief in honor and meaning what you say and doing it. I am horribly disappointed by the delay and lack of an actual release date. I found out about the delay through reading the reviews at Barnes and Noble web site. My e-book still sasy it will be down loaded to my library Dec 10 2013. I wish you luck but also wonder how many fans will be lost.

    • Creative processes take the time they take… While I understand you feel disappointed, it may help to focus on the reality that this is a profoundly creative process. Unlike doing something assembly-line, or following a recipe, this kind of work brings us joy and delight exactly because it is so creative – and therefore, beautifully unpredictable. Kind of like life itself. Ms. Gabardine is honoring the most important promise of all, which has very little to do with the calendar, it has to do with heart, and truth, and wisdom, and doing what is needful. It will come!

      • Gabaldon, not Gabardine — ‘darn you, Autocorrect!’

      • I understand the creative process, therefore if you can’t uphold to the date you put out don’t put a date on it. Regardless if it is the publishers doing or not they are still a reflection of her. My meaning is simply don’t put something in writing that you can’t deliver. She is a great author, but lacking in integrity.

        • Miss Anne! Unfortunately the publishing business demands that you give them an approximate date for publication, including editing, copywriting ( my biggest concern, hate typos), and any rewrite. In my opinion, integrity has nothing to do with an approximate for upwards of a thousand pages. You are being unfreasonable and bitchy. I have another pre-order just as late and they haven’t had the courtesy or real INTEGRITY to say a word. Thanks, Diana, for being so thoughtful and thanks to Random House for cooperating. See you at The Poisoned Pen! My birthday gift is a flight to PHX on tour years! Years ago I dressed the window of the now defunct Waldenbooks for your signing of Voyager in San Bernardiino, CA. Great fun and my friend and I ‘dressed’ including making pearl necklaces with filigree beads and the pearls!
          Go dunk your head in the loch, Anne.

    • I can answer your question about how many fans will be lost…………….ONE…. and her name is Anna S. Diana’s true loyal fans will patiently wait!

  96. Hi Diana
    I’m an avid reader from New Zealand. Thanks for such a brilliant series – I love them! The new pub dates coincides with winter in NZ so that will be something to look forward to during the colder months!

    Taker care

  97. I have had much heartache in my life your books take me away from this world and into one in which I can truly escape. They have kept me sane in a times that I never thought I could make it through. I just wanted to thank you for every word you have written and am excited for the further adventures of Jamie and Claire. Again thank you

  98. I just finished the Outlander series for the first time
    It’s like part of my life is gone lol! I can’t make myself read anything else!
    I normally don’t re-read books but that concept is changing.
    Think I’ll have to start over and wait for June!
    I’m just not ready to let Jamie and Claire go yet
    My mother’s ancestors were British and my father’s Scottish so although I am born and
    raised Canadian, I find the history facinating! Thank you so much for all these thrilling books!
    You are truly THE BEST ! I am in Az 6 months of the year and hope someday to get to see you in person.
    Thanks again!

    • Dear Bonnie–

      Thanks very much! If you should be in Arizona in June, you’ll have two chances to see me in person: at the launch party at the Biltmore on the 10th, and (I think; would have to check the date to be sure) on the 29th (ish) at Changing Hands.

      Hope to see you somewhere along the way!


  99. I’m happy to wait as long as it takes – good things come to us who wait, as you’ve proven time and time again! (No pun meant… Well, maybe a little.) With my red-haired Norwich Terrier, Frasier, at my side, I’m re-reading the whole shebang for the seventh or eighth time. I am always so impressed how it gets better with each fresh reading. (I read a LOT, but rarely re-read anything.)
    Frasier and I await MOBY with great anticipation! And I guess everyone knows how Frasier got his name…

  100. Dear Diana,

    I think the last and only time I wrote to you was just after Dragonfly in Amber. I understand your wanting the next book to be perfect, I will wait patiently, and I cannot WAIT for the TV Series ….. HOWEVER, dear marvelous author: I am going to be 80 years old on April 14th, and now you wouldn’t want me to croak before I have seen at least one season, and read the last (so far) book, would you? I have read the entire series three times and I thank you so very much for your imagination, intelligence, wit and talent.


  101. Hi, Diana,

    I only discovered your fabulous Series three years Ago. I’m hooked and have Barely Read anything Else Since, choosing instead to Return to Claire, Jamie et al.. Again and Again. Please take lots of time to finish-as the sooner the new book comes out, the closer to the end of the Series we come, and i for one am not looking forward to that!

    Regards from Germany. :-)

  102. please I”ve been waiting soo long for the next book in the outland books I:m 80 yrs old . I you keep putting the release d.ate back i:ll never find out what happens to Jamie @ Clair .Im a great fan of yours . Ithink that I”ve read all of the outjander books over @ and over again . just befor the next kook comes out I read the last one ,Sooo I cab hardly wait for the next one for a very good read thank you

  103. Is it odd that I’m even more excited now that I know the date is being set back? There are so many authors that rush through things to meet publication dates, and, in doing so, they put out substandard work. More time to write, more epic story! As far as I’m concerned ^_^

  104. Don’t really know how all this works so hope my response gets through, hope we can get TV series in England as don’t have SKY or cable.

  105. Dear Madame Gabaldon,

    Thank you for allowing my mind to escape into the “Outlander’s” world.
    Mixing time, believes, culture, progress, history, you gave me ( and I am sure loads of people) something fantastic, I call it my little magic moments when I get time read your books.
    Introducing Lord John Grey, and tolerance in those days, what a brilliant idea!
    A lesson of humility, and kindness greatly needed nowadays.

    Have a lovely day


    PS I mainly read your books in French (as it is my main language) and the translating team did a great job!

  106. Diana,

    Would you believe that I’m glad? I knew the March release would tank my already-hectic teaching job which is always exponentially busier and crazier from March on. Who wants to grade if MOBY is out? I’d have fallen weeks behind! lol Your postponement means I can relax and read without the stress of grading hanging over my head.

    Hang in there and thanks for being candid…and brilliant.

    Cheers. —Krista

  107. It’s now due out on my birthday, so, cool!

  108. Although the actors chosen to represent some of my favorite characters are very well suited to the role, they have now begun to ruin the wonderful images your descriptions helped my imagination create.
    I have re-read the first 7 books about 9 times first to last. But books one through 3 have been read about 12 times while waiting for book 8. And don’t hate me but I don’t think I will watch the show, because I love the books so very much.

  109. I am staring 85 years in the face and want to read all your future books about Jamie & Claire. So, time is of the essence. I read your first book of the series for Book Club. When I made my report, several of the ladies became addicted, as I have. I have reread 1through 7 twice and really enjoyed them. Take your time on 8 but not toooooo long. Love you and may God bless you & your wonderful writing talent.

    I just learned of the upcoming TV show and would love more information. I hope they do the story justice.

  110. Hi Diana,
    As with all your die hard fans, I will wait patiently for the next book. Better to have it to your satisfaction, than mediocre and only to be read once and put away.
    Thank you for introducing me to Scotland through your books. I have been to Inverness and visited Culloden, a very chilling and spritual place and I have been to Edinbough several times (I will be going again this September).

    Love the books.


    PS. I hope you will be able to make it to New Zealand again on your book tour or in the near future.

  111. Dear Diana, Back in 1998 I came down with a really bad bout of bronchitis. My husband was gone all week, had to look after myself, so took to my bed and the electric blanket (it was February, wet and cold ) and so wanted something to distract my misery. I had read all of Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond and Niccolo books twice and the King Hereafter (love that book!) at least four times. Desperation, I called my local Librarian and the lovely woman sent me Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber. I couldn’t sleep but read day and night, you saved my sanity, and truth to tell I stayed in bed longer than absolutely necessary! I remember waiting for A Breath of Snow and Ashes and Echo in the Bone to be published, and the joy of continuing the story. I can relate to so many things, got caught in the London Underground during the bombing of London, R.N school in London in 1948,my brother in law was a Spitfire Battle of Britain pilot survived two years before being shot down, he learned to play the bagpipes in p.o.w. camp! After the war he lived in Inverness and our clan family met there for holidays. Medicine, surgery, (specialed the first pediatric heart surgery in UK) leeches, yes did that!, herbs wildflowers, the Stones, Culloden (before they built the road and tourist center, all that was there was the soulfull wind and the heather), moved to the U.S. and live at the southern tip of the Appalachians, its been a wonderful journey in memory with you. Now I’m coming up 84yrs and hanging in there, I know you are doing your creative best and we all love you for it, take your time. I’m sticking around and as my lost old friend used to say “if the creek don’t rise and the hogs ain’t ate Uncle Willie” I’ll be here in June for MOBY. Jean Macfie

  112. Hi Diana from Queensland Aust.

    Your books will be well worth waiting for. I would hate to read something that didn’t satisfy you – all or nothing for me

  113. Dear Diana,

    thanks for given me so much joy with your lovely storys. I enjoy them
    very much. (Secretly I am in love with Jamie;)

    I also wait patiently for your story to be told. I’m already saving money for buying the new book. I have to wait a little bit longer, waiting for translation in Dutch.

    Hope you understand my bad English.

    With love, Hennie

  114. As with ALL your books, it will certainly worth the extra wait! Thank you for your books, they are my way of escaping from the daily grind and always look forward to the next page. I fell in love with all the characters…. I cry when they cry and laugh when they do as well. Thank you!

  115. I was hoping–wondering if we could expect another of the Lord John/Jamie books or any other before the release of MOBY? Although I have a list of other authors to go to desperation inspires the question. Some of us are pitiful. Or maybe it is only this one. I have not seen that question asked and I can imagine others may want to know. Thank you. DBD

  116. Dear Diana,

    Just wanted to add my voice to the multitude of your Devoted Readers who don’t give a damn how long it takes for the next book to come out!! Yes, it has been a long wait since the last time but that will make MOBY all the more a sweet escape into the world of Claire and Jamie. We all truly appreciate your professionalism and desire to write a good book, not just a fast one cranked out to meet deadlines. Thank you for your dedication, hard work and love!!

    Will your book tours ever bring you anywhere near New England?? (Connecticut, Mass. and/or Vermont/New Hampshire)

    Thank you again for the Outlander saga!
    Best, Kyle
    A Reader since the early days

  117. I apologize if this has already been asked, but will this be the last book in the series? I just downloaded, “A Breath of Snow and Ashes.” I don’t want them to end!

  118. While I can’t wait for your next book, I am more than willing to wait for your special way of writing.

    Also, we don’t subscribe to Starz YET. I’ve already informed my penny-pinching husband that we will be subscribing to Starz this year!

    Go Dianna, by the way, I finished Dangerous Women, and found it very satisfying. Especially your story. But the collection of writers in Dangerous Women are some that I read a lot.

    Thanks a bunch

  119. Hi Diana How disappointing but I`m sure it`s worth the wait. I t`s such a shame that a TV program has to take precedence over a book as they are NEVER as good but we will have to put up with it and wait the long long wait to find out what happens next to Jamie and Claire.

    thank you so much for your wonderful story.

  120. : ( soooo disappointing! ) : Just a couple of questions…….how many more date changes should we expect “to be patient” with? Easy to get caught up int the hoopla isn’t it? The delay in publishing takes the sparkle out of my waiting for a long anticipated book. It’s like looking for work and finding a job that you really LOVE!! I’m told “you have the job, you start next week!” (Nov.) So excited!! Then week passes (slowly), I show up for work and then you I’m told to come back in a month. Just be patient. (Dec.) A little disappointed but I know I’ll at least be working in a month. I go back in a month then am told that they’re sorry the position isn’t available for another 3 mos. (March) Just be patient. Getting very disappointed, wondering if I really do have a job! Wondering what I’m going to do in the meantime……I find some temporary work for 3 mos. Found work but not really into the job. So I go back in 3 mos. (June)…….wonder what will happen then?

    • Agree, seems misleading. We have been told the book is finished and publishing delayed and now find it is not finished. 4 years seems like a long time to finish a book. Will be waiting with everyone else. smile

      • Dear cc–

        NOBODY told you the book is finished, because it bloody well isn’t. I’ve never said it is, and I’m pretty sure nobody else has any business to be saying so. I’m working on the last section now, and when it’s done, I will certainly say so.


  121. Noooo I’m so disappointed! I’ve been waiting for this for over 4 years now! I started reading these books when I was 14. I can’t wait any longer!
    But I love these books. I hope you can write the ending you like. I’m really looking foreward to the tv series too!


  122. Dear Diana,
    Let it be known that I adore your craft and have much gratitude that your books are narrated by such a talented actress. Will your new book be published in audio as well and by the same narrator?

    With appreciation for sharing your gifts


  123. I will never forget the feeling I had when I finished Voyager…I knew there had to be another book coming, by the way it ended, but had no idea when it would happen…it was like being poised on a cliff about to fall. I’m so excited about Book 8, and beyond thrilled to see your post that there will be a Book 9! Every wait for the next Outlander book has been difficult, but very very worth it. It’s like an extended Christmas Eve, drawing out the anticipation! Take all the time you need. I very much appreciate the fact that you care enough to finish the book the way it deserves to be finished. And Thank You.

  124. Take your time! Not a single line I’ve read has been a disappointment. I don’t for see that becoming a problem now. Do what you need to do justice to these most beloved characters you’ve created. Your works will be your mark on history…

  125. That’s great of you to take control of your book and make the corrections you need! How many books will there be in total?

    • Dear Arielle–

      It’s not a matter of making corrections [g]. It’s a matter of getting the book _written_.

      I _think_ there will be nine books in the main series. But there’s also a prequel volume about Jamie’s parents, a second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, and who knows what else, between Lord John and the ebooks filling various lacunae in the story? [g] Hope you enjoy them all, in the fullness of time!



  126. Gasp! I just finished “An Echo In The Bone” and have just read that the next one is not going to be out until summer! I am glad you are holding off to make the next one just right. I have been so impressed with the ones I have read to this point. Well done, I look forward to the next one!

  127. Dear Diana – please may I call you Diana?

    I have just watched the ‘Outlander Fan Gathering’ online – what a dark eyed, dark haired beauty you are – and what a great sense of humour you have.

    Like so many of your fans, I have read and re-read the outlander books and they will always have a special place in my heart. I couldn’t bear to part with them, and I am very much looking forward to reading the next one when it’s available.

    My friend came along to one of your book-signings in NZ and you kindly autographed a card, which she sent to me in the UK and it sits snugly with the books. Are you likely to make it to the UK at all in the future?

    Thank you so much for giving me hours of reading pleasure.

    With very best wishes,

    • Dear Anita–

      Of course you may call me Diana–everybody does, since they can’t pronounce “Gabaldon”…. [g]

      I think I’ll be in the UK again sometime in late summer/early fall, but I haven’t got dates or places as yet. Will be sure to post any public appearances as soon as I have some.



  128. From the very first Outlander book I was like a junkie that needed a fix, I HAD to have the next book in my hand by the time I finished the last. I didn’t discover this wonderful series until about 5 years ago so I did not have to wait for any of the books except this next one. I’m so excited for it to be published! I have read and re read…and lent them to friends. I cannot tell you Diana how much I admire you! Keep em coming!

  129. WOW! What a legion of fans. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. I say thank you to all you die-hard Diana fans all over the world for giving this most incredible story teller the reason to keep on going. Otherwise I would miss out.
    Although I’m an avid reader (every single day, no fail) I don’t generally read this type of genre. I have to say that of all the books, regardless of the genre, this is the most captivating series I have ever come across. Where and how you pulled this whole story out of your mind is beyond my understanding. You really are a very gifted, talented and incredible author and story teller (not to mention the hardest working) and I would like to thank you profusely for providing this story for the world to behold. I read pretty much every comment here and I know I’m not alone. No other authors’ blog that I’ve read provides this kind of praise. CONGRATULATIONS!
    As for you who opt to get angry about a book delay??!!…well…..I have no words for that kind of silliness. Get a life. Re-read the first 7 books. You’ll have a better understanding of the 8th….and 9th? :-)
    Anyway, Diana, I so look forward to your next extraordinary masterpiece I can wait..and wait…and wait until YOU feel it’s worth my reading pleasure.
    Meanwhile…back to Book #1, with pleasure.
    Take your time….quickly…:-)
    Cory in Canada.

    • Thank you, Cory!

      Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support of kind readers like you. [smile]


      • Hey! Look Mom…..Diana G replied to me. Bet you’re jealous! I told you we were super close friends! LOL

        So..Diana…got that book done yet?…..how ’bout now? :-)
        As stated above, I’ve begun re-reading Outlander. Just started Part Two and I’m already starting to speak with the ‘accent’. Driving my “Sassenach” nuts….lol.
        Looking forward to doing it all again.

  130. What!? It’s been at least 30 seconds and my post is still “in moderation”? What are you doing……writing a book or something? LOL

  131. Of course I’m excited about all this, but I hope that, if the series is the hit it promises to be, that Herself is sure to plot out the whole of the story in case, for some reason, she cannot finish the books. George R R Martin did this for the producers of GoT and, unless the End is still a mystery to Herself, I hope she has the foresight to do the same. There are enough loose ends in life as it is. But from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Miss Diana, for all that you have shared with us, for all the time and energy it takes to produce such powerful stories, and for your willingness, finally, to say “Yes” to a worthy production of Outlander.

    • Dear Clintondale–

      Nope, sorry. If I’m run over by a bus, y’all are out of luck. I’ve never planned a story yet, and don’t plan to. [g] Maybe you’d best be lighting candles that I stay healthy.


  132. Will the audio recording of book 8 come out soon after the book? I hope passionately that Davina Porter will record it ? Her reading of the other books has been so powerful.

    • Dear Fran–

      Yes, Davina is planning on reading this book, to my great joy. [g]


      • Hi Diana:

        So happy to hear that Davina Porter will narrate MOBY. In fact, I see that it is available for pre-order through Amazon. Do you know if it will also be released to Amazon’s child company AUDIBLE? When I spoke with Audible, they didn’t know of any deal in the works…Please advise, as I would rather listen with my mobile device instead of CDs

        Thanks again for all your wonderful characters! I first picked up Outlander the year it was published, so I’m a long time fan…eagerly awaiting MOBY.

        Loretta Remington

  133. Have deeply enjoyed Outlander series. In the past, I, too, waited for the paperback to come out. — However, over the years I have found myself drawn back to the story and Book 1. Now I look at my bookcase and the paperback version is looking ratty. Have only recently discovered Amazon (I’m 70 years old and not tremendously computer literate, what can I say?) and am going back through the series to obtain Hard Covers starting with the Outlander 20th Anniversary!! Wish me luck that I don’t have to go all the way to the collectibles to obtain the whole set. –Will there be special editions published as the 20 year mark hits on each title??

    • Dear Cecil–

      Er…all the books are still in print in hardcover. Any bookstore could order them for you (or Amazon can usually provide [g]), but if you want them signed or otherwise inscribed, you can order them from the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. The Pen is my local bookshop and I go by every couple of weeks to sign their orders.

      Best wishes,


  134. Dear Diana,

    I just finished reading the books for the first time…and I loved them!

    Now I am interested to know how long after the publication of the English version of the next book will be available the German one?

    Thank you in advance!


  135. I wish you could lock yourself away for a couple of months so you h e nothing else to think about or to take you away from finishing the book. That’s in my dream world. In the real world I understand you are pulled in lots of different directions. Thanks for the update.

  136. Donna Mary Joyce MacDonnell Romolsoya Bode writes: As a proud Scot, when it’s ready we will enjoy every precious word. Just means we have longer to plan. I set aside time to savor each moment I read the novels. Its a brah brecht moonlecht nect you no and your all recht you can!!!….OK….so my language is weak over the years but the heart is strong…..

  137. I was born in Stirling, living below the castle rock. I still live in Stirling and I have daily views of the castle and the magnificent Scottish hills and mountains. I work near Bannockburn. I lived in Falkirk for some years. I live only 12 miles from where the TV series is being filmed.
    Your books reminded me of how very fortunate I am to live in Scotland and I gained a new appreciation for Scottish history. Your books gave myself and my sisters hours of wonderful discussions about where we were in the story of Claire and Jamie. We read them more or less at the same time.
    I am about to read them for the second time with great anticipation. I am looking forward to the new book and the tv series but I have gained so much from your books already. Thank you.

  138. Take all the time you need. I wish you would have taken more time on the last book. It was awful!

  139. I am very disappointed. First I read fall 2013 then I looked forward to March 2014 now a longer wait. I am very disappointed.

  140. Dearest Diana,

    Thank you for being so gracious with all of us. As for me, the delay will give me time to keep trying to track down a good course on Scots Gaelic for someone who has never before attempted to learn a foreign language. That way I can follow everything they are saying in the books and new series. And yes, I’ve “got it bad” but in my own defense it’s all your fault for being so good at what you do!!! :^)

    Ann B.

  141. I’m enjoying reading the series in order for the first time. I’d read part of #5 while visiting, and didn’t know who the author was or the name of the book because I was SO sure I’d remember when I got home but I didn’t. So it wasn’t until last summer when I found The Fiery Cross at a yard sale that I started collecting the lot. So I got them as I found them, and it’s kind of fun to find the full story of some of the things that have been mentioned later. I knew the answer to a question on Jeopardy yesterday (John Burgoyne became a playwright after he fought in the Revolutionary War) because I’d just finished reading about him the day before!! Looking forward to the new one when it’s ready. Thanks for making Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger Mac and the others so interesting and real!

  142. Well that is 40 minutes of my life I will never get back. Why on EARTH did I let myself read the comments? I know why, it is Lent and I have given up Facebook. So here I sit, reading and re-reading all the great little tidbits leading up to the release of MOBY, making jokes in my head about how I will be unavailable for consultation this summer. LOL Diana, you are brilliant and I adore every pen mark, every key stroke. Release dates make no matter to me. Any of the drivel here that says otherwise-pay no attention. If you equal a changed release date to a persons worth and integrity, I’m sorry but you don’t know the meaning of either of those things. I hope to make the road trip to Calgary, Canada after the release. I would hate to have a missing signature in my collection. Your smile, wit and charm are certainly worth the 7 hour drive.

  143. Awesome….like so many of your fans, I have reread the books again (this is likely the 12th time???-usually every 2 yrs) and just finished the last one…so excited to read the next book. I’m so glad that first book I bought for $3.99….at that time I was looking for, not only a good story, but value for my money…I didn’t have a lot of money then so was stingy on what books to buy…what a story! It has had me hooked for 26yrs! :) Thank you for this wonderful gift you have sharrrrrrrrrrrrred with us all! Loving it in Canada!

  144. My dear diana gabaldon
    I must say i am so honored to be able to send this to you. over the years I have heard it said that GONE WITH THE WIND IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER. Well I must say THE OUTLANDER series is as far as I’m concerned equal to if not surpasses that story and title. I have read the books several times and no matter how often I do I still find myself lost where time is concerned. It has so much in each book and even though each one sort of has an ending each one leaves you wanting more . Each one contains everything Adventure, History, Violence, Love, Lust, Mystery and so much more. I am so surprised that someone finally sees the worth of your books but also wonder why they did not pick up the option for a movie series like they did with others. I cannot wait to be able to read book 8 as book 7 left a greater mystery as to what was to happen next. I also love the Lord John books as they are so much a part of the original series and yet have an identity of their own. Your books have been a godsend to me since my breast cancer diagnosis and during my radiation treatment and I must say thank you for them all as they gave me something wonderful to put my mind to. So I must wish you all the best and hope there is many more books to come from either areas. Take care and good luck with the TV series.

  145. Diana,
    I won’t bother to comment on any of the negative/disparaging remarks I’ve seen here because as expected you’ve done a FABTASTIC job of addressing them.

    However, I did want to make one important point & seeing as how I’m right 95.5% of the time it’s worth aggravating my carpal tunnel syndrome to communicate it.

    I started reading the Outlander series a few months ago when looking for something to read while on the subway during my commute & before bedding down for the night. What a pleasant surprise it was! I’m currently about 20% into Voyager & I find it just as divine as the first 2 books in the series.

    I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life. I know art when I read it & your series is a work of art–I recognize this in literature like yours when every aspect of the story is etched out in my mind’s eye in painstaking detail thanks to your talent/skill as an author.

    ANYWAY! My point is that O to the M G to the petulant folks who feel it’s a slight to wait longer until the artist has perfected the work. It’ll be here when it’s here and it’ll be bloody awesome. So there!


  146. Bonjour Madame Gabaldon,

    J’ai lu tous vos livres avec beaucoup de bonheur, mais je comprend très bien que pour vous les projets s’additionnent. Prenez le temps dont vous avez besoin. Je comprend d’autent plus que mon projet de musée, au début modeste, me demande de plus en plus de temps : nouvelle exposition dont la science est mise niveau, nouveau site web qu’il m’importe de rendre passionnant, s’ajoute conférences, livre de vulgarisation sur le sujet. Avec la renommée tout s’ajoute il me semble. Comme j’ai quelque années de plus, j’ai pour ma part décidé de prendre le temps qu’il faut … et c’est ce que je vous souhaite.

    Andrée Nault

  147. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

    I have enjoyed the Outlander series many times over the years and look forward to the newest. I never tire of the lives of your characters and just want you to know how much I admire your work. I am so happy my son downloaded the entire series epub so I could read the whole series over again on my Samsung Tablet. I can harly wait to read the newest book but I just know it will be worth the wait, you never disappoint.

    Truly A Fan!
    Bobbie Terry
    Welaka, Florida

  148. Are we ever going to see films or a tv series on the Outlander books? I often ponder who I would cast for each of the charactors. It adds to the joy of reading such a diverse fantasy.

    Pam Ferguson
    Southern Highlands

    • Dear Pam–

      Yes. The STARZ cable channel is making a television show of the books; first season will be 16 episodes, and will start airing sometime this summer. Everything I’ve seen of the production so far has been absolutely wonderful; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!



  149. Dear Diana,
    Thank you for this beautiful journey… Your imagination is amazing. I love all of the characters especially Jamie and Claire.
    I enjoy the love story but also the very detailed, harsh reality of their lives entwined with history. It’s a treat. Usually I’m so hungry to find out what’s next that I will gallop trough about 2/3 of the book and then , knowing it’s coming to an end I savour




    • Thank you, Sherry! [smile]

      The book will be finished in about another two weeks, and be published June 10th. Hope you’ll enjoy this one, too!



  151. I went to find a kindle book to night and saw “Written in my own heart’s blood”. I got so excited I almost peed my pants. Then I saw it was a pre-order. This is getting hard to take!

    I can’t wait!

  152. Diana
    I’m waiting anxiously for your next book. Claire and Jamie and their family have become very real to me, and you left the story on a ‘cliff edge’ – what will happen to Jem?
    I appreciate your need to get it right, but can I put in a plea for your older readers? Time is marching on, and I’d like to be around to read at least the next two of the series.
    Thanks for the immense pleasure you have given me.

  153. Diana,
    I found the first Outlander book on a whim. I had been having some health problems and a LOT of time on my hands. After chapter one of book one I was hooked and got the other six books immediately! I read them all in two weeks. It was like living with your characters, taking me away to a much better place than I was at the time. The Outlander series has taken the place of all of my favorite books in the past. I have a feeling many books will let me down after reading them. Thank you so much for all of the research, creativity, and truly bringing your story to life!

  154. Diana,
    I just finished reading the excerpts from MOBY, I will be able to hold out now, till it is published. I have been a avid reader all my life; I have never been so wrapped up in a story(ies) before! Thank you!

  155. Diane,

    The wait has been long, but I know it will be worth it. And besides, it’s in time for SUMMER READING!!!
    How much fun to have a book for the beach that may actually make it through a lot of the vacation. Keep ‘em coming. Thanks for all your hard work and for the HOURS of entertainment.

  156. Anybody who doesn’t understand your reasons for delaying couldn’t possibly appreciate the amount of work that goes into your writing.

    On one hand, you’re so good we can’t wait for the next book, on the other, being that good means you have a LOT of fans who – can’t wait for the next book!

    You’ve done this to yourself, Diana. ;-)


  157. Your books are so enchanting and well worth the wait. I’ve read them all and anxiously await MOBY but your satisfaction about what you write is more important than getting it done quick. Thank you for a continuing wonderful story.

  158. I’ve read everything you’ve written at a time in my life that I needed to escape from. Take the time you need to be satisfied with your work. I know it will not disappoint. It will be well worth waiting for!!!!!

  159. I just finished the last book and was beside myself for not knowing what happened to Brianna and Roger and their children. Now that I know there is another book on the way I am very excited and happy. You are a marvelous writer and Jamie and Claire feel so close to me as if they are family. Thank you for having brought them to life.

    So thankful! Christa.

  160. I really loved the Outlander Series. I have read each book 4 times can you believe it? The pages are so worn out. I am anxiously waiting for the 8th book. You’re an excellent writer …it makes the reader feel like I’m right there w/ the characters.

  161. A friend turned me onto Outlander years ago…and I’ve waited with baited breath every book that followed. I’m thrilled there will be another…and even more thrilled at the upcoming Starz series. So glad it’s a British production and cast…..can’t wait!

  162. You goo girl! Customer service has long been forgotten. I am happy to wait for an awesome product. You do put out an awesome product Diane! Thank you

  163. I first enjoyed the Outlander series before going to Scotland for the first time. I listened to the audiobook versions while driving. Love Davina Porter! Her voice brought the characters alive for me. I so hope she will read your newest book as well.
    I noticed in the comments that you were scheduled to come to Portland in April. I hope I have not missed this! Is this Portland Oregon where I live? This would be such a treat for me. Did I miss it or was the date changed? I am so looking forward to the Stars series. Can’t wait!

    • Dear Elizabeth–

      I’ll be in Portland in early July–the first or second, I think. Check the “Appearances” section here for more details.


  164. It’s April 15 and it appears that Diana is finishing up. Way to go, Diana! Hit “Send” and please go collapse for a few days! (Hopefully you aren’t also trying to do taxes!)

  165. Diana,

    I had been looking for an Author to fill the void left by the passing of Diana Norman/Ariana Franklin. I am hoping an equally talented ghostwriter will finish her Mistress of the Art of Death series (wink wink…nudge nudge). Your name kept coming up, and I am so glad I gave The Outlander Series a shot! I don’t have time to start completly over before your next book is released…so for now I will bide my time with Dan and Khaled whose’ books I preordered…..and have yet to glance at! :) Thank you for bringing history into a perspective that means so much to me. Having a ball with these books!

    Sincerely your devoted reader,
    Morgan Stevens

  166. AAAAND I finally learned to like Single Malt, but it has to be the good stuff. :)

  167. Glad for the delay as I’m re-reading them all and I’m only on book #5. I’ll be ready for #8 whenever it comes out. Hopefully in time for beach-time this summer!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Get a grip people, deep breath, it’s not so bad… according to the crowd that I purchase and pre-order through they will be releasing Novel #4 in January 2099. Now that would really be something worthy of a whine.

    Note: I keep meaning to place an order and see just what happens… delivery C/- Pearly Gates Ever Lasting Rest, Here Ever After (ask for Peter).
    They’d probably just email me to advise that my credit card had declined. Funny that.

  169. Thanks for STILL being the BEST!

  170. Hello Ms. Gabaldon – - I know that this thread is sort of dedicated to the 8th book of your fantastic series – - but I just wanted to take a moment and comment on the brilliance of ALL your books (especially the Lord John Series :) I just picked-up and finished “The Space Between” and it was so great as well. No author around today writes quite like you and I have NEVER found a book series that drew me in quite like “Outlander”. I have laughed, cried, and hurt right along side of your characters and I am absolutely delighted to wait for the next book as long as it takes … The fact that the book is due out on my birthday is just an added bonus :) Happy Birthday to me!! Your writing is one of a kind and I hope that I have the pleasure of meeting you sometime in the future … I know you have never made an appearance in MT, but I will be first in line if you ever make it to our neck of the woods! Thank you so much for all of the fantastic novels and I am absolutely over-the-moon-excited to read MOBY! Good luck with the series, the book, and any other ventures you might be undertaking!

    • I love the other ones too Laura. Only book I don’t have is the companion. Just got The Exile. The books have made me laugh and cry too. Bit embarrassing when you have a little snigger when you’re reading and you’re not alone. :)

  171. WOW!?! Reading through these comments I can’t believe how negative and rude some people have been.

    I have loved reading and re-reading your books. Yes I had the ‘oh no’ thought when publication was delayed, but as plenty of others have said it’s worth the wait.
    I have it pre-ordered on kindle and want to buy the paper back version too to add to my collection.
    So excited there is also going to be a 9th book. Will have plenty of time to re read before that one comes out.
    Your writing is FABULOUS Diana, thank you.


  172. Appreciating the hard work you put into your blog and in depth information you
    provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while
    that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Great read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.