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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


MOBY official US cover

I’m pleased to announce that WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (aka MOBY) will be published by Random House (US) on June 10th, 2014.

To answer a few questions that I _know_ the answer to:

Canada always publishes on the same date as the US.

UK Cover

UK Cover

The UK (and its territories, Australia and New Zealand) usually publishes very near the US date, but not invariably on the _same_ day. It might be, it might be a few days earlier, it might be later, I don’t know. Will tell you as soon as I do.

Germany will likely publish quite close to the same date as the US, perhaps a little sooner. I don’t know about that yet.

Almost all other non-English publishers will publish about a year after the US/English edition, because they have to allow time for translation, and a Big Book takes a long time to translate. (Germany gets much faster translation because I have a close personal relationship with the German translator, and she works with me while I write.)

The book-tour for MOBY is being rescheduled as we speak. The launch party will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, by the Poisoned Pen bookstore, at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, 6-10 PM, June 10th.

That’s ALL I know for now. As soon as the dates are re-set (spoke to the Random House publicist this morning and she says she thinks most of the dates and events previously scheduled will be the same), I’ll post the list everywhere.

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  1. I m sorry t o say that I m truly disappointed. It’s been two years and the last date I saw was Dec 16 2013. Delaying six months makes it difficult if you are a committed reader. I do wish I didn’t begin reading the series.


    • I would rather have a great read at the end of it all than something that was rushed. It’s because of your dedication to detail and the force or your sheer creativity that these books are what they are. Carry on, Diana!!!

      • Dear Shawna–

        Thank you! I will. [g]


        • Dear Diana, This may seem rather trite, but why, on the Amazon uk website is MOBY listed as the fifth book in the series, when everybody know it is Book 8?

        • Well, I have to say that I was disappointed when I got a notice from Barnes and Noble that the book publishing date for MOHB was delayed. They wanted to know if I still wanted my preorder and of course I said Yes! I have been having withdrawal symptoms. I have read all of the books including the Lord John series and the short stores in anthologies. I think I have all of them except the one dealing with other family members in France, I think. I just finished the short story in the Dangerous Women collection with Jamie and Ian. I have also ordered the bundle that B & N offered in 2013. No way am I ever going to be without these books. So I am slowly going through the Companion to keep from getting depressed (just kidding) but I need to keep the connection going. I’m also going to have to subscribe to Starz for the TV series but it’s a small price to pay for seeing Claire and Jaime.
          So, Diana you just take your time and give us the quality you have so far. I don’t mind the wait as long as I have the other volumes to reread. But I am more than a little curious about the Written in My . . Blood as the title. I hope none of the major characters get killed–it is the Revolutionary War, after all.

      • I agree with Shawna. It will be done when it is done. Amen. I want the best story possible and will wait ( if necessary) as long as it takes. The process of writing and publishing is what it is so deal with it. Keep doing it right Diana. This is an awesome series and worth the wait.

        Val Mody

      • I would share your thoughts Shawna. Diana, I have read the series over and over and each time I marvel at the many different connections, interwoven stories and the characters. I am sure I have read Outlander at least 10 times and I still find new bits each time especially with the fact that I have read all the others and I now know so much more about the characters. Your hidden links and gems in each book that only one who rereads can connect. I am anxiously awaiting this next book, but it does give me time to reread them again.

        I too thought this was the last book so I am excited to hear there will be another.

    • I appreciate the books are very long and well researched BUT given this is not the last book in the series and I don’t know how many more there will be I can’t help but wonder, albeit a bit morbidly, how many people will die before knowing how the series ends!!

      • Dear Judith–

        I’m sure one could figure it out actuarially [g]–but looked at with simple logic…people have been dying at about the same rate, no doubt, during the last 23 years of my writing these books. It seems rather illogical to suggest that I should have written the entire series in silence and penury, in order to make the whole enchilada immediately available at once to the public, so that only those frail souls who couldn’t stand the emotional strain of reading nine large books in a row would die before finishing.


        • Diana, I have read all of the series twice and will take this delay as bittersweet opportunity to go back to where it all began, back to Outlander, this time with the wonderful Davina Porter reading to me. Why not? I read/hear new things each and every time. As much as I don’t want to wait, I adore this epic so dearly that the dread of reaching the final pages of a new book, is actually a might worse than the wait!

          I am quite surprised at the “sucking on a lemon” reactions by fans about the release date. I suppose its just the mopey longing of the heartsick. The heartsick can be quite cross and dreary after all ;)

          I am heartsick as well but my ache is not of entitlement. I am deeply grateful and frankly, in awe, of the work you do, I’ll wait for the book with a smile on my face for as long as it takes.

          your most loving and obedient fan,
          Sukie Moore

          • Hear hear Sukie. I totally agree that all of these books are well worth the wait. Living in Scotland I will have to wait even longer than those of you in the US. I too am reading the books over yet again and getting something new each time.

          • You expressed my feelings so well that I will simply say that I agree with you and save a little space. But I do disagree with your ending sentiments. I am her most loving and obedient fan!! DD

        • NINE!!!!! I’m sure I just read NINE big books. OMG! I am so happy. Thank you Diana.
          Gotta go – need to call my sister to give her the good news.


        • Hello…I think you should feel pleased that people wish you could write all the books at one time or at least shorten the time between them.

          Perhaps you should remember what it was like to even guess how your first book would be received.

          Count your blessings and not how many people are anxiously awaiting this next book and may get a bit testy in the process.

        • Diana, I do understand your response concerning the death(s) of possible readers before another of your books might become available. It’s just when one is *possibly* sitting in that particular itchy little seat…. well, waiting becomes a bit nerve-wracking. Have to shake my head at myself, but with each new calendar page turned I’d think to myself “Oh good.. another month closer.. to MARCH.. as long as God wills I might get to read this book.” Now I find it’s another three months. Sigh. Pretty bad to be so close to obsession about a book when other things are much more important (family, grandchildren, etc). But I finished “Outlander” two days after it first arrived in the St. Louis stores, and with the promise of each new book being published I would start at the beginning of the series and read each book again, trying to time my reading so there wouldn’t be any down time before the latest hit the shelves. I can’t do the math right now (a stroke screwed up any quick-thinking capability I once had), but that should give you an idea how many times I’ve read each book. Two to three hundred books per year for fifty years – that’s been my life, and your books top 99.95% of them. So… waiting, when you’re reasonably certain you CAN wait, is hard enough. When certainty flies out the window…. ugh. Wanna join me in my chant of *Come on June!!* ??

          • Dear Em–

            Well, you know…if I _could_ do it faster, I surely would. [smile] I’m working just as fast and diligently as I can, but natural processes do have their own rhythm and pace. Hang in there, though–I have faith in you!


          • It might possibly be as well for us all to remember that Diana could just maybe also have more important things going on in her life than writing for our sole benefit, don’t you think ? (smile) Although I dare say that it does fill a big part of the day-to-day for her, I suspect that family etc etc is also in there somewhere. Yes I know, how dare she do anything else with her day but work slavishly to gratify us. Well, that’s people for you- unreliable.

            Having said that, I too have a serious complaint Diana. Well no, two actually. Firstly, was it really necessary to have a whole 20 year gap in Jamie and Claire’s lives together? Ok, I know any less would have disrupted the web of story further on just a bit – Bri too young, so maybe no more Stephen Bonnet; probably no Laoghaire connection; Claire not qualified etc, but you could have worked around these minor inconveniences and squeezed in another two or even three books covering that period. Very unkind of you to waste so much potential and to miss the opportunity to write for a whole 24/7 for several more years without a break. Inconsiderate, I call it. Very.

            Secondly, I was all the way to the end of Echo in the Bone (audiobook version) before I realised that you didn’t tell what happened to Jem and Roger! A second unkindness. Sigh. :-)

          • I read the Judith entry as meaning how many characters might die before finally knowing how the story ends. – Maybe that was just me….
            Diana I LOVE your work. Of course I’d love to have MOBY but I can wait joyfully as many others will too. Everyone else can go cry in their cornflakes and get over themselves.
            You have taught me how to love my husband, and I never thought I would understand how two people could spend so much time together. I had never had a chance to watch two people who really cared for each other and in a way Jamie and Clare’s relationship is like a HOW To for me. Sad but true – I really don’t think I was capable of a truly long term relationship before reading your books.
            In the mean time I too have been brushing up on the story and can’t wait to crack the next book open.
            Cheers Diana! I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life (weird right?!) XO

          • This is all because of the Starz series that is what is holding up the book selling out
            loyal readers for new fans based on the TV series. TV series are always short lived
            should have continued to rely on your book readers

        • Wow! While, technically true, that is *cold*.

        • Here! Here!
          Time marches on, so of course people have/will die before your series has concluded! Selfishly I hope I will not be one of them but more importantly I hope neither are you Diana.
          That really would upset a few ‘frail souls’ …not to mention really annoy you I would imagine. Just keep writing…and breathing.

        • Diana You are a hoot!

        • When will the next book come out, Hope you have started writing Diana! Cant wait!! The movie is great by the way! When are you coming to the Caribbean? Trinidad and Tobago in particular??


      • Since I turned 82 in October, I might well be one of them, but I’ve made arrangements. I’ve asked my daughter to come visit my grave and at least give me a summary if she can’t spare the time to read the whole thing. June will be a better month for it (weather-wise) than March would have been . I don’t do social media though, so I do miss the Ladies of Lallybroch excerpt page. That’s my own problem though–can’t blame Diana.

        • Yes, it wasn’t meant as a criticism Diana – I have very much enjoyed your books since I started reading them 23 years ago. I am more worried for myself that I won’t be around to see how it ends. Loved Margaret Dokka’s comment as my daughter too has promised to visit my grave and tell me how it ends!!

        • Margaret how I laughed at your post!! Now that is being a dedicated fan of the lovely Diana Gabaldon. I sincerely hope you are doing well and get to enjoy the new book coming in June:):)

        • Honey, I will be 85 June 3 and will probably be one of them , but will continue to enjoy while I can. I have been a reader since I first learned to read. I have read these books thru twice and they are my favorites.

      • I agree , I have enjoyed the series but at 71 I am beginning to feel that I might not be around to read the last book If you keep taking this long to publish each one

      • Good grief, people this is only a book. for goodness sake. If we all die before the bloody book comes out, so what other than for our famlies and other loved ones. Take a turn on another author while you are waiting.

        I can’t believe the rantings of people over something like this.

        • I agree. I have read the series twice and am missing Jamie and Claire, but I am so impressed with Diana’s writing style and and story line, it is worth the wait. Judith McNaught has a great series that will keep me busy until Diana’s next book comes out.

          • Just read all these posts. It’s odd how Jamie, Claire and Ian have become like real people.

            I would love to be able to see this series on TV but as far as I know it’s not available in UK (might not be UK anymore if Scotland goes it alone tomorrow).

    • I’m with Adrienne, I had been looking forward to the November release, then recently checked to find March 2014 and now it’s June.. I love you’re work Diana, but it’s disappointing you keep your fans waiting so long while you continue building up other areas of your portfolio. You’ve got us begging for more all the time. It is very disappointing to say the least.

      • Dear Markie–

        Well, I sympathize with your frustration. As to “the other areas of [my] portfolio,” though…er…who, exactly, do you think those “other areas” are _intended_ for, if not the fans? Whether you, personally, want to read about other areas of the Outlander universe or not, that’s what my other works deal with, and they are–obviously–all available to those readers who _are_ interested.


      • I agree with Adrienne and Markie! I mean really?! It’s really unfair how you all keep changing the release date. I LOVE the series ( and I’m an avid reader of many series) but I must say, when the publishers and authors start playing with our expectations and emotions like this, it really makes me want to boycott the author, no matter how much I like the series. Changing the release date 3 times is ridiculous. Might as well just wait for the tv series to come out and watch it for FREE – it’ll probably be about the same time the book finally gets released anyway. In conclusion, all your doing is pissing people off and losing your fans. Get it together, make a decision, and stick to it – Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!!

        • To “Loula…” It’s so ridiculous that you would accuse Diana and her publishers of “playing with [your] expectations and emotions like this…” If you had bothered to read Diana’s blogs discussing the date changes, you would know that she needs the extra time to finish the new book. Period! There is no conspiracy or evil scheme to toy with your mind. Diana’s books are large and it takes a lot of work and background historical research to do each one, and it is VERY difficult to accurately figure out a completion timeline for projects of this size. I’d rather have an author who delays publication to ensure the book is her best, like Diana Gabaldon is doing, than a writer who just cranks out something to meet a deadline. Besides, if you really loved the series as you claim, you would give Diana a break; the Outlander books are ALWAYS worth waiting for. Oh, and if you’re waiting for the MOBY/Book-8 installments of the Outlander TV show so you can “watch it for FREE,” you would probably have at least 7 years to wait, since so far one year of the TV series covers one book. THAT should make June 2014 look a little better, eh?

    • Diana, Diana. Like me, you’re a mother and a teacher. Surely, you remember the game of first listing the worst possible scenario, and then surprising them all by “making it better.” Go ahead. Tell everyone the book will definitely be released by December, 2015. It’s the truth. Imagine all the accolades and expressions of love and loyalty when, then, you say it will be released in June, 2014. Shoot, you could build in some breathing room. You could release in August and give yourself a much deserved vacation. Ah, well. Too late for MOBY but, you know, recall this advise for the last release.
      I’m three years older than you. Dying before the last release crosses my mind. I’ll just have to concentrate on a lot of preventative care. YOU TOO.

    • Adrienne – Do like I did…reread them! and all the spin offs inbetween. This series is so vast with so much detail and intertwined story lines, that it is difficult to remember all that has happened. I have read them twice over the last 6 years and just completed them on Audible for a variation. It is amazing what you sometimes hear vs read. For me, getting them on Audible is like transitioning myself from paper to the screen in anticipation of the mini-series!

      • I am very excited about the series for 2 reasons..1.. For Diana to be able to start a whole new generation Who will love this series and purchase all 8 at once.
        2 to be able to visually watch these books come alive.

    • You are an amazing author. The best I have ever read. I will wait until you think the book is ready, happily reading the rest of the books again. Thank you for your attention to detail and your awesome characters.

    • Works such as these cannot be rushed. Go back and read the other ones- every time the world gets to be too much, I pick one up to revisit my old friends and it always feels like coming home….wonder what they are up to now…. I CAN wait in knowing that once their new story unfolds, whenever that is.. I will be the richer for it. You take your time Diana and more power to you.

    • Oh goodness… I am sad and losing my excitement… Having re-read all the books in prep for the release date that is now a year past and wasted six weeks I could have read something else. I would have. Een good knowing it would be 2018 it would be released, but pushing it back a couple of months constantly is ridiculous and makes me wonder if authors stop careing once they hit it big with a mini series. I still love these people, but the magic is gone when th author doesn’t :(

      • I am sorry. That was mean. I guess i shouldn’t be living life vicariously through this series to the point I say such things… Love and luck

        • Dear Veronica–

          That _author_ does not “keep pushing it back.” First Amazon chose a random date in November to advertise, so they could start taking pre-orders (they always do this with books by established authors that they know will sell). Then the _publisher_ chose a date in December. They didn’t tell me this; I saw it on Amazon [wry g] and wrote my editor, saying that there was no _way_ they could publish that fast, as I _might_ possibly _finish_ it by the end of December, but that wouldn’t give them any time at all for production, so what the heck…? Publisher said (in essence), “We know, but Book Expo wants to feature you and we want them to, but they only do books released within that calendar year, so…” [ahem]

          So once Book Expo was safely past, the editor conferred with me as to when I _thought_ the book might be done and I said I thought there was a decent chance of finishing by the end of December, and would do my best to make that date. So then they set the _first_ actually official pub date, for March 25th.

          OK. Now, if you actually read the explanation I gave, you saw that what happened was that the television production began filming in October. This is not something I could have seen coming when we set the March date, as at that point, the contract had only just been signed and there was no schedule whatever for the film production; most people associated with the project expected filming to start in the spring, which would (probably) have allowed me to finish the book by the end of December.

          When it became clear that–between the demands of manuscript and the film production–I couldn’t finish the book in the way I needed to, I asked–for the ONLY DAMN TIME!–to move the date.

          When WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD comes out, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


          • There is no need to defend or explain yourself Diana! We all know books take time and especially big and detailed books like these. I’m really looking forward to the Dutch release but since i’m impatient too.. :-) I’ll start with the english book as soon as it is available! Thank you for many pleasant hours!


          • Oh, my. Do other authors put up with this kind of crying and carrying on? Do other authors care as much about their readers and keep them as well informed? Do other authors have a sense of humor about the comments their readers make? Are other authors as graceful in their responses? I think not! Ease up, folks. Let Diana take whatever time is necessary to make it the best it can be and be grateful she’s the kind of person she is.

          • OMG! I can’t imagine what is takes to write the most addicting books ever written! I am dying to read the next one and to see the show. It is so completely rude and immature for anyone to throw such tantrums. As a fan, I am embarrassed for them.

            Do what you gotta do but please don’t stop doing it.

            Thank you.

          • Dear Diana, All these so called fans of yours berating you for not having the book ready! If you rushed the book so that it was finished on the earlier date, but it was not as perfect as the rest of them, they would be the first ones complaining that MOBY is not up to your usual standards, I’ll bet! It is hard to wait for the fans, I will admit that, but I know the finished product will be another winner. As for me, I’m rereading the series for the umpteenth time(I even had to replace all my paperbacks, because the ones I have are falling apart, LOL). Just keep doing what you’re doing, and when June comes, I will, along with the rest of your fans have MOBY in my hot little hands-I already have it pre-ordered at THE POISONED PEN!

          • I wonder if anyone considers how much time it takes for Diana to read each and every one of these whining complaints and then respond to the particularly nasty of them. Don’t you think that this just might be one more thing that she really needn’t do for us but she does anyway? Maybe she could move on to writing what is important if she wasn’t asked to waste so much of her time on ‘you’ her less than thankful but rediculously demanding fans(?)

            Diana thank you for all of the extra time you spend for all of the faceless people who adore you!

          • Dear Judith

            I was just looking to check when the next book will be coming out and I came across your post. I know that people are eager for the new release because they are simply awesome and so well written. However I did take offense to your initial comment until I read your next one. I just wonder if the whingers realise just how much joy these novels bring to people throughout the world and why they are soooooooooooo worth waiting for.
            My beautiful sister Dianne bought me Cross Stitch for my birthday many moons ago and from then on we were hooked. She would buy me one and then I would buy her one, for Christmas’s and birthdays, as if we needed an excuse. During those years we had many conversations across 3000 klms regarding Claire and Jamie even being lucky enough to read Voyager while visiting Scotland. My beautiful sister Dianne died last June at the age of 56. She had not long finished reading the Scottish Prisoner in between chemo and radiation and I was reading one of the tales from A Trail of Fire to her during her last days. I now await this new book when it is released not with impatience but with the knowledge of the joy it will bringme and that I will enjoy it for her, and with her because she will always be with me while I am reading Diana’s books. I cannot thank Diana enough for being the best author ever and for bringing my sis and I some of the most delightful conversations of our later years.


          • Take your time. I would much rather have the book finished correctly than rushed to publishing. Good things come to the patient. Love the books. Keep the faith.

          • We will and thank you. My name is the first on the list at the library for MOHB. I can’t wait.

          • ve the Outlander series, which I only discovered after seeing the TV version on Starz channel last year. Since then I have read my way through each book in sequence, and am finishing up An Echo In The Bone, and am feeling anxious knowing that it may be a while before I can read MOBY, as I can no longer actually read at all. I am disabled, and visually impaired, and cannot even hold a book for more than a few minutes. I must wait until the book becomes available as a special digital audiobook available through the Library services for the blind and handicapped. I was thus shocked at the anger, impatience, and outrage of some of your readers, directed at you and your publishers. These books are amazing in their detail, research, character development, and artistry. They are not something that can be dashed off quickly. Good writing is hard work, as anyone who has tried it seriously can attest . I will await each one eagerly, and am deeply grateful and appreciative for each one. You let us time travel too, through history and into the hearts and minds of your characters, and have allowed me to escape my narrow homebound existence, into a rich world, I could never dream up on my own. Each of your books is a gift. Thank you for all the effort, knowledge, caring and wisdom you put into each one. I hope you will continue writing for a long time to come, and won’t worry how long it takes to get each book out to us readers.

          • Dear Susan–

            I’m so glad that you’re able to enjoy the books through the library services; I’ve heard that the Library of Congress Talking Books reader who does my books is absolutely wonderful!

            No, definitely can’t be dashed off quickly. [wry g] But most people don’t know any writers, and thus have no real idea how books are written, or what it takes. I think many of them really do think “a Writer” just has books stacked up inside his or her head, and all it takes is sitting down and letting the story pour out of your fingers. Would that that was the case, alas! But all good things come to those who wait. [g]

            Best wishes,


    • That’s not true, and you know it. You’ll be lined up with the rest of us to get this amazing new book :) And will find the wait well worth while.

    • Why is the book being delayed another 6 months?

      • Dear Louise–

        Well, if you’ll scroll down one more blog entry, you’ll find the explanation. And it’s _not_ being delayed another 6 months; the only _real_ pub date there was, was March 25th. I needed an additional two months in order to finish the book, and asked for the date to be moved; the publishers agreed and decided on June 10th for assorted reasons.


    • I love these books so much! I don’t care about the wait, I’ll just re-read the series…You know it’s good when your own husband is jealous of a fictional character! Thank you, Diana. You have a beautiful mind and have created something magical. Worth the wait, I say!!

    • Dear madam, if a delay would mean you’d rather not start such a fabulous series, well, really-get a life.

    • I own all the Outlander series books. I’ve had to wait a bit until the last two came out in paperback since I live on a fixed income. But they are well worth waiting for. I only hope Ms Gabaldon doesn’t wind up keeping Claire and Jamie apart. I love Ian. I do have a small issue with a couple of things that aren’t correct in the other books. First, people couldn’t sit on hay bails, since there was no means to bail hay back in the Eighteenth Century, according to my own research on that subject. Also, it wasn’t the prophet Jeremiah who made the city of Nineveh mad at him, it was the prophet Jonah. I also have the Outlandish Companion, and it has been very helpful and often hilarious to read. A suggestion: why not have the Gaidhlig appear in alphabetical order? It would make finding what one is looking for so much easier. Also, a pronunciation guide for place names in the Gaidhlig would also be helpful. I love these books and have read and reread them. Glad there’s a new one on the way.

    • Adrienne, you cannot be serious. Any book that Dianna writes is worth the wait. What a brilliant writer. I started reading Diana’s books in 2000 when a friend suggested it to me because I had difficulty reading anything…. OMG, it has changed everything! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I wait with much anticipation and excitement. AMEN! (so be it).

    • Get over yourself. A book doesnt write itself and if its not finished, its not finished. Use some patience. It will be here soon. These are the best books ive ever read. Dont be so rude


    • Are you kidding me? They are awesome books. You don’t rush historical fiction. If you have nothing else to whine about other than that, you lead a very sheltered introverted life. Seriously, you’re annoyed that the sequel isn’t completed sooner? Really? You wish you had never read them? Please. Do this very talented historical fiction author a break and don’t bother posting such insignificant tripe. Go read a Marvel Comic–the sequel will be out the following week.

    • Well, I have read all of the finished books in the Outlander series all the way through 5 times now. Last year I read them very, very slowly, hoping that I would finish when the next book came out in December, 2013. Today, I checked the website only to discover that it has been pushed back to next summer.

      I agree with others who have said, “as long as this book is as well written as the others, it is worth the wait.” I remember how much I enjoyed the first 5 books in Jean Auel’s series, The Clan of the Cave Bear. Then, when Shelters of Stone came out, it was horrible. I tried her next book (borrowed it from the library) and it was just as poorly written. I am not a writer, but when a book is so badly written that I find myself trying to rewrite it while I’m reading it, I can’t stand it! Every time I buy the next book in your series I worry about that happening again, but so far, so good.

      I have to say that the Outlander series are the best researched, highest quality writing in the historical fiction genre that are available these days. I try other authors sometimes but frankly, nothing compares with Diana’s writing style and the depth of research. Understanding that she is probably raising a family, running a house, etc. on top of writing these books makes me appreciate all of her efforts on behalf of us, her reading public all the more.

      So, take your time, Diana, and I think it is safe to say that all of your reading public hold you in the highest regard, in awe of your storytelling abilities, and amazed at the sheer volume of works that you have produced since you began, “when the stone screamed.”

      Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful gift(s) of fiction that I can return to over and over again to escape the tragedy that has been my life. Take care of yourself and all of the much loved characters in the Outlander series.


      • Christine. My experience and thoughts about Clan Of The Cave Bear and Diana’s Outlander series were the exact same as yours. Odd to read you writing my own thoughts of a few years ago. I have never gotten over missing out on the quality novels that should have been written in TCotCB series. I appreciate that Diana has maintained the quality of her writing and research.
        These ‘novels’ are beyond anything else in their genre and they do stand alone, like J. R. R. Toliien’s Hobbit and LOTR stand alone in their genre. There is nothing else like them. Nothing.

        Thank you, Diana. And I do hope that you get a lot of time to just live, to just be.

        How difficult for you to have been gifted with the gifts you are gifted with and to ‘serve’ that talent, those gifts developing, relating Janie and Clair’s lives instead of spending those hours ‘living’ out your own separate life story in its minutia.

        You have carried your ‘burden’ well. It is – you are – appreciated.

        Thank You!

    • These are things that are common of on-going series. I learned it from Harry Potter when I was 15 and ended the series till I was on my 20s. I didn’t know this was an ongoing series till I got the end of the first book. I decided to stop on the 4th book and wait till Diana publishes the last book of the series. It sucks to wait, specially when you know dates might change.

    • Help! Am a huge fan and waiting patiently, but my job requires lots of travel, mostly driving and i can’t read while i drive…. therefore have listened to the audio versions of the books. just started outlander again, figure i can re-listen to them all (again) and get to june all fired up and ready. i also have the books to read, if i can stay awake once i get to my destination. Sooooo when will the audio version be released???? soon after the book, please, please, please??

      on a side note, Davina Porter, the wonderful narrator has ruined me for the starz series. no way can some actor, no matter how hot looking, can get Jamie’s voice right if it isn’t her…. i’m just sayin’

      • Dear Lisa–

        Davina will be reading the audio version, and–God willing and I don’t get run over by a bus before finishing the manuscript so she can read it–the audio should be out at approximately the same time as the hardcover edition.

        As to voices, though…Davina’s a _wonderful_ actress. She is, however, a woman. (Presumably you’d noticed that, but just in case…) Sam Heughan is a wonderful actor–and he’s a man. I give you roughly thirty seconds watching him before you discover that Davina has not, in fact, ruined you for the tv show. [g]

        Sample 1

        Sample 2



        • Diana -
          AWESOME!!!! I too, am an UNABRIDGED recorded books fan – and want to thank you so very much for seeing that Davina gets your new ‘MOBY’ book recorded for those of us who have this addiction! I’ve listened to your whole series going on 3 times now. Don’t worry, I’ve done many, many others in between – try to do series, as possible. I first started listening to the Outlander series back in the mid ’90s, when my occupation required an hour each way commute. Not much commute now, but this is the only way I get to read. So I truly appreciate the great narrators that make the story come to life, of which Davina is one at the top of the list. I also purchased several of your signed hard copies for posterity. :)

          God bless you Diana – carry on!

        • June should be about right. I’ll have listened to the whole series again by then. I wish people where clamoring for my paintings like they are for your books. I have been looking forward to the release but amazingly; my life has gone on.

        • Oh, Diana! I have been avoiding the Starz clips because (too often) the book characters are so real in my head from reading the book(s). And I didn’t want to have ‘my’ Jamie ruined by a TV Jamie. Mea culpa! I just watched the samples you posted of Sam Heughan. I’m weak-kneed. Good on you! Thanks!

    • I keep checking the website in anticipation of MOBY’s release. Am I disappointed that I have to wait till June? Of course, but books worth reading are worth waiting for. I only discovered the series two years ago and the characters became like family.

      I just can’t imagine scolding the author for having other outlets for her creativity and having a life. One commenter complains “I do wish I didn’t begin reading the series”.
      It does not make any sense to me that you love a book series so much, that because you have to wait a bit longer than expected you would rather have not started it at all.

      Dear Diana Gabaldon, take whatever time you need and when you are ready I will be thrilled to meet back up with Jamie and Claire and see where there newest adventure takes them.

    • This is my favorite series! I would definitely rather wait than have the book rushed. Hope it’s a long one so I’ll be reading it for a while.

    • The delay should give me just enough time to read the series again and have it all fresh in my mind before i begin hearts blood. Thank you for such a truly wonderful story and such delightful characters!

    • I have reread the entire series in prep for the new release. Really ready but June will make for a great summer read. Thank you for the adventure

    • So reread the first seven and be back on track for the new one. That’s what I’m doing. Never boring. LOVE IT!!!

    • everyone needs to chill….. Everyone knows the massive pages in all these books. I for one am glad that Diana does go off on side lines events & characters.( However I find that sometimes she gets to far from Jamie & Clare and I find my interest doesn’t keep me up all night .LOL I have been an avid reader throughout the years in anything of Scottish ( especially the highland clans) and also the Irish history as well. I read extensively Both fiction and non fiction all through the 60s 70s and 80s.

      I happened to pick up the first of this series (Outlander) just 2 months ago. I CANNOT believe that with the interest I have in the history of both countries that I had never stumbled across these fabulous books.
      Having done two papers in the early 70s on the 1Highland clans and 2 the standing stones,druids and mystical leg3nds of both Ireland and Scotland, mostly at that time strictly from historical Non Fiction.) I was mesmerized at how often Diana has woven many factual and historical data into her wonderful novels. The only way I can see that happening is with the further input she has picked up along the way from fans, research & visits to the actual locations of actual ruins . Because she is such a good and thorough writer it cant help but to often make her books way longer than she had planned. There have only been two of the first 7 I have read in the last several months. that in places I have felt to much diversion from the principle characters. Bur even in those two she has found a way to jump it back on track in always interesting and clever ways.

      So I guess I am fortunate to not have stumbled onto the Outlander series just now and have not had to wait years in between for the next book.

      I have many favorite authors who often write two three and four books in a saga or story. I will say that I have begun to wait until all the books have been written to read the first. May have been part of the reasons I didn’t DISCOVER ms Gabaldon. That and the fact that after the deluge of my late college years and the 80s and 90s I began an interest in English History as well. It is hard to read the tragic demise of the highland clans with out bumping into English history as well. And then on into the Scotch Irish involvement in American history as a result.

      So everyone get off Diana’s case if she ground out these books one right after another you would have lost interest at about the 4hbook. She writes with passion, immense talent and yes a plodding mnor till SHE is happy with it. Thank you Diana

      • One more thing Dianna I am also an obsessive reader if the author is good ( and you are)
        I have learned through the years to NOT to pick up books if I cant afford to get immersed in the story. The only time that does not work is when I wind up in reading a very good storyteller and HAVE to have more . luckily I have recently had a move and am not ready to move into my new place quite yet and have had some medical issues the have keep me down between surgeries. If not I would probably would have gone down for the count In Gabaldonean addiction. lol


    • adrienne…….What’s that smell?
      It wreaks of a spoiled brat… who insults people when she doesn’t get what she wants, when she wants it.

    • I would rather wait for as long as it takes to read a story that is exactly as the author wants it told than to have something less than that. If not for the disappointments in life, how are we to experience the joy of discovery? I find the Outlander series to be far superior in its intricacies, story crafting, use of languages and research, etc., etc. (I could go on and on) to any other book or series that I’ve read. Having read them through depressions and high points in my life, I find them a constant inspiration with which to live life, including the writing of my most favourite of poems. Like my other favourite activity, travel, I believe half the enjoyment comes from anticipation.

    • Did you enjoy the series? I guess you must feel as if writing a long novel takes no time. I would much rather wait for another exceptional story rather than something thrown together. I can’t wait either but I will. Thanks for the wonderful story!

    • Adrienne,

      While I sympathize with your impatience, this is art and it cannot be rushed. The detail included is delicious and I am grateful to Ms. Gabaldon to her dedication to make it right rather than rushing an unworthy version to publication for her ever hungry fans. Luckily, there is a wealth of other things to grab my attention while I patiently wait for the next book in the series (including the short stories) and I have found that circling back to relisten to them reveals things that I did not catch on the first listen.

      I am certain your patience will be rewarded.


    • I so agree. My husband, who usually never reads anything except Westerns, and I have gotten into listening to the audio books in the evening after the grandchildren are in bed. We finished reading Echo in the Bone several months ago and were eagerly awaiting the publication of the next book. We started listening to another series by another author while we waited, but by the time this book comes out, we will have to listen to Echo again to remember where we were. It’s frustrating when a book leaves off on a cliff hanger like that one did and then it takes forever to get the next one. I guess I understand, but it’s still frustrating.

    • I believe the publication date was changed to correspond with the premier of the TV series. Great publicity for both.

    • Dear Adrienne,
      Heavens to Betsy girl get over it.
      Go back and read all Diana’s wonderful previous books and be absorbed and thrilled all over again.

      I have and wait with bated breath for MOBY!

      Many many thanks Diane for exporting me to outside all my woes and leaving me refreshed to carry on

      Sincerely Best Wishes

    • Try waiting on the Earth’s Children (Clan of the Cavebear) series, or Song of Ice & Fire (game of Thrones), and you’ll REALLY be chewing your nails on a wait. Ms. Gabaldon is PROLIFIC in the amount of work she gets done in such a short time. THANK YOU so much for giving so much, so quickly – you must be exhausted AND exhilarated!

    • As much as I like this series, I won’t be pre-ordering future books which (as of today May 12th) has been close to a year since it was expected to be published. That being said, keep up the good work Diana.

      • Dear Dawn–

        Thank you! I will, indeed–meaning that I’ll deliver each book when it’s done to my satisfaction, and not when Amazon or a misguided publisher has randomly advertised its release. (Though frankly, I’ve never seen the point of pre-ordering, myself. I mean–why? Unless one wants the convenience of having it delivered to one’s door. Otherwise, there will certainly be plenty of books available; it’s not like there’s a limited number printed and will never be anymore.) Hope you enjoy it, whenever you get it.


    • This book will be worth the wait, I’m sure. Myself, I’ve been reading the Lord John Grey series to tide me over!
      I’m looking forward to June 10th! My family has been put on notice; we’ll be ordering take-out that day (and perhaps the next).

    • How unfortunate that one feels dissatisfied that a sequel might take longer than originally anticipated.
      Looking back at my own life, if I tried to chronicle it and make it follow my story and then be interesting to boot, OH MY!
      Diana, you are an artist and art takes time.

      Take yours.
      It will be worth it to ALL.

    • Oh, for heaven’s sake, quit complaining. It takes as long as it takes. There are other books to read, you know. I know this is addictive but no story lasts forever. Just think of it this way: When it’s over, you’ll really be sad. I like anticipating having more in the series. And I can also read other things, even if grudgingly. :)

    • Always look at the bright Side of life. I feel sorry for you making such a big thing about this. Why don’t you dit down and write it yourself. Maybe it goes faster.

    • ADRIENNE…!!! NOT read the “OUTLANDER” series at all. Oh my what can you be thinking. My life is at such an exciting place when it is caught in the tapestry of Diana Gabaldon’s writings. I know that on my deathbed (some day) I will close my eyes and drift off in my mind continuing her story as I run along a little path she has already laid out in such precise description, and that I can find easily. In fact I’m certain I could possibly pop up anywhere in her written scenes and know exactly what to do.

  2. YAY!!! I can live with June! My summer vacation will have just started (I work in a high school), so I’ll have my days free to just sit and read. What a perfect start to summer!!

  3. Diana,

    June 10, 2014 it is, then! The actual date is only a guideline to pre-order the book. I can wait because I know it will the BEST one yet. Your work is so captivating and thought provoking. I have been reading these books for 20 years and cannot imagine not having them to re-read again and again. I am looking forward to the TV series, too. Just one more venue to enjoy your work.

    I do have one question, though. Will you continue to post Daily Lines up until the publication date or will these be cut off at some point? I read all the excerpts, DL, etc. that I can find and enjoy them immensely.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. I want it to be the best that it can be. :)
    I can live with the change in the dates. The tickets I bought for the Portland Book Event….well, I will be putting in my scrapbook along with a photo of the book when it comes ….it’s all part of the life of this series.My sister in law and I will be there when it is rescheduled.
    Your books have been a part of my life and will continue to be so for long after it is all over, whenever that may be. I have introduced both my daughter in laws to your series, their mothers, my mother, my sister, cousins and friends at work to Outlander. I buy copies of the paperback “Outlander” whenever I am in a used paperback book stores, and keep them on hand. I give out copies of “Outlander” to those ladies I met who I think will be interested. I tell them, to open the book and read any three pages and you will be hooked. I have never had anyone come back to me and tell me they didn’t like the book and series. And I continue to give out copies of your books. :)
    Until June,

  5. We all look forward to the book and completely understand the delay. Bottom line, you need to feel satisfied with the published work. Also touring in the summer will be a side benefit to avoiding the summer heat in Phoenix. Similar to Barbie, I will also not be teaching for part of the summer and will be able to save the book as a summer bonus. I have been in trouble with my husband in the past for staying up all night and reading, but he normally does not complain about the other side benefit from reading your books.

    • HA! Diane (reader), yours was, by far, the most enjoyable of the letters. Love it. Oh, and my husband enjoys the results as well!!

  6. I don’t know what to say! Except, YAY!!! I don’t like wishing my life away, but I can’t wait for JUNE :)

  7. It’s nice to have a new publication date, but I wonder how firm this one is in light of previous changes.

  8. Wonderful. I decided to reread the series for the first time in preparation for getting the new book. I read each when it was first published in hardback and now I am enjoying them once again on the Kindle. I just finished the second book and will space out the remaining five to finish just before June 10th. I am amazed at how much I had forgotten in the books and find that, once again, I have a hard time putting the books down.

    Since I am now a senior, it is a delight to have them in the electronic format. Not only is it easier on my wrists and eyes but also having the x-ray feature helps when trying to remember something about a minor character.

    THANK YOU, DIANA, for taking the time to make this series so special and for giving so much reading enjoyment to so many.

  9. Well that explains why my pre-order hasn’t downloaded to my nook yet. Just re-read the whole series getting ready for November. Sigh…

  10. Thank you for keeping us in the “know” as you usually do! Looking forward to the June date!

  11. Oh well. March was my birthday month so it looks like a late present but well worth waiting for.

  12. Great to hear that a publication date has been announced. I am impatient as everyone else to read the book, but knowing you will want it to be up to your usual standards, helps soothe my impatience.

  13. My birthday is on the 12th June……………..yay………….! It’s winter in Australia, so I’ll snuggle up by the fire with Jamie…..and Claire of course……………

  14. I dinna think I cold be happier. I’m mad wi’ joy! I have a feeling it’s going to be a great 2014 summer of reading.

  15. Diana,
    Love all your books. Can’t wait for this one but guess I’ll have to as have waited this long anyway! Wow, you left the last one up in the air didn’t you. Excellent suspense. I read them over and over again. Always find something I’ve missed or forgotten. Hurry up MOBY.

  16. WHOOPEE! I’ll try to be patient…

  17. Congrats on the new publication date. This should be a great way to start the summer…I’m sure it will be a big load off your shoulders to have this all behind you. 7 months is a long time, lots can happen between now and then, who knows maybe another Lord John offering???..LOL. We are a greedy bunch aren’t we?…

    Best Wishes for a wonderful and beautiful holiday season!

    D in NC

  18. Looking forward to this, and will be satisfied with Jamie and Ian’s forthcoming story in Dangerous Women (that publication date is firm, isn’t it?)…not that I don’t want the answers to the many cliffhangers from Echo, but I anxiously snatch at any tidbit I can get :-)

    So now I’ll reschedule my re-read of 1-7 to start January 1 and space it out to end around June 9…

  19. I think I can wait a few months longer for this! I mean I waited for Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” (1990-2013) ! These are woth the the wait!

  20. YEAH , Can’t wait! Thank You

  21. Cool beans!! Cant wait am reading the series for the 16th time in prep for the new release

  22. Can’t wait!!! Please try to include the Deep South on your book tour! I’m in N.O., but I’ll travel!

  23. I am so excited to read the new book. I have read them all and can hardly wait to see what my “friends” are up to.


  24. I like the UK cover version better than the US one. Why is there a difference and is it possible to purchase the UK one in the US?

    • I like the UK cover better, too. But having to wait till June so that Diana can be satisfied with the final product, and we will, too,I don’t think I could wait any longer. If only I knew when the UK version is coming out!! Regards, Pat H.

    • The cover of MOBY is different in the U.K. version because it is printed by a different publisher. Authors sell their U.S. publication rights to a publisher in the U.S.A., and then publishers in other countries purchase the rights from the author for their bookselling region. In Germany, the book will be translated and offered with a cover designed by the publisher who bought the rights there. Ditto for other languages and countries or regions. Each publisher designs a cover that they think will sell the best in their region. As for buying a copy of the U.K. version of MOBY, ask your local independent bookseller if they will special-order a copy for you. The Poisoned Pen bookstore would be a good place to try, too; you can order books signed by Diana from them. If the Poisoned Pen can’t get you a copy of the U.K. edition, they probably know who could. More information on the Pen is at: http://www.dianagabaldon.com/resources/the-poisoned-pen-autographed-books/ (I wonder if someone in the U.S. can go to http://www.amazon.co.uk or other U.K. online seller and order the U.K. version of MOBY directly? Hmmmm. Might be fun to try!)

      • Dear Loretta–

        Thanks for explaining! [g] Yes, that’s entirely right. You _can’t_ buy the UK version from amazon.co.uk (or vice-versa), though; Amazon respects publishing territories and won’t sell to customers outside each one. You _can_ get a UK edition from the Poisoned Pen, though; they import books all the time, and can always get mine for you (by “you,” meaning anybody who wants one, not you, personally [g]).


    • Dear Joy, I thought so too, so I pre-ordered the UK version from The Poisoned Pen, so not only will I get the cover I like, they are going to ask Diana to autograph it for me. Be advised, though, they told me it would cost a little more. Happy Reading, Pat H.

  25. Looking forward to the last book. How long does it usually take for the audio book to come out after the publish date?

    • Dear Satya–

      Well, this isn’t the last book [g], but the audiobook normally comes out at the same time as the hardcover.


      • Dear Diana: I am thrilled to just discover that the audiobook will come out at the same time… Is Ms. Davina Porter narrating again? She is truly remarkable. I have spent many happy (and sad) hours commuting to and from my place of employment in Anchorage, Alaska listening to these wonderful books. I have circled the block on numerous occasions because I just had to hear the next chapter, and I have arrived home, teary-eyed, with my husband wondering just what had me so emotional. I have joked with my friends that I should start a 12-step program (Outlander Anonymous) to help people fight the addiction to your books! You have “ruined” it for many, I’m sure, because to find another writer of your caliber is a true challenge. Thanks again.

  26. oh the agony of sweet anticipation! i am confident it is going to be worth the wait. i can wait til next summer easily especially since i know there will be a release and you so kindly give us excerpts of what is to come. your work is so very appreciated by so many of us and we easily become greedy for more and sometimes inconsiderately forget the process it takes and that you have a life too. thank you again.

  27. Ouch !!!!!

    On 1 Jan 1901 Australia became the “Commonwealth of Australia.”

    I think that it was in 1986 that New Zealand shed the last legal ties with the United Kingdom.

    Lenna Harkett

    • Dear Lenna–

      _Publishing_ territories, not political ones. [g] Orion Books is my UK publisher, and they have subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand who print and distribute the books in those countries. That’s all; absolutely no offense intended to the sovereignty of either country.

      All the best,


  28. E in Italia quando arriverà? Non vedo l’ora di avere il libro tra le mani…

  29. Yes. I too am so disappointed…I am dying for this elusive saga to return once more. I am sure that it will be well worth waiting for Diana….thank you for your wonderful stories.

  30. I am very disappointed in you – Mrs. Gabaldon . . . you have a responsibility to your loyal readers – not to a new TV series. To leave a novel off as you did with “Echo in the Bone” and then to dally in getting the next one written. Postponing it several times to peruse other adventures when you should have been finishing the writing of it, is a true sign of irresponsibility on your part. This of course is my opinion – which I am entitled too. Having the hopes dashed by even the readers who say “Oh I can wait”, the work that publishers have done to apologize that the book is delayed . . . pash to you and your excuses madame.

    As for the person who says they can live with the new dates . . . woman . . . you give us no other course if we wish to find out what has happened to the characters you have us caring about. Humph . . . stay home, finish your work!!

    • Dear Bobbie–

      Really? You honestly think that? [g]

      Madam– I owe you nothing. Certainly not excuses, which I do not make. Nor a wad of paper with words on it, delivered to satisfy your whim.

      My only obligation is to the books I write. And that, I keep.

      Cordially yours,


      • Diana,
        Even though it is difficult to wait,…I am so looking forward to Claire and Jamie’s return…I can respect your attention to the quality of the story. This is your story and we are privileged to be able to read it. BTW for me at least (because that is so important to you..lol) the timing is great. I am taking the summer off from my hectic schedule and will be able to fully enjoy your story.


      • While I am also impatient to learn the characters’ next steps, I agree with MichelleO that it is a great privilege, not a right, to be able to read your stories. And you have a strong record of finishing and publishing your (big!) works, which isn’t an easy feat at all! I admire your work ethic, and do not doubt that there must have been a good reason behind the delay.

        Please keep up the great work, and I’ll fondly look forward to the new release in the next summer.

      • WOW! I am so angry I am in tears. I am ashamed and embarrassed to be in the same group of readers as you commentators who are tearing into Diana. Who do you think you are? You all should go write such a hauntingly gorgeous story!!! Jamie himself would never condone such behavior. Shame on you all! I will take whatever, whenever Diana allows me and be grateful.

        A sincere fan,

      • Right On Target, Diana! You don’t owe us anything! The fact that you choose to share your marvelous talent with us, and by us, I mean all your many fans, is something I, at least, am very grateful for(as I am sure the rest of your fans are).

      • Wow Diana that was harsh. While I wait eagerly for the next volume I certainly don’t want your “other” and most likely more important life (family, friends etc) to be put on hold.
        I hope she was writing that tongue in cheek, but it didn’t come off that way.
        Waiting, albeit somewhat impatiently, but willing to wait for the next installment of one of if not the favorite series ever.
        Thank you for your talent and sharing it with us.

      • Geeze get off her back. She has provided each and everyone of us countless hours of entertainment. We are all looking forward to the series and the next book (s). SHE owes no one anything, and puts her art out there for OUR enjoyment! Have a little respect!

      • A well written reply! My question is as it does take years for a GOOD book… I was wondering if you could suggest similar authors as yourself. I have found a good writer s subject matter does not usually matter. The part of your series to do with the Revloutionay War showed what history books don’t “real daily life”. Thank You and looking forward to delivery of my book in June. Pam

        • Dear Pam–

          If you click on “Resources” (on the home page), you’ll see “The Methadone List”. This is a list of authors from a huge variety of genres that I personally can recommend for quality and engaging stories. Hope you enjoy some of them!


    • Wow! That has to be one of the rudest comments I have ever seen posted. From what I’ve seen, Diana never dallies. She has explained multiple times how the original release dates will not dates that she ever set. If you want to call her explanations excuses, go ahead. But how on earth can you call yourself a fan if that’s your attitude? Diana owes us nothing but a well-written book. She doesn’t have to abide by some arbitrary deadline that anyone may have set. My goodness! As excited as I am to read the next book in the series, I have a life. There are millions of other books out there to be read while I wait. There are several other books that Diana has written that I haven’t read yet. My world hasn’t stopped since the end of the last book waiting anxiously for MOBY. Has yours? Do you read no other author besides Diana? If that’s the case, I highly recommend you broaden your horizons. Better yet, try writing a book yourself and see how easy it is. Maybe you’ll be a little more understanding.

    • Hell is crowded with ungrateful crows….

    • DES,

      While waiting for the book, read a copy of Strunk and White….

    • Twaddle I say, DES, (and a few others of like mind.) DBD

    • Hey DES,
      You and adrienne hebbing must be related. (such similar personalities). With one exception…..
      She wreaks of “spoiled brat” syndrome.
      You effortlessly belching-out a foul stench.

      Close your mouth, your making me gag.

      P.S. Contrary to your comment that you have the “right” to your opinion….. You are wrong.
      NO ONE… has the right to be deliberately and unfairly hateful.
      You do NOT have the “right” to talk to Diana (or any person) in such a condescending manner.
      You do NOT have the right to accuse anyone of being irresponsible (unless you know them personally and
      know all the FACTS of a given situation ).
      Shall I point out the obvious? You don’t know Diana or her situation. You don’t know Jack!
      You just want to slander, lie and spew hate. NO ONE has that “right”.

  31. I am excited for June!! I have so much going right now and so much Other Reading to finish, I welcome the extra time to “get ready” for it. I do also want it the “Best it Can Be”. It’s done when it’s done!

    I have to say, I always enjoy the UK covers better than the US. It’s still simple, yet more appealing. Whoever does their cover art is awesome. But it matters not! It’s a June visit for Jamie!! Yaaay!!


  32. If folks wouldn’t badger you for release dates, before the book is even finished, then they wouldn’t be disappointed. You are so generous to all of us, keeping us up to date with all aspects of Jamie and Claire. I can’t think of another author that keeps their readers happy with updates, daily lines, blogs, twitter, tweets and all the other social media. Now if Amazon had not posted that the book would be available sooner than it was even written, then there wouldn’t be false expectations. That, of course, is out of your hands.
    Just wanted you to know that lots of us are pleased as punch with the new date and are so looking forward to everything that you share with us. You and your writing have gotten me through some mighty rough patches, so a heartfelt thank you doesn’t begin to cover it.

  33. As I have not been following your web site, I did not even realize there was a delay in publishing dates. I just wait until I see your next book in the book store. And as I always purchase the paperback version there is the additional wait until those reach the stores. Looking forward to the next installment of this enjoyable series of books.

    • Dear Carolyn–

      Yes, that’s what I do with books, too–very sensible of you. [g] Hope you’ll enjoy the book when you get it!


    • That’s my approach as well. When the book is published, it’s published. I preorder the hardcover and the Kindle version, so when the Kindle version is published magically shows up on my device. I really pay little attention to publishing dates.

  34. I am 2 hours and 10 minutes away from the end of #7 on audio. I am so in love with the books. Do you know when an audio edition of #8 will be available, and will Devina Porter read it. The combination of your words and her voice is incredible!

    • Dear Cynthia–

      The audiobooks are normally available at the same time as the initial hardcover publication. And assuming that Davina is not hit by a bus (God forbid) or has a conflict that would prevent it, we certainly do desire and expect her to read MOBY as well.


      • I was also coming to ask about the audiobooks -will it be released on Audible the same day as well? I hope so, because at this point my subscription is pretty much just for this series!

  35. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (Lol)
    I’ve always wanted to reread the whole series, and now have even more time to do so before the new June release date of “MOBY”.
    But oh please take this light-heartedly, Diana, have you started writing book 9? :o)

  36. Diana,

    Keep up the phenomenal work! As a fan, I will gladly wait for the release of Moby. I think some people fail to realize that you are indeed a person, not a work horse, you are entitled to have your life and to be able to do things other than writing 24/7. As your dedicated readers, we should be understanding. After all, what a privilege to live in a time where we can just turn on the computer and get “up to date” news from you regarding your work. I think we all sometimes forget how fortunate we are to live in such an era with instant access. As opposed to the past where we had to wait for someone to ride out to deliver a letter/message, or by carrier pigeon. :) Your patience and dedication to your fans is admirable. Thank you for the wonderful novels, keep up the amazing work!

    Best wishes,

  37. Hi Diana
    I was wondering if MOBY is also coming out in audio book form the CD kind and if Davina Porter will be narrator
    As I have listened to all your books and would like to keep doing so thank you so much for this series it’s brought me much joy Fan for life.

    • Dear Lynn–

      Yes, it will–and God willing and Davina doesn’t get hit by a bus or have some major conflict, she’ll be reading it. [g] I certainly hope so, anyway!


      • Diana,

        I too have been a fan of Davina Porter, and almost my entire experience with your Outlander series has been in audible form. Over the holidays, we visited our daughter in Scottsdale and of course the first place I visited was the Poisoned Pen. I bought signed copies of Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, and plan to buy the rest of the series with your autograph in the next few months. My husband said I smiled the whole time I was there. I am relishing the printed versions of these stories with a new view, in that I am “seeing” many details in explanations I missed in the audible form. Though I am now very familiar with the story, these little things are adding an unexpected dimension and surprise that is like a brand new treat. By the way, the nice lady that attended me in the bookstore said you were one of the nicest authors she has ever met and she is amazed, as we all are, at how open and available you are with your fans. I cannot believe the disrespect some people have shown you with their unbelievable comments and sense of entitlement, but your use of your writing talent has come in quite handy in your responses back. Nicely done! Though I would like to claim that I am YOUR MOST AVID FAN, I expect everyone feels like that, so I am content to say that I am one of a great big bunch of people who really love your work. I am so looking forward to the book, the series, and your tour. I hope to attend the Sacramento event, if tickets don’t all go before I can get one. May you have a wonderful year. This one will certainly be exciting and busy for you with all that you have planned. Just don’t get too exhausted or overwhelmed with all this fan adoration. And I know you won’t even give the time of day to the jerks who complain that the world isn’t spinning around their universe, i.e. books not coming their way fast enough. Good things come to those who wait.

        Carol Tessmer

  38. I think I will plan my summer vacation for that week! Nothing like sitting on the beach reading a good book….

  39. I can live with this! I was agonizing over the March release because it was a few days before another book I am waiting on.

    It takes me a month to read your novels because they are so detailed, you put so much time into them, it’s only right that I should take my time enjoying it. Rushing the other wouldn’t be fair to the other author either.

    You’re doing a fantastic job, and if we have to wait for you to make the novels the best you can make them, it’s ok, it’s worth the wait.


  40. Diana, l am very upset with some of these post. Who has the nerve of demand a book? I love the books and your work. Do I wish the book was here already? Yes I do, but I don’t expect people to tell me how to do my job I wouldn’t tell you how to do yours. Please keep your joy of writing. I figure this work is a work of passion. To other fans back off the book will be here when she is done .

  41. I love these books and will read every one of them no matter how far apart the pub dates are. But these constant push-backs of the date is bordering on the ridiculous. I will have had it on pre-order for more than a year by the time it’s actually published. I don’t mean to sound angry or petty, but can’t you wait until the book has had it’s final edit and is off to be printed before announcing the dates? I realize that people want to know how much longer it will be, but repeatedly changing the date makes you look unprofessional, IMO.

    • Did you not read your explanation above about the reason for the changing dates? Maybe before you post a comment you should read the comments that came before. She explains that she had nothing to do with the original publication dates. They were set without even consulting with her.

      • Of course I read her explanations. Simply because the publisher has told an author about a release date is no reason for the author to announce it. Gabaldon has been in publishing long enough to realize that dates frequently get changed. So, wait until the book is on it’s way to the printer before announcing it’s release date. Fans get excited, and then they get peeved. I’m not saying she IS unprofessional. I’m saying that fans may PERCEIVE her to be unprofessional. I would think she’d want to avoid that.

        • KesterGayle,
          Hmmm…. What’s that sound I hear?
          I see a big smudge-mark where “someone” tried to “back-pedal” and put a “spin” on it at the same time.
          Nice try, but I doubt anyone will buy what your trying to sell.

    • KESTERGAYLE……. Since when does Diana have to explain herself to you, really do you actually believe that you have a right to be such a complaining rude Person.
      I think you need to remember one thing, it’s not your work, and it certainly is not your right to dictate to Diana on how she should have done this and done that, how and when to publish, the trouble with people like yourself and your negative gripes put’s real Diana Gabaldon Fans in a poistion to be very angry and feel the need to respond to you and put you back in your place, leave Diana, her publishers etc alone and understand that things happen that cannot be prevented, which actually means MOBY will be released on the date stated and not before because your angry the dates changed.
      You and your ridiculous statements upset real Fans so keep your negative comments to yourself.

  42. Diana,

    Thank you for your wonderful series. I am looking forward to the next book coming out. I would rather it be the best it can be and wait than have it rushed and other things suffer. I wish you the best!! God bless you and yours. I will follow this series through the end and eagerly anticipate the arrival. Do you know if the Audible publishing date will be the same as the hardback? Do you ever come to the Louisville, KY area on your book tour? I would LOVE to meet you and get a signed copy of Outlander!

    God bless! Sarah

  43. I usually don’t comment on blogs, but just wanted to say to all….writing is an artform….a craft. As readers we have been privileged to find this artist and read her works. Diana, your works are entertaining, educational, heartwarming and amazing! You take us on journeys to places we could not have imagined. We all know publishers set these dates, but you never let us down by rushing. Wben i pick up your next piece of art…i know it will not disappoint! Thank you for sharing with us! Kim

  44. Wonderful series and I am looking forward to this next addition. You are by far my favourite author.

    • I apologize if I missed this somewhere–will the audible version of the book be available at the same release date or later? Anxiously awaiting, but I believe we will all survive the delay :-)

      • Dear Paula–

        Yes, the audio version comes out at the same time as the hardcover release, God willing and Davina doesn’t get run over by a bus or something…


  45. Please come to Canada on your book tour. And please, never stop writing.

  46. Dear Diana,

    I am rereading the series. Taking my time and enjoying every word, moment, giggle and tear. Your tomes are hard to handle. Years of working have lessened my grip. My hands tire easily and my eyes are not the best. My husband bought me a Nook. Even though I own all of books I rebought them in Ebook form. I am once again happily reading.

    Thank you for hours of escape you have provided.

  47. I always look forward to the next book in the series. Every time you release a new book, I re-read the WHOLE THING from the beginning! I can’t wait to do it all again! You have AMAZING talent and are by far my favorite author. I know some people are frustrated by the new pub date, but I look at it as extra time to speculate and relish the anticipation.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with the rest of us!

  48. June, okay. It is what it is!

    This just means I get to read the whole series over agin which is what I do between new books. Yes, I have read the entire series 6 times or maybe 7 and I see something new in each book every time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Diana keep on doing what you do so well….no matter how long it takes.

    Your most loyal fan in Hawaii

  49. Phew! Thank the lord for that, Amazon UK are currently advertising the release date of Moby as 2015. I’m just happy the release date is in 2014, no way I could have waited another year. Keep writing them Diana and we’ll keep reading them.

  50. I can be patient a little longer. We want a quality product, don’t we folks? But I’ve scratched out the release date on my calendar so many times, it is “MAYBE” not “MOBY”.

    Thank you, Diana, for creating a story that that is so compelling and beloved, that crazed fans act like addicts in withdrawal. Kidding, well, mostly…

  51. Hi Diana,
    When I heard the publishing date had been moved to June 10th, I’ll be honest….. my heart sank and I moaned!! I have been so excited to read MOBY these past many months. I have re-read the whole series for a third time so I’d be ready by March…… BUT ..I do understand. You are trying to do another amazing job on MOBY. Each book of the Outlander series has been incredible so I know that you care very much about this series and the characters that you have so wonderfully created for us. There is so much history in each book, I also know it takes an enormous amount of research. I know you just want to keep doing a great job, and after all… you do have a life outside of writing….. your hubby, your children, you do have to take time to eat and wash (LOL!!), and all of your other commitments. You have really spoiled us so much already with giving us bits of the book to read almost everyday. No other author does that, that I know of. You honestly have been really good to us and I thank you most sincerely. Enjoy finishing the book and please do take time to enjoy the holidays. It looks like you are going to have a very busy year ahead so you deserve some break. Again, thank you very much. We are all really excited but we’ll try and be mature people and wait. If Jamie could live in a cave for all of those years, we can wait a few extra months for the next delicious boo,. I am so excited. Bye for now. Kathy

  52. In this world of ‘me, me, me’ and ‘now, now, now’ I think this is an excellent opportunity to practice our patience as we wait for an artist to complete her work to her own satisfaction. I won’t hold my breath (blue does not become me). I won’t jump up and down (although I could use the exercise). I will however, revisit Claire, Jamie and probably Lord John – sometimes with the help of Davina Porter. I will buy gift cards to book stores for the Gabaldon fans on my Christmas list and I will relish the 6 (or more) months of anticipation.
    Thank-you Diana.

  53. I think I missed something. What does MOBY stand for?

  54. Dear Diana,

    the new pub date for “Ein Schatten von Verrat und Liebe” (as MOBY is called in Germany) will be June 9th in the German speaking countries. According to the publisher´s website at Randomhouse.de, an unabridged audio recording will be published on the same date.

  55. 23 years with Jamie and Claire and all the wonderful characters in the Outlander series…its wonderful isn’t it? I for one don’t mind the wait as I, in some ways dread the ‘end’ of this part of the story. And so I will patiently wait and savour every moment. Diana the gift you’ve given with your telling of these stories cannot be measured. Thank you for giving me a place to go to escape the day to day stresses of my world. Waiting is half the fun…now maybe I should read outlander again…five times isn’t too much is it?

  56. Diana, I too thoroughly enjoyed up to book 7, because I could see the interaction of Jamie and Claire being so like my late wife and myself. We were blessed.

    I can understand the frustration of the negative comments. Many may not be as negative as appears. If they are anything like me, then by the time a delayed book comes out, I have forgotten the impact details that lead into it and almost have to reread the entire previous book to pick up the thread of the story, because like your multi-tasking writing, I have several other stories running around in my head at the same time. I am a mere male, and everyone knows that we are only supposed to be able to do one thing at a time.

    The last I heard was that book 8 was to be the final, now you mention book 9. Is this the last, or could you be tempted to add more to the series? It is a hypothetical question until the time comes, but what is you current guess?

    • Dear Ron–

      I think there are nine books, total, in the main series–plus a prequel volume about Jamie’s parents, an undetermined number of “pilot fish” (what my husband calls the shoal of novellas and other short pieces that swim along with, around, and through the bigger books [g]), and (probably) three volumes of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION (the second one should be out quite soon after MOBY is published).

      Hope you’ll enjoy them!


  57. Ohh nooooo, I have to wait another YEAR?! before I can read book 8 in dutch…AHHHH

    • Strange, I wrote a lot more……where is it?
      My message was: Please try to see how lucky you are if you’re language is english or german….it’ll be June before you know it!

      And whooeehoee: Lotte Verbeek as Geillis !!!

  58. WOW! It amazes me how mad and selfish people can be about something they have had to make no effort in gaining. It makes me glad I had to learn patience and manners towards others as a kid. I’m just glad you are willing to share your stories with all of us. (My opinion of course).
    Instead of getting in your face I hope this is better. I was reminded of a song I heard as a kid if you can listen to it I hope it will make you laugh. It is called( The Scotsman) by Dr. Demento. I hope it will help the criticism feel lighter.

  59. I’m desperate to read the next book but, conversely, I’m savouring the anticipation because when I’ve read it, I’ll have years to wait for the next one! Am I weird?

  60. Dear Diana,
    I love the Outlander series! The characters have become almost like part of my family. I find the books a comforting and friendly escape and I always learn something new about history or botany. Each time a new book comes out I reread the entire series so I am completely up to date when I read the new novel and haven’t forgotten anything. Each time I reread them I get something different out of them and it is like visiting with old friends.
    I hope you never stop writing them! Thanks for the great stories. Looking forward to MOHB.


  61. I’m very happy to hear a new book is coming out. I discovered this series by presenting my family with the following challenge, “I’m sorry I you’re upset that I finished the book you gave me this morning. It was really good.” Next thing I knew my grandma presented me with “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” and said, “This should take you more than a week.” She was right I read it my freshman year of college in 8 days. I then rediscovered the series when An Echo in The Bone came out and I was shelving it at work. I got one of the 1st copies. Recently I started reading the series from the beginning and have had to check “The Fiery Cross” out twice. Sadly, my grandma is not around for me to thank for such a good find.

  62. I first read Outlander in 1991. It was a copy that was borrowed from a friend of mine. ( I now have 3 copies of my own, along with at least one of all of your others). Over the years it was hard to wait for the next installment of Jamie and Claire, etc. In the past 22 years, I have learned much patience. I enjoy your books so much. I talk about them to anyone who will listen ( and many who don’t want to!). I am, however, so glad that you recognize and respect the fact that you need to take a little more time to finish writing MOBY. Why would we, the readers, the fans, _want_ a less than perfectly written book? Great things come to those who wait patiently! I am positive we won’t be disappointed!

  63. I love you Diana. And I love your responses to the haters ..ahem.. I mean… impatient fans. Thank you so much for this beautiful series. It puts a lot of happy in my life everytime I reread them. Can’t wait to read MOBY. Xxxoo

  64. Dear Diana,

    While it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for this next chapter, you’ve given me the chance to (once again) dig out all the previous books in the series and immerse myself in Claire and Jamie’s lives. By the time I’ve finished, MOBY may just be about ready for publication. I’ve been to the Scottish Highlands and your books take me back every time. Thanks for years of great reading and more to come! All the best to you this holiday season!

  65. Dear Diana – I have never posted on any blog or website before but after reading some of the disrespectful comments above I felt the need to add my own comment – the sense of entitlement some people have amazes me. My family, friends, and I have enjoyed your books for years and to me the characters are like old friends that I keep going back to. I first started reading Outlander while I was commuting into New York and I could not wait to get on the train to immerse myself in the world you had created. Thank you so much for the time, effort, and love that you put into these books and characters, they are wonderful – every time I read them I find things that I missed or didn’t quite get previously so I’ll be rereading them all again prior to June.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Arlene

  66. I can wait until June for my new book to come out. I treasure your books and have read them 2 times already. So one more time won’t hurt. Every time I read them I see or hear something I missed or didn’t quite understand before. Can’t wait!! Stay safe and healthy so we can find out how it all ends. Blessings on you, your family, and all your endeavours.

  67. I think it is absurd that anyone could presume to demand that an author produce a book within a specific amount of time. This series is Diana’s intellectual property and she chooses to share it with us when she feels it is ready. Writing is not like baking a cake, there is no set recipe and you can’t simply set a timer and ‘ding’ it’s done! Obviously her process is working because the books are well loved and people anxiously await them. All of you who are demanding that she rush, or chastising her for not pushing the book out as quickly as you want, remind me of the movie Misery.

  68. I’ve only just discovered this series, and am 3/4 of the way through the first book, what a great adventure to have all these wonderful books ahead of me to read.

    Many thanks, Diana.

  69. I will admit I was disappointed when I just saw that the release date of MOHB was pushed back. Right now, I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to tell my mother about it as she’s 84 and going to be disappointed also. However……………I’m so excited to learn that there will be a ninth book! We’ve both read and re-read the series and learn something new each time through. Don’t pay any attention to the grumblers and just keep up the fantastic work, Diana. I hope you have a blessed holiday season.

  70. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

    I, too, am a little disappointed that the publishing date has been postponed. BUT:

    A dear friend of mine gave me the first book (in German) and I have been hooked ever since. I once saw you in Altona, Hamburg, Germany, when you signed a German translation for this aforementioned friend, which took ages, too, my husband sitting patiently for hours, waiting, so if he can be patient, so can I.
    You do write some awesome books! I, too, have read the series up and down again, in German (Frau Schnell is a fantastic translater) and English, so as we Englishmen say: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!!!! or as the German say: weiter so!!!

    Just one of your loyal readers,

  71. Diana,

    You are by far the best author I have ever read and I tell people that all the time. Your attention to detail is amazing and makes each word such a pleasure to read. There is no insignificant detail. I like many others appreciate the fact that you are focused on putting out the best story you can and I can tell that you are not taking the delay in the publication date lightly. Keep doing what you are doing. I am happy to continue on with the story of Jamie and Claire as long as you will keep writing them. (I am currently reading An Echo in The Bone). Keep doing what you are doing the way you do it. That is why we all love your work anyway. I am also exciting about your reluctant part in the TV series :) I am glad to know STARZ is trying to keep you close and I hope they are honoring the amazing story you have written. I tell people all the time when they ask me what genre these books are the if/when it comes to screen men and women alike will watch. It’s hard to put them in one category. Thank you for everything that you do. All the best to you!

  72. Very disappointed with delayed publication date. I was all set up for reading this book at Christmas 2013 as last publication date I was aware of was December 2013. Now it is 6 months further away – very disappointing and I have already paid for the book as I have pre-ordered it!!!!


  73. Do you possibly know when it will be published as an ebook?

    • Dear Kelsey–

      The ebook and audio versions should be published at the same time as the hardcover. Trade paperback usually follows 6-9-12 months later, followed by mass-market (small) paperback some months after.

      Hope you’ll enjoy it, whatever the format!


      • Thank you! This makes it easier for me, living in South Africa certain books are hard to find as much as I prefer them as physical books!

      • Dear Diana,
        I’ve only discovered your series a mere 3 years ago….have read and enjoyed every last one. I named a red breasted hummingbird that came to visit each day, Jamie….and when I use body lotion, shampoo, etc., that is made with natural ingredients….I think of Claire. You have a gift and I want to be among the other fans in saying “Thank you for sharing”. It’s because of you and your next book I am investing in an E-Book and while I’m waiting for MOBY, I will refresh my memory with the last book. There were days when I’d be nervous about opening the book because I knew I would be reading until 4:00 a.m. (that’s after starting to read @ 7:00 p.m.). I’m retired now, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2014 and beyond.

  74. Dear Diana,
    For me, when a book or series is really good, it not only is enjoyable, entertaining, or an emotional fix or get away. (Although I may want all those things in a book series, and that your books have been). I seek to be inspired!
    Something much much more has resulted for me in reading the Outlander series, (which I only became aware of when my neighbor loaned me the first, then all 8 books in June, finished in October).
    I digress to say your artful stories have inspired me to learn more about my and my husband’s family history, about the history of the countries threaded into the saga, including a more purposeful interest in our own American legacy. I have a deeper appreciation for my forefathers and their struggles. Jamie and Claire have helped me to appreciate my loved ones, and all that I value as truly important in life.
    I too am anxious for the chapters in their lives to unfold.
    So while I wait, my garden will boast more herbs, and I will live my own ” real life” more richly for having stepped into theirs!
    Thank you for the inspiration,

    P.S. I waited something like 8 years for the last Clan of the Cave Bear Earth’s Children book, I can wait the next 6 months for “In My Life’s Blood”

  75. I just got new (used) copies of the first four books to reread, since my other copies fell apart. Plus “Dangerous Women”. I really enjoy the little tidbits you give us online, and the stories that fit in in other books.
    I am very curious about what you mean by betrayal. I can’t imagine any of the main characters betraying each other, but now am wondering what is happening with Lord Ellesmere.

    Thank you for all your books and stories.

  76. Listen, avid readers, did you ever stop to consider it may well be Diana that doesn’t live long enough to finish the saga. Stop complaining.

  77. I just finished An Echo In The Bone/ It by far, took me the longest to read. I wanted to linger on every page, knowing MOBY was on the way. Now I see the publication date has been moved, and while I must admit a fleeting moment of impatience, it has subsided into the realizarion I now have time to re-read every line written to this point.

    Who am I to question the need for more time? As a fan, I have loved each book because of the exquisite detail Diana weaves into the characters. All I can say is Thank You. You owe us nothing, but I am personally grateful, eight monster books into the series that you still care enough to make it your best.

  78. Everyone is rushing Diana to get all the books done. Yes, I’m sorry if people die waiting for the next one (in corpus or just in their own heads). But think about this – - once Diana is finished writing the Last Book, there will be no more.

    I’m still waiting for One More in a series from a favorite science fiction author, and there will never be any more. Ever. She’s done with that series. And although I enjoy her latest series, I have a special place in my heart for those characters from the earlier series, and would love to see Just One More. But it will never, ever be. Ever.

    So – - I’m eagerly (and sometimes impatiently) awaiting MOHB, but I can’t see raising my blood pressure over it. Yes, I’ve read all the others: Outlander, more times than I can count and the rest in descending order as far as frequency. Ever time I re-read one of the series, I become aware of something I missed, so I highly recommend the “exercise.”

    Take good care of your health, Diana. I’m also eagerly awaiting all the prequels, sequels, related stores, unrelated stories, and hope you write into your very old age!!!!

  79. MY daughters bought me the series for Mother’s day 3 years ago in paperback…Yes I have wonderful daughters.
    I am finishing my third read, but doing on the hardbacks that I have been acquiring over the past year. I have one thing on my Christmas list and that is An Echo in the Bone. I had already pre-ordered the final book and hey there was one spot left in paperback. Looking forward to finishing in time for the release date in June. And hey my 43 anniversary is in June so it is perfect timing.
    Thank you for your detailed research, your vivid characters and beautiful story telling.
    My two personal favs are the segment with Jamie and William roughing it while Lord John recovers, the moment he thinks about the picture, the quite memory that comes to mind and is forever in our minds and hearts is so moving. And my fav love scene is when Claire speaks of coming home, and home again and being together and not alone. Best said with so few words. Bravo madame.

  80. Dear Diana,

    I am waiting very patiently (well, o.k. maybe not as patiently as I should) for the release of MOBY and am thrilled to now hear that this isn’t the end – there is a book #9 coming!!

    Realistically I know it isn’t possible for you to say when book #9 will be released, but if you were to give it an “educated” guess, what would you say?

    Since my memory isn’t what is used to be, it is my intention to re-read the series before I read MOBY, and now if there is to be another, I just don’t know what to do. Do I wait…..

    Thanks Diana!

  81. Dear Diana

    I am a 56 year old housewife who read the first book when I was pregnant with my now 21 year old daughter. I read, on the average, about a book a day. Aside from the most wonderful story I have ever read, the fact that the books are so long and detailed, and that I cannot read them (nor would want to) in a day, is fabulous!
    Like many of the posters, I have spread the word to anyone who would listen that this series will be, by far, the best that they will ever read. But my biggest joy is that my 25 year old son, a history major, has just gotten into the series. Luckily he reads almost as fast as I do, because we are having the most fun together discussing them with each other.
    As I write this I am halfway through “The Fiery Cross”, as I re-read the series for the umpteenth time. Each time I read the entire series I realize how much I forgot (probably due to my age, lol).
    I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing story, and for giving my son and I this gift to share with each other. First time in years we have agreed on anything!


  82. I apologize if this has been asked before….will the audio version of MOBY be released on the same date? I am hoping that it will be narrated by Davina Porter….I just can’t think of Claire sounding any different. :-)

    • Dear Penny–

      Yes, it should be out at the same time, and yes–God willing and the creek don’t rise [g]–Davina will once again be reading it!


  83. WOW this interchange is amazing! I am stunned at the number of folks who are angry at you and think you owe them something. Luckily the maajority of us appear to hold a more mature and realistic view regarding timing.

    What your writing brings is unique – at least I’ve not found it anywhere else – outstaning quality, historical accuracy, flawless use of the English language and characters so well developed that it deeply matters to me what happens to them! I have been constantly surprised at your ability to touch me emotionally with your writing.

    So, no matter how long it takes I can hardly wait for you next publication.

  84. Diana–Can’t wait for MOBY!! However I do have a question–by the time it is published I will be living in Scotland (can’t wait for that either!)–what is the difference between the UK and the US editions besides the covers (since I will be buying a UK edition when it is published)? Ever since I first read Outlander I have wanted a Scotsman of my own, and now I have one–I no longer have to read about Jamie and wish (though I will still read about Jamie). Write on Diana!!!

  85. Ironically, June 10 is my birthday, so I guess I have a wonderful gift to look forward to. :)

  86. I have most, still looking for “Dragon Fly in Amber”, of the Outlander series, and have read them twice. Though my home is in foreclosure, and I may soon be living out of the back of my truck; your books will go with me.

    You are an artist! The way you can take a reader to the edge of a valley filled with passion, or violence, or love, and let the reader see it through their own eyes, and then gently take their hand and step across the valley to the next chapter is truly beautiful.

    I have not had cable TV in my home for over eight years; I am considering getting it just to see your series.
    Thank you for you beautiful works.

    Thank you


  87. It is wonderful to find that the real reason for publication date extension is your fault! I was blaming the publishers thinking it was a ploy to increase interest and ultimately sales. You I can forgive. I’ll wait al long as it takes for you to create another wonderful adventure and if I die before it’s ready (I’m almost 70) I’ll read it over my daughter’s shoulder as an apparition.

    THANK YOU seems inadequate but_ it_is_ heartfelt.

  88. Dear Diana,

    I look forward to your next book, whenever it comes I will be most happy.

    My biggest fear, as a lover and reader of your books, is that you will let Jamie die. I don’t think my heart could stand to read it. I know I could not bear it, not after all the thousands of pages from which he has spoken, and lived.

    As many of your ardent fans have done, I have read the series more than once. I have come to love and cherish the characters you have created.

    Please, let Claire and Jamie just be. As readers let us just leave them hand and hand……together.

  89. I, for one, am happy to wait however long it takes in order to follow Claire and Jamie on more adventure. I relish every excerpt that you provide and love all the characters, even the ones I love to hate. I started reading the series as part of a reading challenge on Good Reads, my girlfriend recommended you, and I thank her all the time.

    Wish you were coming to Ohio on your tour but I guess we are not a literary hub.

    Merry Christmas!


  90. I had just about given up all hope that I’d ever delve into the world of Jamie and Claire again and also long since stopped reading for the umpteenth time, the entire series, out of order at my discretion ;) And then out of curiosity I did a Google search on Diana and lo and behold……a NEW book coming out right before my birthday?!?
    I am more than elated and a bit apprehensive because it’s been so long since you wrote another book in this series and well…. are the characters still as much alive to you as they were several years ago?? I fervently hope so!!

    I also searched for info on the characters zodiac signs and wanted to know if anyone was a Gemini or a Scorpio in the series???

    Thanks and Much Love to you & yours Diana!

  91. I hadn’t realised that I could pre-order via amazon, you would not believe how excited I am over that! Yes, I know MOBY won’t be out until June, however I’ll it’ll download to my kindle as soon as it’s available! Yes, I’m ecstatic about something that simple….

    Diana, you owe us nothing. For myself, the hours of reading pleasure and enjoyment that I have gained from your books is worth the cost of them ten times over. Please ignore the whiners and snipers. Relax, take all the time you need. Your fans will be waiting when it is published.

    Side note: I’m not concerned that I might die before the end of the series. If that happens I won’t be caring, I’ll be dead. What I am concerned about is something happening to you, and all of us would never know the end! Take care of yourself!

    • Hi Melinda
      Yes it’s all well and good those fans complaining having to wait for the 8th book to come out before they die etc, well I have been reading these books for the last 20years or so and have enjoyed every one of them and now have my aged friends reading them so I hope that I wont die before Dianna finishes them or I try and come back from the grave (smile) if I can. My daughter in law gets fed up when I tell her another book is coming out as she usually gets me a copy for either Christmas or my birthday but that didn’t happen this year. Oh well roll on June it’s some thing to look forward to.
      Cheers Frances

  92. Dear Diana,

    I am very much looking forward to the new book release. Infact, I am quite glad of the six months wait as it gives me some time to read the whole series again for the fourth time!
    It was my mother who introduced me to the Outlander series a mere twelve years ago (I was but 15 years old) I bought the last book for my mom for Christmas three years ago, sadly she died August 4th 2011 but I love remembering how we used to discuss different parts of the book, we found ourselves talking to each other as if we were in the novels. Sometimes I still find myself writing my diary in your descriptive amusing dramatic style, I love it. I can’t wait to start reading the series from the beginning again, and relive all those memories I have with my mother! Thank you for giving me that.
    I don’t mind the wait at all, it is definitely worth it!
    Keep it up. Your writing is legendary!

  93. Gosh! Some people can be extremely rude and demanding. I don’t think anyone should be complaining about how we have to wait an extra couple of months for MOBY to come out, it’s just a couple of months for goodness sake.

    Diana doesn’t have to write the remainder books but she will anyway and why? For her fans. Well I have to wonder about some people the way some are acting. Diana takes time out of her day for us, we should appreciate that more. She doesn’t want something half finished to come out and to be honest, neither do I. I would rather Diana took 5 years to finish the book and get it right than 2 years and have a book that’s not as enjoyable.

    Diana, you are doing a phenomenal job and even though in some ways it does suck that we have to wait longer for MOBY to come out, I can accept that and at least I know it is going to be something great!


  94. Hi Diana

    When I started reading the series over 20 years ago I was a 40 something working mother of 2 living in the UK. I am now a 60 something retiree living in Spain. Each book has been long anticipated and diarised as soon as soon as I have seen a release date.

    This time I saw December and made sure my son who knows what a fan I am was aware if he wanted to buy something for his old Mums Birthday & Christmas. He offered a Kindle but no, I love to have a real book!

    Then it was March, great, I am due a hip replacement operation and would have recuperation reading.

    Now it is out in June ,and part of my Birthday and Xmas Amazon voucher has been used to pre order, but living in Spain I have to wait ages for delivery and wont have the book until July. Aaargh!!

    I think I will just have to start reading the series again from the start and by July I may be ready for the next installment!

    One thing is sure though, as soon as I have read it, I shall be checking your website on a regular basis for the next one…………..

    Keep up the good work.


  95. Whilst I am a tad disappointed about waiting another 6 months for Heart’s Blood, I will just do what I do every 2 years during a holiday period – start off reading Crosstitch/Outlander again book by book to keep me occupied. I also love Rosina Tipi or Sarah Donati as she uses both names and loved that she used the characters of Jamie & Claire in one of her books. I look forward to the release of Heart’s blood and will sms my friend as soon as I buy it here in Brisbane, Australia as I know she will rush out the same day and purchase it in Adelaide. It would be great to have some of your other books released in Australia. Will Moby be released here? Trish Spencer

    • I, too love both Diana Gabaldon and Sarah Donati/Rosina Lippi (not Tipi). I was introduced first to Sarah Donati’s Wilderness series many years ago by my mother and introduced to the Outlander series 3 years ago by a recently-deceased friend and coworker, with whom I enjoyed many lunchtime conversations about the books and characters, whether already in print or awaiting publication. We were over the moon when Echo in the Bone was published. I am very curious about how the two writers met and some of the times they shared!

      The wait for the next book is always difficult as there is so little that measures up in the meantime. Many of the books and authors on the “methadone list” from Outlandish Companion simply don’t come close in comparison to the Outlander series.

      My best friend and I attended a book signing in Surrey, BC in October, as #3 and 4 in line, respectively, and spent the wait in line talking with #1 and #2, comparing notes, recommending our own “methadone list” to one another. A delightful conversation! Perhaps there should be a reader’s methadone list on a corner of the website…..

      I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about the mini-series, as I never anticipated a movie or mini-series would develop so many years after the first book was published, so that in itself just seems like a great bonus. LOVE getting a look at Claire and Jamie in the flesh, as it were!

      Basically, I am just so grateful for all of the Outlander and Lord John books, even if the wait seems long at times. All that creativity combined with meticulous historical research has to take a lot of time! But I am also now grateful that publication is now just 2 confirmed months away!

  96. I ordered the newest book on 16 April 2013 – was told at that time the publish date would be 10 Dec 2013; now 10 June 2014??????????? Really????????????????

    The series has held my interest, but I do not like prepaying for something to be told now it will be over a year that I have paid for nothing tangible at this time….not a good way to treat your readers.

    • It’s not her fault you’re incapable of understanding the situation. I can’t believe the number of rude, entitled, and irrational people who can neither read nor comprehend the information provided to them. It’s a work of art, not an industrial business deal. I can see why the series merely ” held your interest”. It requires a certain threshold of emotional intelligence to thoroughly enjoy it.

      I hate to be harsh, but I’m simply astounded that people are literally hounding and berating this fantastic author. I’m just glad she doesn’t get so disgusted she gives up altogether. But I know she’s smart enough to know that people like you are far outnumbered by understanding and appreciative true fans who think of more than themselves and their own petty disappointments.

      In summary – yes, really. Deal with it.

  97. Well, I am eagerly looking forward to the next (last?) book in the series. Everytime a new book is released, I read them ALL again…the first two books in the series I had to replace because they were falling apart from so much love :)

    Not at all feeling like you should rush…quality reading is what we have come to expect from you. I’ve never been disappointed yet.


  98. Dianna,

    I love your books! Mum and I started reading them and would fight over who got to the new book first – then tease the other one with snippets! I promised her that I’ll tell her the ending even though she’s no longer with us – I’m certain she’ll be listening out for it. It makes me feel so connected to her; I can’t thank you enough for writing your wonderful books and giving us many hours of shared happiness and such good memories!

    I must go back to writing my PhD because I now have until 10th June to finish it as MOBY will be my reward!

    Yours in delightful anticipation


    • Thank you, Ruth!

      I’m glad the books could be a bond between you and your mother. [smile] Best of luck with your Ph.D. thesis! (How well I remember…)


  99. It needs to come out when YOU are happy with it and not a moment before. I have read and re-read the whole series and am looking forward to the next book. Also, as a gay man, I’m hoping you’ll do some more ‘Lord John’ stuff. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Art–

      Thanks very much! Appreciate the sensible support. [g]

      Yes, I do have further stories about Lord John (who will also–of course–be visible in MOBY as well)–so pleased you enjoy him!


  100. I have been disapointed more in the repeated delays. Just keep the pub date off the message boards until it a sure thing. Really this has been a complete let down but I must say I have gone in search for better reading and turned my attention away from the book websites all together after Christmas only to check in today find another delay June. But plan to start reading the whole series again and then be ready for the eighth book. Hey heres a splendid idea write the end of the book as if it were the last. This story line has great way of picking it up again anyway and spinning off a new tail. The seventh book ended with so many cliff hangers going on that two years was expected as it has taken each previous book. Even longer wouldn’t have been hard to deal with but the posting and excuses again and again just made me feel the author had no interest or more to the point other interest more designing. This book I am sure will be worth the wait. But I hope Diane, the lanuage has not gone even more crude with the prophanity it simply is not needed for much of the work and shows lack in skill when used. But next time leaving the ending so that way you can exercise your much need writers social connections and take a good long break from Outlander to see if you have another story to tell, beside Lord John (my most favorite character next to Jamie). Most great writers have more than one extremly long novel story. I can tell from your posts you itch to do other work.

    • Dear Di–

      As I may have mentioned a few times here and there…but just in the interests of general clarity: _I’ve_ asked for the pub date to be moved ONCE, and I gave y’all an explanation, not an excuse. (See previous posting, if you missed that.)

      I do indeed have more stories to tell, but I’m not done with this one. To be quite honest, I feel that my only obligation _is_ to the book. Hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it! (And in the meantime, if you’re looking for something good to read, allow my to recommend The Methadone List (I think it’s under “Resources,” though it may be under the “Books” tab–can’t look while I’m in this section of the website). That’s a list of books I keep for people who write to me asking what they can read while waiting. [g] All of them are books that I particularly liked myself, and feel good about recommending.


  101. I don’t care how long it takes for the next book to come out, because it will delay the sadness when it is all over! I envy all the people who get to read this series for the first time! Also, regarding the Methadone List, years ago I started readint the Jack Whyte’s Camulod series because it was recommended on the list and I LOVED it! It has just now come out on Audio and I am listening to it from the beginning. I have read the series several times (as I have with Outlander) and listening to it brings a fresh perspective. Thanks for the recommendation, Diana!

    Waiting patiently in Connecticut,


  102. Do we ever get to find out who the tall dark Scot was that was looking in the window at Claire in 1945 in the beginning of Outlander? I can’t seem to find where this went full circle.

    • Dear Jacquie–

      He’s not “dark”–it’s just at night. [g] But no; that’ll be explained (as I may have said now and then) as the last thing in the last book. We aren’t there yet.


      • Oh Lord, then if the night visitor’s identity is revealed at the very end of the last book, I will have to be restrained from flipping to the back to see “how it ends”, already a bad reading habit of mine at times.

  103. I am so excited t0 read this book! I’ll wait as long as it takes because the books are exceptional and I enjoy the world that has been created by Diana, the history and the characters make me happy. Good job Diana! Keep up the excellent work! I’ll be in the store buying the book whenever it comes out! :)

  104. As a writer myself, I know that some books are quicker and easier to write than others. I once wrote a 668 page epic first draft in 7 months, but took over a year to write a 250 page first draft of another book because personal life got in the way. After first drafts there are also countless revisions, which can often take longer than the first draft. There are also things like signings, interviews and book tours to take into consideration, not to mention also allowing the time to have a personal life as well.

    I think it’s very harsh to criticise Diana for delays to the publication of her next book. As she herself has said she wants to have the book as good as she can and as good ad her fans expect – and I would expect nothing less from a professional.

    I also think it’s daft to moan that someone might die without the final book being written or read. I doubt very much that anyone on their death bed would be thinking ‘Damn that Diana Gabaldon! Now I’ll never know how the story ends’.

    • As a British reader since Crosstitch came out I consider Claire & Jamie to be part of my life for the last 20 odd years. I am now 68 and hope to be able to reach their end before my own! As we do not have satellite TV I doubt that I Shall ever see Claire & Jamie on the screen but they live in my mind’s eye forever. Keep up the good work Diana. Ann Luscombe, Devon, England

  105. I have reread this series several times – just wanted to say – love your stories – Thanks. Melanie

  106. Hello Diana!

    So now I have at least 3 big books to read this summer! Thank you for your books. They have helped me thru some serious troubling times. Like watching over my dying mother and very ill husband (whom made it) and a beat up son (whom is well too). Some nights I was not able to sleep and your books helped me thru the nights.

    I read your books both in English and Dutch. Sometimes the Dutch translation makes me laugh for sometimes the Dutch sentence means something totally different in English.

    So at my local bookstore I have pre-ordered MOBY in hardcover and the Dutch version also in hardcover.

    What is happening with the musical? When is the TV series available in Europe?

    With love and laughter from my hearth and home,


    PS my mum was very down before she died but she loved the books I read to her

  107. Hi Diana, I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to finish Moby.
    I’m from the Netherlands but I don’t think I can wait another year to read the book in Duth while I know the book is already there, so I will read the English version this time.
    Thank you Diana for all the pleasure reading time. Right now I am re-reading “an echo in the bone”, just for fun and to freshing up my memory again and to prepare myself for nr. 8.

    Lots of love from Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands

  108. Realmente me he llevado una desilusión al ver el cambio de fechas, no se inglés por tanto tengo que esperar a que se traduzca al castellano, así que tendré que volver a leerlos lo cual no creo que me suponga un gran esfuerzo, me encantaron, de echo alguna vez vuelvo a leer episodios que por alguna razón se me quedaron grabados.

  109. I am so excited there is a new book coming soon. Your characters are in my soul and I will wait patiently for their next adventure! Thank thank you for your creativity !

    • Well said, Patty. I feel I have a better understanding of human nature through her characters and like you, everything about the Outlander journey is in my soul, too. I remind myself it is a work of fiction often. But I find myself reliving something from the books at odd moments as if it actually happened. Not a bad escape. I’ve said it before and will say it again. I love the author and her imagination and good heavens!! her energy and discipline. I do like that phrase–in my soul.
      No, I am not a patient person. If you live long enough you learn that that is very much what life is about.
      Waiting for that moment, that something you want–waiting, the key word. DBD

  110. Hi!
    I was searching on the Amazon website and I came across Red Ant’s Head which is available to pre-order. Is this the 9th book in the Outlander series? I ordered it in 2012 not realising that it had not yet been published!
    Your books are absolutely fantastic by the way, I can’t wait to read the latest installment!

    • Dear Rachael–

      No, RED ANT is the working title of a half-completed contemporary mystery–nothing to do with the Outlander books. With luck, I may finish it next year.


  111. Thank you for allowing the negative (whining, childish, absurd} comments even though they make my blood pressure rise. But not you, dear DG. You remain cool, open and understanding.
    As to crudeness and profanity? Your writing is never crude and the profanity is well within the context of the scene and used sparingly. This I have noticed and appreciated.
    I do sound riled and opinionated. I have read enough to recognize that the author of these books has no NEED or desire to pen trash and does not plan to in future. DBD

  112. Greetings to all from a German Reader, who – of course – also can`t wait for the new book to be published. I don`t mind the changed date so much, since thanks to you, Diana, we now know that it`s not “just” writing the book but the whole process of publishing that makes it difficult to keep a publishing date.
    Even though I read the books in english to be “nearer” to the original words I want to give my thanks to the german translator who does a really excellent job with the translating work. I was often disappointed by translations of other books in the past. Somehow the book would just not be the same. Not so with the german translations of your books, Diana. They have the same pace, the same humour, the same “flowing” of the story as your english books. You can feel that she is not just translating but really into the story. Your connection must really be a good one:) and I envy her for that. She must be one of the few people who know the contents of MOBY. I would love to bribe her into getting me some details…
    Usually I do reread all your books to make sure not to miss important details before the coming out of a new book. Unfortunately for me, over the years my books not only showed aging symptoms but worse, started falling apart. This is why last year I decided to buy me a Kindle and downloaded all books. It`s not the same though… There is nothing better than being pinned to your bed by a 2 pounds-book…
    Do you already know when the Kindle version will come out?
    In any case: keep up the good work and take your time. As long as the book will be published in 2014 I am fine with it. Please don`t make me wait longer! And give my regards to Barbara Schnell:))

    • Danke, Charlotte! Much appreciated. Baerbel is a _wonderful_ translator (as well as my dear friend; her daughter is my god-daughter); we’re all lucky to have her!


  113. Diana , you are the absolute best author in the world .I am disappointed theat are you not given the fame you deserve. Maybe after the Mini series , you will get the recognition you deserve .I hope the character theat plays Jamie is tall enough .It must be hard to find such a wonderful man .I read every day .I have never read a book twice .But I WILL ADMIT I AM READING THE OUTLANDER SERIES For the third time .Diana, thank you !!!!! Your most loyal fan , Evelyn

  114. Hi Diana

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date on the publishing date of MOHB.
    We are truly fortunate that your health has been excellent and that you are still able to write all these wonderful books for us. We are all waiting patiently and whats another few months. It will give me time to re-read the whole series again for the 3rd time and savour each book.

    God Bless You and Keep you.


  115. Diana…just watched the LA Fan Gathering and it is the first time I have seen your choice for Jamie and Claire and I have to say………..FABULOUS!!!! I am sooooo happy that you actually cast a Scotsman and not a pretend one….he is wonderful, his voice gives me goosebumps and he just IS Jamie. I do hope in the movie that he has red hair…..Jamie has always been a natural ‘ginger’ in my imagination! Claire is perfect and I can really visualize her as the person I loved in the books. I am just a wee bittie disappointed that your book has been moved back to June but, I will be waiting, with bated breath. I have just finished re-reading ‘Outlander’ again and it was just as thrilling as it was first time. I noticed when reading it, in one of the paragraphs you used the term ‘in my own heart’s blood’. I was taken aback and presume this is where you took your title from for book 8!!! Had to read it again to find that little bit of info.

    My last comment……will we have access to the movie in Canada!! Will it be a series of movies encompassing all of the novels in the ‘Outlander’?

    I have been a reader all my life, never happier when I am reading but your novels have taken me to a whole new level of reading enjoyment. Thank you.

  116. Just wondering is this the final book in the series or can we expect another?

  117. Just re-read the whole series all over again, and am so excited for the next book! Thanks so much for sharing your work! Been reading since 1997, and it never gets old!

    Looking forward to getting the book, and a great bottle of red wine and cracking the cover! I don’t usually pay attention to release dates… and I must admit I thought the fiery cross was the end of it all… so imagine my surprise when I found echo in the bone sitting on the shelves laughing at me in paper back! ha! what a day that was! I really should look at your website more often and keep up with the times.

    much respect!

    • Dear Xandra–

      Errr….I’m kind of hoping you found A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES up there laughing at you, too. [g] That’s the book _between_ THE FIERY CROSS and AN ECHO IN THE BONE.


  118. Do you know yet if the audiobook will be released on the same day as the book? Your writing is wonderful, and Davina Porter is an amazing narrator! (Plus if I listen while I work, my house won’t be a disaster area while I ignore everything to read!)

    Thank you!!

  119. Great! That will give me a chance to read the entire series for a third time, so that I’m finished “An Echo In The Bone” just in time to buy your much anticipated new release. :)

    Diana, you are a wonderful source of inspiration for me – so much so that I’ve written my own behemoth of a novel only to have spent the last year trying to pare it down enough for a publisher to give it a glance. For this, and for all you write, I want to say thank you. May the richness of your worlds and the spirits of your characters live on amongst those of the literary giants.

  120. Hello from Finland!
    I must wait 1,5 year more to get that book… Oh my Lord. Jamie and Claire are as members of the family to me. I miss them! Iwish I could be English speaking, but… must wait <3

  121. Diana:
    Keep doing what you do best putting out the best series ever. The book will come out when it comes out. When I find out there will be a new book I go back and reread the previous books in the series so I’m ready for the new one.

    Take your time as your books are quality work. I recently finished what was supposed to be the last book in another series and it was really, really bad. It was like they threw it together just to get it done. I would rather wait for quality and not be disappointed.

    Long story short (I know too late) keep up the excellent work. Thank you for a wonderful series.


  122. Worth the wait! I’ve read each at least 3 times and now that there’s a visual character, which IS spot on, btw. I’m reading all again in anticipation of both mini series and Moby. I appreciate the detail and connections between the books even more each time. Loaned out my paperback outlander years ago but hope to order a signed one from you soon. Thanks for a great story that feels very real

  123. The comments regarding the potential death of a reader before the series ends makes me smile.

    I’m clergy (Presbyterian, even!) and December 2012 I had a dear member of my congregation decide to remove the vent that allowed him to breathe. Dave was very much in his right mind, and asked that a number of us be present at his passing.

    What the heck do you talk about at a time like that? :::laugh::: With Dave, it was the books and movies that had sequels that he regretted not reading or seeing. He seemed most put-out by not being able to see the next Star Trek movie (with the ‘new’ kids). At that point, I had heard a juicy tidbit of a spoiler and was able to tell him that Khan would return in this particular film.

    Dave rolled his eyes and said: “At least God has spared me this”. ;-)

    In all seriousness, in the end, we will only live in the present (unless of course we hear stones sing…). I’m grateful for each day, and hope to see tomorrow. (And of course, I really hope to see June 10th!).

    • Dear Karen–

      So do it. [g]

      Thank you for the charming story, and your good wishes–both much appreciated!


    • Hi Diana!
      Like everyone else on here I’m a huge fan! Now that you are coming to the end of the series, when you look back at Outlander, is there anything you would change? I was just curious from a writers standpoint if you’d want to change things in the beginning as you reflect back over the life of the story and see how it would end.

      • Dear Deedee–

        No. I wrote each book as well as I possibly could. It may not be perfect [g], but it’s the best work I could do at the time; I’ll stand by it.

        (This isn’t the last book, you know. There’s a Book Nine.)


  124. Dear Diana,

    I am a very late but very enthusiastic fan. It was not until I retired from teaching that I had time to read much more than I could while working. I have always read biographies, non-fiction and information books. So when I asked friends to recommend some fiction books for me in the sci-fi/fantasy genre I tried several but just couldn’t get into them. One day one of these friends handed me a very worn copy of your first book in the series and I then had the luxury of reading right through all of them as I collected each one over the next several weeks. I love things about Scotland as my mother was Scottish. I love history and I love mystical spiritual books. Your books have it all! I just could not put them down and I am very hopeful that the television series will remain true to your stories, I do like who they picked for the cast and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series when it comes out! I hope your huge fan base all over the world will allow the tv series seasons to be completed. Thank you so much for writing these wonderful books as I am sure they have brought great joy to many who are so enthralled with them!!!

    • Dear Linda–

      Thank you! I’m so pleased that you have more time to read. [g] Nothing better! (Though I do think the tv series will be Just Great, and that all the people who enjoy the books will relish this new dimension.)


  125. This is the first time I’ve read more than the first couple of comments. After reading less than a quarter of them I’m realizing there is just about a full length Gabaldon book’s worth! And almost as much passion- but lots more whining, yuck.

    Once when handing Outlander (#1) to a girlfriend at a cafe, a woman at the next table piped up- “I just love those books! I re-read the whole series every year.” She was middle-aged and there with her husband, and they looked very content. This is the effect your books have. Who needs a marriage counsellor when you have the example of Claire and Jamie?

    Your books have inspired me to learn more about colonial times, both here in the States and in Europe. Your books have inspired me to learn more about my own Scottish roots, and to save for a trip to Urquhart Castle. Thanks to your novellas I’ve read short stories by other authors in “Mad Scientist” and am soon to start “Dangerous Women” when the library allows, though I have to admit no one else’s stories compare to yours.

    I totally love Lord John (what a man, really!) and do hope you will keep expanding on other characters if you can take the whining while people wait for the next tome after MOBY. Specifically, you couldn’t possibly be finished with Michael and Joan, I hope I hope….

    Thank you for enjoying your work so much, for following a passion, and for putting up with the business end of it. You truly set a good example for aspiring authors-to-be.

    • Thanks, Jenny!

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the books, and see others doing so, too! As for people who think that berating a writer will somehow cause said writer to cough up a book instantly…well, there’s no arguing with insanity. I allow such comments to be posted here, on the principle that people are entitled to their opinions, however misguided, but I don’t respond to them–waste of time, and I haven’t got any to spare right now.

      I hope you’ll enjoy MOBY as much as all the other books; I’m liking it a lot myself. [g]



  126. I’ve read each of the Outlander hardcover books plus listening (many times!) to the audible.com version. Davina Porter is the best reader and I hope she will do the honors for Written in My Own Blood. Any chance for new Lord John? Thanks Diana.

    • Dear Sally–

      The amazing Davina will be doing the audiobook for WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. [g] And certainly there will be another Lord John book, but I don’t know when. Have to finish this one first!



  127. Wow what a bunch of whining people on here. I cannot believe some of the negative and harsh comments. Come on people, lighten up.
    I use the time before the next release of a novel to read the series all over again. It’s fantastic as you get drawn into the whole story again:):) and re-live those parts of each book that are your favourites.
    Diana, thank you for giving all of us such a fantastic story that I know I will probably read over and over until I’m old and grey LOL.
    Can’t wait until June!!!!!!!

  128. Since ebooks are easier to ship :-) any hope we can get the new book earlier?

  129. Dear Dianna,

    Don’t care how long it takes, love, love, love your
    Work. And obviously so do all the people
    Who write in to you(even the grumpy ones)
    Please don’t stop, thank you for your imag-
    Your loyal(also impatient) fan,

  130. Can’t wait! Thanks for bringing us these wonderful books.

    p.s. Maybe you should rethink starting your US tour in Arizona? Not to get politics involved, but it is a state that appears determined to “time travel” so they can restrict the rights of minorities, gays and women.

  131. J’adore…je suis une de vos plus grandes fan ici au Québec…hâte de lire le tome 8 et surtout de voir la série TV au Québec

  132. Dearest Diana,

    I LOVE you, your books & their characters! I’ve been a devoted fan since the release of Outlander & have reaNever believed in these types of shakes, protein drinks, supplements and haven’t been since 1997. I get my nutrients from fresh fruit and veggies which provide everything I needd the series THREE times….take all the time you need. Great things like your work is worth waiting for :-) Even though we can’t stop worrying about Jem, Jamie, Claire & poor confused William!

    Your loyal fans will support you regardless of how much time you need! Pay no mind to the impatient ones…

    Wishing you & your family a wonderful & productive 2014 ;-)

  133. The way I see it, you give my 91 year old Grandmother (Your #1 Fan!) a reason to live LONGER! Carry-on, it will been done when it’s done!

  134. I first heard of the Outlander series from http://www.booktrib.com. Your 20th Anniversary edition of Outlander (free CD included) was one of the books in the weekly contest. I entered every day and won.
    I loved the book and am almost finished with book 6 in the series. I haven’t started any of the Lord John books yet. How many books will be in the Outlander series?

  135. I’ve been a reader since the beginning and I can’t wait for the new book. I’m also hoping that the audio book might come out around the same time? Being a mom, it is sometimes hard to find the time to sit and read anymore.

    I so love your writing!

    Keep up the good work!


  137. I can not wait for the release of your new book. Thank you so much, Diana, for the adventure I have been on with Jamie and Claire! I can’t imagine what it would take to write a series of novels such as these. My husband called them the seven books (soon to be eight) of separation as once I started I couldn’t stop!
    Waiting in anticipation of MOBY, Thank You again, Kas

  138. My grandmother introduced me to the books about 6 weeks ago. I didn’t know a thing about them prior. I have to say, I have read all 7 so far and I have never connected with a story and it’s characters the way I did with this series. I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. The way the story weaves the characters’ lives together and the twists….I can not wait for the next book!

    • I have to agree with Heather. The books always forget the world around me and even though I finished all 7 books, I still keep reading them over and over again. They still make me laugh, smile and cry. Not many Authors can do that to their readers. Thank you so much for sharing the adventures of James and Clair Fraser with us! :)

  139. Love this series. In fact I am reading it again in preparation for reading My Own Heart’s Blood.

  140. I love this series and am eagerly awaiting My Own Heart’s Blood. Meanwhile I am reading the whole lot again!

  141. I’ve read, somewhere, that artists do not complete a work, they merely abandon it at a certain point. You don’t feel that you’ve yet reached that point where it can be abandoned, and given how exceptional your previous works have been, I will tamp down my impatience and trust your judgement as to when it is time to abandon your creation.

    I want to thank you for your exquisite attention to detail with respect to the sciences. As a fellow scientist, it is painful to read authors who churn out fiction with a clear lack of understanding of the sciences. I can sleep after reading your books, and the tooth grinding is no more.

    I share you with any reader I encounter, especially those educated in the sciences, who appreciate these works of literature. You know the author is vividly evocative when the scene you’re reading has you hearing the accents of the speakers in your head.

    With warmest regards,
    A Faithful Reader

  142. Hi Diana… I’m super excited about the release of moby…Your books are sooooo worth the wait! In my opinion, it’s quality over quantity any time, and anyone who is pushing you for a faster release date should learn some patience and have some respect for your superior story telling! Keep up the great work – you rock!

  143. I hear tell that your nest release is March 25th, TOMORROW!!!!

    Thank God. Are you on track?

    • Dear Sandra–

      Ummm….how did you manage to reply to this particular post without reading it? The pub date is June 10th. Hope you’ll enjoy the new book!

      Best wishes,


  144. When will this come out in audio? I’d love to pre-order at Audible.com but they have no mention of it.

    • Dear Patti–

      It’ll be out as close to the hardcover as they can make it–but they can’t record the audio version until they have a complete manuscript, which they don’t yet. [cough]


  145. Will Davina Porter be doing the Audible narration? I’ve listened to the whole series with her narration and love her interpretation of the characters. (I’ve read the books too, but enjoy her reading so much more)
    Can’t WAIT!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the series!!

    • Dear Bonnie–

      Yes, Davina will be reading the new book–so far as I know, and no one’s told me different. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  146. Is there an audiobook release date on book 8?

    • Dear Suzanne–

      No, but I’m sure it will be as close to the hardcover date as they can get. (It probably won’t be out simultaneously, because the audiobook can’t be done until they have a complete manuscript–which they don’t quiiiiiite have yet…)

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Davina’s fabulous reading when you get it, though!


  147. Any forecast for the audio version? I’ve
    “read” them all hearing Davina’s voice &
    don’t want to change!

  148. Lol really Diana …. It makes me laugh that people bitch you can’t pump it out any faster. Good grief. Your books are always large. I am just happy and excited we get to read yet another book ! Keep up the great works and it’s done when it’s done people !

  149. Diana,
    Whether it’s six months or six years, I will wait. There’s no getting away from Jamie and Claire, YOU ARE AMAZING in how you’ve brought them to life!!
    My husband knows that there will be a full week of no cooking, cleaning, or speaking to me (!), and he’s ok with that. He knows he has no choice :)
    Thank you, for the research you do to bring these stories to life, and give us a chunk of your life while you create.

  150. I have read the Outlander series several times and the wait for the next book is tormenting me!!!!

  151. I did not see any recognizable male names on the response list, so I thought I would write and tell you how much I have enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the June 10 release date. Best Wishes.

    • Thank you, Randolph!

      There _are_ a few men who drop by here [g], and many more male readers who just don’t hang around on book sites online. Always delighted to meet one, though–I _like_ men. [g]


  152. Hi Diana,

    I love your books! My husband and my son (34 years old) and I have read them and we all appreciate your writing and the stories. We think you are a terrific writer! We are looking forward to the TV series and your new book. Thank you for making your characters feel like part of our family! I think that is what everyone feels, but somehow it’s as if you have written them for just us. (:

    There is always adventure in the books, but there is an element of peace and security and everyday living that always comes through with day to day issues and struggles. The balance is unique. We all crave that secure, loving, passionate relationship between Jamie and Clare, & Roger and Briana, but you make it real enough that it feels like our home and family. We are on the journey with your characters. Reading your books feels like an adventure and coming home at the same time. I think that’s why there is so much magic….. as well as the fact that you have history, science fiction, romance, religious philosophy, politics, action, introspection into the meaning of life, fantasy, humor etc. etc. mixed in too. That doesn’t hurt either!

    I have a question for you. Will you be doing an audio book with Davina Porter narrating? That’s how we have read/ listened to almost all of your other books. I drive 120 miles every day back and forth to work…. I am hoping for the audiobook, but of course I will be happy when the book comes out either way.

    Blessings to you and your family,

    Kathy Adams

    • Dear Kathy–

      Thank you! My best regards to your family. [g] Yes, there will be an audiobook, and Davina is recording it even as we speak! Should be out at the same time as the hardcover; hope you enjoy it!



  153. Diana – I am happy that the release is coming soon! Thank you for your amazing, detailed work on this series. I’m coming at this from a slightly different angle in that I tried to pick up the books and read the series several times, to no avail. I finally listened to the series on Audible! TWICE! love it.

    My question is: when will the audio version be released?

    Debora Cox
    Portland, Oregon

  154. Dear Diana,
    I have a library of over 2000 books, and try to keep only the best…yours are included! Such talent! Thank you for your excellent writing! My brother-in-law and I take turns checking on the release date for MOBY and I am stoked to learn it is tentatively June 10. I will re-read in the meantime to refresh myself. I think I have to spring for the side books on individual characters…maybe a Father’s Day gift for him. (But I’ll read them first!) Thanks for letting us know what the hold-ups were and CONGRATULATIONS on your success! I am a member of a N. CA. writer’s club and you are a shining example for us all! My husband is SO jealous of my relationship with your Outlander series! ;)
    With a hug,
    Linda Moscovitch

  155. OMG I have been waiting so long for this, those this meen that the French Canadian version will be out in June 2015?


  156. Dear Diana,

    I’m so disapointed that the release date for your book Written in my own heart’s blood will be at least a year later because it has to be translated in Dutch. I keep on waiting because I really like your books! But still it’s a long time :-)
    I really hope that you will write after this more books in the same historical novel style, because I’m a great fan of that kind of books.
    Best regards and please step on the tail of the Dutch translater :-)

  157. Diana,
    My mother turned my grandmother and I on to the Outlander series. I love it!!! I am currently rereading the whole series so i can be up to date for the new book. As much as i hate waiting, i will wait with a smile on my face because i know it is worth it. The amount of detail in each book blows my mind therefore i admire your ability to stick with it and keep the details straight. I look forward to reading these books for a long time!!!!!

  158. We are an “orphan” group of Brazilian women of Diana Gabaldon, Claire, Jamie, the Outlander series. Upload soon please. We are anxious for defecho. One of our friends has cancer and said he did not want to die without knowing the end of history. We love you. Kisses. (Sorry we litlle english)

    • Hola, amigas! [g]

      We have just signed a new contract for publication of the _whole_ series (with new translations and covers) in Brazil! So be patient; books are coming!


  159. I have just seen that the your latest book MOBY will be realaesed in New Zealand on the 5th May.
    I can not tell you how excited I am to be reunited with Claire, Jamie and co. This could not have come at a better time, I pregnant with baby number two and its just turned to winter here. I look forward to curling up in front of the fire and escaping to a land I love. I think I might just read An Echo in a Bone all over again to get me through the next month.

    Thank you for your stories, I love reading your books and I always reach the end with mixed feelings. Excitement to see just where we end off but a bit sad too that I wont be reading about my fictonal friends for some time.

    Please say this is not the final piece.

  160. Hey Diana,
    I live in a Land Down Under, and have been an avid reader and fan of all your books.
    I am looking forward so much to your next one and probably won’t surface into the “real world” until I reach the end.
    I hope in a way that your books are not made into films which will then spoil one’s imagery of characters and landscapes .
    One creates one’s own perception of these things–on the other hand one doesn’t have to view the films if they are created.
    Claire , Jamie and all the characters are real people to all your readers, and should remain so, to all those who have clear mental pictures of each one.

    Rock on June 10th .

    All good wishes for the future,


    • Dear Marlene–

      Well, you always have the option of not watching the new television show–but I personally think you might be pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen enough of it to be absolutely thrilled, and am pretty sure most fans will be as well.


  161. I found these books by accident. I have read all seven in the last two months. They are on my tablet because I can’t lug oxygen around AND big books! I read the smaller ones aloud to my 90 year old mother while sitting at her bedside while her Hospic Nurses do what they must. The stories help keep her sweet mind engaged in the here and now where we hope to keep her as long as possible.

    I am anew fan and have NO idea how I missed you all this time! Next to painting, reading is my favorite indulgence. You are one hell of a writer, Lassie, really! I do not think I have ever been more intertwined, educated on history (my mothers ancestry is Scotch-Irish, my father,s Native American. Don’t ask, its a most interesting combination! I have been recovering from a serious illness and your Jamie and Clair have been with me every step of the way. Your new book will be my reward for following doctors orders. I wanted to let you know, you do make a difference. That is always enough, is it not?

    • Dear Jennifer–

      It is! Thank you so much for telling me–and I wish you all the best with your recovery. Will hold you and your mother in my prayers.


  162. Hi Diane,
    I live in Australia and do not have a permanent home, we just move our caravan to where ever the view is the best at the time of the year. I have purchased all the Outlander Series in hardcover and lovingly have them packed under my bed where the can remain in pristine condition and have the series on my ereader and often just pick up one of the books and reacquaint myself with the story line. I can’t wait for MOBY to become available but do not regret the what at all as I know that Jamie and Claire deserve the time and energy it takes for you to put together their story.
    Thanking you for a truly magnificence story.

  163. To w Polsce książka ukaze sie dopiero za 2 lata? Pozdrawiam.

  164. To znaczy,że książka w Polsce ukaże się dopiero za 2 lata?Pozdrawiam.

  165. I was introduced to the Outlander books whilst waiting for the Queen to arrive in Nottingham on her Julilee tour. If the young woman responsible ever reads this – thank you, thank you, thank you! The series is one of the best ever and the next book is out in time for my summer holiday. Bring it on Diana – you are an inspiration to us all!

    Nottingham UK

  166. I can believe some of the comments I have just read. Go read a different book while waiting you silly people. I can recommend The Book Thief absolutely beautifully written (couldn’t put it down). We have some wonderfully talented writers in Australia. I am the same with the Outlander stories. Beautifully detailed with history and characters that are so lifelike. I believe the stories are going to be filmed I hope with all my heart the main characters are the right actors for the parts. That wonderful English actor from the Homeland series comes to mind for Jamie (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) but he’s redheaded and beautiful and a fabulous actor. Put a dark wig on Cate Blanchard and there you have Claire, strong, feisty and beautiful. Can’t go wrong!! Thank you Diana for such wonderful books.

  167. It’s been almost 20 years and the Outlander has gathered quite a following – any chance there will be a Polish-language website for them?

    The books haven’t been particularly well advertised, but that may change with the new release and the TV series, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people got pulled into the stunning world of Jamie & Claire, and if everyone had access to the Outlander metastory?

    My own literary life BC (before Claire) had lacked something vital, which I realised only after I stumbled upon The Fiery Cross (why on earth was it the first book published in Polish?), and now I feel as many Polish readers as possible should have a chance to discover the story for themselves. [I'd like to donate my time and skills towards that end (if there aren't any better candidates).]

    I know you must have heard it like a million times before, but thank you for bringing Jaime & Claire into my life!

  168. Cannot wait for the latest book to hit NZ shelves. Adore Jamie Fraser and all of the clan. Keep them coming Diana :-)

  169. Dear Diana. Just wanted to say I’m a big fan. Waiting patiently for number 8 here in sunny South Africa. Crossing all fingers and toes that we will see the tv series here as well. Lots of love.

  170. When is the audio book going to be available on iTunes?

  171. Diana,

    I am thrilled for the released date of “Written” but I only find it available in hard cover and ebook format. As I lug my books around to my various doctor appts & physical therapy, paperbacks have always been better suited for me. Not to mention the rest of my collection is all short paperbacks. Is there a later release date for a paperback version?

    Scarlett M

    • Dear Scarlett–

      Paperbacks are published anywhere from 6-12 months after the hardcover. (And there are two sizes; the trade paperbacks are published first, then the mass-market (the small one).) An e-reader is a lot easier to lug around than even a paperback. (Just sayin’.)


  172. Dear Diana,
    I am from Argentina and follow you since 1999 thanks to the sggestion of the grandmother of muy librarían, whojust read you previously.
    Since that moment i fell passionately into your Outlander history.
    It is so har to acquire your books (translated to spanish ) in our country, at least in the last years, so wait for an entire year tothe spanish version could be so hard for my heart.

    with my best wishes,

  173. Bom dia Diana! Estou muito triste com o tempo que vai levar para o livro ser publicado no Brasil, pois já li a série 2 vezes e estou morrendo de vontade de ler o final. Mas, acho que vai valer a pena esperar pois o seu trabalho nesta série tem sido maravilhosooooo.

  174. Are you coming out with a paperback edition too??

    • Dear Lori–

      The trade paperback (the larger size) usually comes out about six months after the hardcover, and the mass-market paperback (the small size) about a year after the hardcover. Hope you enjoy whichever edition you get!


  175. Dear Diana

    Can’t believe people are having a moan about having to wait for the next book in the series! What do they think you are, a machine? I have really enjoyed following the series over the years and really admire your imagination, the research you have done, and the sheer storytelling genius you possess. Your characters live for the reader as real people – people we wish we have met (or not, in some instances!).

    Anticipation of the next book is part of the fun and some people making some of these complaining comments would do well to learn that looking forward to something has its own charm. And yes, I buy your books, not borrow them, as I treasure my collection. All power to your pen – or your computer keyboard – and you have my sincere thanks for all the enjoyment all of your books have given me.

    Don’t let the whingers into your head. Obviously some people still haven’t learnt that patience has its own rewards.

  176. Dear Diana,

    I started reading the Outlander books when I was a senior in high-school and just turned 40 this year. While I was eating dinner with my husband and two children last week we went around the table, as usual, answering one of my usual dinner-time questions. That night it was, “who is your favorite author?” My husband could not guess mine and, when I finally mentioned you name, he said he had forgotten because it had been such a long time since he had seen me reading one of your books. I do not mind the wait–you are such a beautiful writer (and I have read plenty: I am a high-school English teacher and a community college professor).

    I decided to “warm up” for MOBY by reading, for the first time, the short story about Roger’s parents tonight (so tragic!). I am SO GLAD there will be another book after MOBY.

    With gratitude (throughout the decades),

  177. You realize you are rather like a drug dealer. I just discovered the Outlander series last summer, have read them all up to date and now I am anxiously awaiting another fix… dang you Diana Galbaldon… you have made a junkie out of me!!
    Don’t listen to those wincers about your publication date moving. Goodness gracious. Some people (says the woman comparing you to a drug dealer…)

  178. You are just so gracious! I can’t say Id be so pleasant to people after constant negative petty feedback. I AM however glad you are, because your logical and mannerly responses to these people crack me up! If they don’t see how you put them to shame- well I sure do, and I love it! I was introduced to your books about 2 years ago and now own all of the books connected with the Outlander series. I love that you are historically accurate and don’t romanticize the past. It was hard, cruel, and unpleasant… Which is why the beauty, companionships, and family were seen as such light, something that many people these days won’t ever understand due to the times in which we live. I am a history nut, such a nerdy thing to be I know, but that is why I am so overwhelmingly impressed that you take such care for historical accuracy in your writings. Im quite glad you reached that career path that had always appealed to you, to have never used such talent would be very sad indeed. The literary world is much emhanced by your writings. Im sad Im at the end of the line now and will have to wait for your new books to come out, I have been spoiled not having started reading your books until I was 27. I am 29 now, and although patience has never been my virtue, I think I have plenty of time left to wait it out! You rock!

  179. Dear Diana:
    Thank you!
    MOBY is a beautifully written book.
    You are the Shakespeare of the 21st Century…only better!
    Your work is a pure pleasure to read.
    PS-Did I read the above correctly; will there be a book nine? I thought this was the ending but wow, if not, I can’t wait to read the next one four years from now.

    • Dear Amie–

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! [g]

      Yes, there will be a Book Nine. I haven’t started formally working on it (having been GONE for the last month on the US/Canada book-tour), and have no idea what happens in it–but yes, there will _be_ another book.



      • Hi Diana,

        I felt so lucky to be able to “meet” you at the book tour (although I know this is part of your profession and is to be expected the hours of signing books and smiling looks grueling). I appreciated the writing advice–very helpful!

        I am wondering what your secret is–you are both brilliant and beautiful. I can see that “Claire” aspect in you: she is also brilliant and does not tell people her age so they do not think she is a witch (which book was this mentioned in?)–she looks nowhere near her age and neither do you. Not that there’s anything wrong with aging (we have a youth obsessed society). And of course brilliance can be an innate trait….as villainous traits can be. Mentioning all characters are you was slightly frightening but a refreshingly frank insight about human nature.

        MOBY was wonderful. Tears streamed out effortlessly (and somewhat to my embarrassment since I rarely cry) when I read the last page. My husband chastised me for reading the book so quickly saying, “you know she [our daughter] will be in high-school by the time the next once comes out.” (Our daughter is eleven.)

        With gratitude,

  180. I just finished Moby and with tears drying (sort of) I would like to simply say thank you, Mrs. Gabaldon. After 3 years of writing I tried to savor your words, but chose instead to gorge. Thank you!!! My God you are an insanely gifted author.

  181. Dianna,
    My mother gave me your first book many years ago and I was hooked from the start.We spent years talking about Jamie and Clare as if they were family. She would be over the moon to be seeng the coming mini series. She is gone 5 year’s now and I am sooo excited to read the 8th. I can’t even tell you how many people I have turned on to these books. I also give them the advise to kiss your family good bye for a few days. Im looking foward to kissing mine goodbye.

  182. Dear Diana,

    You did it once again! I listened to MOBY on my iPod non-stop, and when it ended- I was saying “OH NO!!!” It can’t possibly end like that- just when Brie and Roger and the kids are reunited with Jamie and Claire! PLEASE tell me that there is going to be a sequel! There MUST be!! PLEASE!!????

    One of your great fans,


  183. Absolutely love the Outlander series!

    My visiting Danish friend saw the latest book I am reading and is interested in reading the series too. The series does not appear to be translated to Danish. Any chance this may happen soon?


  184. Several years ago I finished the last of the Outlander series as of that time. Since then, I have resumed reading at my retirement home and have re-discovered the series. What a great thing to know that there are several books already published that I can look forward to enjoying. Since I am only eighty-four years old, I am confident I will catch up. The notes here suggest that very few of your readers are men. I don’t believe it. These are wonderful and exciting stories that should appeal equally to men. Keep going, Diana, you are a treasure.

  185. Vos fans ne sont pas seulement Anglophone! J’ai même acheté un de vos livres via le canada car en Belgique, il tardait à être publié (édité).
    Ayant lu toute la saga Outlander, j’aimerais savoir quand votre nouveau roman (8th) sortira en Belgique (ou en Europe) en version française ?(Ecrit avec mon propre sang…)
    Merci de nous faire rêver depuis 1993

    A mon avis, je ne pourrais attendre son édition européenne et je devrais à nouveau la commander au Canada via amazon

    Merci de tout coeur

  186. Dear Diana,
    Hope you can see my comment.
    I’m a translator from Mainland China. I encountered OUTLANDER by the TV series this year. After I watched the first episode, I fell in love with the story. So I hurried to buy books overseas and read them. I have to say I really appreciate your story and your beautiful language.
    I’ve searched on Internet that Outlander series had been translated into Traditional Chinese and published in Taiwan, but there is no Simplified Chinese version published in Mainland China. I’m wondering whether the copyright of translating Outlander is authorized to any publisher in Main China.
    If not, who shall we (a Chinese publisher and me) contact to discuss about translating Outlander into Simplified Chinese?

    A translator and crazy fans of Outlander

  187. the series prompted me to read your first book. And after reading it, I spent a summer and even now catching up with the entire series. I am loving these character driven stories, the intertwined connections that have a way of tying each book together at the end. And I am fully vested in Jamie and Claire’s love for each other and their family. My regret is taking Bree, Roger, Jem and Amanda away from them. I loved the connection and watching the family interact. I hope you can bring them back to Claire and Jamie before Jem and Amanda are grown.

  188. Dear Diana:

    I love the saga. When will be publish “MOBY” in spanish??????? thank you. (Forgive my english)


  189. good day! I was happy when I have learned about your knew book WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (aka MOBY), since last june I am looking for the french version. The last time, it tooks about 6 months between the original version and the french version. I have sent to the publishers Libre expression if they had a date but I have never received an answer. Could you give me some incormations if you have informations.

    thank you.

  190. Dear Diana,

    I love your books but i read them in french i and would like to know if they will be out in 2015 and are you gonna do a book tour in quebec when the book will come out.

    Thank you for everything.

    • Dear Shanna–

      I don’t know, and I don’t know, I’m afraid–though my best guess is that the French translation of WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD will indeed be out in 2015–if only because it normally takes about a year to make the translation. On the other hand, we’ve recently split the French publishing rights between two different companies, and I’m not at all sure how they’re handling the translation issue.



  191. Hi Diana,
    I have reread the series of books many times and have now just watched Part 1 Season 1 of the TV Outlander series. Absolutely amazing and can’t wait for Part 2. My daughters and I just love your writing about these characters and hope there is never a final book.
    Thank you for keeping us enthralled throughout the series.

  192. Good Evening Diana-

    I have totally fallen in love with your wonderful story. Love the series! My only questions is whether or not MOBY will be released in Paperback? I have a collection of the trade paperback and want to “complete” the collection. I could not wait for the paperback release and purchased the kindle version and read the book in less than a week. :) It is I think time to re-read it again. Thank you!


  193. Hi Diana,

    Two things,
    first, I just got my signed copy of The Outlandish Companion. Thanks you very much.

    Second: reading the companion I read the a letter from Alan who questions the cause of Rosamund’s death by what Claire thinks is anaphylaxis because the death wasn’t instance. This is from personal experience – i lost my grandmother to anaphylaxis reaction to cordisone. The reaction can be fairly quick but the death isn’t necessarily. Depending on the severity of the allergy and the level of medical help available the death can be quick or take a few days and there is a fever I’m just guessing but the fever is probably the body trying to burn of the allergen. My grandmother was in the hospital and it took about 3 days for her to die. My cousin remembers how hot she was and with a child’s memory for a long time felt that was part of why she died. (not now she knows better). Fortunately, when i had my experience far from help i managed to live for 4 hours which got me to help.

    So for me the scene was very real.

    Thanks you for these books.
    Pat Reeves

  194. I too am looking for the paperback publishing date for my collection. My sister has also requested the paperback edition in large print. Since I can’t get it for her for Christmas, she will have to settle for an IOU. Would be nice to give her an idea of when it might be released.
    How do you deal with all of our questions? Thank you, Cyndy

    • Dear Cyndy–

      There are no large print editions of any of my books (except LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER, which they did as sort of an experiment, but that would be hard to find). Perhaps your sister means the larger-sized paperback? That’s called a trade paperback, and it should be out fairly soon–it normally comes out anywhere from 6-12 months after hardcover publication, but most often around 9 months. The mass-market paperback (the small size) comes later, but I think the print size is the same across all editions. Hope your sister can read one of them!

      Merry Christmas,


    • For those who prefer large print, you may like the eBooks on a high-resolution tablet. I’m using the Nook app on a Windows tablet; I can set the text size to larger-than-print if I want it.

  195. Diana,

    These characters…your people…just keep getting better, as do their trials…which are so real, I’ve been counseling my children to watch for water moccasins, which will attack apparently, when they play at the nearby creek. In fact, when we hang out at the Cape Fear River, now, I swear I can hear working plantations and slow moving river boats.

    I like the slight format change in #8, with the new sections beginning in all caps. Mostly about #8, I LOVE how the story keeps getting better…even the new characters are enticing…Patience and Prudence hook the heart and evoke giggles and the historically significant new characters are as close to real life as possible. I was hooked with # 1, but #8 is better, unbelievable as that sounds.

    Take as long as you like writing book 9. I will be abiding, enjoying my own ideas about how the saga will continue. It will be painful if any of your, now also my, people die in #9, but it’s your story to tell and I’ll love it… however you end it….especially if you don’t end it.


  196. While you all may be waiting for the hardback edition, I will be waiting patiently for the paperback to be published. I just cannot seem to spend the money on a hardback. Although, in hindsight, perhaps I should have forked out the money on these books as I do rather like reading them. Oh well, time marches on and the paperback will eventually hit the shelves in the bookstores.

  197. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your books over the years. They have given me many hours of reading pleasure. I think they are very well written. You are one of the best authors in describing characters and making them come to life. Please keep writing and I will keep reading!
    Pat Jauquet

  198. Just read through the entire series AGAIN and enjoyed all of the books. I was furious when you ended Book six with everything up in the air but can sleep happily with the last scene in MOBY. One curious note. Did you intentionally name a character Heughan and another Catioana before or after the actors were chosen to play Jamie and Claire?

  199. Hi Diana,

    I live in New Zealand and was so pleased that I came across the 8th book “Written In My Own Hearts blood” (by chance that was)

    I was so excited and said to my daughter “I’ve got to buy this, because it’s such a beautiful story” And I need to follow on the life stories of Jamie and Claire and family. They are such real characters to me. It’s so beautiful.

    Now that I’ve read this, I cannot wait for the next book. Please let me know when we can expect this because I for one cannot wait.

    Kind regards

  200. Hello,

    does anyone know when the new book will be published in french in canada ?????

    thank you

  201. Dear Diana,

    Something brought me back to your post where you are describing the rather frenzied last days of finishing MOBY. I gues the run-up to the ending has been sitting like an itch in the back of my mind. Not the last few pages, but the part where Claire sees the “ugly fat lumpkin” and this tangent goes on until the closing pages.

    At the time of Claire’s being taken hostage and all she endures, it did not seem to be (in the grand scheme of things) something that would become important several books down the line. It still puzzles me why this incident so long ago would take precedence over other characters and incidents that could possibly be fitted in at the end of the book.

    I do not mind either cliff- or shelf-hangers, and welcome them. Just felt a disjointed overall end to MOBY. (Except that I was pretty sure Roger and Bree would end up back at the Ridge once I knew Jamie and Claire were headed that direction.)

    This will probably all be cleared up in Book 9, but in the meantime I don’t like to feel that Claire is suffering flashbacks or PTSD in her effort to forgive, which have not been alluded to (or I did not catch/recall them) until she caught sight of the lumpkin.

    Now let me say that up to the visit to Beardsley’s Trading Post you had me all the way, and the story mostly moved smoothly. I have ancestors who fought on both sides of the Revolution, and in fact a branch that went on to establish a new community on the Ontario St. Lawrence, who were not reunited with the American branch until the end of the 18th century! (Another possible story line?)

    Thanks a heap for giving us so much to think and talk about!

    • Dear Steph–

      She hasn’t been suffering frequent flashbacks (there are a few in ECHO), because she thought the man was dead. It’s her sudden sight of him at Beardsley’s trading post that’s causing her difficulty. And certainly there’s a reason for that incident and what follows; among other things, it’s a test/reassurance of Jamie and Claire’s marriage–that even confronted with something so morally difficult, they stand together. It’s a parallel to their physical return to the Ridge; an affirmation of their marriage. (Though you’re quite correct; it does have something to do with the next book, though probably nothing you expect. [g])



  202. Diana
    I found your books just before the series on Starz! My SIL read them several years ago. Needless to say I was none to HAPPY with her holding out on me.

  203. I love your Outlander series of books. The mixture of romance, history, adventure and fantasy make for excellent reading. Hard to put them down. All absorbing. I am waiting on the ninth one!! Can hardly wait to see what happens next. I wish William and Jamie could mend their relationship and they could all live on the Ridge together. I know Claire and Jamie are getting old and will pass on one day, but their children and grandchildren will go on. More books????? Hope so.

  204. Dear Diana,
    I love the Outlander series. I would like to know when WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD will be available in French. I live in Quebec and the French version s better for me.

    Thank you for this marvellous serie.


    • Dear Louise–

      It usually takes about a year to make a foreign (i.e., non-English) translation. Hope you enjoy it in French!


  205. Dear Diana
    I’m from Belgium and i’ve just finnished Moby (Part I andII)
    My English is not zo good, but I just would like to thank you for the ‘Outlander’ books! Whitout those books ik could not survivr!
    Four years ago, my younger sister died of cancer. She was just like me, a big fan of the Outlander books. She died October 14th. the week before she finished book 7. All those years we could talk and argue about the plots eand other stuff, marvelous!
    I was affead to read Moby, because I was alone! I was affread to die when Moby was finished. Ik took heir picture as pageturner, so Now I think she had the pleasure to readthe same time.
    Now Moby is finnished.
    I know the story isn’t finnished.
    My sister Annick told me!
    Big hugs

    • Dear Myriam–

      I’m so sorry about your sister. [hug] I’m glad that the books can bring the sense of your sister back to you, and I hope you’ll both enjoy the next one.

      All the best,


  206. Hi Diana,
    I read Written in my own heart’s blood in English because I couldn’t wait for the French Translation. I am nevertheless anxious to read it in French. I hope it will be translated soon and that the editors won’t split it in 2 books as they did for the last one! It’s too much frustrating. Sorry I missed you in Paris, Diana. Keep on writing, please! All the best.

    • Dear Ghil–

      I had the pleasure of meeting Philippe Safavi, my French translator, when I was in Paris last week. A lovely man! He told me that he’s working feverishly on the translation of the eighth book, but I neglected to ask him whether he had a specific date for finishing it. (For what it’s worth, it normally takes any of the foreign publishers about a year to put a translation into print.) I’m afraid I don’t know whether the new French publisher (J’ai Lu) thinks it’s necessary to split the book or not, but I hope you’ll enjoy it, in whatever circumstances you encounter it.

      Best wishes,


  207. Hello Diana,
    I have just discovered ‘Outlander’ and what can I say!! ?? I have NEVER picked up a story like it. I cannot put it down- no chores or gardening done . Having just bought a Kindle as well I have ALL the novels within easy reach.JOY!!!
    Amazing stories and a hero and heroine to love . Jamie is divine and I am deeply in love with him already.I have to drag myself away from their story and feel every minute away is a waste!
    Now that is the sign of fine story telling!! All those stories yet to come

  208. Oops – pressed the button too soon! Too eager to get back to Jamie &Claire!
    Thank you Diana
    Best Regards,
    Fran Shaw

  209. Oi Diana
    Estou no Brasil, e aqui está sendo relançado a coleção outlander, mas não fizeram a tradução do último.Não consigo encontrar em espanhol tambem, há alguma previsão, já faz 2 anos que espero, amo seus livros, obrigada Juanita

  210. I’m wondering if there is a date for the Mass Market paperback release for MOBY? I, unfortunately, didn’t start collecting the books until all the rest were already in that stage, so I’m trying to stay consistent. Any word? I see the Trade Paperback is available next week.

    • Dear Lisa–

      I don’t have a date, but mass-market editions usually come out 6-9 months after the trade format. Hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it!


  211. Mrs Diana,

    After reading that “Written in my….” was not the the end or the story, I won’t read anymore books. Never ending story is not for every body, that makes me think about “Earth’s children” by Jean M. Auel.

    I thank you for the so very beautiful story. I will ask for how it ends, if it ends…

    Best regards

  212. I am visiting today because my mother and her friends have been reading your books since 1991 when ‘Outlander’ first came out. They are becoming extremely concerned that they may die before the story lines are tied up. Is there any end date in sight? Any response to pass along would be appreciated.

    • Dear Susan–

      Hey, _I_ could die before the story is over. [g] I mean, anybody could be hit by a truck or die of botulism or something. Tell them to take their vitamins and enjoy the books; a book takes its own time and won’t be hurried, I’m afraid.



      • Hi Diana,

        I’ve been reading and rereading and listening on Audible to your books for some time now. I would love to know if there is a publishing date in site for the next book. Jaime and Claire and their extended family have become very personal to me. I love each and every one of these characters!

        After reading your works, most other authors pale in comparison as to style, research and content. Truly amazing work. But please, give your devoted readers a happy ending for Jaime and Claire. They deserve it! :)

        • Dear Guylene (et al)–

          Well, the last book (WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD) came out at just about this time…last year. It takes me 2 1/2-3 years, usually, to write one of the Big Books. Ergo, I have no idea when the next one will be published, but whenever I _do_ know that, I’ll certainly mention it. [g]

          Glad you’re enjoying them!


  213. i m very impatient to read the french version !!!

  214. Hi Diana,

    Any idea on the release date of MOBY in french?

  215. Diana,
    I have just finished the last Outlander book
    And was crying at the end. Your writing has made
    Me so involved with this cast of characters. I didn’t want
    It to end so you can imagine how happy I am to hear
    There will be another one.
    Also I do watch the TV version and love the cast
    You Rock Diana and can’t wait for the next one
    In the meantime I am reading the Lord Grey books.
    Thank you
    Mary Ann

  216. Really enjoyed your talk at Stirling Castle last night, thank you so much for taking the time to engage
    With us fans. I really appreciate the insight into how you go about your writing. I Hope we conveyed
    Our appreciation of your wonderful imagination , so thank you again.