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Thar She Blows….!

MOBY cover final US

It’s DONE!!!

As my husband says, “Finished” is a relative term to a writer. For me, there’s a sense of completion when I’ve seen the shape of the book; I know what I’m working with. Then there’s the BIG “Finished,” when I’ve done with the writing–the story is All There, and in the publisher’s hands; at this point, there _will_ be a book, even if I get run over by a train.

Revisions–usually very minor, and they were _really_ minor in this book–are generally done as I go along. I send my two editors (US and UK) chunks of the manuscript, and they send me their comments, and if there looks like anything that should be tweaked (often there’s not), I do that just as part of the daily writing.

So the next major “Finished” is the copy-edits. The copy-editor is the unsung heroine who reads the finished manuscript One. Word. At. A. Time, looking for typos, continuity errors, infelicities (like using the same word three times in the same paragraph, or using six clauses all separated by dashes <g>), and so on. This is god-awful tedious stuff, and it’s not a lot more fun on -my- end, when it comes back and I have to check through all of the copy-editor’s queries and either answer them or do something about them.

And once the copy-edits are done, the manuscript goes to the typesetters, and then we get galleys. That’s short for “galley-proofs.” These are typeset pages that look exactly as the pages will look in the book, including page numbers, gutters, decorations, etc.

The final “Finished!” is when I’ve read through the galleys, correcting any typos that escaped during the earlier processes (there are _always_ escaped typos, no matter how many people have combed through a manuscript, always), and errors introduced during the typesetting process (words hyphenated in the wrong place at the end of a line, lines transposed–very rare, but it happens–lines accidentally broken in the middle, and so on). This is also my Very Last Chance to change or fix anything, and for this manuscript, also the last chance to make sure all of the Gaelic and French and German phrases were correctly spelled. <g>

But I made it! The very last batch of corrected galleys went out of here by FedEx this afternoon. I’m FINISHED!!

Whereupon my husband took me out to celebrate, and after two bottles of a nice cold Austrian wine, a lobster quesadilla (divine), a bowl of Chama chili and a four-hour nap…I was Nicely Mellow. <g>

We’re done–and there _will_ be a book on June 10th! (in the US and Canada; I believe the UK/Australia/NZ are saying they plan to release it June 5th, and Germany is saying July 21st.) Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Oh–I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about getting signed copies of WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (My Own Heart’s Blood = MOHB = MOH-B = MOBY. Geddit?). For a list of places where I’ll be going and doing signings visit my official Appearances page on this site. If you don’t live in one of those places I ‘m visiting, but do want a signed book, the simplest thing to do is probably to order it from The Poisoned Pen bookstore, here in Scottsdale. They’re my local independent bookstore, always carry ALL my titles in all available formats, and will ship anywhere in the world. Just tell them how you’d like your book to be inscribed; I normally go by there every couple of weeks to sign their orders.

(Note from Diana’s webmistress: You can also request free, signed bookplates for your copies of MOBY. Click here for more information.)

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  1. Congratulations! Have a great trip to Disneyland!

  2. Well then, I hope you’re enjoying your “new freedom” :-)

    - I just went and pre-ordered the book – unfortunately, it will be published too soon :-))) (I am still re-reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes and may not get to re-read the Echo soon enough :-) Such is life. :-)

  3. So excited !!!! Thank you for all the work that you do. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!!!!

  4. Congratulations! We look forward to your Germany tour when it’s announced.

  5. Congratulations! so excited to read. is this the last book of the Outlander series?

    • Dear Michelle–

      No, it’s not the last book. There’s one more (I think), and a prequel, about Jamie’s parents.


      • My vacation and the publication of this book are at the same time….how blessed odd is that? Oh and I can’t wait for the prequel….

      • Really excited about both the one more book and the prequel about Jamie’s parents.

      • YEA!!!! So happy to hear the ride isn’t over yet!!!
        Thanks so much!!!

      • O thank the Good Lord and you Diana, I was so anxious and looking forward to MOBY but then woke up in a cold sweat a month or so ago .. realizing it could be the end of the story.. YIKES !! talk about apprehensive anticipation.. Now I can breath again and really look forward to my preorder.. btw.. don’t know if you have ever been a Gordon Lightfoot fan or know his music ..but please check out ” If you could read my mind” .. most of the song/story fits.. makes me cry everytime a lot of it reminds me of Jamie & Claire.,.. Congratulations !!!

        • I had pre-ordered it too – it arrived and I just finished reading it for the first time. I got to the end, and I held it over my heart for a few minutes (I’ve never felt the urge to do that before with a book!) and then re-read the last few pages. What a wonderful roller coaster ride this book was! Thank you Diana for giving us some closure at the end of this one – it was so hard to wait from Echo in the Bone (worrying about Jem in that tunnel and afraid he would travel by himself unexpectedly) – MOBY was such a beautiful book, I just can’t say enough about it. The Fiery Cross was my favorite up to now, but it’s got to be book 8 for me now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

      • I pre-ordered MOBY and have not been able to put it down since it arrived 6 days ago. My eyes are bloodshot and gritty! I’m nearing the end and suspect there must be a sequel as there are a few loose threads to be tied-up. Of Course there are still a hundred pages or so to go and anything can happen. Its a wonderful story full of life (both when its smooth and when its a struggle) and love, of course! Best yet in my opinion. Thank you Diana for the effort to bring another great book to fruition.

      • Dear Diana,

        thank you so much for writing such extremely beautifull, touching, moving fiction!

        I am more than half through the new book by now, and feeling quite a bit hopeless, knowing it will soon be over, leaving more questions then answering, bringing more characters close to my heart over which to worry… and another 3 to 6 years of waiting and worrying in front of me… but eased immensely by the knowledge that there will be an ending, should nothing happen to you, which God forbid!

        As I have meanwhile shifted from my native German to your original English (to get my hands on your writings faster *g*), I do not know about Mrs. Schnells translation any longer (she did a great job with the books that I first read in German and later in English). But I may remark that she either did not read all the parts of your book that included german sentences (or phrases or words…) or looked over some of them before the book was published. The Soldiers who knocked William down said something that did not make much sense, and there was at last one more thing I remember frowning upon, but have, alas, not memorized. Maybe I will find it again while reading your book the second or third time, and then add it here.

        Thank you again for arising and binding my interest anew – and I hope sincerely that you will not be discouraged or bored by the subject or otherwise brought to give up writing of Claire and Jamie, Roger and Bree and their little ones, Ian and Rachel, Lord John and Hal, Denzell and Dottie, Fergus and Marsali, Germain and all the others until you can at least bring the storylines of these main characters to a satisfactory end.

        Sincere greetings,

      • SO Glad it won’t be the last book! I’ve read all the others TWICE and am almost finished with the First book for the third time.. Have been anticipating this MOHB for SO long. I thought no one could top Stephen King as my favorite Author, but YOU are right up there with him with your own Beautiful Style of writing! I LOVE the Outlander Series.. I feel like the Characters are real and I love them all.. Especially Jamie and Claire of Course.. YOU are a Genius.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t wait to read and see Outlander on Starz this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What a trooper, finished and still writing at 4 in the morning.

  8. YAY!!!!! Party and vacation is WELL DESERVED.
    Cannot wait to read it!

  9. So, what color towels this year? :)

  10. Reading the series through the second time, and am now halfway through Echo. Perfect timing! Can’t wait to read MOBY and meet Diana on June 11!

  11. I’m looking SO forward to this and to meeting you in Dallas to have you present it in person to us! Your schedule is packed in June so I hope you get some rest and that we don’t have a heat wave going on when you get here; meeting you will be a highlight of my life ;-)

    I’m listening to the series this time around, and the audio version brings even more depth to the stories, but I guess I need to hurry up–I’m only halfway thru “Drums of Autumn”…will MOBY be out in audio as well (and will Davina Porter be narrating? She Rocks!)?

    The story of Jamie’s parents will be quite welcome, and I’m anxious to see how you are tying all the threads together since you say there may only be one more. I personally also want to learn more about Michael and Joan (“The Space Between” left many possible story lines open, which is of course something you do better than any other author I’ve ever read).

    • Thank you so much Diana! I’ll schedule my vacation for the week MOBY comes out and send my family packing!

      hi Linda

      A couple years back I tried to find FIERY CROSS on audio. Did you find that one also?? If I remember correctly there was a long wait on that one due to licensing or some such.

      • Hi, I’m listening to “Fiery Cross” again right now. You can get it on audiobooks.com. They have all the books and have the best prices. I’m listening to the entire series again and love even more this time! Hope this helps.

    • I love the audiobooks too. Davina Porter and Dianna are a perfect marriage. I had written Dianna on Goodreads a couples months ago about the audio release and she said it would should be out at the same time. I’m sooooo excited. My birthday is June 6th, couldn’t ask for any better gift!!!

  12. HIP HIP HORAY!! I don’t blame you for celebrating! A job well-done deserves a reward.


    Enjoy your accomplishment.

  13. Congratulations to you, Diana! And I hope the copyediting process isn’t too painful….. ;)

  14. Dear Diana,

    Wow!!! So excited to read this book. I’ve read all of them twice so far and will most definitely do so again. Thank you for all of your fabulous books. Please keep up with your wonderful work.

    Congratulations on your new release and just cannot wait to see the Outlander series on Starz!!! I was so thrilled when you posted the news on your website!!! I pray this new chapter in your life brings you above and beyond all of your hopes and dreams!!!!

    Wish you much more Success and Happiness!!

  15. Dear Diana,
    My congratulation on your finishing writing another masterpiece!!
    Heartfelt thank you for doing so!!
    All the very best to You and Yours,

  16. Congrats!!!!! Can’t wait for the book, have already preordered 2 books, 1 for myself and 1 signed copy as a birthday gift for my daughter. One question, will the TV show be available on Canadian networks, as I am unable to locate the “Starz” network anywhere. Hope you’re having a wonderful rest before you start the next one.

  17. Just fantastic! Congratulations and happy Relaxation Time!

  18. Looking forward to taking this book to the beach and reading with the waves in the background!!
    Thank you for all your hard work on these books!! They are the BEST!!

  19. Diana,

    I am so happy the book is finished, I can’t wait to start ready MOBY and pick up my signed copy in Pasadena. You are my favorite author and I know this new book will be GREAT. Next is Outlander on STARZ this summer.

  20. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, I’ve read read all the others and I’ve just finished up the latest installment of Sharon Kay Penmans’s Plantagenet series “A Kings Ransome” So now my summer will be complete and what will I read next???….LOL.

    Hope you have a wonderful summer


  21. I can hardly wait ! And thank God it’s in time for summer vacation!! But I must know….what was the name of the Austrian wine you had….they do have a few of my favourites!! Hope to see in Ottawa, Canada to sign my MOBY copy !!

    Cheers !

  22. It’s Amazing!!!, now, just wait for the book translated to spanish on amazon.com, because in Chile, I will could expect years to read it

  23. Congratulations! And, a well deserved rest I am sure.

    I was talking with a co-worker about time travel books having just read Jack Finneys Time and Again. Her top favourite is the Outlander series, as of course is mine. I had planned to do a reread of the series – I have been an Outlander reader since the 90s- in anticipation of the 8th book coming in June. So I thought I would have quick look at the first chapter of Outlander as I was actually reading another book. Well next thing I know I am in the middle and there is no way I am putting this down until it is done. The amount of detail and plot that goes into these books is astounding. And, even though this was most likely my fifth reading of this book, there is always something new that I missed on previous reads. Quite an achievement for a book written for practice!

    Your books stand head and shoulders above others and I do thank you for your efforts and hard work. Your books are well worth the wait. And, if we are impatient, we can always just read them again!

  24. When will the NEXT book (After Moby) be out!!

  25. A winter read for those of us from downunder. :) A chance to curl up in a cozy chair close to the fire pour a glass of red and sink into Claire and Jamie Land. I shall begin pre-cooking and freezing meals the week prior otherwise it’s likely that no will get fed around here until the last page is turned.

  26. I’m so excited – we get the book in Australia first!!!

  27. Thank you Diana! I’m very excited to read that MOBY is complete – congratulations to you!

  28. THANK YOU!!! Cannot wait!!!! I first read the book/books beginning in 2000…….have since read all of them 3 times, just finished Echo in the Bone (again), and missing Claire and Jamie and Ian, etc etc etc…..my daughter first introduced me to them when she lived in London, she stayed in her pajamas all day, but read the entire book ;D Best books I’VE EVER READ…..and I’ve read a LOT.

    Thank you again Diana, you are a wizard in the best sense of the word!!!

  29. REST? What rest.
    When will -next- book be released.
    (LOL) Thank you so much for the joy
    your books have given me.

  30. AWSOME!! Glad that it’s almost ready… :) so excited to get it, since it comesout on my anniversary I’ve told my husband that MOBY is what he can get me… yay!!
    Love you and all your books!!

  31. Hello from Finland. I love the outlander books. My sisters insested that I read these books and I thought what are they on about so I read them. And havent regret it. Waiting for the series… And the new book

  32. YEAHHH cant wait to read it! Great job! I want you to know I have now fell in love with Ron Moore I had no idea who he was until he took this on I have watched all the fan gatherings and I love him! I truly feel like this is his baby as well as yours! He gets what we all get! SOO EXCITED!!

  33. This question is rather out of context here. I have been reading several threads regarding the character of Frank Randall on CompuServe. They were discussing the large age difference between Frank and Claire but nowhere in these threads does anyone say exactly how much of an age difference. I enjoy reading things on CompuServe, Facebook, and Twitter but I really do not like to post things there.

    If anyone reading this can answer my question as to Frank’s age, I would appreciate it. This is the only blog that I do post things to. Thank you.

  34. Can’t wait for June 10! I’m addicted to the Outlander series… Read the first four books back-to-back many years ago, then retread them all each time a new book came out. As well as listening to the audio version in between readings! I won’t have time to retread the whole series this time, but will I reread An Echo in the Bone before June 10.

    I don’t get Starz on cable so I’ll have to figure out how to see the video of Outlander.


  35. Congratulations! But now I’m confused concerning the release date in Germany:
    Once you announced June 9th, and now it’s July 21st?
    If that’s right, I’m going to pre-order the English book..

    Thanks, and all the best

    • Hi, Sabine!

      Yes, the German publisher had set the date for June 9th, but decided that their production process really wouldn’t let them make the book as solid and well as they’d like, without more time–so they’ve changed the date for German publication to July 21st. I hope you’ll enjoy whichever edition you get!


      • Hi Diana,
        thanks for your answer. In fact, I ordered the English edition at buch.de, and they sent me the book from Random House which arrived yesterday! That’s perfect, because I’m going on holidays next Sunday. BUT I have to admit that I read the last page already, just to be sure that Jamie and Claire are still alive and together…
        Have a nice weekend

  36. Thank you for the wonderful storytelling. I wish I was as proficient at explaining the story to my uninformed friends as you are at writing it! As others have commented, re-reading each book is a continuing series of “Ah hah” moments when I am able to tie something from Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, etc. to something which happens in ABOSAA, or AEITB, like those titles themselves in Outlander. Love, Love, Love the continuity and attention to detail! Thank You!!

  37. I finished rereading them all, and still have time to wait. I can reread the last one again, cuz it’s the only one I have only read 2 times. I am so ready…..

  38. Reading the recent daily lines and Diana’s hashtag at the end, I am tickled to know that after a well deserved rest, it looks like another book may eventually come our way! For now, I will savor some re-re-reads of some of the previous books and try not to hop up and down in anticipation of My Heart’s Own Blood.
    PS I’ve started reading some Revolutionary War history – the attention to detail in Echo in the Bone is outstanding.

  39. You have made us all part of this family. They are real to us. Your writing and details are wonderful. Can’t wait
    For the new book and the series on Starz. I have read them all 3 times and will read over and over . We have even gone to Scotland, used Hugh, the same guide you used, and visit all the same sites, including the split stone( damn- it didn’t work for us). Thanks for the joy of these books.–Wanda

  40. Diana,

    Congratulations !!!!!

    I am certain you are feeling better now that the book is finished.

    I hope you have a nice long relaxing break before you tackle
    the next project.

    I look forward to reading MOBY.

    Take care & Be Safe !!!

    susie o.

  41. Hi Diana…congrats on sending your Baby off with the FedEx person. I am so glad we are all going to see this on the screen. You and this story have been in my head for years. I reread “Outlander” and found a clipping inside. You and Hubby sitting in your home…he has a kilt on and is very handsome and you look really happy! It is from People Magazine, 4/14/97!!!!!! Looking forward to all these new pages of the Frasers and family (preordered). See you at the Biltmore.

    Oh, just finished The Space Between – what a tease! :) Can’t wait, but have to.

  42. Dear Diana,
    As many of those following your page, I’m a huge fan of Outlander series. I use to re-read the entire serie each time a new book is coming, it’s like to see old friends after a while. I have wait for so long to the next, but I read them in French… Do you have any idea of when the French traduction will be available? ( I hope it’s soon then I will stard re-reading soon! :) Enjoy your summer and I really think you’re the best author I’ve ever read.

  43. Just read that Outlander will premiere on August 9 at 9pm on STARZ! What a great summer this will be!!!

  44. Hi Diana,

    Hope u have a great Mother’s Day, as I will have also.

    Can’t wait to eat ur new book on my kindle in June.

  45. I need to to thank you for this good read!! I absolutely loved
    every bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to look at new things you

  46. Dear Diana,

    I’m sure that you have heard this a million times but I just want you to know that your books are very sacred to me and the characters within them. This is important for me to tell you especially now with the TV series coming out. While I’m sure it will be lovely, no one can create Claire & Jamie but you. Claire has been a person of influence in my life. As a women myself with see-through thoughts on my face & an abrupt and straightforward communication style, I was quite lonely in a world full of extremely feminin woman before I came to meet Claire. I also became fascinated with medicine because of Claire and after six years working in corporate life, I made a wonderful career change and became an RN. Even now when I am away from the hospital on my medical missions with no modern commodities I ask myself, “What would Claire do?” I can’t thank you enough for these people you’ve given to me. Fiction or not, they are very real to me.

    -Cory Lietz, Greensboro, NC

    • Thank you, Cory!

      What a lovely message. I’m so glad you found your way to what you really want to do!


      • This is one of the aspects of your novels that regularly makes me wonder “How come the author knows so well what happens to ‘different’ women”?

        I am quite able to differentiate between the narrator and the author and your characters certainly live a life of their own I am able to follow and imagine when reading, but whenever I read (details) about the consequences Claire’s behaviour has I wonder “How comes Diana knows all this?” :-)

        Because it sounds so real … to me, too. Luckily, I stay within the novel world in all other situations, asking myself no (intrusive?) questions about you :-)

        • Dear Alcessa
          It is only my opinion but I believe Diana Gabaldon is Claire. Wouldn’t it be fun and enlightening to ask her husband his definition of femininity? DD

  47. Hi Diana

    I’m looking forward to the next part of your epic story and have been with you since the beginning. However, I am starting to worry now because I don’t know how I’m going to see the TV series. I don’t have satellite tv here in the UK if that is where Startz show. Any idea if our BBC might have shown intrest over here please.

    If I can’t see it then I’ll still have my books.

    best regards and enjoy some downtime before we start trying to drain you rest again with our demands for news of publication dates etc.

    Diane x

  48. Diana,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful novels and the amazingly human and flawed characters you’ve created. I love the true life situations you’ve created with the ever-so-slight touch of the fantastical thrown in. I honestly believe at this point that Claire is my favorite fictional character to read about because I can identify with her so easily, and Jaime makes me smile because he’s so much like my husband.

    I also wanted to thank you for the immense amount of research you’ve poured into writing these books. Being an individual in the health field, it’s been a real pleasure reading from the point of view of a woman with medical knowledge, as well as the same practicality and pragmatism required of those in the medical field. Working on the transfusion end of things myself, I was especially tickled when you brought up blood typing and the laws of inheritance. Thank you for remaining true to that concept when so many others take liberties with it!

    Enjoy a well-deserved rest, Diana. And again, thank you for the opportunity to follow your story.

    ~ Nikki H.

  49. Hi Diana,
    I just finished reading A Breath Of Snow And Ashes and as always,I hate it when it ends! I haven’t read one of the series in about two years and over those months I kept wondering what they were doing and hoping that they were all safe! It’s like they are family and you have them in your thoughts always,not as a character in a book but as people you’ve known for a long time. I can’t wait to get hold of An Echo In The Bones and the new one to see what they are doing and find out if the baby is ok.LolThat has to be the sign of an amazing author to hold readers like that. I have been working on my family tree between books and I discovered that I am half Scottishso it’s been really interesting to learn a bit of history along the way. Thank you so much for the many hours of pleasure reading your books and I hope you never stop writing!

    God Bless,
    Susan Mooney

  50. hello Diana,

    Can u tell me perhaps when the new book will be for sale in dutch please?

  51. Congratulations on completing Moby, Diana. What a full and exciting year for you.

    It’s on my TBR list now, but I’d rather it was on my bedside table.

  52. For all of you who want to “read” Diana’s magnificent books on unabridged audio they are All available at Audible.com* . MOBY (Written In My Own Heart’s Blood) is available for pre-order now & will be out on 6/10. The Jamie/Claire books are all narrated by Davina Porter; the Lord John stories are all narrated by Jeff Woodman [although tragically The Scottish Prisoner is dual narrated with the ill chosen Rick Holmes] The audio versions are wonderful!

    *THE best place for audiobooks, you can try your first book or two for free [link below], member prices are very reasonable, they have great sales, you can return books you don’t like and they have excellent customer service. No, I don’t work for them: my daughter is dyslexic but love books, and I’m just addicted to audiobooks because I can devour books while multitasking – I would invent housework to justify listening to Diana’s books non stop ; )


  53. Hello Diana,
    Congratulations you finished Book 8. Many hours of hard work and thousands and thousands millions of very appreciative people around the world.
    I know this is a really dumb question, my book store has two different hard copies available one costing more than the other, I don’t mind the price difference as I’d pay a thousand dollars for any of your books, it is rather the fact that I don’t wish to miss a single sentence, are they the same book with different covers, or does one have extra’s in it.
    Maybe I should just buy them both and stop asking a stupid question.

    Anyway I have booked Foxtel here in Australia so I will be watching The Outlander series, of cause I shall drive my other half crazy with shhhhh don’t talk, don’t make a sound, and yes plenty of see how wonderful this is oh and look its Diana on screen, hands clapping round of applause yay.
    Yes I know blabbering like a loon again only this time I never threatened to poke anyone’s eyes out bahaahahahah

    Congratulations once again, Big Big Big congratulations for Outlander the series. I’ve watched every interview etc and yes I was right when I called you kind generous and very humble, and let’s not forget very talented, many people have gifts in life most don’t ever discover them, you did, know this Diana We all smile, laugh, gasp, cry, hold our breath, and yes we all claim to know the characters personally.

    By the way your latest photos wow you look beautiful, my other half said you were a very pretty 40 year young lady.

    Lots of love and light.

  54. TV series, please do tell! When, where?

  55. My MOBY’s coming today! :-)

    Hm, the silence here … so you are all already reading it?!? Don’t tell me! :-D

  56. I got the book Wednesday evening, Started reading and didn’t stop but for sleeping and eating. So NOW I have to wait 4 more years to find out what happened to William?????

  57. Just finished the book – couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so downloaded it from Amazon. Love the Jamie, Claire & family story so much – have read all the books three times (so far!). If there’s another book, it will be a bonus as the way this one ended left me with a huge smile on my face and in my heart – I read the ending four times before I shut down my Kindle. Thank you for your dedication to your writing – the end result is priceless!

  58. Diana- moby was wonderful just wonderful. I have literally just finished and am sitting here teary and just had to tell you what a wonderful talented writer you are. Pray god there’s another novel- as I just can’t let go of the Frasers yet. Thank you

  59. My copy of MOBY was delivered to my door bright and early Tuesday AM; went back and re-read the last fifty pages or so of An Echo in the Bone….and just finished MOBY about half an hour ago. Well done! And I’m glad there’ll be another book, I’d hate to have to wonder what becomes of William. But will we have to wait another three (or was it four) years for the next one?? Congrats on the TV series, it airs two days after my birthday, so I may wait until then to do any partying… a lovely gift, eh?

  60. Ms Gabaldon thank you SO much for MOBY!

    I have just finished devouring MOBY and are still licking my lips. It was very, very satisfying.

    You’re an incredible writer, and I appreciate that you write such long stories for us (who wants an excellent story to be only 200 pages?) and all the effort that goes into planning, researching and writing such an epic novel.

    I’m going to go now and stretch my neck – it’s well cricked!

    Thank you again, and please please keep going with this story. Well, after a well deserved break/rest!

    Best regards,

  61. MOBY was wonderful, thank you so much! Well worth my sand papered eye balls- maybe I need some honey!

    Seems that action in the Revolutionary War heats up in the south around 1779- 1780…

  62. Oh My Gosh!!

    I just finished MOBY and cried tears of joy for the ending! I won’t give anything away, but, WOW!!! Very moving! I’m so please to have become an outlander fan. I look forward to seeing the series in August and book nine sometime in the future.

    I am so happy for you Diana, and wish you much success in your life!!

    Cheers for now!!


  63. Could someone please tell if I misinterpreted what I just read in MOBY, or I am losing my memory much sooner than I would have thought. I do not remember jenny knowing about Claire coming from the future., but what I just read about what Claire said, leaves me thinking she did.
    If that is correct, could someone please tell approximately where I could find this, if Jenny did know, if not just let me know, that I misinterpreted what I read, and Jenny does not know.
    Thank you, for any help

    • Back in “Echo” Claire and Jamie visit Lallybroch and find out Ian’s going to die soon. Jenny’s son Michael’s leaving for France and Claire decides to warn him against the Revolution to come. She tells the whole family who she is and Jenny gets really angry at her because she thinks she would not help Ian survive, which she obviously cannot.

  64. I just finished reading MOBY. I am dying for the next book as I have spent the last 3 months reading the entire series. I don’t know what to do with myself now, lol.

  65. Diana,
    Quick question, where in the mountains of North Carolina would you find Fraser’s Ridge on todays maps?

    Enjoy your books very much.

    Thank you,

  66. Diana,
    I must tell you, your series got me into adult fiction. I am 28 (with 2 kids) and have always gravitated to the faster orbs of YA novels… Until I found outlander. I have read the entire series twice, and just finished my first read of MOBY. I don’t care if we have to wait ten years for the next one! I am sure it will be every bit as wonderful and engrossing as the rest of the series!
    You have also given me the inspiration to start writing again as I used to in highschool. Back then I got too hung up on the supposed rules, I have never been one for outlines. So I will try your method of writing as you go. Thank you!
    Katrina from Saskatchewan, Canada

    • Best of luck with your writing, Katrina!

      Anything that lets you get words on the page is the Right Way to Do It. [g]


  67. just finished MOBY! another fantastic novel. thank you for these stories and for sharing them. love, love your writing, these intricate storylines, and characters. all the best :)

  68. I have read all the highkander books and am so VERY sorry to see the end. Can’t you continue the saga? PLEASE? Also I ordered The Exile and was so disappointd it was a cartoon!!!I wasted dollars!!!!

    • Dear Jo–

      It isn’t the end. Did I say it was the end? No. [g] There’ll be a Book Nine, in the fullness of time.

      As for THE EXILE…did you not notice the words “graphic novel” and the sample pages showing illustrations when you ordered the book?



  69. If anyone is just beginning the Outlander books, I envy you. Certainly multiple readings are satisfying but there is just nothing I’ve found that leaves you with a love of so many characters that you want to be real from the very beginning. We live in the foothills of North Carolina and those mountains are even more mysterious and beautiful because I know where the Frasers are and so near! It must take a great deal of courage to submit that first book and I am so grateful that you did. Your books have enriched my life and I know I am not alone in that belief. Thank you, Diana Gabaldon. Donna ( I can hear her say “my pleasure”.)

  70. Hi Diana…I just finished reading all eight books and most of the little books for the second time, and I think the chapter entitled, “The Second Law of Thermodynamics,” in MOBY is probably the most brilliantly written chapter that I can recall reading. Ever. My hat is off to you.

    • Dear Patti–

      Why, thank you! I appreciate that very much. [smile] It was one of those pieces where you know what you want, but have NO idea how you’re going to get it on the page. Glad it came across for you!



  71. I had never heard about your books before Outlander debuted on Starz – I love all things history and the previews sparked my interest, and it took one viewing of Episode 1 for me to look you up on line. I ordered the first book of the series that same night. I am not only addicted to everything OUTLANDER now but it has also sent me exploring various historical events in more detail. I just wish I had discovered your books years ago before my mother passed away as she was a voracious reader and would have loved them as she loved everything Scottish, Irish or English. Fortunately, a gift she left with me.

    I can’t wait to finish the complete series (which, hopefully, will make it to the small screen as well). I am in awe of you. Thank you.

  72. I have just finished “Written in my own hearts blood”. Loved the whole series.
    Looking forward to your next series! You write with such depth and feeling – Bravo!