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We Have An Air Date!

Starz Poster

We have an air date for the new OUTLANDER TV series!

OK. Let me start off with a few brief facts (in hopes of staving off reams of stuff about “But when is it showing in Outer Mongolia?”):

SONY is the corporation that actually owns the film rights.

STARZ is the American production company that is _making_ the tv show and who thus has the US licensing rights to air it. Sony will license the show to other countries individually.

This is the announcement about the Starz showing, which is why it’s for the US. The UK, France, Germany, Sweden, etc. are NOT being discriminated against; they (and a few hundred other countries) just don’t YET have licensing deals.

(Australia and Canada DO have licensing deals already: Foxtel SoHo will show it in Australia, Showcase in Canada. Neither of those channels has announced an air date yet, which is why it’s not here.)

OK. Y’all still with me? Good! [g] In that case…

STARZ’ production of OUTLANDER will air in the US on August 9th, at 9 PM EST, as the poster above says.

This is a regular cable-TV show (not a movie, not a mini-series), with a first season (and we hope there will be more) running 16 episodes. The first season covers OUTLANDER only; subsequent seasons, if we get them, will cover the other books.

Hang onto your seats: it’ll be FUN!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know, Diana.
    It’s actually much earlier than I expected it to be. I’m delighted!

    • Diana you are truly a gifted writer. I just finished Outlander not know what it all was about but I could not put it down.

      You gathered me right into your story and when it came to the rock and I kept reading and my mind was with you and then I thought – where am I? I literally had to go back and find out if I had missed something – truly marvelous writing and I relaxed and let it all flow. I now can hardly wait to get the next book from the library.

      I look forward to seeing it on Starz on August 9 and do hope that they will not cut you out as to me that would be most important with this book. Was fun to see how you and Frank look also in the book. You have me going – - – and good luck to you.

      • Now comes the hard part for you!! After you finish the series, and it is rather considerable, you will find your self scratching your head with other authors wondering how they are just not as good and interesting as Dianna. I hope you will find your own personal challenge in all that, once you finish the series though. Dianna is a bloody good writer and reading her works has challenged me to become a lot more picky in choosing what I read now.

  2. I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some Outlander merchandise starting with that poster!

  3. I am so excited, I feel downright giddy! I guess if I’m to make some Cherry Bounce, I’d better do it now!

  4. Hi Diana,

    When I saw the “a” I thought, “Someone else wrote this post because Diana would never make that mistake.” LOL! Then I saw your first sentence.


  5. I am so excited about this and I can’t even stand myself .. and neither can my family…but I don’t care!! Thank you so much for these books and for just being you because you are as much fun as they are!!!

  6. Thank you for explaining….I guess we Sassonachs are just panicking a bit! It’s hard to believe that the series wouldn’t be shown in the UK but it’s equally hard not to be jealous of the US fans.

  7. Thank you. Anyway we can help the process along for other countries’ fans? Or, is it all in the hands of the cable

  8. Thankyou Diana for the update ! Great news for our Outlander fellows in the US, Canada, Australia ! I, as well as many Outlander fans are in France, UK, Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc…but I’m sure all of us will manage somehow to watch our beloved series…the big question is WHEN ? . But, first of all, I’m so looking forward to GET MOBY IN MY HANDS !!!

  9. Wow! Excellent poster too.

  10. I am so excited for this production to air! I didn’t always feel this way but after several trailers, I’m hooked!

  11. I just entered the time and date into my phone calendar. An alarm will go off 15 minutes to show time!! Can’t wait. I just started a I just finished The Drums of Autumn and am starting The Firey Cross. Thank you!

  12. Wow!… Makes me quiet and wanna scream the same moment ;-)

    Does anybody know if we get this in the Netherlands?
    And while I’m out here…
    Does anybody know when we can read “written in my own hearts blood” in Dutch in Holland?

    Wow again…


  13. Thanks for the explanation, Diana. Not everyone is aware of the intricacies of the business side nor of the things that YOU have no control over. I appreciate your continuing to educate us in the “behind the scenes” details.

  14. I hope the series will become available on DVD. My cable company does not carry the Starz channel.

    • Dear Karen–

      Hey…do you know _any_ popular TV series that _doesn’t_ come out on DVD?


      • Hi Diana,

        Do you know if and when the Outlander series will be released on DVD? I can’t afford to add Star to my satellite package, but would certainly find a way to purchase a DVD. Last week I thought I’d found a way to watch the series on my laptop. Downloaded Microsoft Silverlight and was able to watch the first episode. I was so overjoyed, then the big letdown, when I found out I couldn’t watch the rest of the episodes. I was really down in the dumps.
        Diana, will you please send me an email letting me know when I can start looking for the Outlander DVD. Love, love, love your books.


  15. Wonderful news! Our household is all set to watch Starz’ Premiere broadcast of Outlander on 8/9: On Eight Nine, we will get a Ten on the Richter scale! Thank you Diana for the books, the vision, EVERYTHING. I’ve been following the TV Production closely online, and it looks beyond perfect, and amazing. The Cast, sets, costumes, scenery, props, dialog – it’s clear our beloved story is being lovingly, professionally, painstakingly adapted to the screen by perfectionists. AUGUST 9TH!!!

  16. 9 PM Eastern standard time or Eastern Daylight Savings time?

    • JerryT, since August 9 falls during Daylight Savung Time, you can safely assume it is 9pm Eastern/DST. Which is 8 pm, Central. I dont know if they delay for Pacific time on premium channels . . .

    • Daylight savings time in the east doesn’t end until October.

      • Dear Leah–

        Oh? Thanks. I live in Arizona; we don’t hold with new-fangled silliness like Daylight Savings… [g]


        • I wish Georgia did like Arizona. I hated Daylight Savings Time years ago when I lived in Georgia. Loved Arizona not going on it. Arizona got enough daylight anyway. When I moved back to Georgia, they had extended it to about eight months out of the year. It did keep me a little confused calling family back in Georgia when I lived in Phoenix figuring how many hours they were ahead .

  17. soooooooooo excited! I also can’t wait to read MOBY!! Thanks Diana–you’re amazing :)

  18. It’s all so very exciting, Diana!

  19. Thanks for the details. After all these years, it’s down to a few months..
    Wow..pinch me..

  20. Please, please, please… let there be more seasons :) Did the actors know they might be signing on for 8 ish years… or more?

  21. Excited doesn’t do justice to my anticipation!

  22. I’m so excited. I’m already planning my viewing party. I wonder if I can get some Rhenish…

  23. FINALLY!!!! I’m so freaking excited about this. You can bet I’ll have an Outlandish Party for at least the première…complete with costumes and proper food/drink for both eras. I’d get a piper, if I wasn’t afraid my neighbours would kick me out. ;)

    Je suis prest.

    Indeed. :D

  24. I can’t wait to see this series, but why is the time changed from present day to 1945 and why is Claire a nurse instead of a doctor. Also she and Frank are living in England instead of the U.S. But in spite of all the changes I am still looking forward to the “Outlander”.

    • Dear Linda–

      Ah…how long has it been since you _read_ OUTLANDER? There aren’t any changes. NONE of the novels is “present-day” and OUTLANDER _does_ start in 1945 (or ’46, if you read the UK edition [g]). Frank and Claire _did_ live in England, though the story is set in Scotland–and Claire was most certainly a nurse.


    • As I recall, Claire was a WWII combat nurse and went to med school when she returned to Frank and moved to Boston.

  25. Well I am watching Showcse tonight, here in Toronto.
    They just showed an Outlander preview and said the series would begin this summer.
    My guess it will probably start on Showcase in Cacnada on August 9, like in the US or maybe a week later.
    This is going to be a great summer first MOBY book the Outlander series.
    Now, if I can ticket to see you at the at the main library in Toronto on June 20. it will be a fantastic summer.
    The Toronto Librarry has will not release the tickets until later this month, but shall be attempt to get one as soon as they do.

    • According to Showcase’s website Outlander begins airing in Canada on August 24th.

      I’m looking forward to the series but also worried that it will be a disappointment if the actors’ portrayal differs too much from the mental image I’ve formed as I read and re-read the books. (That has been my experience with some other much-loved novels that I have read first, then later seen, adapted for TV.) Still, as this point I can hope that this series will be different (and as good as the books are).

  26. Diana, I have been waiting for this for 20 years! I last saw you at the tea party in my home in Phoenix. I look forward to seeing you at the Biltmore.

  27. Wow! I was all set to read ALL the books AGAIN for the 3rd time this summer (in french mind you! Le Chardon et le Tartan) and thinking to myself: “Would’nt it be great if they made it into a series??” and WHAM! I’ve just seen the add on Showcase (Canada)! I ran to my computer and called my Mom!!! I am beyond thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

  28. I am thrilled beyond belief! This is a 23 year old dream come true!!

  29. Thanks for the information! There will be hard days of waiting to see it in German TV. (If they don´t show it, I just look forward to buy it on DVD) I just started reading book 1 again (I think the 12th time) and I can´´t wait to read you new book this summer!

  30. So excited and have my calendar marked. Also re-reading books in order as I await MOBY.

  31. Ya know, the series is so rich in detail, the series could go for more than 8 seasons. Just saying.

  32. I guess I am a little confused. Will the series be shown on STARZ (which I subscribed to last year when I heard the shows was going to be on there) or will it be on the USA channel here in the U.S.?

    • Dear Cat–

      Ahh….did you read what I wrote? Did I mention the USA channel anywhere? No, I did not. Did I mention Starz? Yes, I believe I did. [g] Q.E.D. (Yes, it will be shown on the Starz network.) Hope you enjoy the show!


      • Thank you Diana. I do not know where I heard the USA info, but I appreciate you clearing that up.

        Also, thank you for these brilliant books. They have been favorites since they first appeared and I have gotten many people to read them. Of course they are also all fans now! We are all looking forward to seeing your characters on-screen.

  33. Thank you very much for the explanation Diana – no wonder you have a huge fan base – you look after us so well.

  34. Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!! Have it marked on various calendars! Am reading Outlander for the umpteenth zillion time!!!!!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you to Ms. Gabaldon for writing the whole series and especially the first one just to see if she could write and To Mr. Moore for taking on such a gigantic production and for pitching it to Starz/Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The teasers/trailers on Starz are Great!!!!!! We currently are watching DaVinci’s Demons on said channel!


  35. I just hope the Outlander series does not become bastardized as Charlaine Harris’ “Dead” series with Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood series). That deviated so much from the book I stopped watching.

    • Dear May–

      The production team is doing a fabulous job of (faithfully) adapting the story so far–I have every faith that it will be a pleasure to longtime fans as well as people who’ve never read the books. [smile]


  36. This is going to be such a pleasure. I know the utmost care will be taken with your Baby. You have to be a bit anxious and ready for it to happen. You have all our love and support. It will be tremendous.

  37. Love, love that poster! Seeing it depicted that way really hits right in the stomach. Jamie looks… unsafe! I’ve been re-reading the books for so many years, and knowing what’s coming later, I stopped feeling this part- the very first part of the book Diana wrote!

    She must have been so very frightened in the beginning, even though she covered it so well. And the fact that she CHOSE Jamie and this violent time later on… a Huge testament to how strong their Love is. Such a key plot element that she was a nurse who had experienced the violence of war. Otherwise, would she have survived it?
    Would she have made the same choice? Coming from the mostly safe and comfortable societies we live in, would you choose to stay?

    Can’t wait to see the show! Will subscribe to Starz in July just for this.
    Christa, I want to come to your party!

  38. I am soooo excited, as my friends who are new fans since I recommended the books to them. We plan on watching the show together as a group and the chatter back and forth is non-stop in anticipation. Can’t wait!

  39. Guess who’s coming back to the US earlier from her vacation?!?
    Wow, can you imagine the look on the Starz network CEOs when their August subscription just shoot through the roof?
    So happy for you Diana, and so happy for everyone involved in this endeavor.
    What a year this will be….{g}

    • Anne-Marie!

      Lovely to see you again, so to speak. [g] It’s been Totally Amazing already–all year–and getting more so by the minute! So glad you’ll be here to share it with us all!


  40. Just e-mailed, texted and posted of facebook to everyone. BEYOND EXCITED!!!! Viewing party already planned was just waiting for the date.

  41. I am just overjoyed at the prospect of finally seeing “Outlander” on TV and thank goodness Starz is presenting it. This is a dream come true. I’ve read and reread all the books at least 3 times and am waiting for the newest one to come out. Diana, you have done (and are still doing) a body of work here that will live forever. I cannot thank you enough!

  42. Just saw it advertised last night and I am sooooo excited. I have set a reminder on my phone and will be waiting with excitement!

  43. The poster made me excited! Claire between Frank and Jamie… I love it. How long should we have to wait to see the season 1 here in Tokyo?! Sob…

  44. Claire between Frank and Jamie. I love this poster! I’ll be a good girl waiting for the time we can see the season one here in Tokyo. Sob…

  45. HOW WONDERFUL…pardon my yelling…. :) My birthday and now the ultimate birthday present…I can’t wait, I will have my DVR set and ready to go…

    Best wishes for a very successful season and many more to come.


  46. Am so glad I found your books. It is like reading my history. I have only read two of them. Am on the third one, the Voyager. I am also reading the Scottish Prisoner at work during down time. So glad to hear that they will have a series on these books. I do get Starz and I shall be watching faithfully. Right now I have al the books you have written and will contune to buy them as they come out. Our local bookstore lets me know when there is a new one coming. Thanks again.

  47. All I can say is PTL – Praise The Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I am so HAPPY about this show. I have tried to pass on the “Outlander” bug to any who will listen: family, friends, strangers in lines I’m in.
    I finished book seven not long after its release and have re-read and listened to all of them again.
    So excited about book eight too!
    Thanks for the wonderful story telling Diana!
    Just got Starz and our kids, ages 20, 18, and twins 15, are so excited to have movie channels for the first time.

  49. I was happy to share with some of the Florida Gabaldons the timeline for the book and series. We all love your books and can’t wait for June and August. It will be hard to decide between watching or reading.

  50. This is awesome, I have read all the books and I must say that there are not many books that have made me laugh,
    cry and feel anger….The Outlander books have done this. Diana you are truely a gifted writer. I am soooo looking forward to seeing the series on television. Lets hope they don’t mess it up…

    Good Luck to you Diana

    Lets hope we see eight plus seasons….


  51. I am starting on the third book and am hooked on this series. I hope that STARZ does the book proud. I hate it when movies and shows deviate too far from the book. I don’t get STARZ, but that may have to change. Lol. Love your books in this series so far, Diana. Can’t wait to read the rest of them!

  52. Olá Diana!

    você sabe se a serie passara no Brasil?
    comecei a ler o primeiro livro agora.

    google tradutor sorry

    Hello Diana!

    do you know if the series happened in Brazil?
    I started reading the first book now.

  53. Thanks so much for the details.

    I can’t wait to watch it here in Edinburgh.
    Because of your books I’ve married a Scot and moved from London to Scotland
    and we have a lovely little boy called (yes you guessed it) Jamie.

    Much love


  54. Hi

    getting very excited about the prospect of seeing our heroes on the small screen but just wondered where it will be shown in the UK please. I don’t subscribe to satalite tv so wondered if it might be available either by dvd as a whole series or if not, can we pay to see it online?

    Meanwhile…. bring on my new book!


  55. I am so excited!! I have been anxiously awaiting the eighth book and now the stars release date is around the corner!!!!! Thank you Diana for all your hard work and keeping your fans in the know as always :)

  56. Diana

    If we are unable to purchase Starz, do you think the series will be on a video disk for purchase in the near future?

    • Dear Marianne–

      I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. Do you know _any_ TV show that doesn’t come out on DVD? [g]


      • Diana I do hope this happens. We are in NZ and Starz isn’t available. I will be the first in the very long que to purchase a of the series DVD!

        • Yep. Will be, or I think maybe already available. Telecom, now Spark, have the rights on their Lightbox package. $15 pm. I don’t think you have to be a Spark customer either. I’m just in the process of trying signing up for it myself, but I’m going to have to call in the family troops to sort me out, oh dear, lol. Facebook page Spark Lightbox! Have info.. And Google Spark lightbox Outlander.

          Best books I have ever read, fell in love with Jamie immediately! I come from a Scottish background, and even the book “sounded right”. At my first read I said this would make a wonderful film or series! And who I would cast for Jamie! And now at last we will see a Jamie Fraser in the flesh!

          I thing with the books that I found difficult was my inability to find a place where I could actually put the thing down, either to eat or to sleep! Hence some very bleary eyed mornings at work!

          I went to a Scotland on a Jamie Hunt. I found fantastic postcards, shaped like bagpipes, or a tammy, or a kilt, and then boots. I sent them gradually home, saying, look he can’t be far away, I’m hot on his trail.., .. Oops getting closer.. Etc , the girls at work loved them, as I had introduced them to the books as well, and were also avid fans!

          Unfortunately, I never found him, but returning to the books time and time again has been as pleasurable as the first reads.

          Great stuff Diana, from way down here in Kiwiland!

  57. Diana, I live in Spain and I love your books. Can I see the T.V series in Spain?

  58. Can’t wait for the tv series. Loved the books and was so glad to see you may be writing another one think there is so much more to tell wondering what will happen to William and Roger, Bree and children Love your books.

  59. For Australian viewers, Outlander will start on the SoHo channel on Foxtel on the 14th August – I am SO excited!

  60. Diana – my mom sent me Outlander many years ago. I started to read it and put it down. Then, a few weeks later – picked it back up…..and was hooked for good! Went thru them as fast as I could get them. Thank you for writing such a great series. I surely hope we’ll be reading the tales of Claire and Jamie and their offspring for a long time to come! And – a tv series. Wow. That’s awesome and reflective of what the public thinks about your work. You must be very proud! I’m trying to figure out how to persuade the hubby that we NEED to subscribe to Starz…… VBG! Many many congratulations on this and MOBY (just finished this morning!)

  61. Has this been rated yet for TV? Just wondering :)

    • Dear Peterette–

      The show airs on August 9th (in the US), so I wouldn’t expect ratings before then.


      • Thanks for your reply :) It is so awesome that you take time to answer your readers. The ‘real Diana Gabaldon’ answered my email (goosebumps, hehe). As a Canadian fan I am eagerly awaiting August 24th (Showcase) for the show. I’m re-reading Outlander (3rd time). Love your writing.

  62. Diana Gabaldon, I bought the whole series several years ago and loved them all so much when I purchased my kindle fire HD I bought the series all over again through amazon ebooks. I can’t wait for outlander to come out I’m really looking forward to it. I just know it will be awesome. I’ve posted it on Facebook.

  63. I just watched the first episode, all I will say for now ammmazing!!

    • Ok just watched it myself!! I realize premier date was 8/9/14, however it showed up this weekend ‘on demand’ for Starz! Thought it might be fluke… it was not! Very good first episode; have already set series to record starting on 9th, first episode titled Sassenach. If you subscribe to Starz and have ‘On Demand’, you might want to check it out if you (like me) just couldn’t wait another week!! Well worth the wait, very impressed with episode & looking forward to rest of series!!

  64. did someone just say AUGUST 24TH ON SHOWCASE FOR CANADA????? I got that channel just for the Outlander series and have been waiting as patiently as i possibly can. I have all the books in the series both in paperback and audio (as I am getting a little older and more trouble reading) but will be watching every show

  65. Hi Diana and all, smile,

    First let me say I absolutely love the Outlander book series and like everyone else can’t wait for the next one and at the same time don’t want the series to end, frown.

    I have watched the free episode of the Outlander series and love it too!! What about those of us that don’t have STARZ??? I already pay my cable company over $100.00 monthly and they want another 20.oo per month to add STARZ. Even if I chose to get it (which I won’t/can’t), I would still rather have a dvd to hold on to and replay at will.

    I have reread your books at least 5 times and would definitely replay the tv series if I owned it. I sent Starz an email asking them if it will be sold, hopefully the reply will be yes.



  66. We just had a Scottish-themed dinner party and watched the Aussie premiere…loved it!

  67. Dear Diana
    I have been an avid fan for the last 20 years or so and have just finished Written in my own hearts blood…wonderful and well worth the wait.
    Being a Sassenach I can’t wait until it crosses”The Pond”. Keep up the good work

  68. Thanks so much for all the information I just wish I was privy to it before this week, as I have stars and had no idea about the adaptation. I read the books a while ago when someone close to me told me I had to read them, she lived in Az. At the time. I read the first and was hooked. You my friend a a brilliant storyteller. I was in a local bookstore last week and saw the novel w/ the advertisement for the show and my heart jumped. I am always concerned that when books become movies they leave me wanting. However when they are turned into shows,especially on premium channels I.e. HBO, Stars etc. They usually cast well and are able to truly bring the story to life as they have a lot more time to do so. As in Game of Thrones. I have been watching the episode playing tonight and it seems to be done well. Unfortunately I desire to watch them in order, so I need to auto tune the first episode or wait for the DVD as I so often do. I have high hopes for this endeavor. I bought my uncle the first book a few years ago for Christmas, though he is more of a A. Rice, and K. Vonnegut fan he loved the book as well. Its a story that Transcends genres. Fantastic I am so happy that this tale went this route, thank you to everyone who made it possible.

  69. Congratulations and thank you. So far the TV adaptation of the book is SO well done. I am thrilled to be seeing the words I read come to life. The casting for Claire and Jaime are perfect. I, like most, were so worried about who would be cast and if they would be able to bring this couple to life and they have done such a phenomenal job. Thank you to them as well. Waiting for show on Saturday is almost unbearable and when the episodes end I am so disappointed. It has led me to read the series again. Just awesome.

  70. Being an Outlander lover, I was worried the show would not be done properly. I was wrong. This is absolutely the best series I’ve ever seen. The actors are all perfect for the book characters. Love all the interviews. Thank you Diana for your wonderful imagination!

    Finally my friends are buying the books and watching the show. They now understand how great the books are.

  71. I read the first Outlander book many years ago and for some strange reason could not get it out of my head. Then fate led me to the second book and the rest is history. Now I have all the books. And to see this story made into a series with such great actors playing the characters is fantastic. I have already purchased Season one and will purchase each season as they come out. Thank you Diana for having such an amazing imagination to create such a wonderful story.

  72. Just watched the last episode of season one tonight on Foxtel’s Soho channel in Australia. I am hooked! How can we possibly wait until April 2015 for the next episode? Is there any chance it will be released on dvd anywhere in the world before then?

  73. I am almost finished with Outlander (first book). I thank you for writing this group and look forward to finishing them. Excellent story, well constructed settings- made me feel as if I was there.
    Thank you,
    R Neely

  74. Great Series !!!!!!!!
    Do you know when it will be available. On DVD? I could watch this over and over again. Keep up the good work.
    I also have the books and started reading them. I sure would love the DVD.

    Thank you so much

  75. Diana, I was turned on to your outlander series very recently. Have read all 8 books in 4 months.
    Prolific, emotional, funny and so many other words to use but in the interest of time I’ll just say that I laughed, cried have completely fallen in love with the characters. My husband who was killed in a tragic accident speaks the me through Jamie. As he was scotch/Irish as am I, the wedding vows of Jamie & Claire brought back lovely memories in that we also included”bone of my bone…”.
    I anxiously await book 9 with the rest of your adoring fans. I am also a retired nurse & most enjoyed how Claire uses ancient herbal remedies with her 20th century skills. I admire her strength of character & resolve through
    Such hard times. Takes a very special person to survive with such odds.
    Looking forward to knowing how Bree/Roger, Ian et al & of course William all complete their final journeys.
    Thank you again for this wonderful journey you have given us.
    Paula Patton

  76. My wife is a huge fan of the books and has been waiting patiently for the show to air in the UK. I’ve just discovered it will only be shown on Amazon Prime instant video in the UK, which is hugely disappointing. I now have to consider whether to buy a new (smart) TV, subscribe to Amazon for £79 per annum or wait patiently again for the DVD release.

    I can’t help feeling this is likely to impact the overall viewing figures here in the UK.

    Husband to a Scottish wife.