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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


See the note below—this post is from July 6, 2014 and is a bit outdated…

I’m about to head back out in a few hours, to do my _last_ US/Canadian book-tour event in Traverse City, MI. But thought I might grab an hour to do a bit of updating before I absquatulate again…

First—I’m delighted that so many of you like MOBY!* Thank you so much for all your kind words.

As for the next book(s), I have no idea.** I finished writing MOBY on April 15th (having stayed up 36 hours straight to do it), spent the rest of April working 16 hours a day to finish the copyedits and galley proofs, then spent most of May dealing with everything (including stuff associated with the TV show) that was pushed out of the way during the Final Frenzy of MOBY. And on June 7th, all hell broke loose and I’ve essentially been on the road for a solid month, with three brief touchdowns at home (ranging from 12 hours to a whole day-and-a-half). So far, I’ve signed roughly 38,000 copies of MOBY and will undoubtedly hit between 40-50,000 by the end of summer. (No, I don’t have carpal-tunnel syndrome, but thank you for your concern.)

Now, I realize that it’s difficult to know what to say to a writer at a book-signing; I’d be tongue-tied myself, in the presence of someone I admired but didn’t know. It’s always great to hear, "I loved this book!" or "I love your books and I’m really looking forward to reading this one!" if you need a default. "WHEN WILL BOOK NINE BE OUT?!?" is possibly a little less welcome.

But I do appreciate the enthusiasm/impatience that spawn this question, so here’s what my immediate writing future looks like (assuming I survive the rest of the summer):

At the moment, there are only scraps of Book Nine—plus a useful "What I Know" document that I wrote right after finishing MOBY, about the "shelf-hung" subplots (those are bits that are kind of folded back on themselves, but not left as cliffhangers—like where William is going or what will happen to Lord John next).

Shelf-1-Gus I haven’t even formally sifted MOBY’s Mfile (the regularly updated list of files written for a specific book) and moved the remnant files to JAMIE9 (the directory/folder for Book Nine) yet (that’s a two-day job in itself). The next thing I do is to go through my major reference shelves, cleaning and tidying, and in the process, assemble the "core" shelf for Book 9–for any book, no matter how many references I consult along the way, there will end up being maybe five books that are _very_ helpful/relevant and that I use a lot, and maybe 5-10 more that I want to keep close to hand, for more limited but still important stuff. I keep one shelf for that core reference stuff, and refurbish it when I start serious work on a new novel. adding new sources as I come across them. Then I read through the relevant portions of ALMANAC OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, a _very_ useful book that gives brief notes on everything happening everywhere <g> on a given day, that had any importance in the Revolution. This is my first pass at a historical timeline (which lives in my head and evolves constantly over the course of a book). I’ll probably write bits and pieces while I’m doing these necessary chores, but it’s pretty random and nothing like the sustained effort that comes as I move fully into a book.

In other words, you’re not likely to see #DailyLines from Book Nine for awhile.

Now, there’s a _lot_ of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume 2 in existence. I’ve been messing about with that on the side for the last 2-3 years, and most of it is _there_, if not yet tidied into its final form. There are a few chunks of original writing still to be done for that–the detailed synopsis for MOBY is the first that springs to mind, though I’ll also need to add commentary to a largish excerpt section (specialized excerpts), and a few other bits to be collected or contracted (i.e., I may have to get someone to produce things like maps or floor-plans, as I can’t do better than crude sketches on my own). But IF I move OC2 to the top of the work pile (not as the main focus, but as the main side-project), it _might_ be ready for delivery to the publisher around January, and thus might be in print sometime in the first half of 2015, which would be nice. (I also need to do slight updates to OC1, removing obsolete material and maybe improving the Gaelic Pronunciation Guide—that sort of thing.)

Then there’s the HOW TO (AND HOW _NOT_ TO) WRITE SEX-SCENES ebook. That’s actually complete, but I finished it right before both the show and MOBY hit high gear, so I now need to read it through again and do final fiddles (and maybe include a few scenes from MOBY), then run it past my agent for response and suggestions (if any). Ebooks can be produced _very_ fast, though, so once we’re happy with it, it could be out within a couple of months–I’d kind of like to have it out this fall, but that’s a matter for discussion with agents, publishers, etc.

And more or less on the same level with Book Nine (in terms of how eager I am to work on them) are the prequel volume about Jamie’s parents (for which I have only fragments at the moment) and the first contemporary crime novel. I think I have about half of that, and it’s "live" for me–but will take a good bit of intensive work, both in terms of research and writing. On the other hand, it’s short by comparison with everything else on my menu.

And on the outskirts of my mind are the germs of what might eventually be novellas, but I haven’t had the time even to _look_ at those with any attention. They _are_ brief, though, and I might well pick one up to get back into my regular routine–come September. I’ll be traveling/working most of July and August, and won’t have anything like peace and quiet ’til Labor Day. (No, I’m not going to Dragon Con this year, unless Starz decides they want to have a presence there for the show, and at the moment, they don’t.)

In the meantime, any eager soul who foolishly asks me, "When will Book Nine be out?" will be politely ignored. Or bonked on the head with the copy of MOBY they just asked me to sign, depending…

*(And for those few who complained that the ending of MOBY was a cliffhanger….go back and read the end of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, to see what one actually looks like. <g> If you just wanted to "see" what happened next in MOBY…feel free to fill in your own version of "OMG! OMG! OMG! <hughughug> <weep tears of joy> OMG! OMG! OMG! <broken endearments> OMG? OMG? OMG? <hopping up and down> OMG!" I have complete faith in my readers’ intelligence and imagination, and I don’t tell y’all things I know you can figure out for yourselves.)

**Webmistress’s Note on August 28, 2015: A lot has changed in the year since Diana posted the blog above on July 6, 2014:

  • See Diana’s Book Nine webpage for excerpts (aka "Daily Lines") and current information.
  • The revised, updated and expanded version of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOLUME ONE, was published on March 31, 2015 in the U.S.A. This ultimate guide to the OUTLANDER series covers the first four major novels: OUTLANDER, DRAGONFLY IN AMBER, VOYAGER, and DRUMS OF AUTUMN. (The original OC was published in 1999. The U.K. edition of this guide was titled THROUGH THE STONES.)
  • THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOLUME TWO will be published in the U.S.A. on October 27, 2015. OC II is the guide to the second four major novels in the OUTLANDER series: THE FIERY CROSS, A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, AN ECHO IN THE BONE, and WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (aka "MOBY").

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  1. I’m just glad to hear that there are more “book(s)” on the way! Will wait patiently for more tales of the Fraser clan, as MOBY was so satisfying. Thanks Diana!!

    • Dear Diana, After reading the first book, all those years ago, I could just SEE the story made into a film. As the series progressed and was read, not only by me but my granny, mum, aunts, daughter, husband and friends, it was obvious this had MASS appeal !! This Outlander TV series absolutely must be screened in New Zealand (where we now live), and if not – I will upsticks and MOVE !! Regards, Sally

      • Sally,

        If you are not already aware, the first eight episodes of Outlander are available on Lightbox (the newish Spark venture) in New Zealand. No need to go back….besides we’re having a great spring here!


      • Sal ., they thankfully film in Scotland . Some places are just a few miles from me .im loving the TV series .i have just bought the first novel to read ,though my Aunt who has read all the books said she couldn’t watch the series ,as in her mind the characters IE Jamie and Claire didn’t look as she imagined

        • I watched the first 8 episodes and enjoyed the adventure. However, I, too, was disappointed that the actors didn’t fit the descriptions of how I imagined Jamie and Claire. I wanted the actors to look like their book characters. I have reread all the books each time a new one comes out. Passed on books to others, getting them hooked. Diana, you write with such detail that I feel I’m right in the story, watching Claire’s medical procedures and sharing the characters’ experiences with them. Ready for book 9.

          • Dear Carol–

            It beats me how anyone can reasonably expect that the actors in a show will somehow magically match any individual’s mental picture of characters in a book, but if that’s how your imagination works…I hope you go on enjoying the books!



          • Personally I was glad that the actor selected to play Jamie did not match the description in the book. He was much better! The constant description of long straight nose does not come across as an attractive facial feature. Sam Heughan is exceedingly easy on any eyes. Great choice. The book always describes Claire as busty and places a lot of emphasis on her eye color. As a female I can certainly forego the busty description. However, the eye color was more important to the theme and color enhancement or contacts could have solved that problem. In my view the book description of Claire could have only been satisfied in my view by a young Catherine Zeta-Jones. The more important factor in my view was whether or not the two actors play well together an portray the necessary chemistry. From that standpoint, EXCELLENT job of casting!

    • I know, right, Christine? *knowing look* We both know who it is at the end that a certain character spies with her little eyes and glasses. :)

    • I am glad to see there will be a ninth book. I could see MOBY being the last book but I’m thrilled I won’t have to imagine what happens after. I think I’ll start at the beginning again, so I’ll be caught up when the next one comes around.
      Thanks for writing such amazing books.

      • Talk about starting at the beginning again…..I have read the whole Outlander series twice. I’m on pins and needles waiting for book nine.

        • Only twice!!!!

          • Yeah, I’ve actually lost count. Definitely read them all twice but the particular favourites its been up to 4x times. Very glad to hear at the least book 9 hasn’t been ruled out. The other books do sound interesting but I think the majority of fans will always hold their breath for the next outlander book to come.

            In the most grateful sense… I would ask that you take your vitamins Diana, we need you writing this series for a very long time!!

        • I haven’t read MOBY yet but I have read the first 7 books at least 6 times and LJG books at least 3. I just haven’t had the money for MOBY but was given a book voucher for Christmas and guess which book it is?? MOBY!!!!

        • Only twice!!!!
          Every time a new book was due to come out I read the whole lot from the beginning again so how many times have I read the first one eight times I suppose.

        • I finished the 8th book an hour ago and I’m already missing Jamie & Claire. I’ve read the Outlander series twice in the last 11 months and book 8 three times. I love the history, romance and the beautiful writing skills of the author. I’m 62 years old and I told my husband tonight that if it takes Diana four years to write an Outlander book I might only get to read six more books. LOL I’m dreading tomorrow as I play back in my mind what’s going on at Fraser Ridge, where is William, how will the younger kids grow into the picture, will William come back to find Fanny a beautiful young women, will there be another cousin twist with William and Germain loving the same women (Fanny), will Mr. Christie come back to the Ridge and hook up with Jenny to only find out her son killed his son, will P. Beauchamp be from the future and related to Claire, will Works With Her Hands come back into Ian and Rachel’s lives, what will Brianna & Roger bring with them from the future, and which characters from the future will follow Brianna & Roger back for the gold and most important… how will it all end? The ending is what I play over in my head often. I have an ending to the story in my mind in case I don’t make it to book 15. But, until then I shall check out this new book Moby tomorrow? Sign me out as Missing the Fraser Clan.

    • I finished reading In My Own Heart’s Blood two weeks after it came out. A friend of mine is still in the area of book 4 or 5. As for MOBY’s ending, I’d like to say, I can live with it. My imagination is sufficient enough to form the rest of the stories of the main characters and I am happy with that. So no, as much as I would like a book nine, I think you have done an excellent job in bringing things to a close Diana! You are a gifted writer, and I can understand why people would want more from you, but I would never want to read a book where our Jamie and Claire pass on. This way they will live on in my mind for eternity. That’s what true love is (eternal) anyways, isn’t it? Well done Diana! Well done!

      • Dear Nancy–

        Well…there _is_ a Book Nine, I’m afraid, whether you want it or not. [g] Hope you’ll enjoy it when the time comes!



        • Diana

          Thank you for putting this note here that there will be a 9th book. I hope it will not take 5 years but I will be waiting for it none the less.

          You and Davina Porter captured my heart and interest from the very start. It was not long into the telling of the story that my wife became hooked as well. Your story telling and Davina’s voice gave life to the story like no other book has. I am reading it again for the third time from beginning to end (book 8). I have passed the title of the book on to many people and all have told me the same that the story is amazing. So on behalf of many people thank you.


          PS. I do have some suggestions on the next book if you like. :)

          • I just love that “Davina Porter” is Brian Fraser’s mother according to the Outlander Family Tree–(wink, wink).

        • Diana thank you for your books – I love them, esp the medical stuff ( I’m a nurse) I’m glad there will be a 9th. As a grandparent I hope Jaime and Claire will have the opportunity to enjoy, love on, teach and learn more from their children and grandchildren. It makes having kids really WORTH it. Thank you for Jaime and Claire’s family who have become like family to your readers. Love the TV show- wow they are doing it right. Remember to take time to take care of yourself.

        • Amazing. I have read few books multiple times. The Godfather and Gone with the Wind co me to mind and then the whole Outlander series. Book 9 the number of upheaval and change. It make me happy to read about the family reuniting. Thank you!

        • hi just finshed readimg moby. it was a long wait but well worth it. we did not get it here in England till augs. now I see there is a tv series. I hope we get to see it here as well will just sit and wait for next book. regards Margaret

          • Dear Margaret–

            Maybe you didn’t notice it until August [g], but I assure you, it was published in early June, at the same time as the US edition. Glad you enjoyed it!


        • Oh Joy, Oh joy!!!!

          Thank you Diana!!!

        • Diana, I must agree with Nancy…..A wonderful ending with the last book. I’m excited for another, yet if you change your mind another wouldn’t be nesessary….Bravo!

          • Nuh uh! Don’t listen to her! You keep going with 9,10, 11….(g)
            Bonnye Garman

          • I have to agree the ending of the last book was wonderful, leaving lots of questions to be answered. I can’t agree that another book isn’t necessary, as the story has not yet reached its conclusion. You wouldn’t be happy if a film or TV series ended without finishing the story, would you? The only difference here is that Diana is writing this on her own. I can wait. I don’t want to, but as Diana is not superwoman, I’ll have to and buy it as soon as I can.

        • Thanks for being such an amazing writer!! When reading your books, it feels like i am there.. you are such a visual writer!! Eagerly awaiting 10!!

        • Thank heavens, Mrs. Evans!!!

        • Thank you for these wonderful books that I have enjoyed and now get to enjoy the show!!!

        • Diana

          I must say that, although I adore the Outlander series and all things related, I am more than a bit disappointed and craving more concerning Jem’s, et al, journeys! Book 9?

          • Dear Debbie–

            How can you be disappointed in a book that doesn’t yet exist? I’ve just begun to engage with Book 9; it’ll be along in the fullness of time.



          • No, no. I meant will Jem’s journeys be in Book 9? Just curious, and it is just the ending of MOBY that left me craving more….so, job well done. I, too, will be patient and look forward to your many other offerings.

        • Well…it would be interesting to know that if Claire passes on in the past….she is bound to be born in the future once again?…..What then? Will she have scraps of memory of her past life in her mind????? Interesting…no???

        • Diana, I’m thrilled to hear you will write book 9. HOWEVER, I’m 83 years old, so please hurry.

          • I know what you mean,i am 63 and feel the same apprehension,these characters have opened up a whole new life for me.

          • I am 75…ditto regarding the concern…doubt that I will be time traveling to read books 11 and 12, worse luck.

          • Ginger,

            I just turned 80, so I understand your desire to have book 9 finished as soon as humanly possible.

            Diana, you do a superb job of bringing your characters to life!!

          • Dear Diana,

            Your books, translated in Dutch were bought by me.
            I told my parents about them and they were reading them too, and later on my youngest son now 21 is also a big fan.
            But we lost my dad 4 years ago, and he really wanted to read book 8, my mum is now 80 years old and is reading book 8 now and asked me to mail you not to wait to long with book 9.
            Further I want to tell you because of your books we (my husband, son and myself) visited Schotland and the special places like Culloden etc. this summer. And we had a great time.
            Greets your fans from the Netherlands

          • My sentiments exactly, Ginger.
            The only downside with the Outlander series is that it makes all other books less desirable to read. The Fraser clan take over!!
            The series has been a life saver to me after my husband died.
            Heartfelt thanks Diana

        • Thank you for book 9!! Your books are amazing and I’m hooked!! I will patiently wait for the next book.

        • I am so glad that there will be a Book Nine! As I do agree with Nancy and DO NOT want to hear of Jamie & Claire passing on, it felt so….unfinnished with the ending in MOBY. I am patiently awaiting the next “chapter” in this amazingly wonderful story! (Trying extremely hard to be patient!) ;-)

          Thank you Diana for giving us all this wonderful story!

          Warmest Regards,


        • I have just read about Rogers parents . Now there is only MOBY left, [VIRGINS too when i get it ] I think I will leave MOBY and reread and listen to all the others again , knowing that it is there safe on my shelf comforts me. I loved that you are going to write one about Jamies’ parents .I read the Christmas gift you gave us about them and had tears in my eyes while reading it and i don’t know why. I laugh and cry reading your books.
          Do you think you will ever come to BRISBANE QLD AUSTRALIA ?
          I would love to see you if you do.
          FROM CAROL

        • Who says either Jamie or Clare would have to die for more books to be written. It is time travel, and they are still young enough to be grandparents, and even great grandchildren growing up, raising up other characters, traveling through the stones, and there are people like Dotty and Gerry who could make a comeback. Dotty could have fallen through time, and Gerry never really finished his story. Then there is Brianna and Roger and their precocious children, and Ian and Rachel, and Fergus and Marsali and they could grow up to have their own stories that are exciting adventures that twist and turn a whole lot like their Jamie and Clare’s story has.

        • Have been needing something that suited me to be placed on my gravestone. As a musican I thank you for, “Thig crioh air an t-saoghal ach mairidh ceol agus gaol”

        • Hurray!! Just finished the 8th one and ready for more. Would like more details about Bree and Roger and how they finally traveled to the correct time.

        • Since I hadn’t been expecting there to be a Book Nine, this is really good news – even if it means another year or more waiting for it to become available for us all to read! Reconciling myself to the series’ apparently being complete was peaceful, if a little sad.

          Thanks for all your heroic efforts to carry on the good work, which I’ll look forward to reading as soon as it gets published in the UK.

          Best wishes,

        • yippy!!!

        • I’ve read all your books and am starting over. Don’t wait too long for #9, please!! I’m 74 and hopefully will outlive the time it takes for you to complete the series! I’m like the other woman tho – I don’t want to see Claire and Jamie die. Also…the TV Outlander is GREAT!

        • Yes Ma’am; I am ready and very happy you’ve decided on book nine. I wait patiently… Kathy S. Mackey

        • I am glad, glad, glad, that there is more to come. I do however agree with the sentiment of the previous comment. When Brianna and family are sited on the ridge
          It transformed the story. I think we all took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief that the family was rejoined. As for Claire and Jamie’s eventual demise, their lives have already defied time and place, surely it will conquer the afterlife.

      • Of course we need book #9! My imagination doesn’t come close to that of Diana’s! I’m on my third go-around and absolutely cannot wait for the next book.

      • No, the stories of all the characters are far from complete. Like how did Roger and Bree manage to get to the right year after landing in the wrong one, what happens to William, John Grey, Jamie and Claire after Bree arrives. There is still more to tell and the war is still going on and I am betting will reach Fraser’s Ridge eventually. I don’t know about others, but I need that 9th book to tie up all the loose ends. Liz

        • Liz, the reason Roger and Buck went to the wrong year was that Roger concentrated on the name Jeremiah instead of Jem and found his father rather than his son. The reason the family found Jamie and Claire (without incident?) is because there are no other characters they could ever mistakenly fix on when they mean Claire and Jamie… Happy reading and waiting patiently for B9. By the way, whatever happened to Buck? (eyebrows going rapidly up and down…). Carole

    • I’m also very glad that there will be a new book! I’m an avid reader and I have a hard time finding authors I especially enjoy reading. Mary Stewart, Susan Cooper, and Susanna Kearsley are some of the few in my list of special favorites. By the time I was midway through Outlander you had been firmly placed in that list. I can’t wait to see where you take the characters I’ve come to love next! Best wishes on the new Outlander Series (which I set up as a series recording as soon as it was possible to do so) and many more wishes for continuous inspiration as you work to bring the Fraser family and their many adventures back into our homes!

      • Thx for sharing your list of fav authors. You might like Mary Doria Russell, another cross-genre author. Like this series, I had to reread her first three immediately-could not let go of the characters. Other huge favs include Robin McKinley, Anne McCaffrey, Patrcia McKillip.

        • Another author I reread each decade is Dorothy Dunnett.. 2 storylines.. lots of books to keep you busy and happy.

          • I have not loved a series of books as much as Dorothy Dunnett’s 2 different series until I discovered these books.

            Little denser and many more characters to keep track of… not for everyone.

          • Lynnoel,

            Another first-rate series is the one written by Patrick O’Brian, of “Master and Commander” fame. There are 20 novels in the series. Not a romance series, but it does have romance in it (no graphic representations of sex, which is fine by me), but if you like well-written novels, engaging characters, and a real sense of nautical history (during the Napoleonic years) you will love this series. You will probably remember “Master and Commander” with Russell Crowe as Captain Aubrey. Well, it’s the first book of the series. Not thick novels generally. But, O’Brian packs a lot into them. They give you a real sense of the time, the limitations of medical knowledge and practice and the rigors of British Naval life. Maybe you need more male genes to appreciate this. But, give it a try. Deeper by far than the Hornblower series.

    • Dear Diana,

      My mom and I read all of the then available Outlander books when I was a teenager. I recently reared all of them to my husbands disgrace. He didn’t see much of me for two months…. Just in time for book #8. But then I realized I had to wait 6 extra weeks because I read the series in German. Well, the wait was worth it’s while thanks to the newly discovered Lord John saga and novellas.

      I love the never ending adventures, history intermingled with fantasy, the nature, and the characters the reader would love to be related to. The saga is a great escape from the daily routine. It constantly makes me smirk. It’s exciting and relaxing, as well as philosophical. I like to juxtapose the changing family dynamics of the Frazers’ world and our world of individualism and industrialism. Sometimes I would like to travel back in time.

      Please, please, please, after all your hard work, take a vacation and take your time with your next project so that I will be as exciting as the current 8 books. And you deserve a break! Us readers will all wait patiently and appreciate the result the better.

      In the mean time there is the TV series which I personally will not watch – at least not for now. Taking a brief peak at Claire’s actress (blue eyes, too dark hair and too skinny) does not fit her description (thus other actors probably won’t as well). I prefer to keep my own images of the characters at least until I have read all Outlander books that will ever exist.

      Thank you! With deepest admiration for you’re work,


      • Dear Maria–

        Your choice, but I think you might change your mind, if you see these people _act_, as opposed to comparing still photos to your mental images of the book. Starz is offering the first episode free online (on http://www.starz.com, on YouTube, and on various On Demand channels) from now through Sept. 28th, so you got nothing to lose! [g]



        • Diana,

          My husband and I just watched the preview on Starz. The casting of Jamie, Claire, Frank/Jack, Dougal et al was better than I could have EVER hoped for!

          Outstanding job all around!

        • I have to say- I became a fan of the series as soon as the theme song was over, and as such I am going to buy and read all the books. So far, it seems like the series is a page for page re-creation, which I love, because I fell in love with Claire and Jamie based on the strength of the writing in the series, and the books (haven’t been able to put Outlander down yet!) are even better so far. Part of me wants to see what happens, and the other part doesn’t want to “spoil” the series :).

          I work for a museum, and the costuming is top notch. I think the casting is amazing as well. Catrionia (sp) Balfe was a perfect choice for Claire!

          • We are only heading into the 3rd episode in Canada & the preview shows Claire confiding that she came from the future to Mrs Fitz , the housekeeper which was not what happened in the book . I suppose that something has to change so that the first book is accomplished in one season .
            The casting of the actors is amazing . Looking at the stills I thought that it would be disappointing but they are just right . ..especially Frank aka Jack & Dougal..truly dangerous.
            Thank Diana for Moby , well done all around

          • Well the TV series is definitely not the same as the book, but I have not been upset by the changes made. When I heard a series was being made I was excited, but had no idea how they were going to manage it when there are so many story lines and so many characters in the book. I have been quite pleased with the episodes. The story line stays pretty true to the plot and ambiance of the book, and the changes to the details are acceptable. As long as I remember that as I watch the shows, I really enjoy it. I have been confused a few times, because there are some characters in the show that are not in the book, and some characters in act differently in the show (Angus? Is this supposed to be the same as Angus Mor?) I’m not sure, but I have really enjoyed the series and am looking forward to watching more.

          • The actors chosen to play Claire and Jamie have become my friends as the characters in the books have. Good work. Cait portrays Claire’s spunk and courage. Sam is a very handsome and believable Jamie. I humbly suggest that the actors chosen for Roger and the two Ians be picked from the male cast of the Spartacus series. The majority of them are all of a size and rugged looking. Just saying.
            I have reread the books every summer for the past six years. Diana, you have
            the most amazing talent. I wonder if you shut down that talent so you may rest.
            You are my favorite author.

        • Dear Diana,

          I completely agree regarding the actors in the STARZ series! They are spot on so far and I am a self-proclaimed expert in the Outlander Series, only because I have been reading and re-reading each book starting when I was 19:). You are so talented…I know and love Jamie and Claire and their extended family as if they were part of my own, and you made them perfectly real, perfectly flawed, perfectly relatable. Thank you so much for faithfully continuing to give us all our Outlander fix as only you can! Having already finished the latest book, I will happily start the series over again(probably several times) and patiently await book 9!

        • Hi Diana,

          Thank you so much for the newest book. I just finished it and realized that it could be the last as it wrapped up several things, so was glad to read that there will be another one. YES!

          I’ve been reading here the comments of others about the series and I have to admit that I immediately realized that Jamie’s hair wasn’t bright enough and Claire’s was too dark, and now that I’ve read other’s comments, I admit that ‘my’ Claire is not so thin, but really they are doing a wonderful job. I’m waiting for tomorrows which is the 4th episode.

          I’m impressed with the quality of the series. I’ve been disappointed with other books that have been made into a movie. This one is wonderful.

          I have to admit that occasionally while ready MOBY, the actors’ images occasionally peaked through, but all and all my mental images have stayed with me and they are the ones I originally fell in love with.

          So, thanks again, Diana!


        • My husband is now seeing by way of the show why I love these books. Thank you.

        • Dear Maria-

          I felt the same way when I first saw the actors chosen for the TV series. Didn’t think they would be very good. However, I tried to keep positive, and watch the first episode. They are amazing!! Can’t get enough of the Fraser Clan, in books or on TV. Give it a go!! :)

          • The actors chosen for the TV series didn’t match the images in my head at all. Especially since I’ve only listened to the audiobooks and haven’t read the actual books. (Davina Porter does such an excellent job!) But evaluating the actors on their own, I do quite like them.

            Looking forward to the continuing adventures. Thanks so much for all your excellent work, Diana! MOBY is the best of the whole series, I think.

        • Diana-

          Just finished my third reading of the Outlander series, ending this time with MOBY. (I think I have read all of the Lord John stories.) I’m also looking forward to Book 9. Some of the things I think will be included: more of Bree’s familys’ adventures before winding up in Frasier’s Ridge, maybe some more about Jamie’s earlier life, when Roger arrived, more about Fergus’s supposed ancentry… Can you tell I’m a frustrated writer? (I started writing when I was 18, (I’ll soon be 73) and got told by John W. Campbell that what I had written was a 150-page outline for a series. Unfortunately, I never got much further.)

          BTW, I LOVE your framed novelistic license!

          I caught the free first episode from Starz. The script was just perfect! (Of course, with you as a consultant, how could they go wrong?!) I am in awe of your writing stamina.

          • Dear Helen–

            Hey, you don’t know what you can do until you try, do you? [g]

            Really glad you enjoyed both the books and the first bit of the TV show–hope you’ll be able to watch the rest soon!



        • I saw the first episode of Starz Outlander and the guy paying Jamie is fabulous. Talk about having Jamie Frazer come to life. However the Irish actress playing Claire is a disappointment. Couldn’t they have fiund a true English actress? I’ve nothing against the Irish being part Irish and Scottish myself. This actress s just not Claire!

          • Diana I am obsesssed, obsessed, OBSESSED. I just recently discovered your book series due to watching the great programs on STARZ. After I watched the first 8 episodes of Outlander, I ran to the nearest bookstore to get my own copy of Outlander. Finished it in no time and cannot wait to watch the remaining episodes on STARZ in April. Jaime and Claire are my favs. And I cannot imagine anyone better for the role in the series as Sam and Caitrona. I must confess to having a huge crush on Sam, I mean Jaime. You know I mean. O

          • Sadly I envisioned them differently. I saw Claire as maybe “Eva Green”, beautiful, strong, sexy, smart, curly hair and shapely. Jaime as “Chris Hemsworth”, tall, cat eyes, gorgeous, etc. I do have to admit that Sam is very handsome and has been very convincing….he is growing on me. Caitriona is a very classy, gorgeous actress but she carries herself like a model and is just not convincing. Too thin maybe…..
            Anyways, it is in production now so I am hoping that the second half of the season will completely captivate me and I will just embrace it as is. I suppose in the end that we all see something different in our mind’s eye as we read these wonderful novels that DG has created for us.
            Love this series DG….keep them coming please.

            Jamie Fraser ………….Dr.Who????

        • Interesting….I came to the audio book version of Outlander from watching the first half of the series this Fall….I was thrilled to find all the books on Audible and devoured them all over the past couple of months…my perspective from seeing Claire and Jamie in the series is they were beautifully cast and their faces have carried over into my audio listening. Living vicariously through Claire…I anxiously await Book 9….how does one get notified of its status? Can’t wait til April for the second half of the season!

        • The show is great, and maybe its just me, but it cannot replace reading the books. There is so much more going on that the TV series cannot capture.

        • I agree with Diana re casting of the Outlander series. I am a long term fan of her work and was sceptical about any producer or director being able to cast characters of whom I had almost 3-D mental images and certainly firmly held views on their projection on screen. HOWEVER, the casting for the series has been masterful and although nothing really beats the rich detail that reading a book can provide over watching an hour of television, it has been done with due respect to the following that Diana has, and with honesty and integrity to the stories. So far at least.

          And kudos to Diana if she has been able to maintain some creative control. As Colleen McCullough found when “The Thorn Birds” was being made for screen, it can quickly turn to crap if the integrity of the work gets lost in the “crap factory” of some film and television makers.

          Mary Anne

      • Love the books and am loving the TV series as well – the casting and scenery are spot-on.
        As for Claire’s actress being too skinny for the part, bear in mind Claire has just nursed through a gruelling war – perhaps she’ll fatten up a little as the series progresses!

      • They weren’t as I thought they would be BUT they are brilliant

    • When I heard Outlander was to be a tv series I was thrilled. But… did I remember everything? Been a while since I had read it. Then in an airport in Las Vegas I see the paper back! yeah. That was July 8th.

      Read it and thought well I need to read the next one again. long story short today is Aug. 9th and I’ve reread all the books including the new one. Now what will I do? My need, and make no mistake it was a need, made me buy a Kindle and purchase all the books again. Money well spent.

      Now on to Lord John etc…

      I won’t ask about the next book…

      • My sentiments exactly. :) I just bought the Lord John series, so I’ll stay busy with that for now. Thanks to Diana for her excellent work ethic and for giving us these little side gifts to keep us from going crazy while we wait for the next masterpiece. All my love and best wishes to D. :)

    • Thank you for your WONDERFUL books! We subscribed to STARZ so I could view the fabulous TV
      series – I am beyond excited that it will continue. I am “hoarding” MOBY – because when I read it, I know it will be over much too quickly.
      Thank you again,Bobbi

    • Dear Diana,
      I have anxiously awaited your MOBY book for what seems a lifetime! I traditionally only allow myself to read a few chapters at a time because I know that it will be a long wait to the next book and I’ve never known if it was the final book! But… I simply couldn’t put this one down! So many moments that struck music to my heart and mind ~ I finished it last night and I have read the final chapter (145) at least a dozen times since! getting goosebumps each time ‘the moment’ of recognition happens. (There… goosebumps again!) The book was so thoughtful, intelligent and real for me I just can’t put it into words. I plan to go back and hi-light all of the moments of your brilliance: your insights; wording ~ Captivating! I am touched to the core and one day hope to get to the highlands, read the books there and explore the world where Jamie and Claire first met, the one which you have so masterfully created for me. To go through life not having experienced your gift would be a travesty! I am forever grateful!
      Thank you,
      Elizabeth Fife

    • Dear Diana,
      First thank you for you lovely series! I adore it!

      Second, regarding MOBY the section entitled “Thanks for all the fish”-was that a nod to Douglas Adams–”The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe?”

      Your devoted reader,

      • Dear Alina–

        Of course! [g]


        • I did a double take when I read that, then laughed out loud. I also appreciated “Brought to you by the letters Q, E and D.” Now I’m wondering what I might have missed since I was devouring the story and probably not attending closely to the chapter headings.

    • I admit I have been very spoiled. I discovered your Outlander Series sometime in August of this year and found myself reading the complete series almost nonstop since then. I’d finish one and read the excerpt in the back about the next book. Then eagerly go to B&N, download the next book and start reading (love that instant gratification). I just finished book 8 and went to download the next one as I always do and was shocked to discover there wasn’t one! See – I’ve been spoiled! And now I’m where everyone else is I guess.

    • Diana,

      You are a gifted writer. Wit, humour, research and wisdom saturate every page, with a transparency of personal influence boldly leaving it’s mark as well. Thank you for countless hours of precious self-indulgence. Your work is truly appreciated.

    • Absolutely thrilled there is a book 9… as I shut book 8 last night with a feeling of mourning that perhaps these characters I’ve grown to love over the course of reading this series voraciously… were gone forever. (I do admit to forcing myself to read Echo in the Bone more slowly to make it last longer.) You’re an amazing writer… waiting anxiously. But after reading your blog above… will be googling Moby… whatever that is.

    • Thank you so much for all your hard work. I love your books.

    • Diana,
      I obviously need a 12-step program for Outlander! I start the whole series over and read while waiting for the next book (this is why I was able to fill in the dialogue while watching the series with my mother – without close captioning!) I also have all the audio books and love Davina Porter’s delivery. Thank God I’m already married to a Scot!!
      Also, I have been reading the novellas and wonder if there will be any more on Michael, Joan, etc.?

      The addict of your making,

    • Yeah! More Outlander. Very excited and looking forward to it and also the prequel. May have to reread Lord John books and first 8 to get me through til they are out.

    • Unlike most of the fans here I watched the TV series first. When the hiatus between episode 8 & 9 was announced a friend wrote on Facebook that she’d have to re-read the books until the series came back in April, 2015. “What! There’s BOOKS?!!” I said (yes, apparently I have been living under a rock).

      And so for the last couple of months I have been happily ensconced in the 18th century. Having just finished #8, I will now have to make myself content with the novellas and return of the TV series upon its return and drool over SH (who is doing a fantastic job btw, and IS totally Jamie Fraser for me).

      Thank you for entertaining me so wonderfully with these characters, please take care of yourself and I look forward to reading many more of their adventures. Bring on book 9!!!!!!

      (PS Whenever it comes, I will gladly read about the passing of Claire / Jamie, and I will cry and I will moun for them just as I did for the character who died in book #8. For without Jamie dying, “the highlander” can never be seen by Frank in Outlander. The series won’t be finished until the circle is complete)

    • Well, I have been listening to the entire series of Outlander and Lord John. I drive for medical transportation hense it is difficult to read, much less turn pages whilst driving. I just wanted you to kin my inner voice is Now Scottish. Thank you and thanks to Ms.porter. She is a talent given straight from the heavens as are you.

    • I cannot get enough…cried when Rollo died and again when Ad so showed up…and beyond excited at the end of the last book. Waiting impatiently for the next book….and the next TV series in April…you have me hooked… you are an awesome writer…keep us hanging…..

    • Thank you for such a great series! Every time a new book comes out, I go back and re-read the entire series again. Each time I pick up on something I missed the first (or seventh :)) time around…

      I can’t tell you how much I enjoy all of your books. You are extremely talented and while I wait anxiously for the next book, I do believe you deserve a break (not too long of one though :)) I am also glad you provide us more insight on the other main characters such as Lord John. Thanks again for your hard work. We all appreciate you!

    • Oh I hope the next book isn’t the last one!!! I can’t seem to get enough of Claire and Jamie! They are amazing characters. I love them all!

    • All good things come to those who wait! I love the idea of a prequil to Jamie’s parents!!!!

    • Just want to say . . . I don’t think anything – movie, book series – has consumed me ever. And I simply cannot get enough. And to those who don’t think the actors fit the characters; they are, in my opinion, as perfectly cast as they can be. Maybe they were expecting a 7 foot Viking, aye?
      Thank you, Ms. Gabaldon, for an epic love story, for a violence we really forget was the historic period, and for cliff-hangers that keep us wanting more. Please consider reconciling Jamie and William sooner than later; and is will something happen to Ian where William marries Rachel and cares for the child, or will he marry Fanny in a few years? Are you going to do a William side-story as you did with Lord John Grey. I also think your Outlander series is invigorating a lot of Scots pride. I’m ordering a Duncan kilt. By the way, you refer to the Fraser tartan as red. All I can find on-line and through emails with various kilt-makers is the Ancient – which is not verified as authentic – and a modern. Which tartan do you refer to. I want some. I could keep asking questions. I’ll just say thank you.

      • Dear Sandra–

        There _are_ no authentic tartan setts from the mid-18th century. Textiles (especially those worn every day in harsh weather) don’t survive very well, and all that’s left, physically, are a few paintings and a few scraps of tartan reputed to have belonged to Bonnie Prince Charlie (a number of old families have such a scrap. I’ve seen, I think, three or four of them–all different [g]).

        Glad you’ve been enjoying the series!



  2. I am one of those people who did not know what to say at your book signing and could only come up with “thanks”. So now I will expand on that. Thank you for all of your hard work and long hours. Your books are a great escape from life which can be stressful/boring/overwhelming etc. I read the first 7 consecutively when my friend introduced them to me a few years ago. My family said I was obsessed and I was. So thank you again for a great escape!

  3. Diana,

    MOBY is a wonderful book!!! I am into my first re-read of it at the moment listening to Davina Porter as I read along in the book. Wonderful way to pick up all the details I missed on the first read. I will not ask “when will book 9 be out” but I would really love to see a novella covering the time from 1739 to 1778 detailing all the trials and tribulations of Bree, Roger, Jem and Mandy. Also Buck. But, alas, I can wait for it all whenever you get around to writing it. In the meantime, I will continue re-reading and enjoying it all again. All the speculation threads on CompuServe are very interesting also.

    Thank you for your perseverance in writing this story “YOUR WAY” no matter how long it takes.

    • Linda I was assuming that Bree, Roger, Jem and Mandy somehow used Mandy’s sense of ‘who is when’ to travel the short hop from 1739 to 1778…. I didn’t see any sign when Claire first sighted them that the children where in their 30s now?

      But I haven’t done my second read yet, so maybe I missed something. Anyway we will find out in book 9 when the time comes, and in the meantime I’ll read anything Diana writes, even if its her shopping list or a recipe!

      • I too wondered about the time line at the end of the book. I am sure everything will be cleared up in the next book.

      • I completely agree Mary. When I read the last chapter I read it knowing in my mind that Roger, Bree, Jem, and Mandy had somehow traveled from 1739 to 1778. None of them appeared aged at all to me in the short sighting we had of them in the last chapter. It will be a tough wait but I will wait as patiently as I can for the next book and the next 8 episodes of the first season of the show.

        • Have you read the novellas that were published prior to MOBY? I believe that they help explain the time travel and timeline. I would suggest reading them. I believe I understand how they were able to do it. At least I did not question how they arrived back at the ridge.

      • That’s a plan. I just finished my first read of all 8 and have them on my nook. Time to start again before I go into withdrawals. I’m addicted!

  4. I loved reading MOBY a lot and since I had expected to do so (also known as “experience”), I found the way to “stretch it” to last me 10 days: I took it with me on our outdoor vacation to Sweden. A good idea. :-)

    Can hardly wait to reread it (dear Philippe Safavi, I hope you are already translating it into French as we speak :-))

    I’d love to have the Companion 2 to check things up and enjoy myself whenever the opportunity arises, so I am really happy you intend to work on it.

    And since I can really live with the closure at the end of MOBY and think others should be able to do so, too :-), I adamantly propose :-) we all let you breathe before you start writing Nr. 9.

  5. Thank you. I feel at peace with your last book. LOL Everything comes together very nicely and made me extremely happy to read it. (I’ve already read it three times) Your books are always filled with wonderful little tidbits of information and I love how you’ve built up the characters into people I (we the readers) can relate to. I love the way you write your books!! So thank you. I feel a great sense of completion upon finishing it, which probably sounds silly….. Thank you!

  6. Just starting to re-read MOBY (had to lend it to my daughter). So, glad there will be another in the series. It is a great escape. I greatly appreciate your time and effort into writing the series. I’m glad it wasn’t a cliffhanger at the end. I thought it was a happy note to end the book, leaving lots of room for speculation. Historical fiction is my favorite, and you are truly superb at your craft. Thank you.

  7. I have read the series up to MOBY 3 times, the last just before the new book. I read the “The Outlander” in the early 1980s, so after 30 years am still in love with your writing. The story is beyond anything I’ve read. I however, don’t think I can wait another 8 years, as I don’t think I’ll be here. I am a septarian. I can always take with me the spot where Frank tells Claire, that he saw a highlander in full gear looking at her window, and know that Jamie and Claire will never be apart. Thank you for this beautiful gift to us all.

    • Pat, I also have read the series from the beginning, and one of the items I remember clearly and felt wasn’t explored was when Frank saw the Highlander outside the window. I’ve always wondered if it will be the “loop back” in some fashion, ie a reference made in a later book. Perhaps Book 9?

      • Jamie mentioned to Claire, I believe in Book 7, dreaming that he saw her in a window brushing her hair. She asked him how old she looked at the time. I felt that was an explanation of the Highlander that Frank saw in the first book.

  8. I just finished MOBY! Wonderful, as usual. I also thank you for the ending. I like things to finish nicely. Yes there are further questions as to William and Lord John. However, I had a happier experience at the end of this one rather than the last. I simply have a difficult time waiting for the next book to get my answers:) I have your entire Outlander collection and each book has been read at least 3 times! I cannot wait for the TV series – it’s noted on my calendar. Best wishes,

    A faithful fan!

  9. As above

  10. Just a simple thank you for all your hard work, excellent imagination, and extreme generosity of letting your fans in as much as you do. Take time to take care of yourself (selfishly asked so you can continue to entertain us all), and thank you for holding out all these years as the powers that be contemplated the best method for putting this wonderful epoch on screen. I’m so looking forward to seeing it, and happy to have book 8 for my next travel adventure (to Borneo–so glad they are LONG books

  11. Just a simple thank you for all your hard work, excellent imagination, and extreme generosity of letting your fans in as much as you do. Take time to take care of yourself (selfishly asked so you can continue to entertain us all), and thank you for holding out all these years as the powers that be contemplated the best method for putting this wonderful epoch on screen. I’m so looking forward to seeing it, and happy to have book 8 for my next travel adventure (to Borneo–so glad they are LONG books

  12. I giggled like a teenager when I read paragraph “fiddle” in the HOW TO (AND HOW _NOT_ TO) WRITE SEX-SCENES .
    Intential? Never can tell with you.

    BTW- I love all of your books. I would not mind being bonked on the head by you. It’s better treatment than you have given some of your characters!

    Thank you for giving so much and enriching my life.

  13. Thank you!!!!!!! Ordered Book 8, and waiting for said book to show up. Will ditch everything else and pick that up. I think you have earned a well deserved rest……….doesn’t mean you will get it, but what the heck……try anyway……….. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am a newbie in that I just started reading “Outlander”. Now I have owned it for probably 2 years now with a promise to myself that I’m going to get back to my regularly scheduled reading. I have not been able to put the book down. And now I’m trying to figure out how much non-stop reading I will have to do to play catch-up with everyone else and get to Book 8…and not get fired.

    Thank you for giving me “reads” to look forward to. I am beyond excited…which probably means I need a life. Oh well! LOL!!!!!

  15. Thank you, Diana! You continue to draw us into the great drama of Claire and Jamie’s lives, all with your amazing rich detail, and full of the unexpected. My husband “reads” with me with his audio books and together we have shared this Frasier journey. We both have re-read the whole series a few times. (Yes, we have lives!)
    Opening MOBY scared me, as I thought it would be the last of either of the principals, and I read extra slowly…. until the gift you gave us at the end!
    We will wait, not so patiently…for the next book…. I consider myself bonked!

  16. Loved all the time travel in MOBY. Can’t wait to find out what happened to Buck, how Brianna and family made it through the various ‘times’, how William will develop, what happens to Lord John and Hal and so many other things.

  17. I just put MOBY down because this is usually when I like to drag out the finishing of one of your books. I think this time I will just start over from book 1. Thank you, Diana, for providing so much lovely entertainment.

  18. Is there a reason that your Facebook account is now private, requiring people to sign into Facebook for access? I know I’m not the only anti-Facebook person around (had big security issues when I tried it several years ago).

    Does this mean that (hopefully) the excerpts (“teasers” is a better term) from new writings will come back to this website?

    Thank you!

    • Catherine

      I too have the same issue. I will not be signing on to FaceBook or Twitter or…… Too bad, I can wait for updates on the web site I guess. Had my cable people in today to be able to get Showcase to view just Outlander and had to double my existing monthly cost, which they did not tell me about when I inquired. So, when I found that out, after the service guy had hooked everything up, I had the service guy unhook the whole mess and now I’m out $30 + tax (service call).

      Other than that, I along with everyone else likes the whole Outlander series. Of course I’ve read and reread them time after time. The only one I just couldn’t really get into was Fiery Cross but one out of all of them, no problem.

      Has the facebook site gone private or is there some other problem?

    • Catherine,

      No, you are definitely not the only anti-Facebook person around. I am definitely in that category and I would also like to see all the information that Diana has to share with us return to this blog. I do not like to have to read through a lot of negative rude comments posted on Facebook, etc. but it seems that more information from Diana is posted there, alas.

      Thank you.

      • After posting above I saw a note from Diana (at top right of this page) that her Facebook account now is closed to public use to prevent underage access. Having raised four children (and helping to raise six grandchildren), all I can say is, that’s a big laugh. I lied about my age as a teenager (not that I recommend it) and I’m sure my children and grandchildren have, too. If any restricting is done, the parents will have to do it–it is, after all, their responsibility.

        Please, Diana, bring the material back here to your own website and don’t shut out a portion of your “fandom.” Two of my three sons are computer security experts and they both strongly urge staying away from Facebook! They both stated that my security problems that developed just after I joined Facebook definitely came from that site. I promptly deleted my FB information and membership and will not go back.

        • From one septerian to another, I so hope we are still around to find where Claire and Jamie are finally laid to rest.
          The series has been a great help to me ,after losing my husband, 51 yrs married, just to be able to lose myself in the storyline. Have never yet found a better storyteller!!

          • I have a theory that when we pass on, we are given all the knowledge of everything in the Universe, so in the hopefully unlikely event that you are not in this relam when Book 9 comes out, don’t worry, you will know ALL :)

          • I turned my mom onto the Outlander Series gave the books to her as gifts over a couple years period. I had a pang of sadness when Moby came out because my mom passed away last fall and she would have loved this book. My mom was an avid reader always had at least one book going. I am glad to say that love of reading has been passed on to me and my niece who has also read the outlander series. I sent her the first three books when she went to study a semester in Scotland a few years ago. Keep up the beautiful writing Diana (which is my mother’s name also).

          • jean, are living in no. calif? do you still show your dogs? did bob work in clothing? I ask you this so as to catch up with a friend — and a fellow outlander addict.
            take care

  19. Hi Diana,
    I am getting to the end of Moby and loving every minute.. My clothes got done drying at the laundry mat and I really didn’t want to stop reading.. :D Thanks for all the info will be looking for stuff.. any more Lord John?? He is pretty silly !!

  20. Gosh, I first read Outlander all those years ago…..In the early 90′s, picked up a well-worn paperback from a friend, who had gotten it from a friend, and so on. She said she knew I didn’t like romance novels, but this one was so different. And boy, was she right! Slowly, but surely, it seemed everyone I knew was talking about this book and couldn’t get over Jamie – making me think of the old Led Zeppelin song lyric “looking for a woman who’s never, ever been born”, but obviously replacing woman with man in this case. :-) So then, I too became one of those fans that quickly finished the next installment and couldn’t wait for the next book. But after Voyager, I kind of lost track in reading the series. Life, kids, and putting myself through school took too much of my time for me to invest any of what little resources I had left into actually doing something “selfish” at the end of the day, such as reading something that wasn’t a technical manual or didn’t have instructions. So life went on and then as I’m signing in at work one day, my home page pops up and LO & BEHOLD…..there’s the headline that Outlander is now going to become a series! Wow! It was like an old friend had written me a letter from out of the blue, someone kind of forgotten – but quickly and fondly remembered! So, here I go, re-reading these books once again and I just finished MOBY. So glad I have revisted this wonderful story! Thanks Diana, I am a huge fan!!!

  21. I finished this morning. I savored every page (though I did gorge in spots:). Such wonderful rich use of words and metaphor…Really delicious storytelling. I am constantly amazed at the sheer number of characters in each tome. It really upsets me when someone asks about “the next”-I am still at the table eating this meal. Thank you Diana. I have plenty to think about and talk about for awhile. Back to my re read. Oh yes, and thanks for ending on such a happy note this time:). Mamas need a happy every now and again:).

  22. Hi Diana
    OMG! You are one talented and busy lady. But I want to thank you for the chuckle I enjoyed today. I was re-reading The Fiery Cross on my Kobo when I noticed a link to something titled “Discover Diana Gabaldon”. Being a curious sort I followed the link. After the basic author bio and a listing of your other books, I scrolled to the bottom and found a picture of Claire and Frank with the label, “Outlander the Musical”. Now maybe you are exploring other venues for presenting your work, but just the picture of Dougal, Rupert and Jamie singing and dancing across the stage, with their kilts atwirl and Jamie singing off key started me giggling.
    So I raise my glass to you for Outlander, the book, the series, the television show and now the Musical.


  23. Dear Diana,
    Thank you very much for all smart , beautiful , informative books with great characters , heroes you have created and shared with me and all other readers. I love them all. I have them all on my bookshelf and on kindle, and re- read many many times.

    Reading the MOBY is like a meeting with old friends, gives pleasure and happiness, and little bit sadness at the end, when time to leave.

    Thank you very much for giving me chance to be so happy and exiting about a new book.

    I wish you to stay healthy and energetic and get all support from your wonderful family and us readers.

  24. Thank you for yet another riveting book that was as usual very hard to put down. Like so many others I can’t wait for the next book but in the mean time I will be content to re-read the whole series AGAIN and eagerly await the premier of The Outlander TV Series here on Australian TV.

  25. I’m 48 pages into MOBY now, and I’ve been grinning like a fool for the last couple of hours. Thank you so much for this, Diana. And thank you for publishing your latest book so close to my mum’s birthday. It’s only fitting that my birthday gift for her is the latest in the series she got me addicted to many years ago. As my mum is such a fan of your books, I had to find out whether or not she already gotten a copy. I was quite subtle about it, too. I asked her yesterday ‘So have you got the latest Diana Gabaldon yet?” ‘No!’ she cried in anguish. “Don’t you buy it!’ I cried in reply, and my birthday surprise was no longer a surprise. She’s excited beyond words, though. ‘What’s next?’ people ask you? If the first 48 pages are anything to judge by, I’d say your answer should be ‘I think I’ll rest on my laurels for a while’. You’ve earned it, many times over. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE BOOKS!

  26. I just finished MOBY for the second time yesterday. First I read it through, and the second time I listened to the audiobook while I spent hours knitting or driving. I’m fairly certain that my boyfriend though I had lost my mind as there were parts that I was laughing so hard and then others where I was like “WHAT just happened!?!?!?!? Noooooooooo, WHAT NO!” and then started crying. He loves to read as much as I do, but hasn’t tried your books yet, though I’ve repeatedly told him that he should at least try them he hasn’t.

    I hope you get some down time soon, and for the time being I will happily re-read all 8 books annually until book 9 comes out. Wow which means that I’ve re-read the first 4 books a minimum of 15 times (though I know its much more than that if including the audio version) so I do believe that I’ve re-read your books more than any other book I’ve read!!!!

    Looking forward to the tv show in August. (Is there going to be another Lord John book – I love his exploits)

  27. Yes I really hope MOBY is being translated to french ! If someone has a release date, that would be greatly appreciated… because I Just Can’t Wait !

  28. Diana– Equally harder than speaking to you in person is deciding what you want written and autographed on MOBY.
    Should I pretend that we are best friends so my friends will be jealous?
    If I ask her to write too much, will she get really irritated with me and unfriend me on her facebook page?
    Should I make HER say that I am the best fan in the world?

    Or should I have her write something short and boring like “Enjoy the book- Diana Gabaldon”. Hmm.

    I would also like to say that I liked the way you dirtied up Lord John in the latest book. He got messy, dirty, beaten, and totally exasperated by William and the things going on around him. It made me love him even more.

  29. Hi Diana,
    This is the first time I’ve ever written on someone’s blog, although I have my own badly neglected one.
    Your books, however, have been the most wonderful experience for me. Our tour bus driver told me about them on our trip to Scotland 2 years ago, and that started the journey.

  30. As a 75 year old artist, author, Bible study teacher and writer, I had my reservations at times as I devoured each book, but have put them aside. The fully committed relationships between the married characters are so refreshing, and peeking into their love life is never offensive. Also, the deep spirituality that emerges with maturity in Jamie is a wonderful contrast to Claire’s more secular view of things….although she seems to be finding her faith roots in MOBY. I do cringe at her use of the J word as a curse so often; however, that is who she is. Maybe she’ll find a less offensive way to express herself.

    I would, however, love to hear more about your spiritual background and personal beliefs.

    I have special praise for Davina Porter because I have heard all the books by audio, and she immediately transports me to a place “in the moment”. Her ability to dramatize and speak the male voices as well as the female along with the various brogues and accents so seemingly effortlessly is amazing. You found the right narrator. The TV series will have a hard time competing with her, although I can’t wait to see if my pictures of the characters and events will mingle with hers.

    I will await the 9th book re-listening to all of the prior eight, while recovering from knee replacement surgery this fall. Thank you.

  31. I do care when the next book will be out but I can wait even though it will be hard. Right now I’m all about the show and starting the series over.

    And thank you for MOBY because wow was that awesome and FYI you have permenant book sales from me.

    I also have a feeling that if you could put books out faster none of us would function in life as we’d be sitting around reading Gabaldon books non-stop so it is probably for the best that we have to wait.


  32. Dear Diana,

    I just turned 80 on May 5 of this year – very traumatic, having lost my husband exactly 2 years before – and was “turned on” to your incredible books about 16 years ago (is that possible?). Finished reading MOBY a few minutes ago and discussed it with the sister of my heart in great detail. We are both reading the same books and could barely wait for number 8.

    Now, I have a question – I am confused – my age? – doubt it! In the middle of the book it is ascertained that Roger arrives in Scotland in 1739. Also, several times, the year of 1778 is mentioned as to the time of Claire and Jamie. How is it possible then, for Roger et al to show up on the Ridge whilst the Frasers are rebuilding their home?????? Where have I gone astray?

    Bless you for bringing me (and millions of others) many hours of reading happiness. I look forward to the series on STARZ and number 9 whenever it shows up.

    You are amazing!

    • Dear Claire–

      I’m glad you enjoyed MOBY! As for the issue you mention…it’ll be explained in the next book. ;)

      Best wishes,


      • Thanks for answering my question, too. I just finished MYOB. I read all the books after the TV show ended, missing Claire and Jamie so much. You have an astounding ability to bring characters, scenes and smells to life. Thank you for one of the richest reading experiences of my life. More, please…..

  33. What do you say about a book that moves you to tears and to the heights of joy at the same time. I have fallen completely and utterly in love with this series. MOBY is by far the best (even better than Outlander) of the series. My review of the previous book was harsh because I have high expectations of this series; and MOBY absolutely makes up for my previous disappointment. MOBY has had such a visceral impact on me that I find myself dreaming of the book and its characters nearly a week after my first read. I was moved to tears multiple times while reading this story and also loved the comic relief of Mrs. Figgs’ character. I finished the book for the first time last week and have been compelled to go back and listen to the book again. It’s just a GREAT book!

  34. Diana, I was in the front row of the audience last night in Traverse City MI. I left the auditorium thinking “I have just met the most intelligent woman I’ve ever encountered – not to mention the most creative, inspirational, and self confident woman on earth.” Downright awesome, that’s what you are!

    I wanted to share that I just returned from an Outlander tour of Scotland, accompanied by Hugh Allison. I was absolutely amazed that you were able to capture Scotland so well in Outlander without benefit of experiencing it firsthand. It was a great trip and now I feel I need to re-read the series to experience Scotland on yet another level. I would recommend both the trip and Hugh [who is more of a scholar than your average run-of-the-mill tour guide] to anyone who is interested in expereincing Scotland through the lens of the Outlander series.

    You were generous with your time and patient with our questions, even though I know that you’ve answered them repeatedly. Thank you so much for your past, present, and future bodies of work.


  35. THANK YOU doesn’t seem like enough to say about MOBY. Finished this am, and cried for the third time. Won’t mention why – don’t want to be a spoiler.

    I volunteer in a library that receives hundreds of donated books to be sold for fund raising. I see most of them when I restock the sale section. I have seen only two of your books – one was a hard back from the Lord John series which I bought and took home. The other was a battered Outlander paperback. I picked it up lovingly and brought it to the attention of a fellow volunteer. I was surprised that she hadn’t read any of your books and told her about them. She took it from my hands and as she walked away I was jealous because I wanted to go back in time and read it again. . .for the first time.

  36. I bought MOBY the day it came out and am so sad only because I finished it so quickly! I read the first 7 books on a binge and have only had to experience waiting for this last one. I stumbled upon “The Outlander” on a trip to the library. I read only one chapter before I knew I was hooked. I read the other 6 as quickly as I could; I just couldn’t get enough of the story. I have been anxiously waiting for MOBY so I could continue on the journey. Then, as soon as I finished it, my immediate first thought was…”what next?” However, I am forcing myself to be patient because great writing like this takes time! I so appreciate all of your hard work. I cannot even imagine what it takes to write such a compelling, complex, fun and dynamic series. I’m so glad that there will be another book in the series. The Fraser/Mackenzie/Grey clans are near and dear to my heart. Like many of the others here, I found myself tearing up at many moments during this last book – so many great moments, both happy and sad. I feel like their stories have so much farther to go before they are finished. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  37. I fully enjoy your books and look forward to the upcoming offerings, Great big books, short stories, novelettes what ever you publish next. I just wanted to say I adore your sense of humor in all of your writings, especially when your not writing in character. I find myself reading things I don’t care about just to get your take on things such as “Cauliflower ears Meant (obviously) as an insult”. The “obviously” just cracks me up.
    I will be ordering Starz so I can watch to TV series and very much look forward to it as the casting seems to be prefect.
    Thank you for all the enjoyable hours I’ve spent with your characters,
    Susan Frank

  38. THANK YOU FOR MOBY. I loved it. Have already read it twice. I have been reading your Outlander and Lord John books since Outlander was first published. Have recently had to purchase fresh new copies of several of the books because I have read them so much some pages have gotten loose. I met you and you signed a couple of books for me at a bookstore in Decatur, GA about three years ago when DragonCon was being held in Atlanta. I do read a lot of other books, but your books about Claire, Jamie, Lord John, and the others are like comfort food for the soul. Thank you again for writing such beautiful books. I hope I live long enough for another book or two about them as I am already 70, although healthy so far. Would love to see more about Master Raymond. I would presume Briana, Roger, and the children went back to the present (1980) and then back to 1778 where Jamie and Claire were, or maybe just did it in a single trip by all of them concentrating on Clair and Jamie. The first seems more likely. MOBY took about five years since the last big book, not counting The Exile, The Scottish Prisoner, and A Trail of Fire, which helped the wait for MOBY. Hope Book 9 doesn’t take quite so long. I enjoyed the spoilers, although I don’t really believe they are spoilers. None of them really gave away the flow of events in MOBY or the VIRGINS story.

  39. Having been given Cross Stitch while in Scotland (met a fine Hieland man there myself) in 2001.
    I’ve learned to truly appreciate the in between times for these treasures that you share with us. It gives me time to look into some of the historical references from the book and to imagine where I woould see the good people of Fraser’s Ridge and their friends go next, plus this summer we will have the pleasure of seeing your books come to life as I’ve also thought they should be. (personally much better and historically accurate that Braveheart lol) I’ve always believe that good things come to those who wait and I’ve not been disappointed.

    Thank you so much !!!

  40. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A friend got me hooked on your Outlander series several years ago. I was lucky to read all 5 books in quick succession with a short wait for book 6. I appreciate how difficult it must be to write, while in the same breath, I can’t wait for the next book! Keep up the good work! Please know we (fans) aren’t angry having to wait for the next book, we just can’t wait to see what all our friends have been up to!

  41. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for being able to get back on to Facebook. Lowering the age to 13 is better than 18 but after following the site for years, I really didn’t see too much wrong with what was on it in the first place. Kids know how to manipulate the ‘media’ if they want to so it seems to me that the parents should be the ones monitoring what kids view. Mean while, back at the ranch, (no pun intended) I’m glad to be ‘in the know’ once more since I am not signed up on Facebook.

  42. Wow — I was so grateful that MOBY was ‘not’ a cliffhanger after Echo; can’t imagine someone thinking it was. Loved the continuing development of characters; historical documentation; story development… Continually stunned by how you keep refining the writing to communicate without ‘splainin’… Thanks, Diana, for all you are putting out there for people to enjoy!

  43. I just have a simple question. How did Clare end up being the one to go through the stones ?
    We have none of her ancestors having gone through the stones. Is she one of Raymonds missing
    Have read all 7 books about 6 times, have read #8, 3 times.

    • Dear J. Stirton–

      Err…how would you know whether any of Claire’s ancestors could time travel? Maybe one or more of them could, but never happened to stumble on a place where it was possible–maybe they couldn’t, and Claire has a slight genetic mutation.



      • I wonder about a family connection between Perseverance Beauchamp and Claire – is there one?

      • I think I know how Clair was able to travel through the stones the first time. Her five times great grandmother was Brianna of course. I posted this on face book and got a lot of responses, from impossible because she cannot be her own great grandmother to if time travel is possible then why not?

  44. I had read every book in the series until MOBY. When I learned of it’s official release date I started a new job that required a 1.5 hour commute each way. I decided to listen to the books on tape starting from the beginning. Davina Porter is wonderful and truly brought to life the characters in a way that made them more alive then reading them in black and white. MOBY was amazing and I am sad to say I have completed listening to it. Look forward to the next chapter. Will now start the John Grey series. August 9th is a month away and excited to see the Series come to life!

  45. Thank you so much for MOBY, I was really happy with it and happy with the ending. I did not consider the ending a cliff hanger at all, maybe a small ledge but not cliff. ;-) Thank you for that. I hope to meet you at a signing in the future.

    Stacy Sties

  46. Been awaiting the next book in the series and fantastic to see the hard back in the shops today (in England). I must have forgotten more of Echo in the Bone than I realised – I looked at the first few pages of MOBY and thought maybe I had missed a whole book!

    I started with Dragonfly in Amber bought from a second hand book store but had to go back and buy every one of the others – I have replaced at least three books because I read them until they fell to bits. They are amongst my very favourite books ever.

    I cannot wait to start the latest one based on these reviews – and will search for an number of the others that fill in gaps.

  47. Hello Diana!
    Thank you for another wonderful book, and an entertaining blog on what’s next. I feel that each new book is The Best. :)
    I had to laugh at your advice on what to say at a book signing – luckily I didn’t ask about the next book! But I couldn’t speak to you without stuttering and mumbling. The moment just took me over, but it has made for a good story among other Hosers! Maybe the Decatur Book Fest in Atlanta will make it onto your schedule again.

    My mom’s birthday was June 22, so I surprised her with a signed MOBY and we read our books together long-distance – she’s in NC, and I’m in GA. I love that we can share our infatuation with your stories.
    Happy summer to you and yours!

  48. I love, love, love this entire series! I had just finished reading Outlander again, for the third time, in anticipation of the upcoming television series, and then MOBY was released, and I have just now finished it as well.
    Well Done You!
    All of the above-named unresolved issues came to my mind as well, but I must be a snoopy sort, because I found myself wondering the entire time “What is in Brianna’s big bag?” that she brought with her through the stones.
    I loved this book, as I have loved the whole series, and whenever you can, I will love anything else you write as well. Take a break, have a vacation, soak your feet, sip a glass of wine (or scotch) and I’ll just wait here, hmmm? You deserve some time off girl.

    and, thank you.

  49. Like all your fans I have read and reread your books. Each time I find some little nuance I missed, or have a new understanding of a passage.

    After reading MOBY it occurred to me that I would love to “hear” the Gaelic words spoken by the characters. I know I could accomplish this by getting the ebooks, but I love my hardcopies and love paging back and forth to make connections with the “before and after” of what’s going on.

    So my idea is, just in case you don’t have enough to do, is something like your Outlandish Companion and in an ebook format, that gives the name of the book, the page the Gaelic statement is made, and that statement recited in that language. Can you visualize a person reading one of your hardbacks and coming to a Gaelic statement, clicking the statement in the ebook and “hearing” what is written?

    I don’t know if such a thing is even possible, but for what it’s worth am passing this thought along.

    Thank you for the Eight, and looking forward to all you do in the future.


  50. Hello Diana!
    I just finished reading “Written in my own hearts blood” and I loved it so mutch!
    I’ve read the other Outlander books several times and I’m sure I’ll read them again patiently waiting for number nine to be written :) I love a good book that inspires your imagination to make up your own stories about the characters and your books do so Thank You!

  51. After waiting so long for MOBY I got to the last 34 pages and I really did not want to finish so I made myself close the book and walk away! I just wanted to know I had more to read……there is never enough of this family and DG’s wonderful storytelling. I also wanted to think about what could would or should happen. There was no way everything could be tied up neatly and the saga would end in 34 pages I was so assured there would be a ninth book! Yeah………but then when I did go back and finish I was devastated as I thought that it was over. Excellent ending which allowed me to make up my own story from there. Frustrating because I wanted to read more. But then…..happy again because I knew that we had to be in for another book at least. So many emotions – which is what good writing should bring on. Thank you DG we, your fans are so very grateful to you for allowing us to share your imagination and the love you obviously have for your characters! The time between now and when we are lucky enough to read the next instalment will give me time to retread the whole series from beginning to end…..lucky me! Many many thanks but let me say I am very envious of all the hundreds of thousands of people who are able to line up and have you sign the copy of their book. Are you ever coming down to Australia……you have legions of fans down here tooooooooooo.

  52. so excited to hear you were in Traverse City, very close to the UP where I live. I read Dragonfly in Amber first as I found it in a book sale, and don’t normally gravitate toward the romance genre. But, as a nurse I have been fascinated about the medical aspects of your writings including the historical treatments and how Claire manages to insert ‘modern-day’ interventions into earlier time periods. After the first book, I had to go back to read Outlander, and then of course, I was totally hooked. Truly a wonderful story. My daughter also started the series, and she was very excited to tell me about the Starz miniseries soon to start. When I was on YouTube looking for trailers, however I found scenes from a movie starring Rachel Weisz and Gerard Butler but have been unable to find this in a video format. Was it ever released?

    • Dear Amy–

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the story–and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the TV show, as well! The video you found was just one of dozens (and dozens) of fan-made clips, done by fans who couldn’t wait for a movie. Some of them are very well-done and some are…err… but none of them have anything to do with a real movie based on OUTLANDER.



      • thanks for clarifying, I was very confused. Am really looking forward to the series

      • Hello Diana.
        I have read all 8 books with huge enjoyment, so much that in fact pages are falling out !
        Is there any way we can see the TV series here in the UK ?

  53. I was sooooooo excited to read you will continue writing another book! I didn’t feel like you ended with a cliffhanger in MOBY. As a matter of fact, it ended beautifully and you could have left it as is, because we are all left with the assumption the family is finally together again. It was my favorite ending thus far out of all your books.

    I hope to meet you one day and promise I will have an excellent response to my favorite author.

    Write on!

    ~ Tamera

  54. LOVE this entire story! I was so happy to get My Own Heart’s Blood into my own hands in June, and I LOVE that ended quite nicely. . . MUCH better than Echo. At least this time, I can patiently wait for the next book. Waiting for Heart’s Blood was agonizing because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Jem, as well as everyone else.

    Thanks for a great story.

    (A side note. . . could probably do without a few of the more graphic sex scenes but will read the stories either way!!)

  55. Dear Diana,
    When my husband was fighting the cancer that finally took him, he got bored with TV, and not being a good reader himself, asked me to read to him. 8-12 hours each day; sometimes during those night hours when the bone pain kept him awake and no amount of morphine would take it away. I read close to 100 novels to him, but his favorite (and mine) was the Outlander series. We laughed, we cried, we discussed Jamie and Claire and felt their love mirrored by ours. We read the first six books (that’s all there was), and got the Lord John series (1st 3 books); we loved them and couldn’t wait for more! We were reading the series for the second time and were halfway through The Fiery Cross when he finally came to a point where he couldn’t hold the thoughts any more. My voice was almost gone so we took a break from reading – and never got back to it. He passed the following year, but we had so many mini discussions about Jaime and Claire, telling the stories back to each other and laughing (and crying) over it. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent of writing and your hard work researching to create this wonderful world. God bless and keep you and yours. Sincerely, Catherine

    • Dear Catherine–

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. [hug] I’m really glad, though, that the books should have been able to give you both some respite, and something good to share and remember.

      All the best,


  56. Hi Diana

    I started reading cross stitch in the 90′s, fortunately for me not discovered until you had written the first 3.

    I just finished MOBY,( on a kindle, which was fine and I couldn’t wait for the mail for a book).

    I really enjoyed it and feel you have introduced intriguing and exciting new possibilities with the William storylines, I am very fond of Lord John too. I am looking forward to when William realizes Jamie is Mac.

    The Brianna and Roger story was riveting, I couldn’t put it down and when they arrived at the end of the story I was so happy.

    I wonder when the TV series will come to the UK. I don’t mind too much as long as I can buy the DVD’s in fact although I always thought the stories would be great as films, it will be hard to better the images my own mind produces.

    The medical and herbal aspects of the story always interest me. I am a reflexologist and reflexology and acupressure have been used in most cultures through history, you may find some of its uses interesting for childbirth and the native Americans may have been aware of benefits from pressing parts of the anatomy.

    When I read how many hours you must sit at your computer I hope your back etc sont feel the strain too much!!! If they do treat yourself to a lovely relaxing reflexology treatment and if you are ever in London I would be delighted to give you a treatment in return for all the hours you have worked to produce your exceptional books.

    With very best wishes to you and your family especially your hubby who if he is like Jamie as you have hinted, I envy you. Although mine is pretty special too.

    Jan Benson . London UK

  57. Dear Diana,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful books! I just finished My Own Heart’s Blood (how does this spell MOBY?? – I’ll have to look it up, I guess :) ), and am so glad I have all of your Outlander books on my e-reader, so I can go back and read them all again and again. I am writing here, because, like probably many others, I had to check to see if/when another book will be coming. I’m glad to see that you do plan to write at least one more :). You certainly are busy – I hope you get to take some time off, and do exactly what you want. Have a great summer…


  58. Dear Diana, loved MOBY,read it twice so far and reread all the others in this series,still great and I marvel at how compelling these books are after multiple readings!
    One thing puzzles me how did Brianna and her family get from 1739 to 1778 to get to their reunion with Claire and Jamie? I was reading so carefully trying to figuire it out and still I feel like I missed something!
    Thanks keep up the good work! Deirdre

    • Dear Deirdre–

      You’re not supposed to be able to figure it out in this book. [g] It’ll (likely) be explained in Book Nine.


      • Diana Thanks I will have to admit I felt really stupid,I thought I just didnt get it!
        Thanks for answering so quickly! Deirdre

        • Don’t feel stupid Deirdre…that confused me too! I was going to ask Diana the same question x

          • My theory of the ending is this:

            Since Roger & Brianna & the kids not only had to get from 1739 to 1778 but also from Scotland to North Carolina in the US, I assumed they time/place travelled through more standing stones, (focusing on Claire & Jamie & their new homesite – remember, Claire wrote letters to Bree & left them in places where she knew Bree would find them in the future).

            That’s my guess anyway. We’ll find out for sure in another 4 years.

            Though I dinna know how I will wait that long !!!!!

    • I can’t wait to see Jenny’s 1778 reaction upon meeting Roger. In MOBY he meets her as a young woman at her father’s home (while Jamie is away in Paris)….and via the stones has the opportunity to meet her again…nearly 40 years or just a few months later depending upon the character.

      • Eileen,

        I cannot wait as well! I expect it to be quite a shock to Jenny regardless, as she does not truly believe in Claire’s ability to time travel (Claire is still one of the Fey folk in Jenny’s mind. May Diana correct me if I am wrong). Maybe, just maybe, this will help Jenny to believe that Claire didn’t willingly abandon Jamie at Culloden or Ian at Lallybroch. Time will tell!

      • Eileen I totally agree with you and Arlene ! I enjoyed the first showing of Outlander so very much!
        The series will help me get through for a bit.

        Thank You Diana for all the things you do , too many to list. The ending of MOBY was the best part of my summer it’s been a extremely tense one for me.

        I have a photo of you and my sister that you graciously posed for at the grandfather mountain highland games in North Carolina a few years ago its framed and one of my great treasures!

  59. Thanks for writing MOBY I just finished it and I loved it , I even bought it in English because the German copy was not out yet and I could not wait any longer !!!
    Greetings from Germany

  60. Hi Diana,
    Go raibh maith agat! I send my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful story with all of it’s cast of characters. I have fallen in love with them! I want to share a personal experience while reading MOBY…but first let me tell you a little about me…I love scrapbooking and genealogy and have just finished a book on my family history that I’ve been working on for many years. It was a labor of love and I was so happy to have accomplished it….I have several ancestors that participated in the Revolutionary war, the most famous of these being my 5th great grandmother, Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley aka Molly Pitcher. When reading MOBY, I got excited noting the dates of June 1778 and mentioned to my husband that it seemed to be you were going to write about the Battle of Monmouth. I wondered if any mention of Molly Pitcher was going to be made….I was so thrilled and proud to see her mentioned in your book! I love the family tree you have included in the book and look forward to future adventures of the Fraser/MacKenzie clan.
    Thanks again, Christy

  61. Loved MOBY Diana. Had been looking forward to it since well before my Scottish Jamie & Claire Tour in 2012 and it did not disappoint. I loved the ending and had to repeatedly re-read it and re live it as I flew on the wind with them too. The characters just seem like family to me now and I lived the experiences with them. Really sorry not to continue but have to get on with a lot of work at my home that I pushed aside, so that’s probably a good thing. I was glad that I was able to sleep after this one though. I was so up in the air after ‘Echo’ it wasn’t funny.

    Glad to see that you will follow up but actually thought that if you don’t get back to it, I could imagine what happened next. I can assume that they lived out happy lives out there on the Ridge getting back to Scotland sometime. William would have somehow become reconciled, he had made his peace with his father to a certain extent. Of course he would become delighted to have a sister. The core is based on love after all. The same with Jamie & Lord John. All in time as their lives on the Ridge have to be established first.

    Thank you for NOT leaving a cliff hanger.

    • Loved MOBY Diana. Had been looking forward to it since well before my Scottish Jamie & Claire Tour in 2012 and it did not disappoint. I loved the ending and had to repeatedly re-read it and re live it as I flew on the wind with them too. The characters just seem like family to me now and I lived the experiences with them. Really sorry not to continue but have to get on with a lot of work at my home that I pushed aside, so that’s probably a good thing. I was glad that I was able to sleep after this one though. I was so up in the air after ‘Echo’ it wasn’t funny.

      Thank you for NOT leaving a cliff hanger. Hello from Down Under in Sydney Australia.

  62. Dearest Diana,

    Another faithful fan dropping by to say thank you…the Outlander series is by far the best reading I’ve ever done, and I’m ruined for everything else . It’s wonderful to share in your great gift of storytelling. I’m grateful to be living in the same time as you, Diana…no time travel required (I don’t think I would survive the trip)!


  63. Thank you, Diana! I had read the entire series 3 times and could NOT wait for MOBY. I am writing to you as I just finished it. I loved the entire book! It is one of my favorites of the series. I especially loved the ending, I love your writing. That’s a lot of love I know, but I say it in honesty. I do think of you often as I’m reading and so many times I am just in awe of your intelligence, and your ability to tell a story in such detail and understanding. It is obvious you are a remarkable person….thank you for all the joy you have given your fans!


  64. What does one say when it has been said thousands of times, I know this sounds a bit much but it is heartfelt,
    Your number 1 in the world, the best ever at taking a person on a journey, the only writer who can make me wish for more, I have been reading books since I first learnt to read, as an adult I’ve read many books yours are the best.:)
    The attention to detail is beyond my expectations, your a bl..dy genius.
    I finished MOBY in one day, yes crazy, could not put your book down, attempted to put it down but just gave in and had to fill my greedy self, I have since gone back like a drug addict to read it again in two days, brilliant work Diana you must be so proud I know lm proud for you, what a wonderful writer you are.

    PS, this is a series that will stand with time, no matter how for into the future people will ask if anyone knows a good book to read, Yes will be my answer Diana Gabaldon series Outlander, it will take you on a far away journey, it’s simply the best you will ever read, you laugh, you cry, you hold your breath, you grin and giggle you break your heart for people you feel you know.
    Reading is a powerful tool a great book has the ability to make you believe, take you along for a ride you’ll never forget, when you finish reading its with sadness, god what do I read now, because no matter what you read it will never be as good.
    Thanks for spoiling me,
    God Bless you and always keep you safe.

    • Try The Lymond Chronicle by Dorothy Dunnett – 6 books the first called The Game of Kings…………Gabaldon gets me through Lymond withdrawal and Dunnett gets me through Jamie withdrawal.

      • AND Thank You for your wonderful books, Diana Gabaldon.

        I liked the cliff hanger and I liked this flying ending too. I’m glad you don’t feel (or get) constrained into any one formula. I like discovering the underlying structure/theme of each book. But most of all I love knowing there will be another one!! yeah 9!

        I’m just starting a reread of the Lord John series so that I don’t rush into a second read of MOBY.

        Thanx for so many happy hours, I picked up Outlander in 1991 so I’ve done many rereads.

        • P.P.S. In my library are all of the Outlander series in hardback, all but MOBY in trade paper, the early books in mass market, 1 – 7 in ebook format and again 1 – 7 in audible. Books aren’t dying out they’re just mutating

          • Grace:

            I had to send you a message to tell you that I must try “The Lymond Chronicles,” as you recommend, because I am going through SUCH “Outlander” withdrawal, and I’ve already read the Sara Donati “Into the Wilderness” series (ALMOST as good as “Outlander” – but of course, we know “Outlander” is in a class by itself!)

            Someone also recommended another historical/time-travel romance series – 4 books – that takes place in ancient Egypt and surrounding areas – a series by J. Suzanne Franks, so I will return the favor of your recommendation with this one (after all, we have to get through 4 more years til Book 9):

            In order, they are -

            Reflections on the Nile
            Shadows on the Aegean
            Sunrise on the Mediterranean
            Twilight in Babylon

            I’ve also already read ALL of the J.D. Robb (Norah Robert’s alternate name) “In Death…” the Eve Dallas series, which is a slightly futuristic mystery/romance, with yet another fabulous Gaelic male character, Roarke.

            Sigh – I lift my glass of wine to 2 of the most magnificent Gaelic men in modern literature, Jaime and Roarke.

            (And I’ll make another toast to Lord John, whom I have come to love as a brother, and who I suppose could be considered “Gay-Lick”? – pun intended, but only in the most fond way).

            Real life is hard to get back into, after being lost in the outlander series!!!

  65. This is a new experience. My granddaughter helped with my first comment .
    As one of your more mature readers (75), I have enjoyed your Outlander
    series so very much. I tried to slow read MOHB, I made it work for 14 days.
    I have so many questions but need to spend more time forming my list.
    I love the period of your stories, locations, science -fi, romance,and the
    Will the Randalls be coming back?

  66. Diana
    I have so been looking forward to a nice closure after the cliffhanger in the last book, I feel better at the end of this one knowing they are all safe and sound, and that we aren’t done yet. I’m certainly not, I have been reading your novels since 2009 while living and working in North Dakota, while I was looking for a book that would last more then one day I found these gloriously huge books then couldn’t put them down.
    I do love that era in time history fascinates me and to travel through time would be just…………
    Thank you for your hours and hours of enjoyment I have them not only in paperback but in audio also. I look forward to your next work
    Trudy Black

  67. I know you must be exhausted but I love all the outlander books .I will read Moby next but I loved book 8 and can’t wait for 9 but saying that It will be like losing a friend thinking of finishing the series it is hard to believe how long its been since book one and I know it must seem even longer for you and been on your mind for that long too and hearing us all tell you how much we love the characters these have been the best books ever and I love you for all your time and thoughts and research you have put into them .I have never had the Starz channel but subscribe and just waiting to watch it and it gives me the willies thinking of how long it will take to do all of them and I am hoping that we all get the opportunity to watch
    with love

  68. I’ve been a voracious reader almost since birth, but never have felt the way I feel about this series. Like, I’m sure, millions of others, I feel that I know Jamie and Claire as well, and in some regards, better than I know dear friends and even family. I laugh, I cry, I chuckle, and I start to mourn the ending even as I begin. I cannot express the respect I have for your extraordinary talents, as well as what I suspect are sometimes excruciatingly long hours; nor can I begin to thank you sufficiently for the joy I’ve experienced in your world. I only ask one thing…that I live long enough to read the last in this series, whatever that ends up being.

  69. Diana,
    I can’t tell if William understands that “Mac” is Jamie? It seems like he hasn’t made that connection. Am I reading it correctly?
    Thanks so much for your wonderful/clever/romantic/educational books!

    • Dear Holly–

      No, he found that out at the end of ECHO, in the upper hallway at Lord John’s house, when he comes face to face with Jamie.


  70. I can only repeat what others have said – the English Language does not have enough versions of WONDERFUL, THANKYOU, etc…

    I listen to Outlander series on Audible, and ABSOLUTELY love the talent of Davina Porter. Please pass that comment on to her. I hear all her “voices” and 99% of the time forgetten it is a Woman doing the male voices.
    She is BRILLIANT – I can even know who is speaking a sentence just by her accents/tones.

    I don’t want to actually see the Series in film or musical, as it may spoil the images I have of the Characters in my mind.

    As for the ending of Moby, unlike some others I don’t need to know how the “ending” came about – I am just happy they did. I can make up my own story. The end justifies the means!

    It is good to know that you will be doing nº9 – I can wait with the happy heart that MOBY left me with.

    My fear with the series has always been that Davina may not be available. I pray that both of you will be around for many more years.

    All my love. K

    • Diana,

      I have about 10 pages left in MOBY, trying to make it last, and yet counting down the days ’til the mid-season finale of the fabulous Starz series. I am in awe of your work and so grateful for these treasures of your imagination!

      I wanted to post here in response to other readers’ hesitation about watching the series, re: the cast not matching our own images of these adored characters. Please, please don’t let that stop you – I too struggle with tv & film after books and worry over the loss of certain details, but this show is worth opening your hearts and minds for! The amazing thing is, even as I become more attached to the screen versions of Jamie, Claire, etc (I confess to a little crush on Murtagh – his expression when seeing Claire in her wedding gown, gahh!) my mind’s eye reverts back to my original images of them as soon as I pick up the book again.

      Don’t be afraid to look, there’s only more to love!

  71. I have all of your books – first edition. Not all are signed. Can I come to a book signing or something to have the rest of them signed? I was told that I could by just mailing them in but I’m concerned about the mailing process and possibly losing them. Please advise. thank you

    • Dear K–

      I’d be happy to sign your first editions. People often do mail or FedEx me books to sign, and so far I haven’t heard of any going astray. [smile] If you’d like to catch me at an event sometime, though, that’s fine. I should tell you that if it’s a huge event (like this last tour has featured), often the organizing bookstore will put a limit on the number of books that each person can have signed, just to make sure everybody gets out of there before dawn. But if you’re near an event and would like to bring your first editions, you could call the bookstore and explain the situation, and tell them I said I’d be happy to do it for you.

      Hope to see you(or your books) somewhere along the way!

      Best wishes,


  72. Diana,
    Many thanks for the latest book! Retread the series before I started Moby and “discovered” many of the finer points that I missed in my younger days of reading the series. I have an appreciation for Lord John and his family now. I had actually seen you in Asheville, NC at Malaprops Bookstore several years ago when you were promoting a Lord John book. I was very interest in your presentation but not so much Lord John. I will be going back and reading the various Lord John books and novellas now. It appears that everything has it’s season. Older and wiser now I find the side characters fascinating in their own right. Ellen and Brian’s story appeals to me also. I hope that we learn more about Murtagh in their story!

    Congratulations on Moby’s success! The Starz production looks like it will be wonderful!
    Come back and visit us in Fraser’s Ridge country—-Liz

  73. I have just put down MOBY and got the your crazy look from my husband that I always get as I was yelling OMG. But it was a great book just like all the others you have done.

  74. I dragged out MOBY as long as I could, a chapter or 2 a day, hoping to make it last for many months. Alas, I finished last night. I loved the ending, but because it wasn’t a cliffhanger, I thought uh-oh, that’s the end. Very glad to come hear & read that it’s not the end. I have to say, I am very happy it’s not a cliffhanger like the Book 7 – that was a killer.

    Loved it. Went back and re-read A Leaf in the Wind and it had so much more meaning and I was a little sadder for reading it.

    Now just hoping Starz make the program available on Amazon!

  75. I love your books! Thanks for all the effort you put into creating an interesting storyline, lovable characters, and including fun bits of history. Looking forward to your next project (whenever you release one) and incredibly excited to watch the show on starz!

  76. I just finished MOBY. I always pick up the next Outlander book with a little trepidation because long series can often die natural deaths. This one was superb and wholly satisfying. I read a LOT and there are only a handful of authors who have written characters as memorable, poignant, and addicting as Jamie and Claire. I have now read the entire series through twice–knowing full well that there will easily be another round in my future. Thank you for such a sustaining, satisfying, and enjoyable series.

  77. Thank you so much for the detailed update! It’s great to hear your plans. I thank you so much for all you put into this series, your approach to your characters is what makes you one of my top 10 favorite authors.

  78. I too am one of those people that waited in line for hours in Dallas to have my books signed. I brought the first two books to be signed which were failing apart from overuse. I didn’t know what to say but thank you for all the work you put into the Outlanders series. It is a wonderful escape for me. Also let’s me dream that there are really men of Jamie’s caliber out there. I unfortunately haven’t found. But I still have hope! I hope your hand has recovered and thanks for coming to Dallas.

  79. July 15, 2014
    I just finished reading “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood” and I thank you so much for a wonderfully written book. I have read all 8 of the Outlander series, the first each 2 times and will probably read this one at last one more time if not more than that. For the most part, I was thrilled with the adventure, romance, and intrigue both good and sad. A number of difficult things stand out: Claire getting shot; Rollo dying (I cried when I read that, I have had a number of my dogs die, heartbreaking, but this one was really sad. ((I know it’s fiction!)) I have a Border Collie now, a fine dog, 6 years old, hope I go before he does.); and Henri-Christian’s death. I also want to thank you for including my clan in this book. My clan name is MacLaren, I am a member of the clan, our Clan Chief lives in Balquhidder Scotland. I await the next offering, 4 years is it? God Bless you in your work.

    • next time you post on ms. gabaldon’s blog, please don’t mention parts of the story that many people have not read as yet. I’d like to have eased my way into it.

      • Dear Bobbi–

        Well, you know…the books have been out since (beginning in) 1991. I kind of don’t think you can reasonably ask people not to discuss or mention things in books that have been available for twenty years, just because you haven’t read them yet. [g] (Mind, I think it’s courteous to maybe put a spoiler notice on something from a book that’s been published quite recently.)



  80. After so many weeks of reading very slowly, just enough to sustain my need for anything Outlander, I have finally finish MOBY. I was so scared that this was going to be the last book that I nearly went into panic. Thank you Diana for such an amazing book, for all the long hours dedicated, and for fulfilling all my expectations regarding the development of this amazing story. I’m so happy with everything and the way that all came to be that I want to read all books again. I purchased the Kindle edition, and the Audible version and I can say that it has been a great experience. I shared the reading of my books with my oldest daughter (me being 41 and she 23), and we both exchanged our opinions and feeling after each chapter. We laugh, cried, and got so excited for each of the characters. It was a great experience, and at the end of the book when my daughter asked me, “when is the next book scheduled?” my response to her was, “honey, a book is like a newborn child. You don’t ask a mother who has gone through hours of intense labor, who is still rejoicing on the birth of her child, when is the next one going to be born.” She laughs and says to me, “That is so true, if someone asked you that you would surely say, “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! Let me enjoy this one first! ” Again, thank you so much Diana.

  81. Just new to you and your writing, you are an inspiration as I still have dreams of becoming a published autor myself. I have enjoyed your Outlander Book – ready to go onto Dragonfly in Amber however not sure if I should look at the TV series coming out as there may be too many spoilers, how far into the book series is it going once it gets started in August?

    • I believe the first season is just based on the first book, Outlander, so you should be okay. Diana can correct me if I am mistaken.

  82. I have started this serious back in 1999….I waited years to read “An Echo in the Bone”, after I purchased the book, as I did not want the story to end….when I finally read it I was so excited to see there will be more….I pre-ordered “Written in my owns heart blood” and I read it within days…..and again, I am so excited the story will continue. I am not sure I want to see the movies, to be honest. The books are fantastic and I have re-read them numerous times, I am just not sure the movie can live up to it. And to be honest, we all have a certain idea what Jamie, Claire and the gang should look like…..Hopefully some day they will come out on DVD….

  83. Hi Diana – I have just finished MOBY! Phew what an epic journey – You must b exhausted! I can’t wait to read what happens next. This is the first book I’ve had to wait for as I came across the 2nd book at a 2nd hand book sale then quickly started buying & reading the others. Since then Ive been shocked but not surprised by the number of people I have come across that have read these books. I saw you mentioned film? Is there a film or TV series? I would love to see it if there is! Keep up the GREAT work.:-)

  84. Love your writing. Would love to read Jaime point of view for Outlander. His words and thoughts of meeting Claire from landing in Scotland meeting Murtagh being wounded and the rest of 1743. Please consider thank you.

  85. I just finished “Moby” for the second time and am looking forward to the small screen version of Outlander in August. I admit I’m a little afraid because it can’t possibly live up to the incredibly vivid images you’ve painted on the pages of your books.
    My ancestors came from Applecross, Scotland and I was born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina. I’d always wondered how the Scots ended up in NC. Unlike my husband, I’ve never been a real fan of American history. I lean more toward fiction and fantasy, but I was fascinated by events that actually took place, practically in my backyard. For the first time in 25 years of marriage my husband and I could actually discuss something I’d read for fun!
    For years my family attended the Highland Games on Grandfather Mountain, but reading The Fiery Cross made it seem like more than a bunch of people playing dress-up for the weekend. The calling of the Clans in your book gave me chills because I’ve stood, with my family, in the dark mist of McCray meadow and watched the torches come down from the hills as the clans announced their arrival.
    The Outlander series is more to me than just an achingly beautiful love story, or a multi-generational saga, or a very complicated fantasy involving time-travel. Thank you for making MY history real in a way that history books never could.

  86. I just finished MOBY, it was wonderful, I laughed & cried , I weirdly feel that I know & love these characters you have created, once again I can hardly wait for the next one but can always read the
    series again. Thank you so much

  87. Hi Diana

    Well, I’m only half way through MOBY and loving it.. just drawn in straight away but I don’t like to rush your books because you’ve put so much effort into them. You deserve them to be read well.

    I have just been reading a passage when you use the term ‘because he couldn’t be arsed’, please tell me you didn’t find this in your full on research! I know most things come around and around but I thought this was a modern term. I always made my colleagues laugh because until recently I thought it was I can’t be asked! LOL

    The only thing I am slightly dissapointed in is that the images of the series actors have taken over from the ones I had conjured up in my mind all these years. Not enough to spoil it for me I promise but it feels different this time. I hope everyone enjoys the series and will look forward to hearing about it’s popularity.

    thanks for your good work


  88. My sister and I sure enjoyed seeing you at the retreat in Seattle. I introduced her to your books when Outlander first came out and we’ve been reading the series since. We both loved MOBY. It is like a bowl of candy. I’m so happy to hear there will be another book. I don’t know how you do it but I’m so glad you can write such wonderfully rich and entertaining stories. Thank you so much for all the hours of happy reading. I am so happy your book make the #1 bestseller in both fiction and non-fiction! Really looking forward to seeing the Outlander series. Congratulations!

  89. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your most excellent and exciting storytelling. I own all your books and just had the privilege of finishing IMOHB. WOW.
    Please, keep writing. You seem to have the “gift” of pulling the reader right into the story and I love that. Also, your characters are the best.
    Your devoted reader,
    Judy Brennan

  90. Diana you have exhausted ME! I know you have spent years, months, days, hours and many minutes on your wonderful books…and I do mean wonderful, brilliant and exiting! So you have to be tired and in need of a break but I wanted you to know that I have been trying to play “catch up” and started the series in May and I don’t think I have been asleep before 1 am! I am captivated and my family has been eating a lot of take out and hamburger helper the past few months! I am happy to report that I am on A Breath of Snow and Ashes now and have never read such a wonderful series! I have learned French, Gaelic, and tons of history, not to mention herbs and medicine and a great romance to boot! I can’t see how you will ever end this series, just please don’t pull a “Dallas” on us where the main character wakes up and it was all a dream! Thanks again for your dedication and your brilliant story telling.

  91. Hi Diana,

    I just finished the last pages of moby. Well done indeed. As always you made me laugh (lots) and you made me cry (sometimes) and I enjoyed every single minute I spent with your wonderful story. Thank you very much.
    p.s. I read parts of it during our holiday in the Highlands, could’t wish for a better place for it.
    Greetings from Germany

  92. Until about 4 years ago, if anyone ask what was my favorite book my reply was always Jane Eyre by Bronte. I love the main character and identified with her since I was 11 years old and read the book for fun (not for a class). An avid sci-fi & 19th century British lit junkie, when I finished everything Marion Zimmer Bradley had wrote (Avalon series & Darkover series), a friend recommended Outlander to take care of my ‘addiction’ to sagas. You are the first author that I have ever re-read their book in over 45 years of being an avid reader. Even my Jane Eyre I have only read once cover to cover (though I have read sections over & watched many a film/TV version). Now in my 4th reading of the entire series and eagerly awaiting the premiere of the TV series, I still find new tidbits in the readings – references or phrases that have more meaning now that the story arc is broader. Take a breather – a well earned vacation. And take a bow. As hard as it is to wait for the next volume or additional books (like OC2, the prequel, stand alones like the Lord John books), the wait is worth it. And make sure Ronald keeps the cast together for Season Two Dragonfly in Amber………….

  93. Hello Diana :) I was surprised not to see an update about The Cannibal’s Art? Have you no idea when that may be finished? Thanks for all your books (and for more to come). :)

    • Dear Elle–

      That’s one of those things that just kind of putts along on the side. [g] Whenever I write up an explanation of something for someone, and it looks like being useful beyond the present conversation, I toss it into the CANNIBAL directory. Eventually, I’ll turn my full attention to it and start sifting through the mass of stuff in there–but not just yet.



  94. Hi Diana,
    I’m a very BIG fan of all you books, especially the last one, and can’t wait for the Outlander tv series. I was wondering if you could put up a name pronunciation guide because many of the names are so hard to figure out. Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Dear Sherri–

      People’s names, you mean? Hm…could probably put something like that in the OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOLUME II.



      • Dear Diana, Yes the name pronunciations would be wonderful…..I have seen some of the Gaelic lessons on your sight and love them, they are helpful. Thanks for making Jamie and Claire so real.

  95. Thank you so much for Moby! I loved it and especially the fantastic ending. Looking forward to seeing how Brianna’s family got to The Ridge and all the adventures they will have now. I will miss them until book 9 but will just reread 1 to 7 again. Thanks again!

  96. Diana,

    I am extremely pleased to see you will be writing another Outlander book! I didn’t get the “cliffhanger” feel with this one as I did with Echo, and it kind of felt like you were tying up some loose ends in the last couple of chapters, so I wondered if maybe you’d go with another Lord John book to expand on his and Pardloe’s quest for answers instead of writing another BIG book. Then I remembered that Jamie still has a few lives left from the fortune-teller’s prediction, and that Claire won’t reach her full potential until she has a full head of white hair (according to the Indian woman whose name I can’t spell or pronounce) so I was hoping this wasn’t the end.

    Now that I know you’ll be writing Book 9 I can’t wait to see the look on Jenny’s face when she meets Roger again. If my gut is correct and MOBY ends like I think it does, then Jenny (who is now in her 40′s..?) is about to see Roger looking exactly like he did when she was 17 when he came to Lallybroch looking for Jem. I know she knows what Claire is…but to actually have her experience it via Roger…I hope she survives the shock!

    You continue to intrigue me with how you keep your story lines going and jumping and circling back around…both from the BIG books and from the novellas. How you do it without having a huge flow chart on your office wall is a mystery to me!

    Now…go take a vacation! You’ve earned it!

  97. Hello Diana.
    I have just finished MOBY and sat with the book in my hands. What a great ending! I was hoping that everyone would end back together, but as each event came and went and no Mackenzies, I thought you were going to make us wait for book Nine.
    I have reread the series with my IPad beside me, looking up all sorts of things mentioned in the books, like Heath balds, and trees birds and critters, clothing and corn cribs. May I join with all your other fans to thank you for your hard work and dedication in producing such wonderful and satisfying books.

    • Dear Diana,

      I have had Lymphoma for 10 years, and I am determined to hang on until the end of the series,
      whenever that may be. I re-read them occasionally, and always just before starting the latest
      one out.
      Thank you for the gift of these wonderful books. I have two sets, the paperbacks that I will loan
      only to good friends, and the hard copies that NO ONE touches.
      Good thoughts to you, always.

  98. Dear Diana,
    Thank you so much for your books. I absolutely adore them. My family (all 6 of them) just returned from a 3 week tour of Scotland. When we returned – your latest book was on my doorstep. We spent a lot of time in Inverness and Fort William – and even viewed Ruthven Barracks ( I was delighted when you mentioned it your book and I had been there). Your books were special before we went to Scotland and are even more so now. Thank you – I really am a junkie so even though you just finished book 8 – I anxiously await book 9 – but in the meantime – I will look forward to the movies on Starz. Thank you so much

  99. I always knew I had an affinity with the British Isles. When I read OUTLANDER, I knew it was Scotland where I had lived a previous life. Since that time, I have worked on family history and found that one side of my family came from Scotland! I wonder how I would respond if I were in Claire’s shoes. Would I be able to cope with the primitiveness of the 1700′s? A long stretch from 2014. Aloha from Hawaii.

  100. Please one more to bring William back!

  101. I’m 82, my husband is 85. I read, he listens to the audio books. We have no cable. Yet.A tv series sounds wonderful but how can anything compete with the pictures we already have in our heads?

  102. LOVED MOBY!!!! I patiently, but anxiously await each of your books!! Looking forward to the series on Starz.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful storytelling talents !!!

  103. Diana–thank you so much for creating these vivid characters. As a medical student, I especially appreciate all of the medicine Claire performs! Reading about 18th century cures and treatments makes me thankful for all the medical accomplishments mankind has made since then. I look forward to reading about the Fraser clan and all of their adventures in Book 9. I go to school in Iowa City which is home to a very famous bookstore called Prairie Lights–I hope that someday you might have a book signing there. Thank you for creating this series!

  104. I am so glad to hear that you plan another book. Truly enjoyed Book 8 but not only did some serious loose ends get left but you created a few new ones. I realize it is hard work and that it will be a while but I will look forward. This is such a great story.

  105. Thankyou for your wonderful stories.I read everyone twic and some chapters more than that.
    I have been thru the gamut of emotions.so I hope you write the next one soon as I am 65 now.

  106. Will there be an audio version of ‘Written In My Own Heart’s Blood’. On my knees begging that there will be one…

    • Dear Lynette–

      There already is one; it came out the same day as the hardcover. I don’t mind answering you at all [smile]–but just out of curiosity–wouldn’t it have been easier to look at audible.com or Amazon, rather than come ask me and wait for me to get round to answering?


      • And the audio versions are wonderful!! Davina Porter is such a special narrator, she weaves your story with such perfection for me I’m almost afraid to watch the tv show!

        Thanks for the stories, I like everyone else await the next installment, no matter what it is.


  107. Diana,
    I’m re-reading MOBY and so am catching a few things this time around that I didn’t during my first read-through. Question…how did the letter from Frank get in the desk at Lallybroch? Same thing with Roger’s letter. How did nobody find them before now? I’m so confused!

    PS: That baby’s head on your bookshelf is a bit creepy (in the picture above)!

  108. Please ignore my question on your Facebook page re OC2. Should have read the blog first. And it’s good to see you’re such a busy, inspired, gifted writer. I’ll be patient now, and will try to remain healthy enough to see 9, OC2, and other offerings.

  109. Thank you lady! Have loved all the books but more so your writing technique. Such a blessing to wield such a gift to your unrestricted will. Keep it up please. :-)

  110. My problem is after reading all of the
    Outlander books and Novella’s . I cannot find anything else that holds my interest.

  111. Diana,

    I LOVE the series! Thank you for all your hard work and sleepless nights.

    I started the first book about 4 years ago and went through them all. So excited that “Moby” is out now and I am re-reading all the books before it, so I can once again become immersed in the lives of Claire and Jamie before reading this next “chapter” in their saga.

    I am excited that the Outlander series is coming alive on screen, but saddened that we do not have STARZ. I am hoping there will be some other way for me to watch; perhaps streaming? And did I read there will only be 16 episodes????? I can only hope more will be added as the story of Claire & Jamie and their timeless love story captures the minds and hearts of so many people!

  112. I loved this book and liked the point it left us at the end, but PLEASE don’t wait five more years to write the next one.

  113. Dear Diana,

    THANK YOU for the 8 Outlander books! I’ve just read all 8 back to back (1-7 for the 2nd time), slowly and savoured each one and am amazed at how action-packed one book is, let alone the entire series. This has been the most satisfying and fulfilling series of books I’ve read and I know I can read them again with enjoyment. Your characters come alive in your books and I enjoy meeting the new characters in each book. Claire and Jamie are awesome people. I always know I’m in for a “great read” when I crack open a new Diana Gabaldon Outlander book! Sometimes it is difficult leaving the 18th century for the 21st as your stories and characters are so real. Look forward to more about Briana and her family as well as William.

    I’ve learned more history from your books than I ever did in school. Outlander was a great book and you keep improving with each new title. I’m going to read all the in-betweeners now as well as Outlandish Companion.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for the ending of Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and the great title.

    Can’t wait for the Outlander TV series. When will a DVD of it be for sale?

    Again, thanks for all your hard work!

  114. Years ago, when I first saw the first 3 or 4 Outlander books in a bookstore display and skimmed through them, I knew this was a unique series I would have to read non-stop when I had time to savor each book. Just a quick scan of each of the volumes told me this was no ordinary story and the time had to be right. At that moment, I had a time-consuming job, so I put the books on my bucket list for retirement reading. I have been a voacious reader my entire life, but had not tackled a series like this. Indeed, I had never encountered anything like it. My previous beloved books had been Gone With The Wind and all of Isaac Asimov’s Robots/Foundation series (but they are not 800 pages). However, can you detect the interest in history and science-fiction (i.e., time travel) that would attract me to the Outlander books?

    Fast-forward (or time-travel!) ahead to 2010 – the economy finally caught up with me, I got laid-off from work (unbeknownst to me at the time, never to go back again), it was winter, and I collected all of the books that were out at that time and spend a cozy season under the quilts with delightful cups of tea living in Scotland, France, the Carribean and Colonial America with Claire and Jamie and their family, direct and extended. A reader my entire life, I have NEVER enjoyed any story more, nor have I found a more magnificently humorous, well-constructed, incredibly-well thought-out and eminently readable tale with the most wonderful characters, brilliant dialog and turn of speech and astonishing knowledge of a multitude of topics.

    I just finished MOBY; I literally read it almost non-stop – except for a few breaks – in 4 days. i simply could not put it down. I didn’t want to leave these characters for an instant. I will tell you it was AGONY waiting for this book to come out, as I had read the rest of them all of a piece. And I only hope I can survive until Book 9 *grin*

    But there are your wonderful Lord Jon books and other tidbits that keep us going, and yes, I have read every one of your auxilliary books as well.

    • An additional interesting sidelight – I live in Philadelphia, the locale of most of MOBY, and I KNOW where ever place referenced is!!! I actually grew up in the Kingsessing area and went to an early pre-school set up for the children of working mothers at John Bartram High School, named after the same John Bartram in whose gardens Claire and Jaime “reunited!” And yes, Bartram’s Gardens are still there.


  116. Diana, I am such a big fan of your books and so excited for the show to start on Starz. I have watched a lot of the videos done at Comic Con and ones Starz has done of interviews. I enjoyed watching them and laughed so hard at the Starz Q&A video. I am behind everyone else in reading MOBY, but only because I got a late start in rereading the series before the release of MOBY, so haven’t started MOBY yet. I have been listening to each of your books on audio and love hearing Davina Porter reading them. She is awesome and I am happy she is the one to do all of them. I hope you come to Oklahoma City sometime for a book signing. I would love to meet you. I am glad to hear there will be another book, but knowing how busy you are with everything I can wait for it. Like they say all good things come to those who wait.
    Thank you for all your hard work in bringing these books to life for us. Keep up the great work you do. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest when you can. God bless you.

  117. I just finished the book last night at 130AM and OMG as I was reading I kept thinking, they are coming back to the ridge, they are coming back. I loved every bit of it, of course I read it too fast and impatiently because I just wanted know what happened. I can’t wait for the next one, for now I’ll wait for the series to start and reread book 8 because i know i missed some details.

  118. Facebook is public again! Thank you!

    I truly enjoyed MOBY and especially found the ending very uplifting and satisfying! At age 78, I may not be around for the Book 9, so I’m glad the ending wasn’t another ECHO cliffhanger! For me (student of history), the cliffhanger is that as far as the American Revolution is concerned, our characters have gone from the frying pan to the fire. Obviously there is plenty of action coming in Book 9 even though we fortunately won’t have to spend 5 years stuck with Jem in that tunnel!

    I hate to nitpick an excellent book, but I started rereading the series (just started VOYAGER) and wondered how Cranesmuir moved from its location just outside Leoch in OUTLANDER to close to Lallybroch in MOBY? Your novel writer’s license, of course, justifies the elastic geography! And I’m probably only the 999,999th reader who noticed the migration! :-)

  119. Loved the book! You made me cry twice. Once when Claire was greeted (and gifted ) by Adso upon her return to the ridge, and when Roger and Breanna and the children came home. So glad there’ll be a ninth book! I’ll wait-patiently- but I’m 68 , so I hope it won’t be too long. I want to thank you, too, for acknowledging in your books that old people have sex! Yes, we do, if we’re lucky, and we like it, too!

  120. I finished MOBY earlier this month and loved it. I am just glad that instead of feeling entirely bereft at the end as I sadly wait for the next novel in the series, I have the new TV series to look forward to. I’ve been enjoying the clips, trailer, and your interviews. If you need another book tour location, Door County Wisconsin is a lovely place to visit and just North of where I live!

    I just posted my review on MOBY if anyone is interested. I finished the novel earlier this month, but I’m running very behind on review. Kids will do that to you.


    • Thank you, Laura!

      That’s a lovely review–so glad you enjoyed the book, and I hope you’ll enjoy the TV show just as much!



  121. Hi Diana! I have enjoyed every one of the Outlander books :). Thank you so much for your amazing stories and giving me a way to escape my reality. I would love to see you come to San Antonio! You have a great deal of fans here. Maybe during a comic con visit? I am counting down the days of the STARZ series.

  122. Hi Diana,

    I was schocked when I read what happened to Henri-Christian.
    Why did you chose for this, as an author you had I guess other solutions as well and I was wondering why this choice? Don’t wanna give to much away for other readers..
    Hope the next book is coming a bit (a day or so) faster, can’t wait to read it!!

    take care,


    • Dear nala–

      No, actually, I never do things like that as a conscious decision; in fact, I looked for some time for a way for that _not_ to happen–but it did. Things do, sometimes.



  123. *sigh* Just finished MOBY. *sigh*
    I laughed, I cried, I was completely and utterly transported.
    Thanks so much for sharing your stories!

    *now what to read??*

  124. While waiting for book 8 to come out, I decided to go back to the beginning and reacquaint myself with all these wonderful characters…. for months now I’ve been enjoying their company daily! Just when I finished book 7 MOBY came out!! YAY!!! I just finished it today and I have to say, I’m going to miss them! I am just so relieved to hear that there will BE another book!!! I couldn’t imagine this being the END :( Take as long as you need is what I say!! If I know another one is coming, I can wait! You ROCK Diana!!!

  125. There is a God and her name is Diana.

    Please, please, pretty please work a little miracle and deliver Book 9 as soon as possible.

    Reading Books 1 to 8 has been one of the most enjoyable periods of my life.

    Thank you.

  126. Hi Diane

    I found your book which had been left on an American Airlines flight.
    That was over 25 years age. I am still addicted to your books and have just acquired my hard back version of MOHB. You say there will be another book, my goodness! I am going to be reading thse in the nursing home (which is fine by me)
    Thank you so much I love the books and the way you write them

  127. Dear Diana,
    I am a big fan of your books. A friend of mine recommended your books about 4 years ago and ever since, once I start reading them I can’t stop. I take them everywhere with me. It is always a great pleasure to get home after work, do the house chores and then have a relaxing tome with your books. I feel that I know all your characters and feel their pain, happiness and excitement through the book. It always makes me feel sad when I finish reading a book of yours. It leaves an emptiness, a void in my soul. It’s like having to say farewell to a person that you love deeply and that you know that you will not see in a long time.

    You are a very gifted writer and I thank my friend every day for introducing your books to me. I can’t wait for the tv series. I have it booked in my calendar and I feel very thrilled with expectation. You are a very busy person, and I hope that you can write your next book in less than 4 years. I had to read the previous book again in order to remember what had happened before. It was a great idea because I had forgotten important parts of it. Anyway, a big hug for you for making all your fans happy and I look forward to continuing reading your amazing books.


  128. I thought you did a fabulous job of refreshing our memories about the characters. I expected to have a much harder time remembering them, but you brought us up to speed on each one in a way that seemed perfectly natural. I like the stories, the characters, the medical and historical details, everything but the overly explicit scenes. Would like to recommend the series to a lot of friends, but I can’t because I know they would find such scenes offensive and/or excessive. If you toned that down a bit, you’d capture an even larger audience.

    • Dear Jean–

      Frankly, I’d capture a much bigger audience if I put in lots _more_ sex. [wry g] Reader’s tastes differ; the only criterion I can possibly use is my own judgement as to what’s necessary to tell these people’s stories adequately.



  129. Will you ever write a book with all of the herbal remedies from the Outlander series.

  130. I have so enjoyed reading this series. You have such a gift for developing and breathing life into your characters. Everyone of them feels like a three dimensional fleshed out beings. I look forward to reading where ever you continue to bring them. Congratulations on the success of your more recent book. I am still in the process of reading it and am enjoying it very much. May this family of characters inspire you to continue their sagas well into the future.

  131. Dear Diana,
    Big fan… near end of Moby… “thanks for the fish” …. u like sci fi too!
    Congrats on TV series… hope its great.
    First rule of hearing your favorite author takes years to write her next book is “Don’t Panic”.
    Thanks again for enriching our lives with your imagination and hard work.

  132. Diana, I just wanted to say thank you for writing the best series I have ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed MOBY—I laughed and cried and then cried some more at the end. I thought it was a great ending to the story but I am excited that there will be a ninth book.

    I would love to come to a book signing if you ever come close to North Carolina. I would probably be one of those fans that is awestruck and doesn’t know what to say but I promise it won’t be, “When is book 9 coming out?”

    I hope you get a well deserved vacation soon, :-)


  133. Hi Diana,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your books. I first read them when Fiery Cross came out – I actually read that first and loved it so much I had to go back and read the series from the beginning – and then read them again.
    Since then I have reread the series several times – in between new books coming out just for fun and then every time a new book comes out I read the new book and then go back to the start and read them all again.

    Some think I am strange but I never get tired of the series, I am currently re-reading them from start to finish as I have just got MOBY* – I know people give you a hard time about the next book but I am just glad that there will be one (I do secretly wish next week) as I was very upset when this one ended and wished it had gone on and on.

    I have also read all the side novelas and even tried once to read them in proper order with the big books.

    I love the idea of a prequel.

    Whatever comes next I will devour it with glee – this is my favourite series ever and I have put several friends on to it and we are planning a girls night to watch the TV series.


  134. Hi, I have never posted on an author’s page before, but I felt it was necessary. I loved the Outlander series, so much that I checked at least weekly for the 8th book. Yes, the book was wonderful, my poor family did not see me for four days!!! Every man for themselves, when I am reading a book as great as this one was. I am glad to read that you are thinking/working/hoping on a 9th book. I would love to have more output about Brianna, Roger Mac and the kids journey to the Ridge. Also, what will become of William, and finally will Frances and Germain have a romance. I am current residing in Texas, and am hoping you may visiting a major city nearby. I will keep looking on your page to see where your travels take you. It would be great to have a book signed by you! You are a great writer, and I love your books, hours upon hours of entertainment. Also, I just ordered STARZ, so I can watch the new Outlander Series. I found it amazing, my mind pictured Claire and Jamie, almost identical to the characters that will play their roles. Amazing! Thank you again for the wonderful books you have written.

  135. I am so glad you are alive and write! God bless you for ALL your books, (and all that goes with them).
    I think you should relax after Labor Day, spend some time with Doug and the children, and the furry children.
    Feel all the love and gratitude coming your way from all the people all over the globe who follow you.
    I was thrilled with the Outlander TV production part one, I hope it continues to be as good.
    Thank you Diana.

  136. Diana,

    Like most I have read all of the books multiple times and just finished MOBY. Bonzer!! I’ve been so excited about the TV series ever since I first heard of it, and having seen the first episode on Saturday, I have to ask…have you heard any news of being renewed yet??? LOL

    Hey, at least I didn’t ask when the next book will be out. :-)


  137. I have loved this series, and I waited as long as I could stand before buying this book because I knew that I would read it as fast as possible, usually a few days and then be left with nothing until the next comes out. I made it last a whole week- and now I have the show to fill in the next 8. Then I will work on my own novel- much like your first novel it’s a practice piece just to see what it looks like and if I can pull it off. They have a story I just need it to come from my head to the page. Thank you so much for your inspiration, and for not making us wait as long as Martin does ;)

    I do hope we get to see more story, more filling the blanks and are eventually able to see the story laid out chronologically, not just within one characters lifeline, but from the earliest date to the last date mentioned in the story. Filled with events, locations, and characters ages at the time. That would be a great graphic. I’m off to see if there is already one online somewhere.

  138. I don’t know HOW I did it. But I had MOBY in my hands for 2 weeks before starting to read. I wanted to prolong the joy of continuing the story as long as possible. It was worth it. As though each novel is a long personal letter to me from someone in my own family. Beautifully written, with so much compassion and depth. Thank you.

  139. Its almost as interesting to read your readers comments to you as it is to read your books. Moby is read for the second time and I of course eagerly await book 9. My health too is failing so if my heart, sight and state of mind sustain me I will at least be around for another great book by you. Thanks Diana for giving an old man something to look forward to.

  140. OMG! I LOVE these books. My only issue is I started them just this year and now I am nearly done listening to it. I can’t wait! It will kill me! So here is my proposition. Charge us a yearly subscription to your blog and write a chapter or so a month… What do you think?

    If the publishers give you any grief I am sure a I can pass on a copy of Outlander to our local mob boss and he will make sure they leave you alone once hooked.

    On a more serious note, I have gone from dreading waking up and making the hour long drive into and from work each day to looking forward to those parts of my day due to you and Davina Porter. The only part of my drive I no longer enjoy is turning off the car and pausing the book. The two of you are truly wonderful together. Thank you.

    • Dear Cliff–

      Well, your suggestion might work…if I wrote in a linear fashion. [g] As it is, I don’t–I don’t even _have_ chapters ’til I’ve finished the book; breaking the ms. into discrete chapters and titling them is the final thing I do to a book before sending it to my editors. So I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait…

      To pass the time in the meantime, though, you might want to check out the new “OUTLANDER” TV series that’s about to air on Starz, starting this Saturday (August 9th, at 9 PM, all time zones). If you don’t have STARZ, you can still check out the first episode for free; they’ve made it available online–on http://www.starz.com and YouTube (just search on “Outlander First Episode Preview”), and on various On Demand channels. Hope you enjoy that, too!



  141. I live in Sweden and have read all your books (2 times now). When I heard that a new book MOBY was coming out, I ordered the book in English. All the other books are translated to swedish. During my vacation this summer I have read your new book and it was amasing. It took some time for me and there were some words that I had some difficulties with, but I loved the book. I am looking forward to read more about all the persons. I am not a big fan of “science fiction” but your books just captured me. It is the best series I have ever read. I am going to buy your books and give them to some of my friends.
    Thanks again and take care

    • Dear Inez–

      (My grandmother’s name was Inez. [g]) Really glad that you enjoyed the book! Since you read English so fluently, perhaps you’d find it interesting to go back and read some of the earlier books in the original language. Even though I believe the Swedish translations are good, there are always thing–like the Scottish accents–that simply can’t _be_ translated.



      • I just finished the 3rd time through MOBY/ added to 3 times for the forerunners. Tears for the friends I’ve come to love. We wwere in
        scotland in 1995…loved everone we met. I wish I could return, as I met ffamily after 200 yrs.
        Because of a mixup I didn’t get to see the TV…I hope to get it on DVD or ?

  142. I am just one more super-fan that has loved your books for the past 20years. I have Scotch-Irish roots via the Stewart Clan that immigrated to SC from Antrim County Ireland in 1788. I’ve always felt the lure of the highlands, but never as much as after I started reading your books. At the top of my bucket list is a trip to Scotland. Of course, now my holiday will be twice as long due to having to visit Fraser and MacKenzie sites along with Stewart ones! LOL I LOVE the historical settings and info in your books. I am also a nurse and have developed a true love of botany and medicinal herbs from watching Claire convert her 20th century knowledge into 18th century practice. Loved the ending of MOBY and will, of course, now have to start back at the beginning and re-read them all again. *oh darn!* (think I should warn my unwary family? nah, me neither). Anyway, take a vacation and, as my Stewart Grandmother always said, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”, I’ll be here waiting anxiously, and not patiently (sorry!) when it comes out. Cudo’s to you and THANKS!

  143. Diana,

    I sent you a message on twitter and someone told me to try asking my question here. I’m worried about a spoiler but I’m confident that if I’m vague you will get the gist of what I am trying to ask.

    At Bartram’s Garden, when Claire and Jamie are talking about what happened between her and Lord John, Jamie says that he didn’t think it mattered that much. I trust you recall the context of the conversation. I have read this section a dozen times at least with different ideas of what Jamie and Claire might mean by “it.” I have brought it to the amazingly bright women in the Outlander discussion group that I belong to and they, for the most part, think Jamie is saying that he didn’t think that *what everyone thought happened on the ship with Jenny but didn’t actually happen* mattered to Claire. I don’t agree. I think that he is saying that he didn’t realize that *what happened the night that Lord John couldn’t mourn alone* mattered that much.

    Normally, I don’t mind not knowing exactly what you intended something to mean but this one is bugging me for some reason. I just can’t fathom Jamie saying he didn’t think it mattered that much to, you know, the ship thing. Will you shed some light on it?

    Thanks either way!!


    • Dear Jessica–

      He did mean his presumed death. Not that he didn’t think Claire would _care_–but that seeing her reaction now, he realizes the full extent of her emotional devastation, in a way that he wouldn’t have if he hadn’t seen it in her recounting. And realizing that, now understands what actually happened between her and Lord John.



      • Diana,

        Alrighty then, :). I’m going to take your word for it as you are the authority on the matter. I still don’t understand how Jamie could think that Claire would be anything less than devastated by his death but people are strange creatures.

        Thank you for replying to my question. I know you are busy so it’s super cool.



  144. Dear Diana,

    I understand other readers feeling closure with “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” and truly it is a wonderful book. However, I am greedy , I guess, because I can hardly wait for book 9!! I know it will be several years but I can wait. I want to experience the miracle of their reunion with Bree and Roger and children. I know how they have all missed each other. Bree will somehow bring William into the family as son, brother and uncle. etc and Jamie and John will reach an accomodation with each other! Roger will fall back in love with his commitment to his ministry (which he is already doing). I want to meet Ian’s & Rachel’s son and meet Denny’s and Dorothea’s baby. Just joking!

    Whatever you write will be as devastatingly real and charming as all your other works.

    I read “Outlander” in the eighties and had no idea there were other books about these lovely people for several years! I corrected that oversight (on my part) as soon as I became aware…

    I have read “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” cover to cover four times since I purchased my copy.

    I cannot thank you enough for your gorgeous writing, your careful attention to detail and for bringing these characters so totally to life! You are gifted and Jamie and Claire truly live!

    Thank you,
    Vicki Peery

    • Thank you, Vicki!

      Really pleased that you enjoyed MOBY so much! [g] And Book Nine will be along in good time–hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it!



      • Dear Diana,

        As someone who adores a good time-travel and timeless love story, I don’t know how I missed your books. One has to begin somewhere, and I have read through the first four since the tv series began on Starz. I admire your writing and greatly respect the amount of research you have done.

        Since you say there will be a Book Nine. I really, really do hope you are at least considering closing the circle of this great love story with Jaime’s ghost standing under Claire’s window looking at her in 1945. It was moving to read in Outlander and to view on the tv screen. It would be a challenge, but what a way to end an engrossing saga.

        All best wishes

        • Dear Susan–

          I’ve always said that the ghost will be explained–as the last thing in the last book. We aren’t there yet, though. [g]



          • Diana,

            Didn’t Jaime dream of the moment in the “future” when he watched Claire from the street? I think it was in Echo in the Bone. Isn’t that almost explanation enough?


          • Dear Kimberly–

            No. [g] But don’t worry, you’ll find out. Eventually.


          • Dear Diana –

            I teared up the first moment of the pilot episode during the opening song of the Starz Series because it was just so rich and heartwarming. I am embarrassed to admit on this type of forum that this was my first introduction to Outlander. As this was during a time of deep depression and hardship for me, I cannot tell you how much this love story helped me understand and learn to forgive in my own marriage and brought sunshine to a badly needed dark space.

            From there I looked to soak up everything I could! I loved watching your interview on the Starz extras and seeing you at the Gathering!! I loved the “Drought-lander” and waiting every month for another tidbit. But meanwhile, I got my hands on the books and let’s just say the characters, details, smells, sounds everything on the grand on that giant HDTV with surround sound came even MORE to life in your beautiful words.

            I’m only halfway through Drums and almost savor every page as a newbie knowing that I “only” have four more books left. To make sure I am never in a state of withdrawal I order the next book in the series online when I only have 200 pages left.

            Thank you for taking the risk and Leaning In to follow your passion and letting us in on your “practice” novel that turned into so much for people around the world. Your technical and scientific background and steadfast commitment to historical and pharmaceutical accuracy transforms your stories into life lessons! I even got deep down the rabbit hole with essential oils, inspired by my physician Claire Fraser.

            But after all this rambling, the real reason I wanted to reach out to you is to say that I too am SOOO excited to learn how Jaime’s ghost in the very first Starz episode will play into the ninth book and bring us full circle!!

            THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have given us all a gift and renewed hope that love does surpass time and the physical world.

            Warmest regards,

          • Thank you very much, Sarah! I’m really glad that you’ve enjoyed both the show and the books so far! (I don’t know that Book Nine is necessarily the last one–but you will eventually have the answer to Jamie’s ghost!)



  145. Diana,

    I understand the impulse to ask about the next book, but it must feel like when a newly delivered mother is asked if and when she is planning the next pregnancy!

    Greatly enjoyed MOBY -in fact reread whole series including Lord John books-the ending was lovely.


  146. The Outlander books were the PERFECT books for me!
    I love the time travel, the American Revolution, (have been
    asked to join the DAR many times ) but mostly it’s the live story.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful time I’ve had reading your books.
    Can’t wait for the next!

  147. Diana,

    As so many of us have said before….thank you so much for you hard work, imagination and these characters that we have all fallen in love with. I was in my 20′s when I started reading Outlander and am now turning 47 next month. The years in between were filled with the usual. Marriage, the Navy, travel, friends, family and finally children. Life threw us many curve balls along the way, but all through I’ve had your story to fall in love with, to escape with, to learn history with and to fill lonely gaps when my husband was deployed. I can’t even begin to tell you what a comfort your books are to my soul, to read of Jamie and Claire’s love and devotion to each other. I’m excited about a future Book 9, but for now I still have my good friends, Books 1 through 8. Thank you again!

    Sondra Yasik

  148. Hi Diana
    Thank you so much for your simply wonderful writing. I just wish there were actual men like Jamie in the world. There probably are but I just haven’t met them. I was a bit bemused at myself because after waiting so long for MOBY I read it in a couple of days & then thought to myself “what on earth did you do that for”. Have just completed the second read. The Outlander books and Lord John are the only books I retained of the many hundred I owned when I moved into a very small a couple of years ago.
    Is the TV series going to be shown in Australia?
    Thank you again for bringing joy into my life. I sincerely hope you get some time to yourself now.

    • Hi Beverley – you’ve probably seen by now, but Outlander is on one of the Foxtel channels (Soho I think?)

  149. Talk about multi-tasking. Yikes! I do wish book nine was right around the corner. I’m not getting any younger.

  150. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, release The STARZ OUTLANDER series on DVD. I can’t pay for a year long subscription, on a series that comes on twice a year. I have read and re-read the series, listened to it on audio books and can hear Jaime talking to Claire, when I think about the series. He had such wisdom about life in general. I am dreading not being able to see it.

    Thnak you for such a wonderful series of books and now the show.

    Ann Rivers

    • Dear Ann–

      I don’t have a thing to do with the marketing or sales of the TV show–but I mean…really. Think about it. Do you know ANY TV show that doesn’t come out on DVD? Why on earth would a production company _not_ do DVDs? “Oh, why would we do that? We have plenty of money, why bother…?” Come on. [g]


  151. Dear Diana- I stumbled across a paperback of Outlander in the ’90′s….hooked forever.
    Now I have all the hardbacks, audios and have bought tons more to get friends hooked.
    Between you and ‘Braveheart’ my one wish before I die is to travel to Scotland…I am 70 and have no one to go with so believe that will be a dream that will never come true.
    I know how ticked it must make you when someone says they have a ‘suggestion’ for future books.
    You are the writer, the creator, the artist…you are the one giving birth…no one else.
    If they have ideas then they should write.
    It makes me angry when I am trying to create something or decorate and someone tells me how I should be doing it.
    By the way, I am trying very hard to like the boy playing Jamie but so far he just isn’t ‘JAMIE’.
    Thank you for finding and sharing your talent.
    Paulette Kershner

  152. Diana, Is the TV series of the first book – Outlander – going to be aired in Canada?

  153. I have been following Claire and Jamie since the first book was published. I have read all of the books several times as well as purchased the whole series in CD format. I am glad to see that the series has been made into a movie. I have looked a pictures of filming and all I can say is WOW! I do not get Starz but hope that the series will be available in DVD format.

    Diana, well done indeed!

  154. Diana,
    Just finished MOBY – loved it and especially the end – I had hoped the story would have this happy ending and I am not one bit disappointed! I’ve read all books 3 times – and I’m pretty sure I’ll do it again, but for now I will be engrossed in the TV series. I’ve already watched the first episode 4 times. Hah! Nobody can beat your imagination and expertise in writing. Thank you Diana for the most wonderful reading experience I’ve had in my 69 years.

    • Dear Karen–

      Thanks! MOBY isn’t the last book of the series, you know. There _is_ a Book Nine, in the fullness of time–hope you’ll enjoy that one, too!


      • Oh Diana – I am well aware you are working on a ninth book – believe me! I know there will be more stories to tell and I am so looking forward to it. Like many other of your fans I am one of those who keeps saying I only hope to live long enough to read that last book – haha. You go girl – health, happiness, more writing, and some relaxing time for you also ~
        Always a fan~

  155. Dear Diana,

    Love, love, love your writing and how vividly each character has been brought out of your imagination and made completely human (or inhuman!). I came late to the Outlander party, didn’t start reading them until two years ago, but have pretty much been continuously re-reading them since. I managed to make MOBY last for about ten days by restricting my reading to only at bedtime for a few chapters.

    I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie…

    Congratulations on all your success and the joy you get from delving into history with your beloved Jamie and Claire, and now moving on to the next generation. I was sad when I came to finish the last words of MOBY, but will reread it and enjoy it all over again many times. I can’t tell you how much it pleases me to have the main character of your book be a woman of age; a smart, sassy, and fierce woman at that, too.

    The first episode of Outlander was so good! My husband and I enjoyed it thoroughly, though I did have a little bit of trouble hearing the Scottish accents. Definitely glad we have the Starz channel and will look forward to all the episodes!

    Thank you, thank you, for creating the Outlander world and all its amazing braw and bonny inhabitants. In my mind, when I read your books, you are Jenny Murray :)

  156. My daughter and I read all these books together during her teen and young adult years. As we read, we always “cast” the movie so that we could “see” the scenes unfolding with real faces. So many years passed that we had to select new actors, as our originals got too old to play the parts. Some great actors missed out on the role of their lives. I haven’t read MOBY yet, and now I read there’s another coming! I just turned 61. Hope I live to find out how this story ends. My theory is that Jamie and Claire cannot die in the same time, or why would Jamie be looking for her in the first book? Also if Claire dies in the past, is she yet to be born in the 20th century? And thus the cycle will ever repeat. The conundrum of time travel–fascinating to think about, but very complicated!
    My daughter called me today and told me about the Starz series. I called DirecTV right away and ordered Starz just for that. Got the DVR set to record the series.

  157. Thank you. MOBY got me through the first 36 hours after oral surgery. I opened the book hoping for distraction from the aftermath happening in my mouth and fell into the Revolutionary time period. Living with Jamie and Claire as they experienced life and death together kept me up for hours.
    I now want to return to the start, as it has been years since I was introduced to the group who are friends who came into my life.

    Enjoy a little time for YOU. It must be very intense living in 2 worlds as you write of their adventures. Keep yourself strong….so we can enjoy more adventures after you have had time to enjoy YOUR life.

    Thanks again.

  158. I know that authors take a broad view of their works, so that they may create a strong and cohesive piece of literature, but I cannot help but being completely preoccupied in wanting a happily ever after for Jamie and Claire.

    These characters, and us along with them, have endured so much together! I cannot help but be extremely anxious in waiting for the ninth book, if only to see whether we’ll all be left after closing the book feeling like we just experienced a heartbreaking goodbye or a heartwarming hello.

    I’m ashamed to admit it, because as much as I read the books for the plot and writing, I must admit I read it first and foremost because Jamie and Claire’s love story is so powerful. If I find that the ninth book doesn’t end with them happily growing old(er) together, I don’t know if I’ll be able to read it.

    My heart aches at the thought of concluding such an epic love story in tragedy, as so many love stories are.

    I hope Jamie and Claire can find peace in the ninth book, and find it together.

  159. Diana,

    Just finished MOBYand the first episode of “Outlander” on STARZ. Fabulos on both counts!!

    I look forward to the next adventure! Until then, I always have 8 books to start over again!

  160. Dear Diana,
    Thank you for the legacy you have created for future writers. I can foresee an Outlander focused course in the future for Lit majors. It would have to be over more than one semester! My only regret as an Earth bound being is that there is never enough precious Time, no matter how you bend it. Thank you for all of the enjoyable moments you have created for all of us in your writing.
    All the Best,
    Debra Beckman

  161. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for your great work with these books! I love them all, both the main story and the side stories about Lord John. This time, with book eight, I couldn’t wait for the Swedish translation but bought and read the book in English. When the Swedish version comes out, I’ll buy that too, and read it again. I just saw the first episode of the TV series, and I think that was great! Beautiful environments, great actors (I don’t care if Claire’s eyes are blue or if Jamie is an inch shorter than in the book, those things are not important in comparison to the actors’ ability to act, and I think they’re doing a great job!) and wonderful music. I really hope the TV series will be popular enough to go on season after season until there are no more books. I’m really looking forward to book nine, and all of the side projects you’ve got going on! I do hope you will find some time to rest and take care of yourself too!

  162. Diana,
    If you don’t mind – this has been making me crazy – I know MOBY is the last book I just read, but – just exactly what does MOBY stand for?
    (*_*) A devoted fan~ Karen

  163. For Diana,
    I was so busy in my own career and raising 3 daughters – along with getting remarried that I barely found time to read my biz books or non-fiction. I was in the Adirondacks with the new husband and our blended family and walked into are rare private bookstore. My life had been a blur and I needed to actually take a vacation. She handed me Outlander and described the plot. I said, “not my thing but I’ll give it a go…” Now 8 books later and NEVER BEFORE HAVING ANY SHOW ON TV I WATCH; I have seen Part 1 on STARZ 3 times. I had to actually call the cable company and get STARZ just to see it! The grown up kids had their addictions to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, etc. And for the first time in my life, I GET IT! Here is what your story did for me and does for me:
    1) I myself am a mother, a high powered executive, outspoken, pushing the glass ceiling, and followed my heart towards true love against all ods.
    2) I dropped out of medical school but pursued a career as a science health journalist and to this day fantasize about going back to medical school and or at least having to perform surgery! Yet I am what is considered a “natural healer” and all come to me for remedies, etc
    3) I grew up on a horticultural farm obsessed with the medicinal and healing solutions of plants
    4) I barely passed history; seem to have forgotten whatever I learned and through your books, am now fascinated by history – researching the times you write about and learning almost anew with verve and interest (see wrap a Rom-Com around anything and you had me at Rom…)
    5) Your construction and deconstruction and reconstruction of the relationships between duty and emotion; family; spouses; profession, etc are so much more than your outlandish plot-lines – they somehow make raising 3 girls in today’s world and my own relationship with my husband, ex-husband, mother and the passing of family more understandable.
    6) Your contribution, to me, in literature, is enough with the plot, character development and historical fiction BUT it is so much more than entertainment and waiting for the next plot twist – it has educated me and helped me in my own life – and this coming from a high academic who has studied philosophy, religion, medicine, gender studies, medicine, science and political science.
    7) The simple joy of a dry bed, a warm man who truly loves, a family meal, and when nothing is on fire (figuratively), have all become sweeter because of your writing.
    8) May you find time between your whirlwinds to enjoy what you have taught me to enjoy more in myself for yourself and your man and your family and your your incredible ability to translate your amazing mind to words.

  164. I have read all 8 books in the last 2 and 1/2 months. I liked the way MOBY ended….if that is ‘The End’.
    Watched the ‘Starz’ #1 last night and loved the way that it followed the book, almost to the exact dialogue.
    But I must say that I feel like I am in mourning! I do not have a book at hand and love all the characters. I can not sit and read any more books like I did the first 8 though. It was addictive!

    • Dear Maureen–

      No, MOBY is not the last book–if that’s what you meant. [g] There will be a Book Nine, in the fullness of time. Hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it!



  165. I am now reading number 8 and loving it as I’ve loved 1 through 7. I saw the first episode of the Outlander on Starz and can’t wait for more. I was surprised at how well it followed the story. I hope it continues to do so.

    You are truly a wonderful writer and looking forward to more in the series. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genre’s.

    Keep up the good work.


  166. Diana,
    You did it again with MOBY. I loved it. And, Davina Porter is amazing. I found Outlander almost by mistake, when I decided to try audiobooks and just picked it off the shelf at the Library. How lucky can you get?

    For me the hallmark of a good story, especially a good series, is the depth of involvement I feel with the characters. I remember admitting to a friend with some embarrassment that I was actually in love with a fictional character. That’s right – Rupert. Okay, not really, but I had it bad for Jamie. By the time Clair and Jamie hit the caves in France I thought I might just melt down on the spot, leaving only a puddle where once was a woman.

    After MOBY, I spent time worrying about William, running off to god knows where. And in such a state! But there is to be a ninth one. Hooray! I’m with the others, though, who say to take your time and get some rest. You have stamina in spades, but we don’t want to wear you out, either.

    The Starz series has been really fun to anticipate. I am glad we had a lot of time to acclimate to the casting ahead of time, since no production is going to perfectly mirror the images built up in a reader’s mind. I appreciate one more way to have Outlander, and a fine one at that. You have a fan base in our cohousing community and we are watching it together on a big screen. There is much rejoicing now that it is here at last!

    I remain ever your humble servant,
    Mary Jane

    PS – any thought of another graphic novel? Just curious.

  167. Hallo!
    I am very happy that there will be a 9th book! I´ve read the 8th in one and a half week, every free Minute (…while preparing meals….). Tahk you for all those happy hours! I hope I will be able to watch the TV series in Germany too! Love from Germany…..Bärbel

  168. :-( Just tried to watch the free Version of outlander– not in Germany–so I HOPE one day we will have it in TV!!! Sometimes I think I am a Little bit crazy for I read the books all again everytime when there was a new one for being inside the Story. And it is fantastic how often you get Information about things to come-but you cannot know if you read it the first time!! I have great respect for your work!!! Greetings, Bärbel

  169. I loved the way MOBY ended! I knew then there would be a book 9! Sorry I did not get a chance to meet you in Traverse City, Michigan. Why did I not know you would be there? I live 75 miles away and would have gladly made the trek to see you! I don’t subscribe to Starz but what little I have seen of the movie, I am happy with the cast so far! I look forward to buying the entire series ….. some day! Best of luck. Hope you now get to spend some time with your family.

  170. Diana,

    I’ve been following the world of Outlander for 20 years and I am extremely grateful for the house of enjoyment you have created. I recommend your books to anyone I encounter. I’ve been so happy to meet you at a couple book signings. As eager as I am for the next book to come out, I do realize how much work they are and that with all that has come with the release of MOBY and the TV series, I will refrain from asking That Question.

    BUT. There is one thing I have been dying to know. When the series is completed, whether that’s in Book Nine or Book Ten or however many it takes for the story to be completed, will we readers find out the truth about the time travel aspect? So far Claire and Brianna and the others have only theories regarding gemstones and time of year and certain blood lines being able to travel. But will they ever find out if their theories are right or wrong, and why certain people can travel and others can’t? Or will that forever remain one of the mysteries of the universe?

  171. My daughter introduced me to the Outlander series last Christmas and I do so very much enjoy them. I struggle with brain fog associated with fibromyalgia (aka fibrofog, coined by my rheumotologist). I may often have to reread paragraph after paragraph, but your writing keeps me happy at the task. Your fiction (albeit laced with actual history) is among the few I read, as my interests lead me more toward non-fiction. So much literature, so little time! Thank you, and I wish you many more years of writing. And keep that wonderful wit and humor coming!

  172. Diana,

    I am new to the books and am currently on my first reading of book five (The Fiery Cross). I just had to mention that the wedding scene in the book made me laugh so hard last night, it took me five minutes to be able to continue, and I was afraid I would wake up my son on the other side of the house. It has been quite a while since a book has cause such spontaneous and uncontrolled laughter. (Perhaps I could see my own father and brother behaving as such in my mind.) I look forward to continuing the journey. Cheers.

  173. In the midst of all the pandemonium is a consistent thread of humor. Love it!!! I am shaking my head in disbelief over the depth of emotion you portray. I literally squirm at the honesty between Jamie and Claire and how they express themselves. You have an amazing gift and a terrific sense of humor. Love all your books and will wait somewhat patiently for the next!!

  174. Hi Diana,

    The former CEO of my company introduced me to your books. I have read the first 7 three times and will likely read all 8 over and over again. I do not generally read a book more than once, but I find that every time I read one of the Outlander series, I find something new that I did not absorb during prior readings. As always, I am excited for a book 9 when you have it done, but the anticipation makes the book that much more enjoyable. I am watching the TV series, which I made myself wait until the official premiere to watch, and am very excited to see it and to hear the proper pronunciation of Gaelic words. Ironically I just finished MOBY today and I am even more in love with Jamie Fraser than the first time I read about him. Thank you so much for creating these amazing characters and story lines.

  175. I’m so glad my favorite series of all time us being made into a series not a movie. This allows the characters to develop more. Thank you Diana for creating such a perfect love story for us. We will patiently wait for the next installment and I have to say the series will help keep away the withdrawal symptoms!

  176. I just want to say I absolutely LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!! Never would Nook you or IBook your stories, own them all. They would be my deserted island reads. I am smart enough to know who was coming up the path but how did they get there, how does William fair, and sweet young Fanny? See I am hooked!

  177. Hi Diana,

    I just want to tell you how much I love your books. I read Outlander when it first came out in the 80′s, and every book since then. I go back and re-read the whole series about two months before your next book comes out just so I can remember everything! I have read all of your novellas and all of the Lord John books. They all add to the Outlander experience. I have watched Outlander on Starz 5 times (it’s on DVR now) and I also own all of the audio books. I listen to them in order when I sew. I tell all of my friends about the Outlander books, but I make them either buy their own, or get them from the library (it’s not fair to you, to loan my books.) I have every hard cover (signed) book, and also every book on my Kindle – the BIG books were getting too heavy to carry with me! I think I might be addicted to Outlander.

    I can wait for book 9, but just barely. Keep up the great work.

  178. Dear Diana,
    I wrote to tell you how much I had enjoyed Outlander and thought it was about time to tell you how much I have enjoyed the whole series. When I know that another book is about to be published, I usually start at the beginning and read through them all again, so I have now read the first one eight times, the second one seven times, the third one six times, etc., etc. As soon as I have read the latest one I pass it on to my son who also has enjoyed the whole series.
    You really have an extraordinary gift for making the people come alive and making your readers care for what happens to them. Not only do you write well but the grammar is impeccable and hyphenation is correct (I edit manuscripts for two medical journals and own a Nook and the downloaded books leave much to be desired). Thank you.
    I watched the first episode of Outlander on Starz last Saturday and helped my neighbor to set up her TV to record it. She has also bought Outlander for her iPad. If ever I am in a store, I try to steer people to your books. I read voraciously and like all sorts of genres but you are by far my most favorite author.
    Again, my thanks for many hours of entertainment. Please keep on writing your fabulous stories.
    God bless and take care of yourselves,

  179. Diana,

    I loved MOBY and I have
    just finished reading it for the second time… to reassure myself that I didn’t miss anything. I’m very happy to learn that there will be at least one more book…HUZZAH!

    I was hoping that there is another Lord John book in the works…As much as I love all your OUTLANDER characters, Lord John is my personal favorite and to the supreme dismay of many fellow OUTLANDER fanatics, I also like Percy. I desperately want for John to have a “happy” ending and perhaps that is somewhat “Mary Sunshine-ish” of me but, well there it is. I must admit I fell hard for the John/Percy pairing in BotB and at the end I was as crushed as John…soooooo when Perseverance reappeared in Echo and MOBY, I was Very happy. Yes, it is a dysfunctional relationship but I love seeing “bothered” John squirm.

    Thanks for such a great series and for the time being, I will wait patiently here in sweltering South Texas for the next novel.


  180. Your writings are pure joy. Your blog is a good bandaid for the void of not being engaged in all your other writings. When I finished MOBY I pondered the idea of a 9th in that I saw an interview with you at a bookstore reading and you were currently writing MOBY and said there would be a 9th because you could see where it was going. O.k. So, the end of MOBY left me wondering because it could be an end, not fully satisfying but one that felt rushed to end. So, I am thrilled to look forward to another and anything eles you write!

  181. Down the the last few pages of Written In My Own Heart’s Blood.
    Love Love Love the developments with William.

    I don’t know if all Outlander Fans have noticed this, but I noticed that the Outlander Family Tree shows Ellen Fraser MacKenzie Fraser has a “new” middle name of Caitriona!

  182. While I enjoyed Book 8, it was my least favorite. Not much of a story compared to the previous books. I feel like the books are becoming mysteries instead of novels. As for the tv series. I would have liked to been able to watch it with my teenage children, but was a little put off by the graphic sex scenes…not necessary to show. The kids actually said they felt uncomfortable and left the room. Also, I’ve been a little disappointed with Diana’s responses to certain things. Yes, she wrote a wonderful series of books, but I’ve heard a difference (and not very flattering) in her tone of how she answers her “fans”. After all, without the fans, she wouldn’t be where she is now. It would do good to keep that in mind.

    • Dear Denise–

      Well…I’ve been a real person for a good long time, now, and am inclined to keep on that way. [g] I owe the fans the best book I can write; I don’t owe them mealy-mouthed obsequity. That said…I’m afraid I _am_ arrogant, snide, and sarcastic. I fight these tendencies, but occasionally I fail, and I apologize to anyone hurt by any failure on my part to be kind or civil.

      As to your opinions on MOBY and on the show, you’re certainly entitled to them. I’m glad to note that you would seem to be in the minority concerning both, though.



      • MS Gabaldon, she is DEFINITELY in the minority. Plus you aren’t required to be “nice” to to every question put to you because I can bet a lot of them are stupid. Your fans just want you to keep writing. As long as you do that your fans don’t care if you are “nice”, we just want to read anything you write. As I was told when in the Navy, don’t let the b——s get you down.

        • Dear Debi–

          Well, I do think one human owes another civility and basic respect–and I do _try_. But nobody’s perfect, alas. Thanks for your kind understanding!



      • You read the novels? And then sat down with your daughter to watch those same scenes on STARZ (not PBS) and expect them to edit the content so you and your daughter can feel comfortable? I’m sorry, I will ask again. Did you read the novels?

    • Wow, I thought the MOBY was one of the best books, second only to the very first one. I could hardly put it down & was dreading it coming to an end.

  183. Just finished reading WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEARTS BLOOD late yesterday afternoon.
    I know that some readers have commented that the end is a “cliff hanger”. I didn’t think so at all. IF it were the very last book (which you have said it’s not) it would have been a perfectly good ending.

  184. I just dropped off MOBY at library. Good biceps after 9 years of reading your books! In love with your writing style and the series couldn’t have impressed me more! STARZ. Had to get it to see it and think the two main characters so far are perfect. Nuance, Beauty, Dialect and shooting spots…SPOT ON!
    I just finished this little diddy because I always write diddies… my “ODE TO FRASIERS RIDGE”

    O Claire my love
    my bonnie lass
    come sit behind my
    pompous arse
    I’ll hold you tight
    and keep ye warm
    always try and
    keep ye from harm

    There’s no place
    I’d rather be
    Than deep inside
    and next to thee

    I only wish
    Roger Mac and Bree
    were here with
    their bairns Jem and Mandy

    The day will come
    on the Ridge, my lass
    us on the porch
    having sassafrass
    watching in joy
    at the beautiful sight
    our children, our kin
    enjoying the night

    I love you Claire (Diana)
    You’re all I’ve been
    Past, present and future again

    Looking forward to Book Number 9; this is the best way for me to express that. You are gifted beyond words DG!

  185. Dear Diana,
    first of all, I must say that Nine is my lucky number, so I’m happy to know there will be a nineth book !!!

    I read on your facebook page that your children have never read your book ? Am I read it wrong ? How is it possible ?????!!!!!
    Please, could you tell me more about that ?

    Thanks for your incredible books, when I read you first, five years ago, I was so taken aback that I start to write myself and now I had self publish two books in french (that explain my bad english) who have a lot of succes. You are my muse and mentor I must say :-)


  186. Big, big fan Diana! I’ve been reading your books since I was 13 and fell in love with your writing and of course Jamie and Claire ;) I finished MOBY and was worried after talking with my family about it (they’re big fans and loved it too) that, MOBY was the end. So I rushed to your sight knowing you would definitely know how your readers were and I am so grateful to you for having it there right on the main page easily seen and answered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am so so happy that there will be a book 9!
    Sending lotsa love :)

  187. Thank-you Diana for book 8. It’s really great to see all of the characters as they expand their lives within the story of Jamie and Claire. More and more of my friends are Outlander fans. I admire your attention to details of history in these marvelous stories. I will be looking for OC2 in January.

  188. You are a writer, of course there will be another book. You do a fine job with your stories. You ended it with the best possible ending, just in case you wanted to be done with it. Good idea!! Have a blessed day.

  189. The book was fabulous! Iwas so excited to be able to read it and revisit these wonderful characters. Thank for all of the joy, heartbreak, human fraility, and above all humor. I am looking forward to the next one.

  190. Diana,
    Your. Books. Are. Simply. The. Best.
    Bless you,

  191. Diana,
    I have read the entire series and I am enthralled with the “Outlander”books. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment. Every time I open the cover of the book, I am transported to another place and time. I am so glad to hear that there will be a book 9.
    The TV series is wonderful and even though I am waiting to see episode 3, I think that it lives up to the book. The cast of characters in the series captures my mental depiction of the clan members. I look forward to a long running series. After all, there will be 9 or 10 books.
    You are such a talented author. Keep up the great work!

  192. Hello Diana.

    I greatly enjoyed your new novel and I look forward to the next one, but a throwaway sentence about the sherry colored eyes of Jane made me excited about maybe finding an ancestor of Claire’s. Since that didn’t pan out, I wanted to know whether in any future books, will we ever learn anything about Claire’s ancestors? She had to get her ability to travel from somewhere.

  193. I had the Outlander book for about 2 years. I decided to read it because I was going on a long plane ride and wanted something to hold my attention. Usually, I am not a historical fiction reader, but you hooked me in! Have read all of your books and reread them as well.
    Happy to hear of a Book 9.
    I started to get Starz because of the Outlander series and have not been disappointed.
    Take some time off and enjoy yourself; you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for a super book, yet again. Both me and my late mother were introduced to your books by my auntie in Australia. We read each one with great delight. I saved these books and re-read them when she passed away 2 years ago. It seemed to bring me closer by sharing the stories of Jamie and Claire that we had both loved and I know she would have really enjoyed this latest one, I did. I know your don’t want to hear it yet but I can’t wait for the next one. I need to know what happens next and does Jamie ever get back to Scotland. P.S my mum was Scottish and married an Englishman.

  195. Dear Diana,
    Thank you so much for MOBY! I am so glad you have more to tell and book 9 will be scooped up as soon as it is available. I have been a fan since the release of OUTLANDER. I have told so many friends about the series that we have our own reading group. These books and the characters are so amazingly written that I feel a sense of loss when I finish reading each book. It is almost like a dear friend is moving far away. I am a voracious reader and I have never had this intense reaction to any other book.
    I am relieved to say that STARZ is doing a fine job too.
    Looking forward to your modern day mystery.

  196. Just finished my 2nd readthrough of book 8 & have to say, I found it fodder for quite a lot of thought – I live near the Monmouth Battlefield State Park and have a complicated relationship to Philadelphia, not the least of which is the fact that my daughter was born there (at the Children’s Hospital; long story & part of the reason I’m rather obsessed with Mandy, not in a bad way, but I see a lot of my Gwen in her. Both are fiesty wee baggages, as Jamie put it! Must be what got them through CICU stays.)

    Anyhow, I’ve read all the books as eBooks and am finding I need them in paper. (You’ll likely find that gratifying. Or, rather, your publishers will.)

    And have you used the Erskine/deWitt survey maps of NY & NJ? Robert Erskine was (1) a Scot and (2) General Washington’s first-ever Surveyor General and Cartographer, something nearly every schoolchild in my hometown (Ringwood, NJ) might know. He and his right-hand man, Simeon deWitt, completed nearly 300(!) maps of the Hudson Valley down to Sandy Hook, including accurate mileage & topography of the terrain. Readers can access part of a scanned map through an NYU or NY Historical Society page (Google “Robert Erskine map”) but I’m hoping the current historian of Ringwood Manor can help me find a legible & printable copy. The geography is making me obsessive – I live near Princeton & we drive past Lambertville, New Hope, and Paoli on our way to Philly when the kid has cardiologist appointments.

    Thanks so much for the series, the cross-references, and the nods to Who & Douglas Adams. You’re truly a national treasure.

  197. Dear Diana I live in Perth W.Australia I wont go banging on how Wonderful your books are (you have heard it all before!) All I want to say is THANK you for years of enjoyment. I am watching the TV series and LOVING it. Clare and Jamie are not exactly as I imagined but then how could they be… we ALL have those personal images of Clare Jamie and the rest of the gang in our own minds. BUT having said that both Clare and Jamie are LOVELY. After the first episode I was hooked and He is a hunk! I just hope I live long enough to see the WHOLE series! Gees going to be a long and FABULOUS journey. Thank you my dear I was never that much of a reader till you came along!

  198. Hello Diana,

    I have loved all your books for close to two decades now, since my mother handed me cross-stitch (outlander) and told me to read this, when I was around twenty. Since then every year I have re-read all the books that were at the time released, including the novellas and Lord John books. This world you have created is enthralling, dangerous and at times laugh out loud funny. I am always disappointed when I realise that I am close to the end of the latest book.

    The new TV series is amazing and all participants seem as excited to bring this to life in as true a reflection of your novels as possible, what a relief it must be to you, and all your longtime fans (myself included). I was concerned how it would play out, but am loving the show.

    LORD JOHN – LOVE HIM! with season two announced, has the search for him begun? has he been cast yet? or am I getting a wee bit ahead of myself? Looking forward to what may come, I love your books.

  199. Hi Diana. I just wondered if in your pile of ideas for What’s Next? there is a kernel about Claire’s parents? She obviously got the time travel gene from someone. I’ve been wondering about them for a while.

    I finished MOBY 2 weeks after I got it. I tried to make it last, truly I did! I loved the way you ended it in a comfortable place so we poor addicted fans won’t have to agonize over Jemmy in the tunnel for a couple of years. :) I loved the book, and will probably re-read again in a few weeks.

    Also loving the Starz TV series. The cast & crew have done a wonderful job of bringing your writing to life. This is the first time I have ever paid for a premium cable channel!

    Enjoy your time off and recharge your batteries! There are a pile of hard cover books awaiting your signature at the Poisoned Pen when you return. :)

  200. I have read the whole series, and have now just bought the complete Outlander set for my wife in Polish (she does not read English).
    In Poland each book is publishdd in two parts, so that made 14 books, as book 8 is not out in Polish as yet.

    we now both started to watch the series an like those as well.
    Please keep up the good work.

  201. OK, so my mom has been reading your books pretty much since I was little, I just started reading them a couple years ago and I must say that I LOVE these books and I can’t wait until book 9. Sadly we can’t watch the TV show because we don’t have stars :)

  202. I have done work as a genealogist and a family historian so I know the hours and volumes of historical data you must have searched, and I fully understand the laborious amount of time you must have spent on each character and background information to male them come alive in every readers imagination. I have read many books and many books in series by many good authors but I must say no one has made the whole series come to life in my mind as you have topping off with a TV series. You have made my day. Thank You


  203. Ms. Gabaldon I ABSOLUTELY loved MOBY! A lot of people just like me want to know about the next one. Since it is a less welcome question I won’t ask. But I’m definitely looking forward to it. I donate all my books after reading them either to the public library or most recently to the library at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital where I go for treatment. Your other books went to the 39th Brigade when they went to Iraq. I wanted to ask if there were possibly a discount place where I could get copies of your other OUTLANDER books. I have MOBY. I’d like to get the entire series for the library so that the men & women who are in house, or in-patient, can have something truly EXCELLENT to read while they are in treatment. Alcohol & drug treatment can be very hard, & they can really use a break. If I can find a good enough discount I’d like to send your books to a ship’s crew I adopted for the holidays last year. I couldn’t afford to get the sunglasses &tough gloves they needed. Your books would would be great for them. They handle ammo & stuff, & they need the entertainment. If you know of a discount place please let me know. If I can afford it this year I’d like to give them your books for Christmas. Thank you in advance if you know of such a place. If not, thank you for ALL your excellent books. When I read them I forget about the pain I’m in due to my disability. That, stress, & anything negative just goes away. Thank you for that. This is one disabled vet who is very grateful to you.

    • Dear Debi–

      Pleased send me an email about this at dgabaldon@aol.com. I’m sure we can work something out in order to get books for your hospital library and ship’s crew.



    • Thank you for your service. I do the same with my local VAMC WHC. USA (ODS/ODS)

    • Lord, this breaks my heart. I would be happy to donate a set of books. As it is, I must have bought these books a dozen times already, what with gifts and lending them to people who just can’t bring themselves to return them. What’s one more?:) Just post where you would like them to go. Debbie

  204. Hi Diana,

    Thank you so much for the years of enjoyment for this wonderful series. I received my Outlander book from a friend during my maternity leave in 1997. He is not 17 1/2 years old and I still love the Jamie and Claire books. As so many others have expressed, to see them visually on screen is AMAZING. I hadn’t had cable for a decade. Unfortunately, that couldn’t continue when news of the series being made came out. We have not been disappointed at all.

    Thank you ever so much,

  205. I haven’t quite finished MOBY but this book was well worth the wait as the ninth will be, also.
    When I sit down to read one of the books in the series (which I have done approx. 6 times) I become part of the book and the characters become like family.
    When I began to ready MOBY it was like taking a vacation from real life and visiting good friends that I hadn’t seen for many years.
    This has been one of the few series of book that I have read that will actually make me laugh, chuckle or cry out loud.
    The hours of pleasure that you provide for your loyal readers are welcomed and appreciated.
    Móran taing.

  206. Hi Diana,
    Here goes, I am not a reader, never have been. A friend from Arizona, whom you know, Cheryl DeVita Atwood, told me I should read this series called Outlander. That was March 2014 and I read through all seven books and finished just as In My Own Heart’s Blood was released, so I read that right away. I never had to wait in between books! So now . . . I have read all of the Lord John books as well! Simply put, I love your work.

    I have to say, at the end of In My Own Heart’s Blood, I could just picture Jenny meeting Roger – and her remembering him coming to her home when she was a teen, she would surely have believe that Claire and the others did time travel. I can’t wait to read about their reunion and for Brianna to tell Jamie how she was able to see her namesake, his father Brian!

    Thank you!

  207. I really enjoyed MOBY, and know I must patiently wait for book 9. Although it didn’t have a cliff hanger, it did make me wonder…. So many questions but not sure that this is the forum in which to ask. To ease my Outlander withdrawal, I also read “A Trail of Fire.” Which, unfortuately, just added to my speculation and wondering. Thank you Diana for creating so vividly such interesting characters and letting us glimpse into their world. Take a well deserved rest and I will patiently wait for your next project.

  208. Thank you for all your hard work and joy you have brought to you ever-growing fan base.
    I am hoping that you have plans to release an anniversary copy of each of your books (example the beautifully bound Outlander with the excerpt for MOBY). I would love to have a collection for my shelves, for reading, rereading, and of course digital (and soon DVD’s!). I cherish this series and sadly they fall apart after you read them over and over (I never put them down!).

    Again….thank you for the years of cheers, tears, separations and reunions. And of course….beautiful men in kilts and examples of strong smart woman!

  209. Diana, I have to confess that I had never read any of the Outlander series until I heard about the upcoming tv series. I have seen the books on the shelf but for some reason, probably the time period of the beginning of the story, my interest wasn’t captured. However, after hearing the story described in relation to the tv series, I read the first book. Followed immediately by the following seven. Just finished MOBY ten minutes ago and am already excited to read the next. Thanks for the enjoyable reads, take some time for yourself and know that this fan will wait for the next installment with great anticipation.

  210. Hi Diana,

    Read and reading all the books :) Love the Stars show also !! You were great in your cameo, nice accent ;)
    Would love to see an alternative universe book of what Jamie and Claire would have experienced had she been able to bring him through the stone into the future to escape Scotland :)


    • Dear Betsy–

      _That’s_ not happening. [g] But glad you’re enjoying the books as they are!



      • Hahaha- just read your response – and shared it with my husband we cracked up at the space between the Thats – and NOT Happening – we keep asking eachother what he would think of the modern world, I couldn’t resist asking you ;)

        I also want to tell you as an over 40 girl I love that Jamie and Claire still have the hots for each other into their 50′s and 60′s !!! We have a little viewing party with our best buds over here on Sat. nights and drink Riesling ( our version of Rhenish ) ;)

        Best to you doll, too !

  211. I was wandering around the public library of the little country town I lived in twenty-six years ago. As nothing was jumping off the shelf to me, I asked the librarian for suggestions. Without hesitation she told me about this new book and author that I absolutely must read. She didn’t lie…hooked ever since.

    MOBY was awesome. Couldn’t put it down but didn’t want it to end. Speaking of which…the ending is perfect!!!

  212. Hi Diana – I am so thrilled you are planning a ninth book – the end of MOBY left me going ‘But…. what… how… ?????’. I loved it :) I read Crosstitch (Outlander) for the first time in high school 16 years ago, and my girlfriends and I fell head over heels in love with Jamie. Until I’d seen the Outlander preview I will confess not giving much though to poor Frank, but the way Tobias Menzies plays him brings him alive as a character for me. Waiting (im)patiently for Outlander to be picked up by a UK channel now! As I’m a fast reader, I read the series probably once a year, and love that I always find new things or new connections each time. I’ll be delving into the Lord John series and rereading Trail of Fire and OC1 while I wait (im)patiently for book #9. Thanks Diana for a wonderful series.

  213. Hello,

    I don’t know what the average age of your readers is, but your series came to my attention when I was just barely a teen, I think maybe thirteen, lol. Needless to say I “grew up” reading the Outlander series :-)

    In preparation for MOBY, I reread the series and realized just how much more I can appreciate now, as a woman of what you’ve had Claire & Jamie go through.

    So here’s to you and a series which will no doubt only get better the older I get.

    P.S. I sincerely hope if Book 9 is to be the last one, that it might tie up all the loose ends with the major characters, I know we’re supposed to imagine, but I buy the books to find out what tale your imagination might tell :-D

    • Dear Angela–

      I actually have no idea what the readers’ demographic looks like. The youngest person to have written me a fan letter was a ten-year-old boy; the oldest was a 96-year-old woman. I’m kind of assuming they got different things out of the books [g], but that _is_ why the books can be re-read so frequently; you really do experience them differently at different stages of life, as your perspective changes. Glad you’re enjoying them, and I hope you continue!



  214. Have read all the books and am almost through with MOBY. As anxious as I am for #9, I want Companion #2 more since I am missing links in the stories through the passage of time (pun intended) . For instance, I forgot how Roger and Buck met, and the details of Ian with the Mohawks, etc.

  215. Helloooooo,

    I just have one question that still baffled me up to the last book (MOBY). In the “Drums of Autum”, chapter 22, it was stated that the notice about the fire on Jan 21st was printed on Feb 13, 1776, but the actual fire was actually happened on Dec 21st 1776 ? So how could the notice was printed on Feb while the actual fire was happened on Dec?

    • Dear Elly–

      It was a printer’s error. Read the Epilogue.



      • Hi Diana,

        Thank you for the explanation :-)

        I am from Indonesia, so as you can tell, English is not my main language. On my senior year in high school, my English teacher gave us an assignment to make a summary on a book, kind of a reading assignment, well it was a common knowledge that she will give you an A if you chose the thickest book for that assignment. So in the book store, I searched for the thickest book on sale there and … boom ….. I found “Outlander” ….. 850 pages :-)

        I was prepared at that time, to just read 2 or 3 first chapters and skip to the last few chapters (considering I have to read it with a heavy dictionary on my lap ………. not fun at all) but that never happened. I was so engrossed in reading it :-) I laughed and cried together with Jamie and Claire !

        Once again, thank you for giving us beautiful stories :-)

        BTW, I keep on telling people that you are my English and Gaelic teacher (though I still can’t pronounce Gaelic words anyway, but at least I know the meaning of the words !)

  216. Well, I’ve read the series through book 7 four times and twice for MOBY. It is amazing how fresh the books are each time I read them. I’m addicted the relationship between Claire and Jamie.

    I just have to say I am so grateful that you brought Bree, Roger and the kids to the Ridge. I was afraid we’d have to wait…

  217. I can’t tell you the joy the books have brought in Nov of 2013 I asked a friend for a good book to read and that’s how it began. I have tried to savor the latest one but I also enjoy trying to imagine where the next one will lead. I’m 49 have read a lot in my time enjoy every aspect from the history to the characters. All I can say is thank you !!!!!

  218. I know exactly what to say to a stranger who has just introduced me to an entire new world: Thank you! I”m only 20 years behind everyone else who follows you and your wonderful clansmen et al. Deep in, loyal fan now, fealty sworn.

  219. First and foremost, take very good care of yourself and rest. We (your adoring fans) would be completely lost with out your artistic ability and phenomenal ability to weave a tale.
    Second, Thank You so very much for sharing your craft with the world. You have helped make it a better place to reside in.

    Many thanks,

  220. I have a slightly odd comment. I adore the books, both the Outlander series and the Lord John books. I eagerly but patiently await the next release… but I have grown to appreciate your cheeky attitude towards your readers as much as anything. I do not often read the authors notes or look at the web pages. I like to let the books stand for themselves. But your manner of addressing your audience, the way you express your very realistic and human response to the realities of taking on such projects, the way this tone has started to even bleed into the parentheticals in your authors notes in MOBY give you a voice and a face that I have come to admire. So as well as enjoying your fiction, I have come to enjoy your non fiction.

  221. Having read 90% of the comments, I have that warm and comfortable feeling of having been with friends.
    Just celebrated my 87th and am confident I will be around to read Novel 9. If not, my thanks to those who recommended their favorites (which I have listed) and plan to read them all. That will occupy some of my time til I rejoin Jamie and Claire.
    Somehow I raised 3 children who are not avid readers….as I have been since ‘Run Jane Run….’Run Dick Run’ and Spot falls in there also. It breaks my heart for what they have missed…like the incident during a church affair, at Catholic college, where I was reading, Gengis Kahn (sp), The Earth is the Lord’s, and sister paused by my pew and inquired about my reading. Heart pounding, I showed her the cover and she nodded her approval and walked on while I continued the drama of pillaging and killing with good old Gengis.

  222. Whenever I finish one of your books, I feel like I’m loosing an old friend.. So I’m glad there will be another. By the way the show is great too, I hope it continues long enough to encapsulate all of the books. Now that you’re working with Ron Moore any thoughts about bringing Jamie and Claire into the far future.. He’d make a wonderful Galactic Warrior!.

    I was worried that William was sort of left as the lost child, not brought into the Fraser Clan so I’m glad to hear that he will somehow get his turn. He needs some Jamie love again… Could he fulfill the Fraser prophesy (I thought that interesting..) So many possibilities but I’m sure your creative mind has thought about them all!

  223. Dear Diane:
    I purchased your entire series Aug 19th for my Kindle an i’m currently beginning book 7. You have taken me on an exciting roller coaster ride. My father was a civil war buff an i know he would have enjoyed your books. I met a couple at a local 2nd hand book store. They were traveling cross the US an had stopped to get books for their journey. I was asked to suggest an author they might look for. I told them about your series an discovered the man was a civil war buff. I explained your books to them an we looked but none of your books were in the store.
    I told them they really needed to read them in order an to look for book 1.
    I was anxious to see the movie which Starz produced but alas i cannot get their channel.
    My question is, will they be producing a CD set maybe by Christmas time? I really hope so! It will make an awesome present. Thank you for your excellent series an a toast to many more to come!

  224. Me and my sister were not introduced to your books until 2010. We do not know how we missed them all the years before since we both love to read. Thank goodness one of my sister’s co-workers had one of your books sitting on her desk one day and my sister asked her about it.

    Like everyone else, I am really looking forward to the (hopefully) last book. Since I am on my 3rd bout with cancer, I am not sure if I will still be around for the next one. But even if I’m not, I just want to say that your books have brought me pleasure in some of the worst times of my life. Even though it would bring me great pleasure to know that you were working on book 9 this very minute, I know you have other interests and I understand.

    I am enjoying the tv version of Outlander even though some of it is different than the book version. I think that is what is keeping my interest the most…..picking out where the series deviates from the book. And of course, looking at Jamie (Sam) isn’t hard to do:)

  225. I have always loved to read novels, especially historical fiction. I discovered your books at our library in August 2010, and within sixteen weeks had read all seven of your wonderful books. And now I have finished reading Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and I loved the ending. I will look forward to your next book, whenever that may be.

  226. Just want to add my minor praise on a job well done with MOBY and look forward to #9. Have thoroughly enjoyed and loved all 8 books to date and greatly look forward to the next, if I live long enough. After all I am 71 and only God knows the answer to that, however I have great faith that there is a fabulous Library in heaven for people like me and am sure all of your books will be present to I can enjoy them throughout eternity.

  227. I just finished MOBY and my eyes filled with happy tears that Brianna and Roger and the kids have reached Frazer Ridge I can’t wait fir the next book!!!

  228. I will wait patiently for #9. I have enjoyed all your books and the novellas. Please continue the fantastic story!

  229. I love your series and was thrilled at the airing of Outlander on Showcase in Canada. However, Diana I felt compelled to relay how disappointed I and many fans are on how Showcase is airing the series. It is on at 10pm on a Sunday evening and runs 90 minutes with more than half of that being commercials. We understand that commercials are necessary but these are extreme. Then last night’s show was the icing on the cake! On top of all the commercials, with 20 minutes remaining, commercials start again then all of a sudden it goes into a 10-15 minute trailer for another new police series!! We didn’t know whether Outlander was done, cut off or what was happening. Then all of a sudden at approx 11:28 it comes back on with a 60 minute ending. What a waste of our time. We are tuning in late on a Sunday evening to watch your Outlander Series, not trailers for new shows and nonstop commercials. We are extremely frustrated and disappointed with Showcase. Certainly a good way to alienate fans.

    • Dear Lucy–

      Well, I sympathize–but why on earth are you writing to _me_ about it? I have nothing whatever to do with when, how, or on what channel the series is shown. Call or write Showtime and make a fuss about it. (I don’t at all mean to sound abrupt here, but really–I don’t have anything to do with it.)



  230. sorry I meant 60 second ending near the end of my comment.

  231. Diana,

    I just finished reading MOBY about 2 hous ago. I have to say that I am a huge fan. and I have loved all of the books so much that I read them all in the span of a month. I have 1 pressing question that is driving me nuts! In the next book might Jenny recognize Roger Mac?

  232. Dear Diana,
    What a wonderful story teller you are, I have been hooked since first reading Outlander or here in Australia Cross Stitch. MOBY was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I’m at a loss as to what to do in my ‘spare’ time now but it will be back to the beginning again no doubt. I will wait patiently for your next book to be published. I love your idea for a novella and possibly something on Jamie’s parents. I can’t wait to see the TV series….Thank you for your excellent writing and all the joy you give.

  233. Diana,
    I have been an avid reader my whole life and enjoy many types of books. I discovered Outlander a couple of years ago, loved it, and read all of the rest. I’ve read lots of great books and lots of bad books……but your books are the ONLY books I think about almost daily, even years after reading them! Your work is incredible. I can’t wait for #9.

  234. Hi Diana,
    I am experiencing Outlander withdrawl. I’ve read all your books and am re-reading Outlander. I love how the tv show is so true to the book. I love all the knit costume acoutrements. Would you be able to share an officail link for patterns and what not so that I might re-create some of them for myself and others? I can’t wait for the next installment. Thank you for sharing your amazing tallent with the world.

  235. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done on this series. I was thrilled with the magnificent ending to MOBY and never saw it coming. I have recommended your books to anyone that would listen to me; relatives, co-workers, strangers on a bus! My winter project here in the cold northeast is to reread the entire series. Just wondering how many books you will need to write until you bring Jamie through the stones.

  236. Diana,
    In February of this year I was introduced to your books through my sister in law who highly recommended them. Plain and simple I was entranced and addicted at your style of writing and rhythm and the story line of course! I devoured all 8 novels within 7 months and will begin the John Grey series next. Thank you for sharing your talent and creative mind in this beautiful story. I have enjoyed the Starz series and cant wait to dive into more Diana Gabaldon stories. THANK YOU!

  237. I re-read the entire series from the beginning for the third or fourth time, so I would be ready when Moby came out. I finished #7 and the next day #8 arrived from Amazon. I could not put it down and completed it in in about a week. I did need to work, eat. My husband cleaned house that week. I have to thank you for the ending, although it did read like the end of the story. I convinced myself that I would be OK with that if it was. Then today, when I saw you had posted there would be another book, I discovered I had been holding my breath. I just let it out. Thank you. I would like to see what happens to Lord John and William, who being so much like both his fathers, figures out his place in the world. It seemed that he grudgingly accepted the accident of his birth, but what kind of man will he become because of it?

    I just really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the peace provided by the ending. Home at last!

  238. A friend recommended I read this series… And I am so glad I have… I am on the 6th book and cannot seem to put them down. Thank you for captivating your audience with this awesome story telling!! It makes me want to get back to my own writing which I abandoned 5 years ago… Thank you for the great reads!!

  239. Will we find out in book #9 who the individual is that was looking in Claire’s window in the first novel?

    • Dear Lana–

      You will, if Book 9 is the last one. As I’ve barely started writing it, though, I have no idea.



      • Hi Diana, You have done your usual wonderful job with Book 8. I know it takes a long time to write a book and I wouldn’t wish it any different as they would not be nearly as good if not researched. However at 68 I am getting older (so my kids remind me ) Sons get cheekier as they get older ..Have you noticed that?? I am terribly afraid you will not write fast enough for me to read the books before death..MINE.. Please please please write as fast as you possibly can .. Also have been looking for a mass market paperback copy of The Scottish Prisoner but have only found the large paperback. I am short on space and need the smaller copy. Anywhere I can get or look forward to getting a mass market paperback of Scottish Prisoner? I must own your books!!!! I do not want to go the library any time I feel like dipping into one of your books..


    • I have always thought that the ghost in the street in Outlander is Jamie’s — no matter how long he lives, he’ll be dead by 1945.

  240. I was so relieved to hear there is a book #9. I was completely broken at the end of “Written in my own Hearts Blood”…I wanted more. I started reading about Jamie and Claire many years ago and was so glad when you expanded on the trilogy, can’t get enough. I have all the books and have read the entire series through many times, just finished reading them again so that I could read the latest one with the rest fresh on my mind. Can’t wait for #9!

  241. LOVING Outlander on STARZ! Since they re-broadcast it throughout the following week, I see each episode about 4-5 times. Seeing Outlander on TV satisfies a good amount of the hunger for the next book.

    Not so thrilled that the series is going on hiatus in 2 weeks! (Know that is not your doing and must be relevant to production issues or a program decision at the network. Sigh.)

    Wondering if the new Outlandish Companion book will also have “The Methadone List?” Need more suggestions for other good romance/historical romance/fantastical romance books!

    My best friend and I saw you at a book-signing in Surrey BC last year. We were #3 and 4 in line, and spent the wait talking with numbers 1&2 in line, exchanging book recommendations for sustenance between Outlander books!

    I also love Sara Donati’s Into the Wilderness series, which I read many years ago, before I knew about Outlander. I re-read the series between Echo and MOBY and was struck by the mention of Claire Fraser and Ian Murray in “Into the Wilderness”. Curious as to how you two met or got to know one another and wondering about the origin of your mutual interest in the Mohawk nation?

    Thank you for so many hours of great reading about such vibrant characters!

  242. I am thrilled there will be a book nine. I’m not dissing Diana by no means but I felt the end of book 8 was rushed. I knew it couldn’t be the last because there were things left unexplained. How did Roger, Briana, Jem, and Amanda make it from the wrong time to the right time? And lord John? William? Diana always nicely wraps things up in detail (so much I already had characters in my head they used for the movie). Such a huge fan, I’ve read the series 4 times

    • Dear Candace–

      It wasn’t rushed; I chose not to deal with the adventures of Brianna and Roger and family in Book 8. You’ll find out about that elsewhere; to have put it in Book 8 would have made a huge digression and disrupted the shape of the book.


  243. Any chance of a novella about how Brianna and Roger and family ended up in America?

  244. Bonjour,

    Je lis très bien en Anglais mais je ne sais pas écrire sans fautes! Toutes mes félicitations pour ce livre qui est vraiment génial! J’ai hâte de lire le prochain livre (patience, patience! on est toujours pressé de lire le suivant. La curiosité).

    Merci pour ce livre, j’entame la lecture des livres John Grey en attendant.


    ps: Félicitation pour l’adaptation de la série à la TV ! Elle suit bien les livres!

  245. So happy to read that there will be another book! I found the series this summer–where have I been???–and LOVE it! Thank you so much for creating wonderful characters and telling us their stories.

  246. Dear Diana,

    What a wonderful series! I broke my ankle and have been couch bound for the past 12 weeks. 8 weeks ago, when insanity was striking, I put a note out to friends asking for some new authors to read. Needless to say, I have been consumed with the series and have just finished book 8. I then, with trepidation, checked the publish date, and realized with a sinking heart, it will be a while before the next book. That being said, I was thrilled to read that a book 9 is coming at some point. For the past 2 months, I have been able to escape into the world of Claire/Jamie/Roger/Brianna/et. al. It has kept my sanity, interest, and not allowed my brain to turn to a horrid pile of mush with television. If sending a case of Highland Park (my personal favorite Scottish whiskey) would aid in any way with the writing, I would be more than happy to send.

    Thank you for writing a wonderful series!

  247. Thank you for All your books. I have read them all and purchased set’s for all the avid readers in my family. Thank you for all you do for us through your wonderful works of the written word. So glad to know more are to come. I hope your life is a blessed life like you have blessed mine.

    Trisha Calvert

  248. Hi Diana

    I loved and have reread the first 6 books in the Outlander Series. But the last two have been hard going. Even though I have read your Novellas and Novels regarding Lord John, I felt that there was too much emphasis on the Grey family and too little about Roger and Brianna especially in the 8th book.
    I admire your attention to detail and history and your books have sent me off on wonderful tangents to research countries and customs.

    Thanks for the series especially the first three. The rereading of these has helped me through some very difficult times

  249. I started reading Outlander in August, after hearing about the Starz series. I was looking for something to read on vacation. Of course, buying a book on a kindle, you don’t have the visual impression of how big a book is. I can usually finish a standard novel in 2 days. This one, not so much. I could not seem to pace myself. I promptly devoured it… And the next and so on. I just finished reading MOBY, and while I’m sure my husband will be happy to see me again (having been a recluse for the past month) I confess to feeling somewhat lost. The dangers of binge reading, I suppose. Obviously, I loved the books. As a physician, I particularly enjoyed the aspect of a 20th century physician working with 18th century limitations. I believe if insurance companies had their way, we would still be using honey and Roquefort cheese… In the meantime, I will have to console myself with reading the series again…maybe at a more leisurely pace this time!

  250. Diana,

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I was first introduced to Claire and Jamie’s world shortly after my son was born 16 years ago. I’ve read and reread every book in the Outlander series as well as the books and novellas around Lord John. After finishing a book, I always long for the next. Knowing how much detail goes into each book and how accurate you make them I understand the wait. That’s alright as it gives me plenty of time to reread the whole Outlander series again! I always pick up something new in each book no matter how many times I’ve read it. In fact I’m to the point of looking for hard covers for the first four to replace the paperbacks that are falling apart from being reread so much. Hooray for Book 9! Although, I pray to never have to read of Jamie or Claire passing. I’m not sure I could take it. They’ve been a part of my life almost as long as my son. Thank you, thank you.

    Best Wishes Always,

    P.S. Loving the Outlander series on Starz!!!

  251. Like everyone else, I too have fallen into the spells of the saga of Claire and Jamie. Also looking forward to Book 9 whenever – and thank you for bringing back Adso!!!!!

  252. Dear Diane…

    I started reading your books in Aug 2014…I must say I am hooked…I finished number 8 today and Im so disappointed that it was the last so far… I am thoroughly entenched in the lives of Claire and Jamie and can not wait for more..I am kind of lost after reading all the books back to back over the last month…I wished I had read slower…lol….Im watching the TV series as well and glad to see they are staying true to the books or as true as TV will allow… I do have a couple questions …if you have time to answer…As this is my first experience reading anything you have written without asking when…approximately how long do you go in between books? Is the TV series going to be more than one season and if so.. will the TV series cover a whole book per season or only part? Thanks for writing..


    • Dear Samantha–

      It takes me roughly 3 years to write one of the Big Books (I often work on more than one project, though, and thus the shorter books and novellas come out _while_ I’m working on a larger book. Thus, while it was a little more than four years between AN ECHO IN THE BONE and WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, during those four years I also published a graphic novel (THE EXILE), a full-length Lord John novel (THE SCOTTISH PRISONER), and a collection of four novellas (the collection is titled A TRAIL OF FIRE, and is not available in that form in the US. However, all four of the novellas in it _are_ available in the US as stand-alone e-books)–plus having the novellas appear in various anthologies during that time. (I.e., there _are_ print versions of the novellas in the US; just not together in one book.) If you haven’t encountered the Lord John novels or the shorter pieces, you might find that they help to tide you over while waiting for Book 9. [g]

      As for the TV show, the expectation is that each season will cover one book. And it has been approved for a second season, so you’ll definitely see all of OUTLANDER and then DRAGONFLY.



      • Diane,

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I will try out the Lord John books and other short books…any recommendations on which I should start with? I’m sure I will enjoy any of them…I am an avid reader but it is rare I find an author that truly captures me whole heartedly…I live in Biloxi MS as of two years ago but I am originally from NC and have learned more about the history of NC from your books than I ever did in school…I have lived in and around all the places you describe there…I grew up 30 miles from Hillsborough…and so I could really see the things and places you described in my mind…so thank you again….I will bide my time and read slow….


        • Samantha –

          Check Diana’s Website for the order in which to read. She has it nicely laid out there with all the Novellas and side books in their proper places.

          K Yates

  253. Fantastic, fabulous, exciting, enthralling, romantic, dramatic, sexy……….. books. LOVE THEM ALL!!
    I love scrolling through comments especially ones you’ve replied to.

    I love that one of you replies said “if” book nine was the last. The possibility no matter how remote that there could be more than one more book in the series is so exciting, (barring the wait in between).

    Also loving the Outlander series. Tobias Menzies plays the part of Jonathan Randall so well, I just hate him. lol
    Most other times you get a bit disappointed with the movie after reading the book.

    I hope you get enough downtime in between your writing and appearances.

    Short of re reading you books again (which I have done a few times) do you have any great reads recommendations? Or anyone else reading this post?

    • If you like time travel, try Stirling’s “Island in the Stream of Time.” (This is first book of a trilogy, so there’s more if you want it.)

  254. Hi Diana
    I started reading you’re books many years ago, in fact my first copy is called “cross stitch” not outlander. I was scared when I heard a tv show was being made, as I was worried my own vision of Jamie and Claire would be dystroyed, but I actually love every mintue of the show. I also just finshed MOBY and I cried and smiled when I closed the book. You truly have a gift for telling stories. I have all my books ready to give to my daughter when she is ready…. thank you so much… oh and will patiently wait for you next book.

  255. I have so enjoyed your Outlander series and the Lord John series. You are an excellent story teller and I look forward to reading anything else you publish. Please take care of yourself and keep your boundaries firm. Do not let people and deadlines wear you down.

  256. Hi, Diana:

    Question: I may have missed something, so please bear with me here. In MOBY, Brianna finds a letter written to her by her father, Frank, in Brian’s /Jamie”s/Roger’s desk. I didn’t know that Frank ever made it to Lallybroch to hide it there in the first place. Did Claire put it there? Or will this, too, be answered in book 9?



    • Dear Kathy–

      Well, you don’t know what (or when) Frank may have done _anything_, do you? Unless Claire saw him do it, you wouldn’t know–and obviously he wouldn’t be telling her about something like that. You may find out more details later on.



  257. Fascinated by characters for over twenty years now and even after MOBY, still can’t get enough! Will be forever grateful to you for moving forward with Ron Moore and Starz to bring Outlander to life. Love the casting! And, after just watching the wedding scene, thanks for writing in all the spicy details of the marriage agreement consummation! The books have become a family affair in that my adult/married children, both our daughter and son, are hooked on the tales of Jamie and Claire too. Never saw that coming, but it is interesting that we all have aspects of the books and characters we’re fascinated by. Will wait five years for what’s next if I must. But please don’t let Ron Moore distract you too much! Again, forever grateful for your brilliant writing!

  258. Dear Diana,

    I was so thrilled to watch the first instalment of your Outlander TV series. I was concerned that the show wouldn’t live up to your book but I have to say the cast in the first TV series were brilliant! I love it. Without saying Jamie and Claire were cast brilliantly, as were Colum, Dougal MacKenzie and Geillis. I’m sure you must have had a hand in choosing the cast. It was great also, to hear how the Scottish names or your characters should be pronounced.
    I can’t wait for the next TV series as well as book, no.9…thank you very much.

  259. Hi Diana,

    I have to say I am loving the mini-series.
    I have been a long time fan of your books, I actually found your first one in paperback – it was a cover with a mirror of some sort on it. I finished it just when A Dragonfly in Amber came out in hardcover, and I have been hooked ever since. I have probably influenced another 20 people to read the series.

    The ending for My Own Heart’s Blood was absolutely perfect – if you had decided to end the books there, I would have been content but I am so thrilled the story isn’t finished.

    Congratulaions on your success with the miniseries, and your books. I am ready to start reading the books from the beginning again.


  260. diana
    thank you for these wonderful books they have touched my heart for years. I must have read them at least 12 times in the years since outlander came out. lost my sister 3 years ago and started reading outlander again and imagined that my sister went back in time instead of gone forever. doing that has helped me get through the hard times along with jamie and claires help. so thanky you very much. a very devoted fan of books and series. Barbara Raade

    • Dear Barbara–

      I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. But in fact, I think your sister has gone through time–but forward, into eternity. She’s still there for you, though. [hug]


      • thank you very much you are an angel for all of us god bless

      • Diana: Your reply above to Barbara about her sister’s time travel “forward into Eternity” was one of the most wonderful and touching things I have ever heard being said to one grieving such a loss. I am going to borrow that thought as I go through my own grieving for my loving husband as he enters hospice for terminal cancer. What a comforting thought to hold on to! Thank you – and I hope you don’t mind my “borrowing” your beautiful phrase. And, as a side note, love the Outlander series and await Book 9. Blessings.

  261. Dear Diana,

    Your lovely books and I first came into contact less than one year ago in a tiny bookstore run by a lovely old lady and her cat in Galveston. I had just come to the college there on Pelican Island and had been thrilled to find such a gem of a used bookshop, little did I know what awaited me. It was sometime after my midterms that I ventured in there one Sunday morning in search of some comfort food when I happened upon a few of your books in the historical fiction area. After reading the back and the first few pages, I was hooked. Since then I have read every book many times over and even searched for a CD version so I would not have to wait to read one of the books on my 5 hour trip home for thanksgiving. My friends and family hear of Jamie and Clair constantly. I was so thrilled when I learned of the series being turned into a TV show and I absolutely love it! Saturday is even better for the show’s addition. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that a chance encounter brought your books into my life. You are brilliant and the things you have written have filled many hours with me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with all of us.

    Your Aggie Bookworm,


  262. I saw the first episode of Outlander on Starz and was compelled to know more about these characters. I could not wait for Saturday installments!

    I read the first book on my iPhone and was hooked! I read all eight books straight through for three weeks. I’m am anxious for more. I think I will read them again to savor the joy again.

    You are a very good writer, but an even better story teller with such great characters. Please don’t worry with research, but rather focus on the characters. They are fascinating and compelling.

    It seems that this year has been quite busy for you. Enjoy these days. This may be one of the best times of your life even if you feel heady and exhausted at the moment.

    Many thanks for your many works. I am very appreciative.

    Alix in Houston, TX

  263. PERFECT!

    As I was hurtling through MOBY, I began to wonder (right up until the end) how in the world you were going to wrap it up. Upon finishing the very last sentence of the book, I felt thrilled, relieved, teary, drained, and perfectly content (as I imagine Rachel must have felt on her wedding night). I loved it! (And the ending.)

    On Saturday nights my daughters, my friend, and I watch the Starz TV episodes as if it was Super Bowl Sunday, complete with lots of junk available to eat. After the first episode, however; I learned not to serve anything involving meat mixed with red-colored sauce of any kind…or noodles. My husband also enjoys watching the show, but we decide in advance if he waits until the next day (like last week).

    Assuming that you never get tired of hearing how great you are….YOU’RE SO GREAT!

    p.s. I thank God for a poor long term memory, so that I can soon read the entire series again for the third time!

    I hope you have a perfect day, also.


  264. Diana,

    What amazes me, beyond your obvious creativity and prodigious output, is the fact that you RESPOND to all these posts here and on Facebook. This after endless book tours, STARZ promos and the actual filming of your cameo….

    Are you SURE you don’t have a doppleganger / stunt double?

    Thanks for all the books, BTW: The Outlander series has served me well through many life changes from deaths in the family to brutal layoffs. Reading about Claire and Jamie’s enduring love and resiliancy in crisis has been a welcome diversion…maybe even a lifesaver.

  265. Dear Diana,
    I do not wish to distract you from any of your current projects, but having read and re-read all of the Outlander and Lord John novels and novellas, there is one particular point that I cannot seem to reconcile and was hoping you could shed some light on it.

    In The Scottish Prisoner, when Edward Tweveltrees challenges Jamie to a duel, Hal asks Lord John if Jamie is any good with a sword. Lord John replies that he is reasonably sure Jamie hasn’t had a sword in his hands in several years, so Hal suggests that Lord John take Jamie for practice before the duel. However, Jamie doesn’t end up fighting in the duel, but in MOBY, when William tells Hal that he knows Jamie is his father, Hal tells William that he could have done worse for a father, and that Jamie is a damned fine swordsman. When and how did Hal learn that Jamie was a good swordsman?

    And since I’m asking…
    What was the scandal that sent Lord John to Ardsmuir?
    Who is the “nameless girl” in France, whose death Jamie feels responsible for in An Echo In the Bone?

    If all will be revealed in future books, then I will patiently await those answers, but if I’ve overlooked or misunderstood something, please put my mind at ease.

    Oh, and one last thing, will we get to hear more about the circumstances surrounding Hal and Minnie’s wedding? It sounds like it would be quite an entertaining story.

    Thank You!

    • Dear Susan–

      Well, there’s a lot of time between THE SCOTTISH PRISONER and MOBY. [g] And I expect there will be at least one more Lord John (and Jamie) novel to fill in what happened in that gap. Personally, I have no idea what happened (yet), but I imagine whatever it was, it revealed Jamie’s prowess with a sword to Hal.

      As for the rest of your questions…_Fuirich agus chi thu_. [g]



  266. I just finished MOBY and was totally satisfied with the ending. I will look forward to the next chapter of their lives in number nine. I have grown to love all these characters so much and just thinking of Jamie and Claire makes me smile. I have recommended this series to countless people. And I love the new TV series. I think they are doing the story justice.

  267. I am just finishing up the first book. I am completely Hooked! I have books 2 – 5 sitting on my bookshelf eager for my attention! however, my husband asked me the other day, could I PLEASE take a week or so between books? apparently, there is laundry to tend to, dusting to do (as the family has taken to writing notes to each other IN the dust) a garden that needs tending and how he’d REALLY like a hot meal! ha ha

    I lost my mother a little while ago and had found myself in a huge depression. Being able to escape into the wonderful world you have created has been a total life saver.

    Thank you for more then you could ever imagine!

  268. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

    I was introduced to your books early this year after ending a 7 year relationship. I felt very lost for a while and a couple of friends of mine recommended Outlander to me to read. I devoured all 7 books within 2 months. I fell in love with the characters, relationships and overall story. I was so enthralled with the books that less than two months after I finished reading them, I found myself on an impromptu trip to Scotland. It was my first solo trip and was honestly the best trip I had ever taken. Scotland is an absolute gem! I started to feel like myself again and the healing process began. I can’t thank you enough not only for writing these books, but providing the inspiration to take the step towards becoming me again.

    I’ve finished reading MOBY a while ago, and I am now thoroughly enjoying the TV series. I’m waiting enthusiastically for the next book and I can’t wait to see where you will take us next!


  269. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books…what more is there to say. Have really enjoyed the Lord John books (he has become one of my favorite characters) and look forward to all that you bless us with in the future. What a wonderful gift you posses!


  270. Dear Diana,

    There are more than enough people telling you you’re a gifted writer – so I won’t. I’ve been reading your books (over and over) since I was a teenager and in times in which I needed to flee reality they have been a refuge to me. They’ve taken me to places I would never have gone and to feelings I never thought I could feel. Your stories not only made me _be_ there with them, they have also taught me a lot in the way of what’s important to me in life. Cause I found myself in many of the book’s situations and learned how I felt about them, in my own life.
    Towards the end of Moby I became aware that this might be the last book of that series, with most major questions answered and both parts of the family safe (-ish), and I became content with that thought. It would have been a good one, too. Ending I mean. Needless to say that I am nevertheless happy that the story hasn’t yet been told to end and, please, take all the time in the world you need for Jamie9. Was I in your boots I’d go for a reeeaaally long holiday with my family before writing another one word. :D

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination (and devotion to history) with me throughout all these years. All the best for you and your loved ones.

    With heart-felt regards from Nuremberg
    Yours Melanie

    Post Scriptum: Was I to give any advice or ask a favor, I would ask you to use your author’s powers to make more full-length (!!) audio books from your books (I think there are only the first 3 or 4) – cause I really don’t see why anyone would prefer a shortened version to the whole detailed story. Cheers!

    • Dear Melanie–

      All of the audiobooks are available UNabridged–in English. If they aren’t in German, I don’t know that there’s much I can do, as that would be the decision of the German audiobook publisher–but I certainly hope they wise up! Abridged books are horrible.


  271. Dearest Diana,

    I have read and through my library have listed to Ms Porter read your works of art, and now, I am addicted to the series on Starz. I love the episodes and sometimes find myself closing my eyes and remembering the pages of the first novel.

    I want to thank you and the other writers, for staying true to the book. I only hope that they continue on this path. Like other fans around the world and here in the US. I look forward to reading the next books. Could I please make a suggestion here for a later idea. I know that the story of Claire and Jamie will have to end eventually, but could you please, like you did with Lord John Grey, write some adventures with William and maybe his niece and nephew… It is just a thought, but think that would make a lot of us happy when Jamie and Claire come to an end.

    Thank you for being a superb writer and researcher. You have inspired me to try to write.


  272. Diana,
    Having endured the sweet agony of impatience mingled with anticipation every time I finish one of your books you’d think I’d get better at it but I don’t. I’ve just finished reading MOBY for the second time and feel at odds with myself as to what to do next. I always feel a bit disoriented when I come out of the Outlander world somewhat like a diver who’s spent a little too much time under water. As long as you have more story to tell, as long as you see Jamie and Claire’s story continuing I will, as happily as I can, wait. Thank you for the novellas, the John Grey chronicles, your facebook page, your blog and for your contributions to the Outlander series. Just like the dedication to detail with which you write your books it seems Starz wants to get it just right and I can wait for that too. Thank you again for enriching my life

  273. Dear Diana,

    So many hours did I enjoy reading the Outlander series of books. I’ve never written to anyone in my life like this, but felt something draw me to write to you and express how much I love this story, especially the name of the heroine. ;-) My mother only got to read the first 5 before she passed, and it saddens me that she was never able to continue to the end because she thoroughly enjoyed it also. I inherited her love for reading, thankfully, and it’s been a wonderful distraction throughout my life, getting to escape into stories, so I carry on for her.

    I look forward to many more wonderful hours spent reading and getting absorbed in your imaginative tales.

    With a heartfelt thank you so much,

    • Thank you, Claire!

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mother–but I’m glad that you were able to share the books with her, and perhaps feel her close to you when you read. [smile]



  274. You’re an amazing writer!! An after reading thru some

    • Sorry, unfortunately my cat loves the keyboard or well maybe it’s more my finger running over the keys. I just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great series. I really enjoy the action , the powerful leading heroine and obviously the romance.

  275. I know you like originality and are a very busy lady, but I would LOOOVEEEE to see a new story or plot with a different heroine and characters involved…..time travel of course. Keep it up I love your work.

  276. I love your books and have always been fascinated with the prospect of time travel as I believe there is more to this world than we realize. I am so hoping that you will find the time to do the master raymond series and possibly even a book all about the creepy creepy geillis.

  277. I am still reading (savoring) MOBY. I appreciate all that goes into each and every book in this series and await patiently for the next installment. Like many other fans of your books, we all hope there will always be another book to look forward to!

  278. Another wonderful read! Thanks! I have recently been to our best used book store and replaced my paper backs. (I also have hard back collection of a lll your books.) Many of my friends have been introduced to your Outlander series after they get hooked on book one. I am rather selfish with my hard backs, but let all the paper backs be read to loose pages, etc. When ever I enter the used book store the clerks know what I will be purchasing. Your Outlander series is being read over and over. I am now enjoying the film series and can hardly wait for each Saturday night to drift off to Scotland. I have read the book three times and still find new information every time. Thanks again!

  279. Dear Diana,

    I came upon your Outlander series quite by chance this summer while perusing the shelves at my local library in search of an audio book to listen to. I was intrigued having seen some references on Facebook regarding a TV series with that title; I didn’t realize it hadn’t already aired. I proceeded to listen to all 8 books in the Outlander series + most of the Lord John books while simultaneously viewing the Starz production. I am totally obsessed!! I would prefer to do nothing else than to continue to immerse myself in this captivating world you have created. My sister, who was stationed in Scotland while serving in the U.S. Navy, has read all of the books multiple times. When I discovered my new found obsession I called her to share it with her thinking she would probably be interested. She laughed her head off when I started singing my praises to your books. She then proceeded to tell me that she had tried to interest me in them in the past and I had politely refused her suggestion. The whole time travel thing had apparently put me off; thank God I got over that!

    I am hoping that in book 9 William will figure prominently and/or that you might devote a Novella to him. Has anyone told him that his mother blackmailed Jamie into having sex with her? I would like him to know that.

    I am looking forward to book 9 and the rest of season one; hoping that all of the books will be filmed eventually.

    Your devoted fan,

    Postscriptum: I am a red heid as are both of my children.

  280. Okay, okay, so the ending wasn’t a cliffhanger. We just wanted to share the moment, you know?

  281. Dear Diana

    I was introduced to Outlander two years ago by an American friend. It came about as she asked me to get her a copy of Trail of Fire.. I can never thank her enough for that introduction. I was soon hooked.

    I look a break after Voyager and read Lord John, all of them in order – I do love that man -. I slowly worked my way through the others so was spared the cliffhanger in Echo. ( A deliberate decision as I was warned about it). In response to a much earlier correspondent – MOBY was available in London on 9th June as you said.

    Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful series. As a previously medieval historian, the writing of the historical side has been exceptional – enough for me to revisit 18th century history both UK and US . Sadly for me MOBY was published a month after my last visit to the US though I did get to New Hope and the site of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. Had I know about Monmouth then, I would have detoured to there as well.

    I was a bit concerned about the TV series – I have seen too many film adaptations that were very bad but this series is wonderful. I am so glad you stuck to your guns and waited for the right production company to come along… The casting is perfect and brilliant as are the production values – the costumes and cinematography are superb and Scotland itself….very evocative.

    I just hope that the people of Great Britain will soon be able to see this wonderful series and maybe you here to publicize it.

    Kind regards and here’s to the further adventures of the Fraser clan and Lord John.

  282. My dearest Diana. I am a latecomer to the Outlander universe and your wonderful books and stories. This is both a good and bad situation. Bad because I missed out on these books for the last 20+ years they have been available. Good because now that I have discovered them I was able to read straight through the first 8 books without having to wait years for the next one. Until now that is. I am 68 years old and I now have another good reason to mind my health so I am still around for book 9. In the meantime I am working my way through the Lord John Grey series.

    These books sing to my heart like no others ever have! I am of Scottish descent (my grandmother was from Edinburgh) and I have always had a strong affinity for the cultre and history of Scotland (yes, I own a kilt). While I was in the Navy I was fortunate enough to be posted to an exchnge tour with the Royal Air Force during which I lived in Lossiemouth, Scotland. Lossiemouth is a small fishing village on the North Sea coast about 45 minutes east of Inverness. I had many opportuniies to fly various low-level flights through the Higlands and over the Moray Firth. In my free time my wife and I travelled extensively through the Highlands, including several day trips to Inverness.

    I cannot thank you enough for the joy you have given me with these books and stories. I am every bit as involved with the lives of Jamie and Claire and their friends and family as if they were my own kith and kin.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    (As a side note, would it be possible to put a “Submit Camment” button at the top of this page so one doesn’t have to page through 400+ comments to get to the submit comment link? A button like this could be a link to a separate submission page where you could submit a comment and then link back to the main blog page.)

    • Thank you, Larry!

      What a lovely letter–I appreciate it so much!

      I’ll mention the “Submit Comment” position to my web-mistress; she knows How These Things Work, you know… [g]

      Best wishes,


  283. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story with such interesting characters. I have been a fan since the first book. We really enjoyed seeing you in one of the episodes of the Outlander series. My husband and I have been fascinated with the costumes and sets and appreciate how everyone involved with the series has gone out of their way to be respectful and true to your work. We can’t wait for the next 8 episodes!

  284. Having. reviewed your work schedule I have now come to a realization: Superwoman does exist! I don’t know how you manage, but may the Force be with you.

  285. Mrs. Gabaldon,

    Your books and short stories are such a pleasure to read, thank you for how much hard work you put into each and every one of them! I have just one small question… Will there, one day in the future, not asking when, but is there a chance that there will be more Lord John stories somewhere down the line? I’ve read every single bulge, short story, and novel you’ve written, even ordering “A Trail of Fire” all the way from the UK as it is not yet published in the US, and I love them all, but I’m dreading that there might not be another Lord John book to look forward to one day since I’ve heard nothing about it. He is such a fantastic character, quite possibly my second favorite of the entire Outlander series (after Roger), and I’d love to see his journey – his series – continue.

    Thank you for everything,


  286. Now that I have completed the 8 novels from the Outlander series, reading one after the other all summer, I feel like I am going through withdrawal. I’ve dreamed of Jamie and Claire in my nighttime dreams and one morning woke with a man’s voice speaking Gaelic to me in my head. ( I have idea what the words or meaning were.) My request is that the 9th novel pick right up where the 8th left off so we also can experience the great homecoming. Diana, you are my new favorite author.

    • What does that mean waiting moderation? I don’t have a website

      • Dear Karen–

        It’s just part of the spam-filter on this website; if the software thinks there _might_ be something off about a post, it alerts me that a post is waiting moderation, and I go look at it. If it’s _not_ spam, I let it through and it posts normally.


  287. I just finished the Scottish Prisoner. It was wonderful. i hope that there a sequel to it picking up at the end of the Scottish prisoner.I want read about how Lord John marries Isobella.

  288. I must agree with Larry Jones. I have some Scottish ancestry as well. A friend loaned me the first book in 1995, saying she was sure I would enjoy it. And did I ever! I teach English composition to college freshmen and often refer to this series as an example of outstanding detail that comes from quality, time consuming research. I have my own set of all 8 and have read them all twice – once was last summer to be ready for the no. 8 but the publication delay sent me back to #7 (Echo in the Bone) for a third time refresher. I have enjoyed the film and am definitely sad to have to wait until springtime for the next season. Genealogy interest has me reading a great deal of history in the British Isles and like costumes and setting very much – appear to be well researched as other info in the books. has been. Claire is not quite what I expected as I see her as more “slender” and hair a bit lighter. She is strong willed however. Jamie’s hair could be a bit more red but he displays an amazing strength and strong moral character and pride that makes hair color less important. Both are wonderful in their roles. Frank/Jack is also. The credits go by so quickly I am not sure where this has been filmed – for sure it is breathtaking. I would also like to see the lyrics of the opening song in print somewhere or a place to buy this haunting melody. My granddaughter (age 21) has recently started reading the first book. Look forward to talking to her about it. So am looking forward to book 9 and can only imagine what it takes to get it done but I am even older than Larry Jones, so hopefully have enough “time” to see how this will end. Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent work.

    • Dear Mary–

      Me and my staff? [laughing] What do you figure, I have elves living in my basement who do the writing? Nope, it’s just me; I do all of the research and the writing myself.

      Much obliged for your good opinion, though!



      • Diana,
        Not quite sure how to phrase this as I devoured the Outlander series and will very likely start reading it all over again. However, since I have lived in NC most of my life (both piedmont and mountains – currently) and am in the medical profession and a gardener, I did note a few errors. Depending on how accurate you want to be, let me know if you’d like assistance from an elf.
        (I’ve had 2 patients with colonicvaginal fistulas; the second grossest condition I’ve encountered.)

  289. your books are amazing…every time I finish one I wonder if I will be granted enough time on this earth to read the next one. I am totally in love with the TV series, it is so well done and the casting is amazing! my only criticism is that I wish there would be subtitles when the Gaelic is spoken….since reading your books I have the most extraordinary desire to learn that language! I don’t think you will ever read this email but in the case that you do maybe you could ask that subtitles be included for the Gaelic spoken parts! God bless you and your writing skills I am so happy to be in the Outlander fan club! Peace! Kathryn Cali

  290. Thank you so much for your wonderful series of books which I discovered quite by chance 20 years ago. I am so desperate to see the tv series, would you have any idea if there will be a DVD or if it will be shown in the uk on tv. From the trailer, I think the stars that you chose to be Jamie and claire are exactly how I imagined them to be. Thank you for so many hours of pleasure and I look forward to the ninth and possibly final book in the series. You are one very clever lady may I add. Thank you.

  291. Dear Diana,

    After 2 years of urging from my BFF I immersed myself in your Outlander Series (in anticipation of watching the TV Series). For the past 6 weeks/8 books- time faded away, daily life almost ceased to exist (who really needs to sleep or eat when there is a great book to read) and happiness flourished in my heart as I lived life with the Frasers. You leave your readers truly satisfied yet longing for more. I can’t wait to begin the Lord John Series and read the novellas. As I have a restaurant to run, a family that missed my interactions and 300 hours of beauty rest to catch up on…I may wait 24 hours for my formal introduction to Lord John…(then again I may not).

    Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!

    PS…As I read about Claire’s focus while practicing medicine – particularly surgeries – I thought about my own focus and calm when preparing dough, making omelettes, a good soup or pride in a well brazed pan of bones for stock – and often she is with me as I work. I’m inspired to new levels in my own profession thanks to your writing. Kudos.

  292. I would just like to say that I read book 8 in 2 days and was amazed at the ending. The series has been outstanding and I hope to see a season two.

    Thanks for all your work and those helping you.

  293. Dear Diana, Enjoying the series as much as the books….they have become interwoven with my life!! Saw a clip of a video titled “Voyageur” on the internet but the actors playing Jamie and Clair are not the same as in Outlander. Is Voyageur being made into a series as well?

    • Dear Juanita–

      I imagine that’s one of the dozens of fan-made videos that have been posted over the last several years. It’s nothing to do with the Starz TV series.



  294. I started the series this year, so I was able to read all the books right away without having to wait long in between…. I just wanted to say I have absolutely loved this series! I was kinda thrown off when you started writing from other character’s points of view, but love it so much now! Im so happy that there is going to be a 9th book, I cant wait to see what happens. The show is so wonderful too, I have really enjoyed it. Now that the show is on break I have started reading the Lord John series. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful series, you are extremely talented.

  295. As an Outlander and Lord John Gray fan, I am hoping I live long enough to enjoy the 9th book, but especially looking forward to the Outlandish Companion, Vol. 2. I have re-read all the stories many times, and find the Starz series to be beautifully done in all respects. Recently gave away my Vol. 1 Companion and have ordered a replacement. I’m 76, a grandmother and a widow now, but never alone. I was introduced to the Outlander in 2008 while undergoing cancer treatment, and the world of Outlander has become more than a wonderful other world to escape to, the characters are like family now, close to my heart. Last year I visited Scotland, because of Outlander, and hope to go again to see more of this beautiful country and culture. Diana mentions in July of 2014 that her Outlandish Companion Vol. 2 may be published in 2015, I sincerely hope so! Diana is the most amazing author I’ve ever encountered! Thank you, Diana, for sharing your vivid imagination with us all and for your thoughtful patience with your many fans. Sending prayers for abundant blessings upon you and your family, from Marli in Vermont.

    • Kia ora Diana from New Zealand,
      I am like many many people who thoroughly enjoy reading your wonderful books. My first book I purchased was at a fleamarket and from there I have not stopped reading, I am on book #7 and I have already bought #8. I catch a train to and from work which is 30mins each way and gives me my quiet time for reading….it is my space.
      Your books remind me of my dad (born in Newport Wales), Chief Petty Officer in the British Navy. My grandmother was Scottish and my grandfather was Irish. My dad came to NZ and fell in love with the country, fell in love with my mum and married. Many times he would talk to us all (there are 6 girls and 4 boys) about his homeland Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I am a NZ Māori but also my whakapapa (geneology) comes from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
      What true love there is for Claire and Jamie…Faith, Hope and love (in my language Whakapono, Tumanako and Aroha) and the greatest of them all is Aroha (LOVE)…..

      Thank you Diana for the wonderful mind that you have in creating such beautiful books.
      Ma Te Atua
      Hei Manaaki
      Hei Tiaki ki a koe
      May our Heavenly Father bless you and keep you safe.

  296. Dear Diana,

    Someone gave me a gift card to a book store many years ago. I bought the paperback edition of Drums of Autumn, unaware that it was part of such a wonderful series. Wow, talk about a gift that keeps on giving! I immediately bought the rest of the series and have been enthralled ever since. The show has been equally rewarding, thanks in large part to the actors and behind the scenes people who care for the characters as much as we do.

    Did you ever imagine your first attempt to write a book would result in all this?!

    Love and hugs,


  297. Oh no! I’ve caught up with the books. I knew I should of put them down and savored more instead of being greedy and reading them into wee hours of the night and letting my house go to pot and the laundry pile up. Now what do I do? Wait what? Four or five years? You are joking right? Okay, I guess since that’s the only option. :)

    I just started reading your books when the series came on. I had no prior knowledge. (I know, where have I been right?) Now I can start watching the series again without comparisons.

    I just want you to know that these are the best books I have ever read. You had to of lived this life to be able to write so beautifully about it. I kept thinking, oh my gosh, what now!!!? I’m happy to have the very boring life I have compared to these books and I look forward to reading the next. I appreciate your mind and your abilities of putting everything down on paper that comes to life in my reading it.

    In deep appreciation,

  298. Diana, however long it takes for #9 to come out, it will be well worth the wait. Thanks for immersing me in the Outlander world. It’s a great ride.

  299. I just finished reading “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood”, and even the interesting blurb about what most would think were misspellings. I had to laugh because although you admitted that there are always misspelled words in almost everything written, you might want to read the very last sentence of the story. Although I love the inference of the last line, I suspect that you must choose between flying or flyng. Cannot have it both ways! Love the books even though between you and Ken Follett, I may be blind soon. Cannot put these tomes down until I finish them!

    • Dear Elaine–

      Actually, I said there are typographical errors in any book ever published. I tell you what, though–there aren’t any misspellings in mine. [g] (I differentiate between a typo, which is inadvertent, and a misspelling, which is ignorance.) Obviously, the last line (which was corrected when we caught it in the first printing–so if you have an erroneous copy, you have a collector’s item [g]) contains a typo. Pleased you’re enjoying the books!



  300. Diana,
    Let me say thank you first, for giving me something to “sink my teeth in to” for the last 3 months. These books have been a Godsend for me. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I find myself feeling like a human again when I read your books. I’m sad to say I never knew they existed until I read “Discovery of Witches”. Your name and your books are praised by Deb Harkness and all her fans! So when I saw such a following, I thought I would pick them up. I have been 100% consumed since, and have felt more free than I ever have. I find myself talking to anyone who will listen to me about your books. Your ability to tie the rich history of Scotland, England, and the Early Americas into the glorious maze of wonderfulness (for lack of a better word), it’s just simply AMAZING! Please continue to write, anything at all. I will pick it up and engulf myself in whatever you put to paper (or kindle hehe!).

    Your most obedient servant,

    L S Muncy ;-)

    • So pleased the books could be a help to you, Larissa! And how kind of you to write and tell me. [smile] Have you read the assorted novellas yet? (Might help tide you over while I work on the next things…)



  301. Over the last eighteen years, I have read, re-read and listened to the unabridged version of all eight books. What a truly amazing and gifted writer you are.

    After viewing episode 8 on Starz and finishing Book 8, my friends and I have decided to start a support group for those of us who are Outlander obsessed. We will discuss, read and re-read to pass the time until April 2015 and Book 9.

    Thank you so much Diana for creating these wonderful characters and a big thank you to Starz for bringing them to life.

  302. Dear Diana,

    In 1992 my sister-in-law, Miriam, was our houseguest for 10 or 12 days. When she left, she left behind a stack of books, among them Outlander and so began my odyssey through twenty years of excitement, romance, history, heartache, admiration, suspense ….. well, you get the picture. I’d look on my laptop and read about possibilities of making “a movie” of these books, and I would dread it, for I knew they could not be condensed into two hours. Also, how could they possibly come up with a mere man to be Jamie. I thought perhaps they could find a Claire, but when I saw pictures of overly made-up and coiffured actresses, I gave up hope.

    And then came Ron Moore with his exquisite taste, talent and insistence on perfection (and his talented wife who had such influence ). And he met with you and you were convinced. And, And, And these perfect, I mean PERFECT, actors (pardon my being carried away). Could any man be more perfect than Sam. His physical beauty, his voice, his facial expressions, he IS Jamie. And Claire, Caitriona IS Claire, so exquisitely beautiful, but a natural beauty whether in that incredibly fabulous wedding gown, or wet on a hillside or on horseback.Thank goodness I have DVR, I have watched each episode several times and always notice something new.

    And now “The Boys.” I absolutely adore Murtagh (am I wrong in remembering that, though not expressed, Murtagh loved Ellen, Jamie’s mother? ) I get that in his gentle expressions in the series. Rupert is hilarious, Angus grows on you, Colum was perfect and, oh my, so is Dougal, such a mixture of sexuality and violence.

    I have one fear, I just turned 80, so I don’t like a long hiatus and do worry about how Dragonfly is going to be handled, but I am glad I got to see as much as I have. Ms Gabaldon, you are brilliant and so original, it was such a good fortune that you chose to wait until the right team came along to see your books on the screen. Thank God you did.


    Jeanne M. Ney

  303. Huge fan, love the books, I echo all the great things people have said above me. What makes me laugh are the comments about “too many graphic sex scenes”, or “the sex scenes aren’t necessary”…..wtf? I love the sex scenes, sometimes skip pages to find them (I go back and read the rest of course), and I appreciate how well they are written. There is smut and then there is the Outlander series. Two totally different kettles of fish. Hilarious. What do these people think they are going to read in a ROMANCE\historical fiction? Keep it up, all of it, and as always I will flip to my favourite bits….the graphic sex scenes. ;)

    • Oh and I also checked the last line of my MOBY after the previous comment about the typo and I am thrilled to say mine has the typo, didn’t even notice. Needles to say I will be taking it to the Fergus Highland games in Canada next summer if you are going to be making an appearance. Gotta have it signed for sure :)

  304. Finally got my hands on my mothers copy of MOBY. Loved it. Only took a week to read. Looking foreard to book 9. .

    Will be interesting to see how Roger, Bree and the kids get through. Also does Buck go back to his ‘own’ time and when will William finally be accepting of Jamie as his father…….

  305. Diana,
    I am an avid reader and on a trip to Oklahoma last year, my wife came a cross some of your Outlander books in a used books store. I raised an eyebrow at the category of Outlander (Romantic/Adventure) on the spine but, started it anyway. Halfway through, I purchased the two volumes needed to complete the then 7 volume set (yes, halfway through volume 8). Being of Scottish ancestry (Stuart and Campbell) I read Outlander with interest, aware of what the English did to the Scots and Irish (Grandma Campbell was a Logan). Some would say “Too long and verbose”; I say incredibly detailed and captures the events in Scotland and the Colonies beautifully. Some would complain the books are too graphic but, that is real life, Aye? Yes, hopefully you will have volume 9 out by 2016. Meanwhile, I’ll check out the Lord John series and probably reread the Outlander series. Super series! Your photo on the dust-jacket of volume 8? I see mischief there and that is great. You need it to complete a series such as this. Keep up the good work and I look forward to “Jamie9″.

  306. You made me scream a very bad word in the presence of my 9 year old son when I finished Moby. Well, two, one was a plain bad word and one disparaged your character…. I. Can’t. Wait. For the next one.

  307. Thank you for the great stories and thank you for the next book in the story. I can wait to read it.

  308. Here’s to hoping Jamie can actually time travel with Claire and the immediate family live out their last days on Lallybroch together. I would love that. Can’t wait for your next book…

    • Dear Wendy–

      Not happening, but I hope you’ll enjoy the next book, regardless!


      • Dear Diana,
        I just wanted to say that I am still just feeling so warm and happy and just euphoric with the end of MOBY. I finished it before the end of JUNE and sill on a MOBY high. I would have been totally fine with that being the end. But I’m so glad it’s NOT! Thank you for not leaving me with a cliff hanger this time!
        I know, I know, the next book is going to take some time. Let me just say, I totally understand why! To anyone complaining about how long the books take……seriously? Let’s think about this; We have Jamie and Claire. A total novel, just on THEM. Then there’s Bree and Roger. Again, a whole other novel. Ian……holy cow, that boy was a book all on his own for a LOOOONG time.
        I’m amazed at the amount of research each story line must take. My head spins. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have to skip through your medical descriptions. Oh dear God, the eye socket resetting! Made my husband find where that one ended so I could start reading again. Sorry, I’m sure it was wonderful…….for the non squeamish!
        Thank you so much for this wonderful story.
        Humbly, adoringly,

  309. Diana~

    I just had to let you know, as a very avid reader of novels, that your Outlander series is THE BEST series I have EVER read. I have never been able to read a novel, let alone a series of novels, and then reread the same novel again. In fact, I keep a list to make sure that I don’t. HOWEVER, I just finished the entire series yesterday, and just picked up Outlander again to start reading it all over again! I just can’t imagine a day without Jamie and Claire in it! Well done! You are incredibly talented, and I’m so glad there will be a book 9.

    Best Regards


  310. Diana,

    First thank you for Outlander and all that followed it.

    I first become aware of Outlander when Starz starting airing promos for it. After seeing the 1st episode I was hooked. I wanted to read the book and As an avid reader was shocked I didn’t know about them. I am happy and sad to say that I have finished MOBY. Happy because it was a great read, but sad because no book 9 readily available to download.

    I will patiently wait for book 9 (whom am I kidding….I’m already going through withdrawals).

    Thank you for such a great story and great characters.


  311. Hello Diana,

    I was wondering if the Blood Vow was used in of the other weddings in the Outlander series?

    Jenny/Ian, Jamie/Laoghaire, Fergus/ Marsali etc.

    Thank you, Leann Nickerson

    • Dear Leann–

      Well, you know it wasn’t in Fergus and Marsali’s, because you saw that ceremony. And I’m sure it wasn’t in Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire; he would have vowed to take her in sickness and in health, etc.–but I doubt he would have given her body and soul. As for Jenny and Ian–probably, but we don’t know, as we didn’t see their wedding.



  312. Dear Diana,

    I read all 8 wonderful books, I have cried and laugh a lot ! I am loving the amazing Starz tv series too! Sam and Cathriona AWESOME!!! About other comments above i totally disagree about explicit scenes being offensive and/or excessive! I love the way you write and I can’t wait to see more!
    I’m really worried about Claire’s and Jamie’s age. I don’t want to stop reading about their scenes of sex, conversations, the smart honorable brave lovely warrior, the medical procedures and with family next to them! The latest books i missed them together, never is too much!
    I got very upset with some blogs i read about Claire being too old to “make love” with Jamie such desire. It is important to say i love when characters praises her beauty, this way you show that older women can be beautiful and sex taking care about their food and exercises.
    But i beg you please go slowly with the timeline story, i like Brianna and the others but the heart and the body of the book are Jamie and Claire’s so if they get too old…
    I ‘m afraid that could happen like in Anne and Serge Golon’s book, Angélique de Sance de Monteloup, where she lose space to other characters.
    Sorry my precarious english
    i’m from Brazil and I’m out of practice but i wanted to feel closer to you !

    Your most obedient anxiety fan


    • Dear Thaise–

      Your English is very good–and certainly better than my Portuguese. [g] Sex hasn’t got that much to do with age, as you note–as long as the people are healthy, it’s fine. Young people just don’t like to think of older people having sex, I think–but eventually, they’ll be older, too. [g]



  313. Diana

    I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning, when I first read outlander, I was totally hooked, and waited for each and every book to come out. Yes I am one of those that just finished book 8, and am dying to read your next. lol Please don’t smack me, I didn’t ask when it will be out. I just wanted to thank you for letting me indulge my addiction by reading your wonderful series. Please keep writing.!!!!!! Thanks

    A huge fan from Canada


    • ALso, you made me bawl my eyes out when Rollo passed, it took me 30 hrs straight to read the book, I do that, I can’t put books down, and thankfully I have a job that allows me to read at work. Once again, thanks for a wonderful series.

  314. I have recently enjoyed reading for the first time your cross-stitch novel, it really was smashing. I own NOOK and decided rather than order the next book from Amazon I would order the Kindle version as there are 8 books in this series and wanted to follow this story but had limited shelf space. (you can convert docs to NOOK format really easily). I purchased by ebook and was then told that you cannot view this on NOOK. I cannot refund this I now have a copy of Drangonfly in Amber which I can only view on my PC. I am so upset that I have this un useable copy. Can you please suggest an alternative option or what I can do to actually read this latest instalment?????

    • Dear Jane–

      Well. The only things that occur to me are

      1) read the book on your PC.
      2) contact Amazon’s Customer Service department and explain the situation. If they won’t give you a refund, they may be able to tell you how to transfer the book to someone else who has a Kindle e-reader.

      Best of luck, and I hope you’ll enjoy DRAGONFLY when you get it in the proper form for reading.


    • Jane,

      Nook HD and HD+ support a kindle reader app in the play store, unfortunately the older Nook will not access the play store unless you root (if root means nothing, then its likely not a direction you want to consider, its kind of techy).

  315. Diana,

    I have just finished reading MOBY in a cold terraced house in North London and was surprised by my reaction. There was a very unladylike grunt of frustration followed by a flood of what can only be described as grief, that I am now without my regular escape into your fiction. I have now had a cup of tea, walked the dog, and in a calmer frame of mind can appreciate that the latest instalment has arrived when I am only 30 years old. There’s plenty of time to wait for the next one!

    Love your work. Have done since the age of 16.

    Katie x

  316. P.s. I should mention that I managed to get my current boyfriend to read Cross Stitch, which I feel is a huge achievement. Out of three long term relationships he’s the first, so he must be a keeper!

  317. Dear Diana

    just finished book 8, amazing and satisfying. What a woman you are, everything I want to read all together in one long, long, story

    love it, love it

    At 52 I have finally found the perfect writer, thankyou


  318. I recently finished MOBY. I started reading book 1 in July and just kept going until I finished MOBY. I loved all the books. And while MOBY was not a cliff hanger – I feel so lost now without Claire and Jamie in my life. Wonderful series. I just have to figure out what to do with my time until book 9 comes out!

    Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  319. Dear Diana,
    I am a girl from Spain who has read and enjoyed all your books. I must confess that I read Outlander every year. I just have one question for you. When will we be able to read your last book in spanish? or when is moby going to be published in Spain? I hope it will be soon, because not all your readers can do it in english. By the way, sorry for my English.
    I can’t finish this message without telling you that I have seen the serie on line and I have loved it.

    • Dear Juani–

      Your English is much better than my Spanish. [g] Muchas gracias! Glad you’ve been enjoying the TV series, as well as the books. I don’t know exactly when MOBY will be published in Spain, but it normally takes a foreign publisher about a year to finish the translation of one of my books. Hope you’ll enjoy it when you get it!



  320. Loved long-awaited MOBY and tell myself patience is a virtue. Besides, another Outlander book is well worth the wait. I remember in your “daily lines” on MOBY, there was a small snippet of a scene with Jamie and Natty Bumpo — am so looking forward to the development of that — I remembered Cooper’s Leatherstocking was based on a real character and absolutely love the suggestion he might appear in your next book. Almost as good as the fascinating scenes with Benedict Arnold and John Andre. I suppose Clair might say something to Arnold; after all, she warned Jamie about Culloden and it did no good — isn’t there a theory than history cannot be changed in regards to big events, only small and relatively unimportant ones? In other words, Jamie and Clair’s personal lives are only earth-shattering to themselves (and all your readers), while Benedict Arnold will try to surrender West Point and John Andre will hang no matter what warnings they might receive.

    I appreciate how painstaking your research is and how much time it takes to interweave all the threads of history in your stories. No wonder your books take you so long to write! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Am enjoying Outlander on Starz. I was so afraid it would be cleaned up and dumbed down, but it isn’t. Well cast and the development of characters is excellent. Jamie is clearly growing from a boy to the man he will become, and Frank’s character hints at some of Black Jack’s demons, an unexpected exploration. Claire thinks of Frank in your books; this script treatment deals with those hints very well.

    Thank you.

  321. Diana, I just finished reading MOBY and realized I had come to the end of a nearly 2 year long adventure of reading all of your Outlander books back to back. MOBY was once again beautifully written, and I cried with joy at how you wrapped things up for these characters that I’ve come to know and love. I don’t think any other book series has affected me quite as much as this one; I can’t recall having invested as much emotion in any other set of characters- to the point where I actually miss them in a sense, you’ve made them seem so real.

    As soon as I finished the last one, I had to look online to make sure that at some point there would be a next book- and I’m so glad to see that there will be. No pressure of course. Thanks for writing these beautiful books, it’s been an amazing literary experience for me and really brought back the joy of reading which sort of went away during my college years.

    From a grateful reader, all the best and good luck with the next book!

  322. Just want to say thanks!

  323. Diana,

    Just finished MOBY. So much going on in one book. How on earth do you keep all the threads aligned. I’m glad to hear the adventures continue. I always intended to read Outlander, but didn’t until I watched the first two episodes on STARZ. I kept recording the TV, but backtracked and became completely engrossed in the books. Soon as I finished the 8th, I watched the rest of the season. The books are wonderful, the TV series is wonderful. (I love Germaine, he’s so funny and bright. I liked him very young, but was smitten when he fell out of the tree and landed in front of Claire, birds eggs intact!) I am starting the Lord John series next. I must say at first I didn’t want to like him. I guess I was siding with Claire. Once I got to know him through his friendship with Jaimie, I came to see him in a different light. I guess Claire did too. Thank you for your dedication to the characters and the world they inhabit. My only regret is that I delayed reading your books!!! I’m thoroughly hooked.

  324. Looking forward to eventual book 9! And any more ‘bulges’.

    I’m currently re reading from the start … Again … And have just finished Drums of Autumn. A question I’m sure I’m not alone in asking and hoping for an eventual answer (or a point to where it is answered if I’ve missed it??) is why Jack Randall was buried at St Kilda???

    With all your wee sub books etc, most questions on the characters get answered…..will/does this?

    Reading above re meeting you and not knowing what to say, happened to me when you came to Edinburgh, Scotland a few years ago. Total mind blank, dribbled/babbled something incoherent, when all I wanted to say was ‘thank you, your books are the reason I came to Edinburgh and now live’ . I’m a NZ’er. So, thank you.

    • Dear Alana–

      Thank _YOU_! [g] I haven’t yet told you why Jack Randall is buried at St. Kilda. We might find out eventually.



  325. Just like everyone else, I will endeavor to wait patiently for Book 9 or any novellas. I just finished MOBY – I have tried to pace myself, but couldn’t – and I am saddened that I will have to wait for more. I LOVE being in that world! Can’t wait for OC2!

  326. I keep rereading outlander series, alternating with other books, but can’t find any historical romantic novels that can hold a candle to your books!!!! Please, can you recommend any of your favorite books to fill in between rereading numbers 1-8 and waiting for book 9?

    Thank you for creating such marvelous characters and stories while managing the monumental task of presenting the periods in time as historically accurate as possible! The temper of the times, customs, dress, speech, everything to make the tales real, authentic, at the same time so wonderfully magical and other-worldly!


    • Dear Cindy–

      Well…I don’t -write- historical romances. You might go to the menu bar here and click on “Resources.” There’s something there called “The Methadone List,” which is a collection of books that I personally like a lot and would feel happy about recommending to anyone. Maybe you’ll find something there that suits your taste–mine is pretty eclectic. [g]



  327. Dear Diana,

    I just want to tell you that you have written an amazing story!
    I started reading Outlander only two years ago, and I had to buy all the books (from “Voyager” to MOBY) in England or online because, unfortunately, they aren’t sold here in Portugal. But let me tell you, all this effort turns into nothing when I get to read all this amazing books. Thank you!

  328. I would like to share what your books have brought to my life, Diana, and also what the first one took from my life. .

    I was 32 years old when I met a man who seemed to be a great partner for me. We laughed at the same things, we had similar tastes and preferences, and while we were getting to know each other and decide if we wanted to make our relationship permanent, the July 4th holiday was upcoming. The young man decided that it would be fun for us to spend the weekend at Virginia Beach.. So, we secured reservations at a lovely hotel on the beach and headed there. First stop- the very windy and not so warm beachfront.

    I had my brand new copy of the just- released “Outlander” with me. I thought it would be a ” light beach read” – you know the type of book I am referencing.. Certainly NOT one of your books. :)
    Less than an hour into my reading, I was extremely caught up in the story. much to my boyfriend’s exasperation, then frank anger.

    It was on that day 20+ years ago, that I found out that he hated books. hated to read, and apparently did not think highly of those of us who have enjoyed and learned from literature all our lives ( I was reading by the age of 3). I honestly do not know how I made it through that horrible nightmare of a weekend except that I have the memory of continuing to read “Outlander”. You, and it, were my salvation in the dismal situation, as “Outlander” would have been such a brilliantly shining light of a book in any situation.

    He is but a very faint memory now, but I have re-read all your books, and purchased the Kindle versions of the last few I had never read, and it is if I never left you or the Frasers. I laughed and I cried throughout the TV series on STARZ. because I literally HAD been waiting for a movie, a serious of movies, or something of that nature based upon the books FOR OVER 20 YEARS.
    I loved every part of Season One and I can hardly wait until Season Two.

    And, although ” Outlander” will always have a very special place in my heart for the introduction to Jaime and Claire, and for the part the reading of it played in my ” real life”, I dearly loved MOBY and I accept what you tell us at face value in the books.
    I do NOT wonder ” What if? or ” Why?” because, IMO, although you will continue to write about the characters, you may not choose to tell everyone’s answers to all the possible questions. Life is NOT wrapped up in a neat package and handed to us.

    I remember a chat with you online MANY years ago. I asked you who had influenced your writing and your answer brought tears to my eyes, for you answered, ” John D. Macdonald” because he KNOWS ( Knew) his characters and he lived with them (in his mind.)

    I would like to gently say that Mr. Macdonald’s passing left the Travis McGee series unfinished, which is a point of sadness for those of us who loved Travis and Mr. Macdonald. I have always hoped there was a finished manuscript squirreled away, as he did mean to write one more McGee novel.
    I hope all the fans of your Jaime and your Claire live to read the last book, and I hope that you will be truly and utterly satisfied with the body of work you have produced. :)
    I think that if someone had told me all those years ago that the ” Outlander” series would last as long as the Travis McGee novels did, I would have disbelieved them. It didn’t seem possible at the time of your online chat with fans.

    I’m so glad we’ve had this journey together, and I’m so glad I stepped out of the shadow of a man who disliked books to later marry an incredibly gifted bibliophile who happens to love the time travel aspect of “Outlander”.
    I never could have respected a man who can read but chooses not to do so. Another lesson learned at a young age from the circumstances surrounding my copy of ” Outlander”.
    My gratitude is enormous, my respect for you is immense.

    Thank you,
    Lily Amanda

    • Dear Lily–

      Haha! I’m glad I saved you from the non-reading boyfriend; you wouldn’t have been happy with _him_. [g] And I’m very flattered at the comparison with John D. MacDonald and Travis McGree; John D. is who taught me how to carry a series character from book to book. (Personally, I thought THE LONELY SILVER RAIN would have made quite a decent ending to the series.)



  329. I am asking about the USA release of the Trail of Fire collection in paperback. Amazon was showing publication date of Aug 29 2014, but still nothing in the USA only UK sellers. Any idea on a revised release date for the US market?

    • Dear Mike–

      Amazon just makes things up. We haven’t even contracted that book with a US publisher at the moment. I’ll be sure to announce it when the book is ready, though.



  330. Finished the last paragraph of Written In My Own Heart’s Blood this morning and closed the book with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. That’s only the second time that reading a book has done that to me. I became very attached to Brianna in this book. It also re-lit a fire inside of me to continue on with my own writing.

  331. I binge read the 8 Outlander books in a few weeks, after watching the first episodes of the TV series. Cannot wait until book 9 comes out. Thank you for bringing these wonderful characters to life!

  332. Dear Diana,

    As many others i was taken from the first episode of Outlander (the series) just to happily find out there are 8 books of this great story (shocked also to learn that the age of Outlander is almost like mine). Of course i immediately went to buy them online but was very disappointed to learn only the first two books was translated to Hebrew (i’m from Israel) and non of them lately…
    I contacted the publisher and was told book #3 is not in the process…

    Just finished Voyager audiobook and as much as i liked Davina’s reading it isn’t the same as reading in my language and i feel i’m missing alot.

    Do you have any idea why the rest of the books are not translated to Hebrew? i don’t have anyone else to ask…
    Also wanted you to know there are alot more then 1 fan in Israel… and i’m sure part of them because of me…:)

    Thank you,

  333. You are amazing, Diana Gabaldon. I just started reading the ‘Outland’ books after the TV series premiered. I have not encountered a series of book so enthralling since the ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’. Thankfully I started late into the books. I am half way through the fifth book. My nerves couldn’t take it, so I cheated and read outlines. It was that or stay up all night reading (which I have on occasion). Bless you.

  334. Well, I think you will probably hate me, since I was like: No! no! HELL NO!! At the last sentence of book 8.
    My husband didnt understood my unpleasant mood at all while I was sitting in my small black hole where I’m kinda still sitting untill book nine suddenly shall appear.

    Well, not completely true aince live still goes on (kid, sleddogs etc) but still, I felt kind of unpleased with the end.
    But you shoukdnt care about that since thats how I feel whenever a book ends and i have to wait and stuff. I’m just not the waiting type but all together I will jump highest and be in utopia when book nine will reveal itself to me!

    This is just a really long story and actually I just wanted to say: I love your books and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

  335. I’m in love with your books. I’ve already read the entire series four times (except MOBY). I admire you so much and you’ve even helped me answer many questions on Jeopardy. I look forward to the 9th book when you have time in your very busy schedule.

  336. Diana, I love your books and have read them a number of times. Just finished book 8 and so glad there’s going to be a book 9. I’ll just have to read a few novellas to keep me going… I hope the TV series is going to make it to British TV in the not too distant future, it will be such a hit can’t believe it’s taking so long!

    Enjoy your writing!


  337. Dear Diana,

    I was introduced to Outlander by the show and I could not wait to know what would happen next, so I started reading the books by episode 3. Finished book 8 yesterday and I have no idea what to do with my spare time now. I am no longer interested in other books or my TV shows after reading these books – nothing lives up to them, LOL!

    When Claire left Jamie right before Culloden, I was devastated. After reading Jenny and Ian’s interaction while Jenny was pregnant I really could not wait to read what Claire and Jamie would be like in those circumstances – pregnant, raising children and dealing with whatever adventures might happen. When Claire went back the second time I was happy but still felt I needed those 20 years they spent apart back, as much as the characters themselves did. Well, while I was reading MOBY I got really excited because when Roger went back in time it seemed to make it possible that someone could possibly time travel and change things.

    Now for the big question – Would you ever consider having a character (Jem, Mandy maybe Buck) go back in time and changes things (either accidently or on purpose) so that we could get those 20 years back with Jamie and Claire? Maybe not even all 20 years. I’ll take anything you are willing to give, lol.

    I’m not sure if you are trying to wrap this series up or keep it going forever but as a fan I would of course like it to go on forever! Love the story and thank you so much for writing it and keeping it going.

    All my best,

  338. Thank you thank you for such excellent books to read and such a great story. I just finished MOBY and slapped it shut and asked my husband… “Well what am I supposed to do now”…. His response “pay attention to me”… Haha maybe for a while until the 9th book comes out!!! Thank you for your wonderful imaginative and awesome mind!!!! You are a fantastic storyteller

  339. Of course, I thank you, what a treasure these books have become to me. I was fortunate to being in the act of tracing my ancestry, (really) when I stumbled on your books again. I had read the first three years ago and not picked up when the fourth came out. So I started at the beginning. Where else? Simultaneously, I traced my ancestry to Scotland, England, and the Nordic countries. Although my Scottish roots ‘rooted’ in the 17th century and prior, I found myself my ancestor’s way of life. What a treasure to bring the way of life to life.

    Oh, but it didn’t stop there. Having ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War at Fort Ticonderoga, I again could get a feel for the times and trials of their lives.

    I grew up in New Jersey with a Mom determined that we knew the historical value of our state. I have been to Molly Pitcher’s well, (the Battle of Monmouth) and lived just outside of New Brunswick and not too far from Perth Amboy. Your books made me see all in a different light.

    And so, I thank you, not only for the books, but for your research into the daily lives of your characters. How they lived is the same way my ancestors lived. What they feared, what they loved………..oh, you know what I mean.

    I appreciate all of it and am looking forward to next book.



  340. Dear Diana, What a fantastically rich series you have given the world. My daughter introduced me to it in late August and I have read, in sequence, until yesterday when I finished MOBY. I have laughed and cried and been terribly afraid, hoped, and, well, all the spectrum of emotions with each book. I even dream in the language of your exquisitly drawn characters. Sometimes I wake wondering if I am recaling a scene or making up one of my own. That’s how deeply your writing has infected (in the most beautiful way), my imagination. Thank you a million times. Just want to thank the series for the most beautiful depiction of Jamie and Claire’s wedding night. I’ve also read the first of the Lord John series and look forward to enjoying the rest. Being a born and bred Philadelphian has added to the pleasure of the reading as well as having a strong feeling for anything Scots/Irish. I have to say that I have carried the books with me wherever I go and have often found myself weeping or laughing out loud in public. It’s not embarassing to me but seems to disaffect others. Oh well. And you , my dear , must take some time to decompress. just imagine Jamie telling you to do so. His tenderness with Claire completely undoes me. Just an afterthought. I currently live in the town of Ardmore. Could this be a derivitive of Ardsmuir ? (I probably haven’t spelled that corrrectly).

    • Dear Donna–

      I imagine “Ardmore” could well be a slight Anglicization of “Ardsmuir”– “Ard” means “hill” and “muir” means “moor.” So I’d suppose it refers to the view of a moor from a nearby hill…? [g]



  341. Dear Diana, This is my first time writing you but I want you to know that I have enjoyed ALL of your books better than any I have ever read. I love the time travel aspect of them and how you tie everything together is amazing! I can’t wait for #9 and yes I will start at the beginning With Highlander and read them all again. There is so much content and details that I have to go back each time and reread parts of the last on to keep up. Your writing makes things seem so believable that you can actually believe that it’s really possible to travel through time. I will anxiously be awaiting book #9. I have read #8 in less than 2 weeks and I have a full time job taking care of my 93 year old Mom that has to be watched constantly. I think I’m doing pretty good. I just hope I live long enough to see the last book in print and have time to read it. God bless you and help you in writing it. You are the best.
    Sincerely, Sherry

  342. Diana

    iam a newcomer to your writings, but i admit they are what i needed as a distraction. I read all nine books in a 3 month span. Reading your series has a waken a desire to read. Iam looking forward to book nine. I do hope that you answer a few questions. 1. Will Jaime and Lord John relationship repair and how does Claire share these two men. (I like Lord John and Claire) 2. Will the Frasers and the Greys fight for the same cause. I have also introduced the series to my 20 &22 year sons its a kitchen discussion. So, again looking forward to book nine

  343. Dear Diana
    I have just finished reading Outlander and there was an “excerpt” from the second book ….which blissfully continued on from the ending of Outlander. After Dragonfly in Amber finished downloading I opened it to begin reading and what a shock! I was not expecting the first of the book to begin where it did ! At first I thought I made a mistake and downloaded the wrong book!…no right book!
    I was so heartbroken I could barely get through the first chapters…
    I realize I am being a tad melodramatic. …but I was truly Beside myself that Claire was where she was ( I am trying to avoid spoilers)
    After reading through the comments on your blog though I can see there are a lot of happy fans so it must be okay…
    now that I have calmed down and gotten over my initial shock I am excited to see where you will take me through this second book.
    I consider myself an avid reader but I must have been hiding under a rock all these years not to have come across your books sooner.
    I was looking for a good show to watch and came across “Outlander” and it seemed good so I started watching it …wow all I can say is I was hooked! Downloaded the first book and now the second and won’t be stopping anytime soon !!
    Thank you for your brilliant imagination and awesome writing ..
    oh and because of your wonderful book I will be making definate plans to visit the highlands….something that I always wanted to do but never acted on it …Thank you again Diana

  344. Hi Diana
    I want to say I love your books so far! I actually found out about them from the TV series! It was so good I had to check out the book! And then I was hooked! I consider myself an avid reader, so I must have been hiding under a rock for the last 20 yrs to have missed this series!
    I must say though right now my heart is broken !
    I finished the first book and blissfully read an excerpt from Dragonfly in Amber which carried on from the last chapter of Outlander….you can imagine my shock when I opened up the actual book to continue reading and found out where Claire was! ( don’t want to give away spoilers) It may seem a tad melodramatic but I was so shocked, I couldn’t even get through a couple of chapters without stopping…to grieve? Maybe?
    I had to go on your blog and read some of your loyal fans comments …they all seem so happy and positive I consoled myself to it being okay and now I am excited to see where your wonderful story will take me… ( still feeling weepy though…only a few years together)?
    Thank you for your amazing imagination and brilliant writing …
    I have always wanted to visit Scotland and now I believe it will happen this year! Thank you thank you

    • Dear Cathy–

      Keep reading and don’t worry about it. Everything will be all right.



      • Well Diana …after a year I have finally finished your books ! I paced myself but all good things must come to an end! I loved your ending in MOBY… it was perfect…but of course now that I know there is a book nine I am excited to continue Jamie and Claire story along with their family! Thank you for this wonderful saga and being the person you are…it means a lot to your fan base to be so personable and approachable! Your posts on social media are fun and I know I look forward to them!

        • Ps …I just discovered your Web page featuring excerpts from book 9
          Thank you for that …helps to keep Jaime and Claire fresh and vivid…your rock!!!

  345. So pleased that there will be another one day. As I reread the ending I thought well that actually could be the end. At least they are together. So I’m very pleased and will wait patiently until the next one. Maybe you could do a novella thingy on Bree and Rogers journey, just to fill in a few gaps for us. Xxxx

  346. Ms. Gabaldon,

    I simply wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Outlander series through MOBY. My friend introduced the series to me about 2 months ago, I was immediately hooked, and have read all since then.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful world and introducing me to part of my own Scots-Irish heritage which I will now explore while awaiting “Jamie9.”

    Warm regards,


  347. Diana,

    The Outlandish Companion helped me to remember the details before I continue with Written in my Own Heart’s Blood….but is thgere hope for a volume 2 for the rest of the series before the eighth novel?
    I tried finding it on Amazon and also at my public library, even at Half Price Books, where some of your devoted readers have shared their already read books with others in need….but I can’t find such a volkume anywhere.

    Did I really hear that you had published a volume 2, or was that just my wishful thinking?


    P.S. Your books are the only novels that my grown sons and I have shared to our mutual delight. I, the English teacher, read them first! When I retired a few years ago, a colleague presented Outlander to me as a farewell depoartment gift with a note that read in part: “I know that you do not read fantasy or time-travel science fiction novels, but I also know that you love historical fiction. Just read this one and you will be hooked….and the sex is racy!” Needless to say, I have read them all excpet the lastest Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, which I recently received for my birthday. I just want a detailed summary of the last four so that I will not foget anything important!

    • Dear Vicki–

      I’m presently working on the OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOlume 2; it should (with luck) be out sometime in 2015. (WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD _is_ the eighth book; did you miss one? [g])



  348. Thankyou for continuing Jamie and Claire’s journey. I wish they could go on forever. I love your characters. I love the story you’re telling. Happy writing!

  349. Hi Diana

    It was with huge pleasure I found Written in my own Hearts Blood recently, due to some big life challenges treating my self to a book has not been a option for ages and I have been so tied up with “stuff” I wasn’t even aware the next book was out! I went in to my book store on a wim and saw your latest. Decided I needed a guilty treat! Reading your books has taken me into another world (and time) over the years so huge heartfelt thanks! I have been lost in the past for a few weeks now lol and it’s been wonderful! Hope you get a great break some time soon too!


  350. Love the Loves above as well as all your writings, Diana.
    Almost all my friends in Canada were palpitating awaiting the series and are so gratefu for it and Book 8.
    Last year I was in chemo for many months, I made my husband promise that if I didn’t make it, he’d have to read the latest aloud ( with scotc- but my spirits lifted especially discussing your characters with my several visiting nurses and PSWs- all are hooked.
    Now for a confession- the first I found, was a Lord John in a cruise ship library- gobbled it up! First I’d read with a gay hero. Got home, straightaway demanded more from local library.
    Query in mind about some regimental unknowns I asked my husband- an old reserve officer for explanations. He became interested. He CAN read but he’s ‘cruxiating slow. So I snatched it back and read aloud. Well, it became a ritual- and a re-bonding – after 47 yrs. of not-too- much- in- common-any-more… Soon he would do anything I wanted n payment for ‘a read’. ( except reshingle the roof naked in a blizzard- of which we had to many last year.
    So years later, back in AZ and well into rereads., we both raise a glass of scotch with water to you and yours.
    t Thank you! Merci!

    And now that I have survived for the present- I have resurrected my own historical research , 7 years dusty and struggle daily trying to flesh out imagine a real ancestor with all too few extant factual but fascinating details. I am in awe of your facility!!!!

  351. Just finished MOBY and, for me, #9 would be most welcome. I got hooked on the series when I was in Scotland . We (the group) were visiting the Culloden battlefield and museum and, while there, one of the members of our group joined my husband and I for lunch. She had read all of your books three times. She sat down with us and was crying “Jamie”. Literally, crying. I thought who’s Jamie and what happened. Needless to say, I had to find out for myself. I am so glad I did and have started reading all of the books again. I am hopeful that #9 will be in print before I die – please!! I am 76 and in good health but one never knows.

  352. Dear Diana,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love this series. I’m a new fan. After watching the first episode of the Starz series it became clear to me that I would have to read the novels. I started reading after episode 8 aired as I couldn’t wait until April to find out what happened next and I just finished MOBY last night. The bonus about discovering this series so late is that I had the luxury of reading all the novels without the long wait in between books. There are only a handful of novels I’ve ever read more than once but yours will definitely be on that short list. Thank you for writing such interesting and well defined characters, they’ve become very dear to me.

  353. You totally put my writing speed to shame. If there’s one thing I would want for Christmas, it’d be your speed (and thoroughness in plotting)! Thank you for WIMOHB – I’m loving this book, especially the bits with Ian. I’m sure I can’t say anything others have already said, so I’ll just thank you for sharing your characters with us. :)

  354. Diana,

    Just finished MOBY and as always, you surpassed my expectations and I absolutely LOVED it! I am thrilled to know there will be another book and while I am excited to read book 9 (whenever it may be finished as your busy schedule allows) I am content to read the novellas and anything else you publish in the Outlander world, watch the show (which is excellent in every way) and re-read the first 8 books as it is always a pleasure to re-live the moments I’ve come to cherish in the lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser- in the meantime.

    I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this series. Your creativity and writing style are a true gift and my only regret is not reading the series sooner. As it is, I started reading the first Book right after Starz aired the first episode of the show in August and was so engrossed that I went out, bought all the books, novellas, graphic novels, dangerous women anthology (just to read “Virgins”) to read. I am proud to say I’ve finished all 8 books, 3 of the novellas, the anthology and am working through the rest while re-reading my favorite parts from all of the books (especially the first which is when I first fell in love with Jamie Fraser.) I don’t make a habit of re-reading books but I simply can’t resist with this series. You’ve made the characters so real and so dear to me that every time I read it is like discovering it again for the first time OR re-discovering something which I had forgotten the small details of.

    I’ve been encouraging people to read the series and am happy to report they are doing so and loving them as well. It’s great fun to share thoughts and opinions after they’ve read.

    Happy writing and everything else you are involved in as well!

  355. I’ve been following Claire and Jamie since I was first introduced as a seventh grader(yes, with parental guidance and permission). I have enjoyed each and every book and have read them all multiple times. It’s interesting to hear that there will be a ninth book as I felt the end of MOBY was an appropriate ending of the story of Claire’s family in the NC mountains. I was hoping that there might be novellas featuring John and William, but hadn’t dared to hope to have more time with Claire and Jamie. I hope that I will not have to grieve the loss of either person in the remaining books.

  356. Diana,
    I can wait as long as it takes!!! I have loved every one of your books and the way you tell
    these story’s, well its simply incredible!!! So I will be here when book 9 and you are ready!!!!
    Thank you for sharing. all of Outlander with us!!!!!

  357. Diana ,
    After reading the letter from frank to bree , i am seeing him in a very new light. I cried for the man who give up 20 years of his life for raising the child of another man and i feel very bad about it and in my opinion frank do not deserve to die like that and he deserve an happy ending what do you say (please answer )

    P.S: Bree named her son jem after roger’s father and jamie , and even two more names are remaining she did’nt named him after frank . I agree jamie was her real father but did’nt she owe frank for loving her as his own

  358. I got hooked on your amazing series after watching the Starz Outlander series on TV and just had to find out what happened to Jamie and Claire! I had no idea there were eight books!!!! My husband kept asking me if I was almost finished reading that book yet, it was taking forever and I was reading all day and night for days and days!!! If you can imagine taking in the entire series in one long sitting. I couldn’t stop until I was done with #8 and then started in on everything else you have written, even the blog posts. What a relief it is to see you are committed to writing #9. I feel terribly guilty about taking you away from family and will hope that you will recoup quickly, get plenty of rest and be eager to share book nine soon. We so appreciate your tremendous talent and thank you for sharing it. Until then we try to patiently wait for more of your treasured writing.

  359. Reading your blog I am amazed! One at your stamina and then at your productivity. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that you work on multiple pieces at one time. I could almost see the threads of your mind as they float, twist and weave the pieces of your next work. I look forward to reading more. Just wish that there was a PG version, as I love the historical pieces and could using the series in a classroom at the secondary level.

  360. Diana,
    I am so glad there will be a book 9. I read books 1 & 2 many years ago but got sidetracked by years of professional schooling to further my career. When I saw that the TV show was coming, I started over, this time on the Kindle which is much easier on my older eyes. I started on 8-17 -14 & just finished book 8 on 11-16-14. I have been living & breathing Outlander & I am now totally obsessed! I just watched your interview at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last night. You are amazing & so funny! Thank you so much for creating the world of Outlander. As a history buff myself, I really appreciate all the work you put into it. I also noticed that we share the same birthday but I am 5 years behind you. Maybe another reason why it all feels so right!

  361. Dear Diana,
    I wanted to express my appreciation for the Outlander series of books. You are a very gifted and talented individual. The Starz TV series intrigued me and when I was having difficulties with my spouse and needed a distraction, I decided to purchase the books and read the genuine story for myself. Not do go into unnecessary detail about my marital issues, I made it through the rough patch and came out on the other side due to the books. They totally absorbed me and allowed me to escape when I needed to. The characters become real people in such a short time and I love your writing style.
    My uncle remarked that he knew you at NAU and said you were a remarkable individual; very talented, and I agree. He has since retired from the genetics department but seems to remember you vividly.
    I look foward to the next book, or books. I do feel that William, Bree and Roger and others could take off in their own books. They are colorful and interesting figures on their own. The Outlandish Companion; Vol. 1, is delightful and helpful, I look forward to to Vol. 2.
    Understanding the time involved to compile such masterful volumes, I plan to investigate the Lord John series of books while I wait. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the rest of us.
    A devoted reader, Norma Jean

  362. Diana,
    This is just a brief note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the Outlander series and the Lord John books. You’ve created a wonderful cast of characters; as a reader, I cannot help wondering what happens to them next. I love the way you’ve developed the Claire and Jamie marriage–they’re both pushed into it, but they eventually fall passionately in love. And this love continues to exist, despite a twenty-year-long separation across time. It was truly painful reading the scenes in Book 7 (An Echo in the Bone), when Claire is grieving for Jamie to such an extent that she thinks of committing suicide. I think John saves her life, when he barges into her room and refuses to let her grieve alone.

    What I loved about book 8 was Jamie and Claire getting back together, the double wedding (Ian/Rachel and Denzell/Dottie), Roger and Brianna returning to Fraser’s Ridge (just how did they manage that?) and William’s relationship with Arabella-Jane and Fanny. I loved the fact that, when his first attempt to get Hal and John to convince Campbell to free Jane fails, he turns to Jamie to break into the prison and rescue the girl. And then, when they find her dead, the Fraser-Murray clan gets together to bury her. I loved his relationship with Ian–that quasi-friendly rivalry over Rachel. I loved it when Jamie resigns his commission when Claire is shot. The saddest bit in the book was Henri-Christian’s death–he was truly a lovable character.

    I look forward to reading book 9, whenever it is published. And I would love to read about Jamie’s parents.

    All the best!

    • Thanks so much for the series. I am in love with all the characters and each time a new book comes out I start the series from book one before allowing myself to read the new one out. A monumental act of self discipline I must say as well as time consuming. It took me all spring and summer to make it through all 8 books. Then the TVseries in the fall was fun. I really enjoyed that as well and am waiting to purchase the series when it comes out on DVD. I am not qualified by any stretch to critique writing of any sort but I will say that your stories have given me countless hours of enjoyment and I thank you for sharing your wonderful stories. I am often struck with a sense of connection to the past and peoples in the world when I am baking bread for instance. How connected I feel to women the world over and throughout time who bake bread for their families. I imagine the telling of stories which has such a strong place in human history might do the same for you. The connection to the story tellers of olden times. All our technology is window dressing for the humans love for stories no matter what form they are presented in All the best to you and again thanks for the stories

  363. I just finished MOBY, and I’m bereft and losing my daily companions–having started with Outlander in August after seeing the first of the Starz episodes–and continuing through your saga, reading some of it every day for three months. Wonderful books. Thank you so much for sharing your vision. I ken fine what a man be!

  364. I love the books and have read now 2 times (all back to back this last time, amazing how much you forget from the first time i read the first 4 about 16 years ago.) In book 8 what are the ages of Jamie, Claire, Brianna and Roger??

    Look forward to book 9 and the restart of the tv series in the new year.

    Thank you.

  365. Diana,

    Thank you for another wonderful page-turner.

    Whenever I start reading one of your books, as soon as I hear Jamie speak, I feel I am “home.” I think one of the best and most amazing talents you have is giving each character such a distinct voice. Not just in their speech but in their thought processes. Love the accents and speech patterns. I find myself wanting to say, “I dinna ken,” or “Dinna fash yourself,” while immersed in your stories.

    I will share with you that while reading “Echo in the Bone,” I thought it was your last book. I tried to stretch it out (unsuccessfully). Just as I finished it and was sitting in bed weeping, my husband came in the room and made fun of me. I remember that book as being very “dark” because Claire had such a hard time, but after re-reading it this year, I decided it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it. Turns out my own sadness at seeing the characters for what I thought was the last time had a lot to do with it. When I finished the book, I went online to see what other people were saying about it. (I was also upset that all ends seemed tied up except I wanted to see Young Ian with someone to love.) I quickly saw that Echo wouldn’t be the last book and felt ridiculous for all the extra weeping I had been doing! haha (Never have heard the last of that from my husband.)

    Re MOBY: Thank you for giving Young Ian such a wonderful woman. I especially enjoyed the scenes toward the end of the book where the family is together. We’ve watched these young men (Ian and Fergus) grow up and now are watching as they mold the next generation.

    You are awesome!

  366. I remember the day I bought my first copy of Outlander. It was late summer of 1991. I was very pregnant with my first child and had a lot of time on my hands. I was browsing through the historical romance section of a B Dalton bookstore at the mall. I saw Outlander and, being a huge fan of time travel romances, decided to give it a go. And since it was such a large book, I thought it would be the perfect book to read while I waited for my new arrival. Little did I know that that was the start of an “obession”. I have read and reread the entire series several times. I can even quote many parts by heart. I have had to replace that first copy many times, as I loaned it out to so many of my friends and family, who I might add became as addicted as I was, and didn’t always get them back. I own a copy of every single book in the whole saga, as well as the Companion and the graphic novel. I have them in print and now on my Nook (yes I even have the graphic on my nook as well) so that I can make sure I always have them with me. I just started watching the Starz series on line, and while I noticed the changes as it goes along, I love how it stays true to the heart of the story itself. The changes are minor compared to the huge realm of things. I just wanted to let you know that I have been a fan since the beginning (seriously, who vividly remembers the first time they actually saw, let alone bought a certain book 13 years ago) and will continue to be for as long as I am on this earth. You are by far my favorite author. I am so looking forward to the next, as well as all the ones in between. You truly have a wonderful gift and I am so glad I picked that book up all those years ago.

    • P.S. I have to admit that my favorite was Voyager. Especially when Claire finally tracks Jamie to his print shop and he faints dead away when he sees her…..just love love love that part of their story

  367. You continue to amaze me by giving each character such distinct and recognizable personalities. As a reader, I feel so convinced and attached. Just finished book 8 and I’m lost and grieving with out the Fraser’s in my life…how amazing that you can do that!! Thank you Diana, you are one of those great authors that will go down in history.

  368. I watched the first few episodes of the Outlander series before reading the books so the characters images were already in my head. I devoured all eight books in eight weeks, neglecting all sorts of work and family obligations! Ha! They are fabulous, and I love them so much. I love how long they are and that there is another book coming. I
    I love that my sister is only on book five and has no idea how big of a presence some of the characters will have, i.e. Ian returns from the Mohawks and Bree discovers her brother, William, just by the sight of him! Thank you! My favorite books ever!

  369. Diana,

    I enjoyed all 8 books so far! They’ve all been wonderful reads, and I love the back-history that reading historical fiction gives me.

    I’m just looking forward to however you decide to wrap up Jamie’s and Claire’s story; they are both epic characters and I have no doubt that their conclusion (whenever it happens) will be just as large as the characters you have made them over the last 8 novels.

  370. The Outlander series has taken over from Jean Auel’s Children of the Earth as my favorite series of novels. Both draw wonderful, deep, multi-faceted characters, including strong women who are natural healers and inventors. Davina Porter does such a wonderful job giving voice to your books, and I love your rich vocabulary! I spent most of the summer listening to the audio books while I gardened or drove long distances, but I would also keep a hard copy for times when audio was impractical.
    Thank you!

  371. Hi Diana, love all your books. I did not discover the Outlander series until 2008 so book 8 was really the first book I had to wait on, I filled part of the wait with the novellas. I think waiting on book 9 will surely do me in. I also am enjoying the Starz series. Do you know who is going to play Lord John?!? Best wishes and I hope yiur family has a great holiday season.

  372. Just finished the 8th book of the Outlander series. I have enjoyed all eight books tremendously, found them hard to put down. You are the most descriptive writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I am so glad that at some point there will be a ninth book because I must honestly tell you that I was a little disappointed in the ending of the last book. It happened so quickly and left me wondering how Brianna and Roger managed to surmount 40 years just like that! I have travelled in the Scottish Highlands and all the places mentioned in North Carolina and could envision the country very well. Thank you for that wonderful story.

  373. I love the Outlander series, I saw the first half season on Starz and the next day, I purchased the whole series on amazon.net. I have read three times all eight books and am officially an addict. I even play the tv series in the background so that I have the voice of jamie and claire in my mind as I reread the books. Next I plan to or, the lord john series and the other. Hope they will keep help tame my outlander addiction?

  374. So glad to hear you are working on Book 9 but everyone must realize what a commitment you have made to the television show. What a wonderful addition you make to the panels and discussions.
    Waiting for the next book is like a child waiting for Christmas. Besides waiting for something always makes it so much better.

  375. By the time MOBY was released, any reader of the first Outlander book had been long since hooked. Ms. Gabaldon’s novels are a heart-thumping, thrill ride into the past. Anyone who is an Outlander fan knows that the strength of the series (both in the literary and television-adapted forms) is the character of Claire Randall. I have to thank Ron D. Moore & the Starz channel for, without them, I would have most likely never have discovered these books (where have I been?!). From start to finish, I read all eight Outlander novels in less than two months. With MOBY, Ms. Gabaldon has proven she still has what it takes to intrigue and keep her readers hooked. I’m a voracious reader, and have read everything from the classics to the latest New York Times best sellers, and as such, I think I can honestly say that I believe Claire Randall is one of the most compelling characters in modern literature. The strength and likeability of her character alone is the basis and reason for the enduring popularity of the books as well as the success of Starz’s series (it doesn’t hurt that the casting of Caitriona Balfe was a superb choice).

    I’ve recommended the Outlander series of books to all my friends (as well as recommending the fantastic television adaptation). Currently, there are seven of us at work who have read or who are in the process of reading all eight books. They are simply great, rollicking reads into the past. These books have history, adventure, and romance, with a bit of fantasy all wrapped-up into each one. If you’re the type of reader prone to like historical romance with a strong, likeable female lead (which I do), than Outlander is for you. Readers needn’t shy away from the romantic aspects of the books; these are not your fluff, Harlequin variety of novels. The story is much deeper than that, and the books are more compelling by their nature. You’ll actually learn something from the Outlander novels and not mind while you’re in the process of gaining the education the books provide.

    Throughout time, history has provided us with strong, intelligent women who have made positive influences in our world. With the Outlander books and her creation of Claire, Gabaldon has created a character whose strength and intelligence would rival real-life historical women. It’s as if Claire could stand in a room with the likes of Catherine the Great or Emilie du Chatelet and be in such possession of herself, she could easily hold her ground in the presence of such female greatness.

    Thank you, Diana Gabaldon, for creating Claire Randall…for Jamie and for all the characters and stories that encompass the Outlander series. They truly are unforgettable creations and evidence of your true genius!

  376. Hi Diana!

    I want to thank you for telling the best love story of all time. The characters of your books are as real to me as they were standing in this room. Your writing has influenced me so much.

    I will have to wait for the next book a bit longer (translation in finnish by Anuirmeli Sallamo-Lavi, she’s great by the way), but it’ll be worth it.

    Reader from Finland

  377. I am hoping that Jaimie and Claire will end their days in the 1900′s or 2000,s. Jaime deserves comforts and conveniences like air conditioning and central heating as well as seeing his grandchildren growing up.
    The crack on his head made him unable to understand music and the call of the stones, but he can still travel through them just as he knows the words to songs but not the sense of music.

  378. Everything I could say has already been said. I discovered your first book back in 2003 & read several more before I stopped for fear that Jamie &/or Claire would die. Then one day a woman came in holding the book after the one I had quit reading & I got excited & asked if Jamie &Claire were still alive. When she assured me they were I started reading again. I couldn’t stand the thought of them dying! Please stop writing before that happens. These people are so real & the way you write is so natural, I have never enjoyed any books as much as yours. Thank you for your great talent that you have shared with all of us. This is such an incredible story that I will cherish forever.

  379. Was malva christie a possible time traveller also, hence why when Claire cut out her baby, there was a blue light (such as when the doctor touched touches roger’s throat)?

    • Dear Elly–

      No, that was (likely) Claire, not Malva.


      • Thanks for the response Diana. I was curious as Claire as healed many people and this was the only time a blue light was mentioned in regards to her. Also, Tom Christie did refer to Malva’s mother being a witch, so thought there may have been a bit of a deeper mystery there.

        Love your books and really enjoying the tv series!

  380. love your books,thought id read them all,but looks like im actually behind on the ones not in the big 8.since “discovering”you,im baffled i could have missed such a fantastic wrighter.i can barely write letters,but am an avid reader,and intend to read everything you have ever written.we do have 11 of your books,and im asking santa for more.hope y’all have a Merry Christmas.

  381. I just wanted to say that I came across your books only a couple years ago (my mom gave me “Outlander” and said: “it’s good, but it’s weird” and so it took me a while to get around to reading it!). I have now read them all; I just finished “MOBY” last night and, as usual, felt a little like crying when I realized there was no more story! Number 9 is the first one I will have to wait for, and it’s not going to be easy! But I have been hooked from the very first chapter, so thank you for writing such incredible books.

  382. I just wanted to say “Thank you”. I bought the first Outlander book about 5 years ago, but didn’t actually pick it up to read until this past October. I just finished the last sentence of book 8 about 3 minutes ago. I could not put them down. I haven’t been this captivated by a book series for about 15 years when I first entered the world of a certain boy wizard. I’ve read my share of series of books and most of the time at the end of them I’m just reading so I can finish them , only for the sake of finishing. I found myself putting your book down quite often in the last 100 pages just so I could stretch out leaving the world you created. I hated saying goodbye! I then quickly searched the internet and was relieved to discover there will be a 9th book! Thank you again for your creation and never leaving your fans wanting (except maybe for more!)


    Becky Kain

  383. Hi Diana,
    I have only discovered your books since September and have now read all the outlander series that you have written. Once I finished one, I had to read the next. I was so happy to see that there was 8 books and I will try and be patient as I wait for the 9th book. I am impressed with all the history, the sub plots and the love story that exists in your books. Thank you for writing them, they have been my escape into another world that makes reading so enjoyable.


  384. Dear Diana,

    Wow! I LOVE your writing and the Outlander books. I am reading MOBY now.

    I have to agree with the women of “advanced age” who are concerned they may not live to read the ninth book. I am 73 but hope springs eternal and I am SURE I will be reading that book when it comes out.

    Thank you for your wonderful imagination and diligent research. The characters are very real people to me and I have to have my daily fix of their adventures or I feel bereft.

    All my best to you.


  385. Thanks for your wonderful books. I cannot begin to fathom how you are able to write such long books and they are thrilling. I would give anything to write just one book but cannot get the discipline needed to accomplish the task. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head but can’t seem to set them to paper. You are blessed and I so appreciate your talent. I read Outlander when it was first released and thought it was one of the best books I had ever read. This year I watched the series and thought it was very good. It made me want to read the rest of the series and tonight I just finished Moby. I am going to be lost without the Fraser family adventures.

  386. I feel so selfish, knowing you had only finished the latest book this year, to want another right NOW! But I re-read all my Outlander books after the Outlander TV extravaganza finished and now I’m thirsting for more. Wonderful news that you are indeed writing book number 9. I do have at least one of the spin off novels so perhaps will content myself with a few more in the interim. Thank you for your wonderful work.

  387. I first became aware of Outlanders on Starz. I never missed an episode. The series ended for the season and I just couldn’t believe it! I could not wait until April 2015 when it resumes so I bought the 7 book Kindle bundle. I was entranced and just couldn’t stop reading it on my iPad, iPhone, laptop…in my car, during lunch breaks, in the park, while my husband slept…every moment I could I read. I finished echo in the bone and immediately purchased MOBY. I can’t believe I finished it in two weeks. I thought the ending was fantastic and the emotions both Jaime and Claire must felt jumped right out of the book…err…my iPad. I will never forget the story and look forward to book 9, whenever it comes out….it won’t be easy but I will wait.

    In the meantime, maybe I’ll take a trip to Scotland next summer.

  388. Diana, I am a new fan. I started reading book one on September 15, 2014 and finished book eight on December 6, 2014. I love your writing, your characters are wonderful. To tell you the truth as a women I thought I was dead on the inside but after reading these books it has awaken something in me that I thought was lost forever. Your books have put a smile on my face and song in my heart. Thank you!

  389. Diana,
    Love the books – my hairdresser got me hooked by lending me her Outlander paperback. I bought all, including Outlander, for my kindle and have read the series 3 times now. Thanks for the link to the first episode of the Starz series. With it I was able to convince my boyfriend of the need to expand our cable package to include Starz! It is the best adaptation from book to screen I have seen.

  390. I just finished MOBY and loved it although I found it a little strange that Bree and her family show up in America in 1778 when the last time we saw them they were in Scotland in 1739. I am late to the party but this summer was a bad time for me and my husband. Although things are getting better, devoting a large chunk of time to reading has not been on my agenda. Since I have Scottish ancestors Stewarts from Ayrshire who came to the United States in 1863, I am fascinated by all things Scottish real or make believe. The rumor in my mom’s family was a relationship with Mary Queen of Scots but I do not know much truth there is to that.
    Look forward to book 9 when ever it shows up.

  391. I picked up Outlander, which a friend had given me, in 1993 just as I was to start graduate school. Time travel, I though, piffel and never read it. I picked it up again when I graduated and was hungry for anything fiction. I was hooked as soon as Claire went through the stones. I have given Outlander to a lot of friends so they would have their own copies. I retired in September and have started rereading again. I never did get around to the last three books, and I am in Outlander gluttony and loving it. It is like spending time again with cherished friends. The thought of a 9 th book is just over-the-moon to consider. I love the series, could not have asked for more! Thank you so much, Diana, for these wonderful gifts. Louise

  392. I viewed the “Outlander” series in the fall and instantly fell head over heels in love with the story and characters.
    So much so that I have since read all eight books and I am now listening to the audible books. Jaimie and Claire are the characters most women are infatuated with. Jamie, the warrior, every woman wants one, and the gentle lover who is over the top in love with Claire. The reality of the times and men’s attitude toward women brings home how fortunate Claire is to have found a man like him in the 1700′s.
    You style of writing draws me in and keeps me there to the point of eye strain. I have to set my timer to close the book to attend to tasks necessary to run my personal and business life. You are blessed with creativity and I am grateful for the hours of pure entertainment you have provided with your books!

  393. Dear Diana,
    every one has already written so much, so many compliments. Expressing exactly what I think and feel, so what else is there to say as very well done?
    Your books have been accompanying me now for more than 17 years. Like many others have stated as well. But nevertheless it’s the only series of books I have, where the characters like myself grow older parallel with me, keep their own characters over the years and feel very vivid, when oping the first page and my “head-movie” turns on.
    It’s like looking at old photographs of long not seen friends and family every time a new book comes out.
    And since this is the first time in all these years I visited your homepage, I know even know that there will be one more book to come. I hope large and thick as the others ;))
    I have to admit, I did have a small battle with myself, if I should watch the series or not, which I did in the end, I was too curious. I had to watch the stream on amazon.
    I agree with you, the acteurs are very well casted. The DVD will be mine for sure, though I have to wait some time still. and the story is close to the books, well counselled.
    So keep on writing , dearest Diana. Your stories, will always be guests in my live. Thank you for that.
    Wishing you all the best from this side of the world.

    PS:1 I admire the part about the “blue light” in part 8

  394. The ‘Outlander’ books brought me out of a 30 year fiction hiatus. Back in 1984, my husband (going on 36 years of marriage) said I wasn’t getting much done besides going to work and basic chores. So I quit reading fiction, concentrating on ‘getting much done’….long story short, I watched the STARZ series and had to know everything about these characters (and the author behind them.) Now, halfway through a Breath of Snow and Ashes, it’s fun to look for ‘Outlander’ books second hand for co-workers, though I can count on one hand the number of times that’s happened…these books are collector’s items. I’ve worked in surgery for almost 30 years, so like others, I enjoy the medical aspect of the series, wondering how well I’d fare in the same (albeit unbelievable) circumstances.

  395. Hi Diana

    Have just re read, the whole series (of big books) again, second time I’ve read Moby. At a loss with what to do with my life now?!

    • Dear Alana–

      Read the Lord John books and the novellas? (Check the “Chronology of the OUTLANDER Series” under the “BOOKS” tab.)



  396. Dear Dana,

    I just discovered the Outlander series this August (2014), when I picked up Outlander at an airport news stand. A few pages in I was totally hooked. I love to read mysteries and historical fiction, but I haven’t been this captivated by a series since the Lord of the Rings or The Clan of the Cave Bear. Since August, I have read all 8 books of the Outlander series and like everyone else is waiting for book 9. I will now start on your other books, perhaps with Moby, some of the fill in earlier books, or the Lord John series. Lest you think all I do is read, I am a professor of economics at Iowa State University with a full-time professorial job. I just love to read! You have made fall semester–filled with teaching a large section of introductory microeconomics, much travel, several international boards, interviewing candidates for several positions in our department, and beginning a new research program–full of wonderful moments with Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, and all your other wonderful characters.

    Note–I am also an historian and deeply appreciate the care you take to make the historical facts both right and interesting. You have taught me Scottish history I never knew and made the American Revolution come alive in new ways.

    Thank you so much!

    Elizabeth (Betsy) Hoffman
    Professor of Economics
    Iowa State University

    • Dear Betsy–

      Hey, all _I_ do is read… [g]. I just do it while cooking, waiting for dogs to finish investigating the shrubbery, doing laundry, etc…. Haven’t figured out a way to do it while working, alas, but fortunately I enjoy writing.

      Merry Christmas!


  397. Carol Amundsen
    December 22, 2014 • 10:12 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I have just read about Rogers parents . Now there is only MOBY left, [VIRGINS too when i get it ] I think I will leave MOBY and reread and listen to all the others again , knowing that it is there safe on my shelf comforts me. I loved that you are going to write one about Jamies’ parents .I read the Christmas gift you gave us about them and had tears in my eyes while reading it and i don’t know why. I laugh and cry reading your books.
    Do you think you will ever come to BRISBANE QLD AUSTRALIA ?
    I would love to see you if you do.

  398. So, frankly, Outlander was recommended to me by a friend that doesn’t always share my taste in writing. She’s a good egg though so I took her up on it and bought the book this fall.

    My immediate thought was that she’d steered me to a *groan* romance novel. She likes those. Romance?! Never read a decent one.

    Then the inevitable happened. I got irrevocably hooked. Great characters and storylines, well-crafted dialogue, thoughtful historical content and context and all at a smart pace. The sex? Well the sex is just brilliant. Best handling of it I’ve ever read;-) I look forward to that instructional ebook.

    What I appreciated most? The humor. What a wickedly amusing and cheeky woman you are.

    I inhaled all 8 books backtoback and just finished MOBY yesterday. Fortunately it’s the holidays so I can get away with drinking wine to fill the temporary void.

    Also know that I’ve recommended these books to all of my reading friends (especially the snobby ones).

    You are a cracking good writer Diana.

    Thanks for all your work and best wishes for 2015.

    PS – Love the show (expected not to because it simply couldn’t hold up to the page. Ha!). I actually subscribed to STARZ just to see it.

    I of course realized that the production is of high quality because it has your name on it.


    • Dear Samantha–

      Thanks! [g] Actually, the show has such high quality because of the talent and dedication of the (literally) hundreds of people involved in making it! From Ron all the way to the unit drivers, everyone is -so- proud and enthusiastic, and that shows in every episode. So pleased that you overcame your scruples [g] (actually, there _are_ good romance novels. There are a couple of excellent romance writers noted (along with books from a lot of other genres) on the Methadone List (under the “Resources” tab) on this site).

      All the best,


  399. Hi there,

    The Outlander novels were suggested to me some years ago and I raced through the first novel in a record amount of time, as I was unable to put it down. I then went right into Dragonfly in Amber, read about 2 chapters and then went back to the end of Outlander to make sure I hadn’t skipped a book (or 3). Once I realized the shift in chronology, I couldn’t bring myself to continue to read, and I chose to pretend that Outlander was a stand-alone novel. The same friend who originally suggested the series to me mentioned that they were making a TV series and when Starz put the first episode online, I figured I’d give it a try. It was so fantastic that I went right back to the series and read them straight through! I don’t know if it was the ability to read all 8 books in a row (whereas when I first read Outlander there were probably 5 or 6) or just being in a different stage in life, but I now find the shift in chronology endearing and moving. In fact, the beginning parts of Voyager are some of my favorite scenes of the series! I’ve always loved history and the series offers an insight into a very interesting time period (I’m nervous–are the Frasers going to end up in the winds of the French Revolution next?? ) based around an amazing host of characters–truly a testament to a great author! Thank you for your hard work–the series is fantastic. Just a quick question (as now I am a fan of the show which is incredible in every aspect–I mean did you _see_ that wedding dress!!)–any coincidence that one of Jamie’s mother’s names is Caitriona, or that one of the homes where the family is quartered belongs to a man called Heughan? Looking forward to anything that comes next!

  400. Thank you for such a wonderful read.

  401. I don’t know where to start, I love your books I just finished your last one book and I’m anxious to read the other one, I also love to know what will happens with Bree, Rogers, little jimmy also Michael Jamie’s son, John I feel attached to those character I cant wait to read your next book

  402. I’m re-reading the series for the 4th time while patiently :) waiting for book 9. I hope you NEVER finish this series. Thank you for writing books that I can’t put down.

  403. I tried to read slow – I really did. I tried pacing myself, limiting myself to only a few pages at a time, making myself wait a week to start the next book – none of that worked.

    What a wonderful beautiful adventure – I am seriously looking forward to Outlander 9. Thank you.

  404. Hi Diana, I just finished MOBY. What a great book. It took me a long time to read it (you know – details). It became an old friend that I read bits at a time, wanting to prolong the experience. I really appreciate your style of writing and look forward to #9.

  405. Thank you
    Like a well loved movie that you are happy to watch, regardless of how often it is screened on TV, I still find something new very time I read your stories.
    I have just finished reading through the series for the eighth time and after I visit with Lord John again I will probably go back to Jamie and Claire.
    I often think about the stories as I go about mundane tasks and will have a quiet chuckle about something remembered.
    I love my life. My husband, children and work but I also enjoy dipping into the fantasy lives you create as well.
    Thank you for my time out.

  406. Diana!! STOP Everything else you’re doing and PLEASE work on BOOK NINE exclusively!!! I absolutely CAN NOT wait for this. It is an ABSOLUTE addiction!!!

    I am currently on MOBY and am TRYING to take it veryyyyyyy slow. This is the most amazing, well written, interesting, mind-consuming series I have EVER read. And I didn’t even used to like reading!!!! Ask my husband- he says I am cheating on him with the Outlander series. It’s true! Every waking moment I am reading it! I don’t know how on earth a book can invoke so many emotions as your writing does- it’s like I’m there with the characters!

    I am begging you!

    Going crazy because I can’t wait,

  407. Dear Diana, I truly love your books, have read them 2-3 times each, except for the last one. They are like Russian novels in their massive size and no. of characters. I have ONE complaint, tho. According to Amazon you have published 2 novels that are only available on Kindle, and I strongly object. I’m sure I can’t be your only reader who loves BOOKS, rather than Kindles or other reading devices. I hope you have not been paid to publish these 2 books (The space between, and A leaf on the wind of All Hallows) exclusively on Kindle. Please, for those of us who like their tech in small doses, publish these and other items in the future in hard copy. I, like those on this blog, can read faster than you can write; we look forward to every volume you publish. I feel a bit cheated that I can’t have access to everything you’ve published. Please consider this when you publish in the future; let us all read ALL your novels. Thanks.

    • I saw your post. I love to read from a real book too. “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” and “The Space Between” are in the book, “A Trail of Fire”, four Outlander novellas.

  408. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for giving us characters we have grown to love so much that they feel like family. As an English teacher, I understand that all stories must eventually come to an end, but please know that when Jamie and Claire’s story reaches that point, all of your readers will miss them as one misses a family member who has passed on. To breathe such life into your characters is truly a gift. Saddened as I will be whenever the time comes to bid farewell to Jamie and Claire, I will always find comfort in knowing that their story lives on in your books, so I can reconnect with them whenever I miss them most.



  409. I am just so glad that you are in the world (even if we are downunder), along with Jamie and Claire and all the cast of Outlanders. You make my world just so amazing! Thank you.

  410. Thank you Diana!!

    My mother has dreamed and talked of visiting Culloden for so many years that I have been a bit concerned about where her fettish comes from. Understandably our families Scottish genes were in there somewhere but now I ‘understand’ having just read the complete 8 books in 6 1/2 weeks (I have just graduated university and whilst I was thrilled to be reading something other than a nursing text whilst on holiday this surpassed any of my expectations and then some).

    Mum suggested the books many years ago but I must have brushed off her suggestion and quite frankly I wasn’t much of a reader then. It is so wonderful to experience the story now with her. We often throw in a line or two out of the book just to annoy our families with our Australian attempt at a Scottish accent!!

    I have been completely enthralled and lost in the books and and it is with a heavy heart that I am now back in the real world, Western Australia…40+ degrees celsius, flies and not a kilt or Scottish accent to be found. My husband felt so sorry for me on New Years Day ( I admit I was moping around) that he rewatched the TV series I had purchased with me.

    Thank you again for such beautiful writing, I enjoyed every minute of it!!

  411. Diana,

    I woke up around 4am the other night because my sweet bairn ;) needed another bottle… As I was settling back to bed I was thinking over how lovely the ending of MOBY is. My only regret is that I hadn’t read it more slowly. Anyway, as I was settling in, out of the blue, I thought of how I missed reading the line about Jamie shrugging his shoulders as though his shirt was too tight. Perhaps I simply missed it, or perhaps he’s grown out of that habit. You’re the author for good reason, just wondering your thoughts on this small, yet historic- I guess- gesture of Jamie’s.

    Greatly enjoying your writing,


    P.S. I really enjoyed reading your Author’s Notes. It’s nice to see bits of how your work takes shapes and how others have had input.

    • Dear Pamela–

      Jamie’s inclined to do that more when he’s feeling trapped or troubled about something, with no immediate outlet. While he had plenty of trouble in MOBY [g], he also had several physical outlets, so you saw less of that particular gesture.



  412. Dearest Diana,
    I want to gush over your book, but that has been done by many before me ( it’s a compliment). My gushing would just be repetitive, and I would be fawning for days. With that said, I laughed with tears and the sex scenes made me blush. That’s a challenge seeing I’m an African American. I wrote a kids book, and now I want to start all over after reading your series! Hey Diana, I hope you branch off with Marsalis family, and Ian’s. Please don’t let Claire and Jamie die. I just want to hold on to them in my dreams. I’m giving the book to my husband hoping he will catch on to the intense devotion Jamie gives Claire. Wish me luck! Trust me, I’m going to need it when it comes time to drop those hints! Take care, and get back to writing!

  413. Will the television series eventually be packed for DID sales?? I’ve been living on the reruns but STARZ is halting even those at end of January. Come on…..

    • Dear Judy–

      Yes. DVD’s of the first eight episodes are already being advertised for pre-order on amazon.ca. I’d imagine the US wouldn’t be far behind.



  414. I have so enjoyed Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. I also finally figured out how to get Starz, and am watching “Outlander”. I have been very impressed with the first 8 episodes. It’s slightly different, but makes sense.
    Thanks for all your stories!

    • PS. Why is Geillis Duncan’s hair so dark?

      • Dear Dryden–

        Er…it isn’t dark at all. Lotte Verbeek (who plays Geillis) has very pale red hair.



      • She was the best Actress to play the part of Geillis. So she does not have blond hair as in the book and way shorter than the book’s character but what the heck. The actor who is playing Claire is way to skinny but like all movies and TV productions the female has to be slim and perfect. I am 5 feet 8 inches and 127 lbs and feel fat beside her. That’s tv/movie land. The male actors are perfect and the costumes are fabulous. They look dirty and ill kept. Claire is way to clean and her clothes never seem to get dirty except for blood stains that disappear in the next scene. Don’t get me wrong I love the series but Claire should be a little more grubby than she is. Her clothes are way to clean specially in the episode Rent.

        • Lol! so true much too clean and skinny! Beautiful though!

          • Sarah,

            My husband and I both agree about the actress, Caitriona Balfe, being way too thin for portraying Claire. Also, in Diana’s books, Claire was about 5’7″ which was tall for her time and, certainly, the 1740′s, and, (as Jamie remarks, she has “the roundest arse”)! Whereas, Caitriona has a cute bottom but it resembles a 14 year old girl as opposed to a mature, curvy woman.

            The other thing that doesn’t set well with casting is that Sam Heughan (who does a great job playing Jamie Fraser, and IMO, looks much like the character from Diana’s books), is only about 6’2″ while Jamie from Diana’s books is closer to 6’4.” In the books, Claire’s face hits Jamie’s chest but the actress on the series is 5’10″ and seems only a few inches shorter than Jamie (Sam). Soooooo, when their daughter, Brianna comes into the picture and as a young woman is supposed to be taller than her Mom. how will they cast the actress so that she doesn’t tower over her own father (Jamie/Sam)?

            Caitriona is a fine actress and believe she does a good job capturing Claire’s character (especially in the recent episode, “The Search,” singing Scottish ballad to the 1940′s ‘jazzy’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” had us chuckling). However, even my husband, has noted that he thought her to be unappealing unclothed “because her ribs, chest bone, collarbone, etc., all stuck out as if she were underfed.” The fact is, if a woman were that tall and thin in 1740′s Scotland, she would not be considered attractive because she would appear to be either ill or very poor (malnourished). Men sought women with curves and some flesh on their bones because it signified a healthy woman capable of child bearing.

            The TV Series is so well done with costumes, set styling, back drops, scenery, etc., that it surprises me the Producers and Director didn’t ask Ms. Balfe to gain about 15 healthy pounds before shooting the series.

  415. I really enjoyed reading OUTLANDER. I had not heard of it until I saw an ad on my parent’s television one weekend about the show. Then I saw the book in the store and on impulse bought it to see what it was like. I had read another set of books that had time travel in the theme of the story bringing the male character to the present from the past. I liked that alright, but OUTLANDER brought a lot more with it. It had history (one of my favorite things), adventure with fictional characters in a historical setting, and it had all of it coming through a woman’s eyes. I really loved it. I finally got the second book and am reading it now. Just wanted to say I am hooked on the story!!

  416. Ms. Gabaldon,

    I have only read one of your books: SCOTTISH PRISONER.

    The other eight wonderful books I have listened to on my iPod as I do chores at the barn, clean house, walk, etc.

    So, they truly live in my brain like no other book I have ever read.

    I’ll even admit that I have listened to all 8 TWICE . That’s a lot of listening. And yes, I do have a life as well.

    My fervent desire is that you actually bring out book number nine before my cancer kills me. I don’t want to be melodramatic about it. But, I definitely want to know what happens to everyone before I go the way of some of your unlucky characters.

    No pressure. Just get at it. :)

    Lana Santamaria

  417. I have to say I am extremely excited and impatient for book 9 to come out, but I can understand your position with being pulled from many directions. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your books very much and am actually rereading them for the third time to keep the story fresh in my mind with the waiting for the next books arrival and to refresh my memory with the series on Starz. Another thing I was curious about is did you have any influence in the casting of the characters? I wish they would have given the Claire character contacts to change her eye color only because you referenced them so often in you books. Well, I hope this message find you well and am a big fan. Also I enjoyed seeing your cameo in “The Gathering” episode.

    Tina L. Miller
    Lennon, Michigan

  418. Dear Ms. Gabaldon, Thank you you so very much for taking me back to Scotland. Of course I was there in most recent times. I stumbled upon the first of the starz outlander episodes accidently. I was immediately captivated!! I purchased all eight novels in the series, between December 15th, 2014, and January 3rd. 2015, all have been read! Took a little longer because of the holidays, lol. Brilliant writing!! thank you :o)

  419. Dear Diana,
    Thank you so much for these eight wonderful Outlander books–great plots, fascinating characters, multiple story lines. I have always loved time travel stories and don’t know how on earth I missed your novels. It took the STARZ series to galvanize me to order Book 1 in August, followed quickly by 2 through 8 which I finished in late September. Like many of your fans I’m rereading them and am now back to Drums of Autumn.

    I’m very curious as to whether Daniel Morgan’s life inspired you as to the number of lashes a man could receive and yet survive. I still cannot believe Morgan survived 500 lashes (well, 499 by his count) and went on to a long, full, and interesting life. I read somewhere that, in his old age, Morgan’s daughters used to have to come to the various Berryville, VA, taverns to pull him out and take him home.

    I don’t know where Book Nine will take you and all of us, but I look forward to it. I’m in my late 70s, so if I should miss 9 I feel you ended MOBY in the most wonderful way. The story begins in my mind with the ghost Highlander watching Claire wrestling with her hair and ends with Claire and Jaime racing down the hill.

    Again, many thanks and all good wishes.

  420. Diana,
    I just finished Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. WOW! Thank you for all the endless hours of spellbinding reading. Originally, way back in the 1980′s, I bought My first Diana Gabaldon books and have shared them with my fellow Outlander readers throughout the years. And, have read them all at least 3 times!

    I can’t remember what book it was, but you mentioned the bit about the men knitting and were taught at an early age to knit their own socks. I have a written story that was written late 1700′s that has been passed down through the my family in regards to just that! The only difference was being my ancestors were from Germany/Prussia.

    Thanks and am looking forward to more of your books!

  421. I am a devoted fan of your Outlander series, however, I could certainly do with a lot less detail on the flora and medicinal procedures in order to have a quicker book that deals with the actual story.

    • Dear Maureen–

      There are a lot of writers who do just that. I’m afraid I’m not one of them, but there are several who are listed on my Methadone List (under “Resources” on the home page); perhaps you’d enjoy Joanna Bourne or Susan Elizabeth Phillips.



  422. I am a retired college literature teacher and admit I have read most of the classics and a great share of the 20th and 21st century good books. I love to read and was introduced to your books by a nurse during a recent stay in the hospital. I have read all 8 books, The John Grey books, the companion and the graphic novel. To say the least, I am a fan of your writing. Your character development intermixed with historical events is awesome. I am so glad there will be a 9th book. Jamie and Claire have truly captured by attention and I feel like they are actual friends. Thank you for the great world of fantasy, love, history and adventure you have given us in your books. You are truly a very gifted writer and storyteller.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  423. Dear Diana,

    Just can’t wait for your 9th volume. Please don’t let Lord John Grey die in any of your future books. He is my favorite character along with Jamie’s son Willie. Have been reading the Outlander series since they first appeared back in the early 90′s. Have all your books and will never get rid of them. More LJG’s adventures would be great.

  424. Diana, MOBY is such a rich tale! It is deliciously satisfying to my voracious Outlander appetite. These books just keep getting bigger and better! It delights me so. I love to escape into FraserWorld whenever possible. Thank you for fleshing out your characters so thoroughly (fortunately snowballing the size of the books). I am ecstatic that Book Nine is at least planned. I NEED to hear more about William! Also this mysterious blue healing power that Claire hasn’t tapped into – YET. I’ve been trying to find some other author whose storytelling will grab hold of me while I patiently wait for Nine, but have not yet found one who kidnaps me the way you do. I’ve already been through Echo and MOBY again since MOBY’s release. There’s gotta be something – laundry is so much more pleasant with an excellent audiobook to get me through…

  425. Just finished MOBY LOVED IT !Loved all the Outlander books!
    Can’t wait for the next one I know it will be awhile
    but I’ll have the second half of the Starz series
    Come spring and I can always reread the books again…
    Somewhere about two thirds of the way through MOBY I noticed
    you used parts of both of the actors names playing
    Jamie and Claire in the series just wondering if you knew
    they were playing the parts when wrote MOBY…
    Your books are so well written with Heart and humour
    I’ve enjoyed them so very much…
    All the Very Best …Micki

  426. Hello

    I hang my head in shame when confessing that I have not read any of our books… Although I feel like I have started (sort of) with watching the Outlander series.

    I’ve been scouring second hand bookshops in search of your book but still on the hunt. There’s something special about worn books, isn’t there.
    I’d love to find it but honestly (and embarrassingly so) I don’t want to ruin the series by reading the book before I finish watching. I’ll be sure to read your second book before I’m addicted to a tv show and stuck in such a dilemma again.

    Your schedule seems crazy (never mind hectic) hope you’re not seeing your days blur past you as this must be quite an exciting time for you having such achievements in your writing.

    I’m no writer. More an ideas girl.
    What would you suggest for someone that has a concept for a story and would love to find a great writer to do it justice?

    With fond regards,

    • Dear Deidre–

      Well, I hope you’ll enjoy the book(s) when you get to them, and in the meantime, I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying the show–I think they’ve done a fabulous job with it!

      I also enjoy used books–though in the interests of general information, I feel I should note that all my books are still in print (new) in ALL formats, from hardcover, trade paperback (the large size) and mass-market paperback to ebooks (for all types of e-reader). I’m told that one doesn’t often find them in second-hand shops, though, because people don’t get rid of them.

      As for finding someone to write a book based on your concept, the only feasible way of doing that is to pay someone to do it. Any writer worth his or her salt has more of their own ideas than they’ll ever be able to execute in a lifetime; they aren’t looking for more. But some writers will do work-for-hire projects, as a means of earning extra money. Could be rather expensive, though; I’d suggest writing it yourself, and see how you get on. Best of luck!


      • Wow! Thanks for getting back to me.

        I started the prelude. It sounds like a poem. Guess there will be hundreds of drafts before it feels right.

        Writers really do not have any easy job.

        ..and the awards keep on coming! Just inspiring! Thank you.

        Have a great day

  427. Hi Diana,

    I’ve just finished MOBY (Written In My Own Heart’s Blood) after reading all eight books in succession. I’m sure you would be accustomed to hearing such enthusiastic praise for your writing but I’d just like to add my thanks to you for creating such great tales around the Fraser Clan and the details of life in the 18th Century. At the same time I appreciate the concept and ethical issues you explore concerning the question of how one might effect the lives of so many if time travel were actually possible.

    Your saga has proven to be both a blessing and a curse however as it’s the first time in many years that I’ve become so addicted to reading a particular series, and like so many of your readers, feel almost bereft at not being able to keep on reading! I won’t ask about book 9 but will struggle with great anticipation to wait for it to see how you resolve things.

    Thank you again and great work.

  428. Hi Diana,

    I am one of the zillions of your readers who will NOT wait patiently for your next book lol but wait I will. A couple of year ago on the beaches of Cuba I gave my girlfriend a hard time because she was reading the Outlander series yet again (in anticipation of the next book coming out). I couldn’t see what the dickens she found so fascinating about a woman who time traveled when she got too close to a silly rock.

    Well one day I was housebound and bored enough to spend the day reading the cereal box so I picked up Outlander (Julie had forced it upon me), and with an extremely bad attitude began to read. Within an hour it was official. I was an addict. I have read the series 4 times and I’m sure will read it several more.

    Soooo impatiently and with trepidation I wait. Trepidation because sooner or later one of the main characters has to die and it changes in my mind daily as to which character I couldn’t live without.

    Now quit wasting your time reading emails and get to Jaimie9 ROFL.

    Have a wonderful day,

  429. Dear Diana,
    I admire your writing and attention to the smallest of details which I feel add to the believability of both your characters and storylines. I am an obsessive fan of the Outlander books in particular but first read a Lord John novel before discovering them. Love both but Outlander most of all.
    It is appreciated how much hard work goes into the preparation, writing and finishing of your books and of course the publicity side and now the wonderful T.V. Series so I hate to make any derogatory comments but feel you are inclined to appreciate readers input without feeling slighted. That is certainly not my intent as I admire you greatly both as a strong woman and a exceptional writer

    • Dear Diana,
      I admire your writing and attention to the smallest of details which I feel add to the believability of both your characters and storylines. I am an obsessive fan of the Outlander books in particular but first read a Lord John novel before discovering them. Love both but Outlander most of all.
      It is appreciated how much hard work goes into the preparation, writing and finishing of your books and of course the publicity side and now the wonderful T.V. Series. So I hate to make any derogatory comments but feel you are inclined to appreciate readers input without feeling slighted. That is certainly not my intent as I admire you greatly both as a strong woman and a exceptional writer
      However I found M.O.B.Y not as compelling as the other seven books and I felt it was due to the over analysis of the time travel question by Bree & Roger. I was also bored by the Roger and his ancestor Buccleigh,s travels through the stones to find Jemmy. It should have been exciting especially when he met Brian Fraser but somehow I found it distracting. Perhaps my second read through may shed more light on this incident, I hope so.
      Maybe I’m being picky but I wonder if your inclusion of so many storylines in the one book rather took away the impact and made a more confusing read.
      Anyway I’ve said my bit and still look forward to the next book regardless. I have not lost any of my enthusiasm for your work. Jamie is a wonderful creation!!
      Lastly I have to give maximum praise to the T.V Series of your book. I never thought it could be portrayed so well or believed that anyone could play Jamie or Claire convincingly : But boy was I wrong. The actors are wonderful and the series is of amazing quality.
      Congratulations and here’s hoping they get to do all the books. All good wishes to you and yours now and in the future.
      Warmest wishes

      • Dear Yvonne–

        No, I never mind feedback from readers. Pleased to say, though, that most of the readers from whom I’ve heard didn’t share your opinion of MOBY. [g]



  430. I know I’m late to the party, but I have just finished the eighth book and am just tickled pink to know you will be writing a ninth book! Your work is excellent and I am addicted to every syllable within these books. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful world for me to escape to, as an avid reader it is a pleasure to find a series to fall in love with. I’ll be waiting ever so patiently for your next work to come about!



  431. Diana,
    I just finished reading the entire series from the beginning. I haven’t had a chance to read the novellas yet but think they will keep me going until number 9 gets published. Thank you for sharing this world with us readers and good luck with your other endeavors.

  432. I happened on The Fiery Cross in the fantasy section of a library. My wife Susan and I read all the others thus far as soon as we could, and pounce on each new one (including sidetracks like The Scottish Prisoner and the Lord John stories) as soon as we can. We can’t afford many new books, but never consider passing up one of these…We haven’t seen the TV adaptation but are looking forward to it when it’s available on disc. What a glorious denouement if the whole series were eventually adapted to the screen like the Harry Potter books — Susan has read through the entire series four or five times and is talking about how it’s about time to do it again. She always picks up something on a new reading that she’s hadn’t noticed before, and she credits Claire’s experiences and comments with helping her learn to bear cold, adversity, and other things better than she could before. This is no small praise, as she was run over a year and a half ago and has been dealing with broken bones and constant pain ever since. — Many, many thanks for all the books, we hope nine will not be enough yet, and we sit both eager and frustrated before each new release.

  433. Dear Diana,
    It is such a pleasure to renew my acquaintance with old friends when I read your books. My daughter bought me MOBY just a few months ago. After I finished it, i was inspired to go back and read them all again a second time. It was so nice not to rush, but to savor. There are some passages that draw you in so thoroughly, i don’t know of any other author that does it so well. I am older (64) done a lot of reading, and find I have to go back over some passages because they are so good. So carefully crafted as to be “art”. I just wanted to share my deep appreciation, and to ask who do you read? I know you are very busy, and very productive, but is there someone you escape into? Thanks……………again.

    • Dear Beaty–

      If you look under the “Resources” tab on the home page here, you’ll see “The Methadone List.” This is a list of writers whose work I particularly enjoy and can recommend without hesitation. Hope you find something there you’d like to try!



  434. Dear Diana,

    I’ve been a huge fan of your books ever since Outlander first came out back in 1991, and I am thrilled to pieces to see it finally brought to the screen. Now I am NOT going to ask (because I know better) when you’ll finish Book Nine or any other project. I know the answer will be, when you’ve finished them and not a moment sooner. I try to be patient. However I do have a question about the Outlandish Companion. When the Outlander saga is completed – whenever that may be – will there be another updated, finalized version of the Companion planned at that time? I certainly hope so! Thanks for making so many people happy with your brilliant writing!


  435. Diana, like all your other millions of fans, I love the Outlander series, and I look forward to anything you write. I’ve been an avid reader of fiction since, er, for almost 50 years, and this series has held my attention like no one since Thomas Costain or Margaret Irwin. But Please, Please, stop killing off characters you have seduced us into caring about! Fire, rape, drought, war, pestilence, famine, ok, but stop killing innocents! I can’t afford the hankies :)

  436. Diana- just finished MOBY – I stretched it out as long as I could, just reading 1-2 chapters before bed each night. Started reading your books in 2002 when I brother turned me on to them. I subscribed to STARZ solely to watch Outlander, and have downloaded the song as my ringtone.. Always brings me right back to Claire and Jamie when I hear my phone ring! Am still plagued with the vision of a Highlander outside of Claire’s apartment window, when Frank encounters him. It was in the TV show as well. I’ve gone back and read that several times but there’s not much explanation. Was it Jamie? Did he come thru the stones? Was it his ghost? Will it be explained at a later time?

    I love your books!! I think I’ll have to go reread them again just to stay with the characters I love so much! I hope to meet you one day at a book signing. California is not so very far from Arizona.


  437. Diana,

    I have been enthralled by the Outlander series for many years, and like many readers re-read the whole kit and kaboodle before a new release. Thank you for all your hard work.
    One question I’ve had concerns the white sow. Why did you never name her? Clarence has become a character in his own right, but the white sow endures nameless.

    I am thrilled that you will be continuing the series and eagerly anticipate the release of the ninth book.


    • Dear Alyson–

      a) The White Sow is iconic. And

      b) You know what Jamie, Young Ian (and a few other people) have said about demons and otherwordly thing: Ye don’t call something by name unless ye expect it to come.”

      c) Most people don’t name an animal they expect to eat one day.


  438. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful books! I saw the first episode of Outlander and went out and bought the book. 3 months later I had read all of the series. I couldnt put them down. I plan to read the Lord John series next. Thank you for creating characters with the ability to make the reader laugh and cry! I actually cried at the end of your last book when Roger and Brianna came up the road and yelled “hallo the house”. I honestly dont know how you manage to keep all the story lines straight. You are incredibly talented and extremely intelligent. I have been reading since I was two and have read thousands of books. Yours rank in the top two! Again, thank you for entertaining us!

  439. Thanks Diana for all your books and I too and waiting for 9. I will be visiting Scotland this year. I will only have 2 weeks but can hardly wait….already in love with a country you wrote about. I know I wont want to leave. Thanks for making them so real that they are like my family now…..I felt every joy and every pain they went thru. But most of all I felt their LOVE…..and in the world we live in now…we need that…..

  440. Diana,

    I adore your novels. I can wait for 9 (having plenty of Lord John to read) In the mean time I will continue to enjoy Outlander on Starz and try to get my husband to read the books, since he’s watched the first eight episodes of the TV show with me two or three times and he’s watched me reread and read the 8 novels. He knows exactly what Jamie means when he says Claire has a glass face.
    I also have to say I was delighted to see the Doctor Who reference in MOBY.
    Can’t wait to read what happens with William, Lord John and all the other little loose ends.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful world of characters. They seem oh so real while I’m reading.


  441. Diana, I keep sensing that something has changed with Caitriona…she’s beyond lovely still but there’s just a something behind those eyes and that smile that is not quite as it was before Christmas. Can you put my mind at peace about Claire/Cait? Thank you for being ever-approachable.

    • Dear Sarah–

      So far as I know, she’s fine. I saw her for a few days in LA last month, and she was very much herself–perhaps a little more rested now. [g]


  442. I must admit I only got onto the Outlander books through the TV series but have loved each book, so far up to no.5. I don’t want it to finish yet so having to slow down the reading, which is very difficult! Well done Diana, god speed with no.9!!!

  443. Diana,

    First, I am an English teacher, scholar of literature, and a LOVER of your books! When I go back someday to get my doctorate degree to be a college professor, I am going to write my dissertation on your books. I am smitten with the epic adventure of Outlander.

    Second, I have two quick questions, as I make my way through the Outlander series for the second time. Does William show up in the Lord John novellas? Also, have you pondered writing any novellas about William? I have read The Scottish Prisoner, but I haven’t made it to the other Lord John books yet. If a million people have asked these questions, I am sorry to be a million plus one!

    Thanks for all the great literature!

    • Dear Adrienne–

      I would be deeply honored to be the subject of your dissertation, if and when. [g]

      As to William and Lord John…the novellas starring Lord John are pretty much chronological, and SCOTTISH PRISONER takes place in 1760, so you wouldn’t see William any older than three, so far. But I do plan to write more novellas [g], and I imagine some of them may eventually concern William himself as an adult.



  444. I finished all the 8 books along with the companion books and Lord John Gray series. It was so amazing how the lives of Claire & Jaime evolves in so many years together. Looking back, I felt bad for Claire.. she did so much for Jaime and yet he even had a son and married Longhaire. I know he thought Claire will not come back and all along, he always express his love for her and yet doing things that makes my blood boil. I guess I am just over protective of Claire. I am looking forward to book 9 though!! Can’t wait to find out what is in Briana’s heavy bag that she brought with her from the 18th century, when they arrive in the ridge.
    Thanks for giving us Claire & Jaime.

    Did Lord John Gray had any romantic feelings at all for Claire? I like both of them too, even though it was a very short marriage.

    • Dear Sallie–

      Oh, Lord John is extremely fond of Claire–and she of he, despite the odd circumstances of their acquaintance. [g]

      As to your blood boiling…well, what do you think Jamie was supposed to do? Live a solitary life, worshiping the memory of a woman he _knows_ is never coming back? (The answer is “no,” in case you’re unsure about it. [g])



  445. I will first post a warning that for those who have not yet seen the tv series, this is a sort of spoiler, so I’ll hit enter a few times to allow your eyes to slide past this post.

    After seeing the first half of season one, I know I won’t be watching further. I could just handle the tearing up scenes and omitting significant occurrences, as well adding things that didn’t take place in the book – tv only allows so many dollars to tell a story. What I could not bear, was though they are fine actors, Jamie did not have his great height or his *bright* red hair that Claire always repeated made him easy to find in a crowd – his hair and Claire’s are nearly the same shade. She supposedly rested her chin on the notch in his chest so onee either needs to grow or the other, shrink by several good inches. And what happened to his pride, his bright red Fraser tartan he wore on his wedding day in the book, tv producers? Poor Claire was nowhere near buxom or with the ‘fine round fat arse’ that Jamie was so fond of. In fact she was so slender I was surprised she could breath – the actor’s stays had to be so tightly bound in order to raise almost non-existent breasts and force a very meager swell of cleavage. Yes I am detail oriented, as is the book series. Reminded me of Game of Thrones when Daenarys Targaryen appeared without purple eyes, the stamp of her bloodline. Nobody could afford purple contacts with that epic budget? I know contacts are easier to find than actors, but the diconnect with the Outlander books is going to be too much for me.

    • Dear Eliza–

      If you insist on exact correspondence, it’s probably best that you stick happily with the books. [smile] Though I will say that Jamie is mentioned in the books as being six-four; Sam Heughan is six-three–and having stood next to him on many occasions, I can tell you that he is indeed physically imposing. However, in the 18th century, most average-sized men would have been about five-eight; today, the average actor is usually around six feet. Possibly it would make sense to you to hire short actors who aren’t suitable for their parts instead of tall actors who are superb…but it doesn’t to me, and fortunately it didn’t to the production people, either.

      All the best,


      • I feel like Sam Heughan is even better than I imagined Jamie to be. I didn’t have an issue with him at all. I think the actress who plays Claire is great as well. She embodies who I imagined Claire to be, personality-wise, especially after I’ve read the books a second time. Plus, where on earth will you find and actress with Claire’s eyes? It would take away from the story even more for me if she was wearing contacts because it would look so fake. My willing suspension of disbelief would definitely suffer more if they used blatantly unnatural looking ways to make the characters look more like what people imagine while reading. Plus, everyone pictures something different. After years of reading books and watching their subsequent movies or TV shows, I’ve come to accept this. I watched the show knowing it wouldn’t be exactly what I pictured.

        Long story short, I, personally, love all the books and will reread them throughout my lifetime, and I enjoy the show as well, although I’ll always have more of a fondness for the books, as is the case with most books-to-movies or books-to-tv shows.

  446. I have just finished your book MOBY. I have read them all and shared them all also. I also read all of your Novella’s. My curiosity comes with knowing about the characters like George Washington and others you put into your books. Are there characters that are real other than the truly known ones. Like general Campbell. As I research the Campbell name, it appears that the name is only as in Clan. Many people of a region of people go with the “leader” name. Thus other families that are in the Clan can have different last names and not just the name Campbell

    • Dear Jan–

      Yes, there are quite a number of “real” people in the books, besides the well-known historical characters. There are a lot of fictional ones, too. [g] The two volumes of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION each have a “Cast of Characters” list (Vol. 1 covers OUTLANDER through DRUMS OF AUTUMN; VOlume 2 covers THE FIERY CROSS through MOBY), that no only tells you in which book(s) the character occurs, but also what his or her role is in the story, and whether he or she is fictional, historical–or one of my friends, whom I occasionally write in as cameos, for fun.

      (The Revised and Updated Edition of Volume 1 will be released on March 31–to coincide with showing of the second half of Season One of the Starz drama, which will commence on April 4th–and Volume 2 will likely be out in late October.)




      • Diana, what’s very interesting about this book is that I own property in Virginia and my property’s ownership can be dated back to Revolutionary War time and it was owned by an A. Campbell who was involved in the war as a General.

        When I heard that in the story I thought, “Diana, really?” Of course, my A. Campbell is Arthur, not Archibald, but still, the closeness was uncanny.

  447. I have to admit that I had never heard of Outlander until I stumbled across the new show on Starz. I was hooked immediately and had to read the books. I just finished MOBY and am glad there will be another book in the future. I am planning to buy the series of books now (I checked them out from the library) because I want to take my time reading them again. Plus, I want books I can keep. Even though the cable series doesn’t strictly adhere to the book, for many reasons I am sure, I really like it and think they are doing a great job so far. I love all the actors (Sam’s pretty awesome even though I am old enough to be his mother) and I can’t wait for the next season to start in April.

    Thanks for such a great series of novels, Diana! I can’t wait for book 9…well, I am sure I can but will definitely be waiting anxiously. :)

  448. Question – Since Roger went back in time in book eight and met Jamie’s sister when she was a young woman, (before she was married to Ian), will she remember Roger when she sees him again in book nine and finally believe the whole time traveling thing?

    • Dear Susan–

      I don’t know yet. [g]


      • Dear Diana,
        I hope she will. It would bring her closer to Claire and maybe to her son Ian also since he believes Claire and Briana’s explanation. Also I don’t get the Starz network but I just preordered the first 8 episodes of Outlander from Amazon and look forward very much to watching it. I have always enjoyed books much more than the TV or movie versions of them but I totally understand the need for “artistic allowances” when transforming books into a visual medium. Your books have so much rich detail and history – not to mention characters – that quite a bit of leeway must be allowed. (Much like the Harry Potter series as those books contained great detail and character development as well.) I have been an avid reader since the age of 5 or so (I am 56) and have read probably several thousand books, fiction and nonfiction. I love the revolutionary period of American history and have read over 100 books on just that period and our founding fathers. As a child I often daydreamed about traveling back in time to meet Ben Franklin, my favorite, among others. I came across “An Echo in the Bone” in a COSTCO and after reading the inside cover realized it was a story after my own heart. I went to the library so I could start with the first book and after 4 months of intense immersion in Jamie and Claire’s adventures it was agony having to wait 5 years for MOBY. You have become my favorite author. It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of accurate historical detail you seem to effortlessly weave into the stories. I understand why it takes so many years to produce one of your books. I look forward to the next installment! Thank you for the wonderful escape into adventure in the past!!!

        • A short addition to my 2-4 and 2-5 comments to you. I just watched the first 8 episodes of Outlander and absolutely LOVED them. The two lead actors are superb and the use of the native Scottish language really makes the viewer feel Claire’s confusion and remoteness in a strange time among people of a different culture! The show has managed to pare down so much of your first book without losing the character connections or story continuity. WELL, WELL, DONE!!!!

  449. Diana:

    I am an avid reader – for most of my 58 years. I am also a writer working on my own nonfiction historical book. I love the Outlander series, having stumbled on it when a friend who knows I love time travel books emailed me and said she’d seen an advertisement for the Starz series around the end of last July. I didn’t get Starz, so fluffed it off, but then it hit me smack in the face in an issue of Entertainment Weekly. Twice in two days was a sign. I subscribed to Starz just to see the show. Fell in love immediately. And have downloaded all the books onto my Kindle.

    Here it is, early February and I’m a day or two away from finishing Book 8. I, like so many others, am so caught up in the characters that I don’t know how I’ll get by once I finish this book. (thank goodness a few months down the road the series picks up). When one is able to read a series like this back-to-back, you reach a point where you reach for your book and your mind says, “I wonder what Jamie and Claire are up to today?”

    I specifically love your descriptions of smells and fragrances, sounds and other sensory experiences. Also, Claire’s adapting to use of herbs and the like. I’ve worked with aromatherapy for over 15 years and find it fascinating.

    Thank you for the example of what a dedicated researcher and writer can do. EPIC!


  450. Dear Diana,

    I’ve just recovered from finishing reading Written In My Own Heart’s Blood an hour ago, and have to say Well Done! Fabulous, gripping, funny as hell, heartbreaking. Is it me, or did I see alot more “narrowing” eyes this time?

    But you’ve fooled me – that beautiful ending made me think this was the final chapter. It could have been, it was written so well.


    Vancouver Island, Canada.

  451. The end of MOBY tidied up MANY, if not all, cliffhangers. I found it very satisfying. Who cares about the outcome of Percy Wainwright (The Prisoner).

    I hope you don’t continue the series with the death of one of the principles. As much as I have had a wild and wonderful ride reading the 8 Outlander books and satellite novellas and Lord John books, I don’t want to read about the death of either Jamie, Claire or their children. The fate of William, though precious to Jamie, is not so compelling. Could be left as is.

    Your considerable talent can be applied to various other historical eras of Scotland. Bless you Diana Gabaldon. You are a wonderful writer and thereby historian.

  452. Dear Diana,

    Thank you so much for writing these books! I haven’t been reading for fun in quite sometime, and this series has brought the fun back in reading for me! My mom introduced me to the Outlander series, and she by my grandmother when it first came out. I love the whole Fraser family and am very much looking forward to book 9! Thanks again, and also can’t wait for the second half of season 1 on Starz!

  453. I discovered Outlander as a result of viewing the TV series. I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next and did a search on the series to see if I could find any info and stumbled onto the entire series on Amazon. I have spent the entire winter reading all 8 novels and am going to start the Lord John Grey group next. Will be searching this site as well as Amazon, awaiting whatever comes next. I am absolutely thrilled to find another novelist that I love. These have been rather scarce in the last several years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  454. Diana

    Thank you for Jamie and Claire. I feel like I am growing older with them. I retired in September and have been happily rereading the series and am now on the last. I want to parce it out so it will last, but cannot put it down. As a registered nurse I find all the medical details fascinating and just love the details.

    Love the series…and happily await 04 April. Louise

  455. Dearest Diana,

    I started listening to your books sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014, I dinna ken what happened but I failed to finish it after only 4 chapters. During the holidays, I was going through a rather tough time in the family front and immersed myself in watching and re-watching Lord of the Rings but that has tied me to the couch (though that was okay as I was getting a lot of knitting done too). So after New Year’s, I decided I better move about and distract myself by continuing with Davina Porter in my ear. And oh man! You and Davina Porter make a great team.

    I know you’ve been praised and thanked and praised and everything and I guess there’s not enough words in English to express gratitude and praises so as to deliver it again without repeating everyone else.

    What you’ve done for me is give me a different perspective on life. That whatever that end I came to in 2014 would only lead me to a more solid future. So you gave me hope too.

    It’s weird to be picking up life’s useful tidbits from a story about time travel but I know this isn’t really what the story of Jamie and Claire is all about (it’s just an aspect of it). One thing that always rings true in your stories is that love comes in so many different ways and happens in different times, sometimes unexpectedly, cutting boundaries and traversing time. And even if I must have lost it now at 35, I may one day find it again… maybe, maybe not. I’m just glad I have bairns and with them my heart would be full enough.

    One day I will get a chance to meet you, I wish I don’t get tongue tied or just fall on the floor when that happens. I would remember though not to ask you when the next book would come out no matter when this time will come. From what I’ve read of your work and about you with your own telling, you are a fantastical woman, worthy of all the praises and success that you have now. I’ve never really had a favorite author, I just say Paulo Coehlo even if I’ve only ever read one of his books, because he’s a rather popular author. I say Gabriel Garcia-Marquez because that means I’ve endured 100 years of Solitude. Now I can proudly say Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author. The very fact that you are unable to even categorize your body of work characterizes the awesome skill that you have. I can’t even begin to fathom how all of these stories form in your head. What an amazing use of the brain! I suppose I can say thank you for keeping me from being a pretender in that regard.

    I only wish there really is a Jamie Fraser. Sigh! Swoon! Well there’s Sam. I think he’s real enough. hahahah…

    Slainte! Moran Taing!

    Your servant,


  456. When will book 9 be available? HA! I haven’t even finished 3 yet and I am worried about 9!

  457. Hi, Diana, I love the Outlander books and side books! I feel as if the characters are friends. I’m glad for the side books. They answer questions I had about the main books. You said you’re updating the Companion 1. Do I need to buy that in addition to c2? Thanks, Brigit

  458. Hi Diana, I LOVE your books and can’t WAIT for the next one.

    I am thinking about going back and reading them from the beginning again.

    I just have to say that I was very disappointed in the casting for the STARZ Outlander series. Unfortunately for me the actors cast for Jamie and Clare do not match how I envisioned them. Jamie was a very large, tall man according to your description in the book and the actor that is playing him is not. Also Jamie had flaming red hair which is why he had to wear the brown bonnet when he was living in the cave, and the actor playing him has some red in his hair but not at all how Jamie was described in the book. Clare is not as I envisioned her either so I am not a fan of the TV series and will not be watching it.

    However I think it is very cool that they are doing the series, especially for those who may not have read the book and so don’t have the jaded view that I have of the actors, I’m sure they will enjoy it VERY much.

    I hope you can write another book picking up where MOBY left off with Brianna and Roger and the kids returning to Jamie and Clare… At least that is what I think was happening at the end of MOBY…

    Love you Diana! Thank you for all the good reads!!


  459. How did Jamie learn printing? Will there be a side book about it?

  460. How about one book with “Leaf on the Wind”, The Space Between”, and “Virgins” all together?? That would be quick. Also, any prequels. I don’t care to buy three books with multiple authors that have no relation to Outlander. Not an ebook – I don’t do ebooks. I’m sure there is enough audience like me to be worthwhile for you.

  461. i was totally devastated when I finished Moby. Thought what do I read now????
    Look forward to the next book.

  462. Diana,
    May I stand up and clap? I just finished My Own Heart’s Blood, read slowly, so as to savor every minute.

    This book, as with all the others, has taken me away this past year to somewhere different. This particular
    year being one of the hardest of my life. (Well we all have them don’t we?)

    I just wanted to say thank you for a light in my nights.

    Keep going. Brillian