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Season 3 Global Release Dates

Season 3 Release Dates In DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Formats

Season3-Collector-EditionSony International, the distributor for the Starz Outlander TV series, has sent me the following release dates for Season 3 in DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital formats:

March 5, 2018: U.K. and Germany

March 7, 2018: Australia and New Zealand

April 9, 2018: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and South Africa

April 10, 2018: U.S.A. and Canada (Canada: English & French-speaking)

April 11, 2018:: France, Czech Republic, and Taiwan

April 12, 2018: Denmark

April 13, 2018: Spain

April 17, 2018: Hong Kong

April 18, 2018: Belgium (French-speaking)

May 7, 2018: Greece

May 30, 2018: Brazil

Release dates for other countries and areas are to be announced. Updates to this list will be added as soon as available.

For digital downloads and streaming of Season 3, please contact your favorite digital services after the release dates listed to determine availability in your area. See my Where and How To Watch page for more information.

The cover for the Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition of Season 3 (U.S.A. edition) is shown in the image above, which goes on sale on April 10, 2018.

Note that all release dates are decided upon and announced by Sony International, the distributor for the Starz Outlander TV series. Neither I nor my Webmistress have any say in—or control over—when the DVDs will be for sale in any country or region.


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  1. Woot, Woot. Can’t wait to be able to buy Season 3 and watch it whenever I want.

  2. There is an omission of scenes in my Season 3 DVD.
    Wondering if this was just my DVD or perhaps is a universal error by Sony.
    The first disc ends with Frank’s death. The second disc starts with “Previously” and shows scenes where Clare is explaining to Brianna about Jamie.
    There is no such scene on the first disc.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. So excited that you have been included in the PBS America’s favorite book challenge. You can count on my vote! You are the BEST!

  4. Hi Diana,

    Will you be making any public appearances this week in Sedona or in Chicago in the foreseeable future? I would love to meet you and have you sign two of your books in the Outlander Series. I look forward to your response.

  5. Dear Ms Gabaldon

    Just a quick one: I do admire your patience with all those pushing you about your books, contemplating your professional and personal life, I think it is amazing how you manage everything. So, please, keep safe and sound, take your time, as we all know, it certainly is worth the wait! Thank you.

  6. Is there a release date for the collectors edition for Germany or United Kingdom? Thank you

    • Hi, Wendy,

      Everything that Sony International has sent to Diana and I to date is in this blog post above. Unfortunately, there was no mention from Sony about where the Collector’s Edition of the Blu-Ray discs will be available or when. If we receive that information from Sony I will post it.

      We do the best we can, but please note that Diana and I may not have the most complete (or most recent!) information about global releases of the Starz Outlander TV series in DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital formats. International distribution by Sony is apparently quite complex both legally (international copyright laws) and in terms of special features for a specific country such as language translations.

      Always, your best bet to find out about DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital releases of the Outlander TV series is to keep checking with vendors in your country or viewing area, including searching on-line and asking in a local bookstore or other store. This is especially true for Collector’s Editions which are usually produced in limited numbers, and sold only for a limited time.

      Diana’s Webmistress

      • Dear Loretta

        thanks a lot – I frequently check amazon at Germany and UK and hopefully they have the limited edition in the near future.

        Seems like they had problems with the US-version – because it is unavailable at the moment too – some problems with the codes for the digital download, which should be included.

        Maybe that is the reason, why they postponed the release outside of the US.

        I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for this wonderful website – I follow Ms Gabaldon since her books were published in Germany and I was always impressed about her web presence, which was very progressive and well maintained.

        Thank you!


      • Hi, Wendy,

        Thanks for the kind words!

        On top of the different global legal/copyright and publishing considerations that Sony has to work with, which are different in each country, I forgot about those special codes for different parts of the world. So complicated!

        I hope you get your copy soon.

        Diana’s Webmistress

  7. Just wanted to mention America’s Stonehenge in Salem NH. Great place to visit and run by a great family (no affiliation or relation just found it interesting!). Love your books can’t wait for bees!! Thank you!

  8. Vorrei sapere quando uscira il dvd di outlander 3 stagione in ITALIA e tanto che aspetto e vorrei tantissimo poterlo vedere……..Grazie elisabetta

    Translation (using Google):
    I would like to know when the outlander 3 season DVD will be released in ITALY and I look forward to it and I would love to see it …… .. Thanks elisabetta

    • Hi, Elisabetta,

      All DVD and Blu-Ray release dates are from Sony International, the only distributor for the Starz Outlander TV series. Diana nor I have any control over when—or if—the DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are released in a specific country or viewing area. Editions with language subtitles can take up to a year, on average, to produce and distribute.

      No word yet about the release of Season 3 DVDs and Blu-Ray in Italy (or any other country or viewing area not listed above) has been received from Sony.

      We post the dates as soon as we receive them, so please watch Diana’s website for future announcements.

      Diana’s Webmistress

  9. Scusate……. ma come e possibile non riuscire a sapere quando uscirà il DVD di outlander stagione 3 ????tutti ne parlano, tutti aspettano notizie ….e nessuno dice niente .
    Personalmente ho letto tutti i libri e ho le due stagioni della serie in dvd, non ho il canale FOX LIVE dove veniva trasmessa la serie in Italia , ora dopo tutto questo tempo vorrei poterla vedere finalmente!!!!
    Mille ringraziamenti per la risposta
    Grazie elisabetta

    English translation (via translate.google.com):
    Sorry……. but how is it possible to not know when the outlander DVD season 3 will come out ???? everyone talks about it, everyone is waiting for news … and nobody says anything.
    Personally I read all the books and I have the two seasons of the series on DVD, I do not have the FOX LIVE channel where the series was broadcast in Italy, now after all this time I would like to see it finally !!!!
    Many thanks for the reply
    Thanks elisabetta

    • Hi, Elisabetta,

      Someone knows the information you are seeking, but it is not Diana Gabaldon, nor I. Please read Diana’s blog post above again. It says very clearly at the bottom:

      “Note that all release dates are decided upon and announced by Sony International, the distributor for the Starz Outlander TV series. Neither I nor my Webmistress have any say in—-or control over—-when the DVDs will be for sale in any country or region.”

      This means that Sony owns all of the distribution rights for the Outlander TV series, including broadcast, streaming, digital, DVD and Blu-Ray, in the U.S.A. and globally. The Starz network produces the series.

      Sony and Starz make ALL the decisions about when and where the series appears in any form, NOT Diana. Sony does their own advertising in different countries. And they do NOT keep Diana informed about international availability in 35 (or more) different countries.

      As Diana’s Webmistress, after hearing from a lot of people around the world, I decided to contact Sony and ask for release information to share with her global readers and fans of the TV series. A Sony representative gave me the above release dates and Diana posted it on her blog and social media. Diana and I have received no updates from Sony since.

      Strangely, I’ve received more complaints after trying to help! I am sorry, but there is nothing else I can do.

      So please contact Sony and Starz for further information, and send them any complaints you have about their distribution methods. Both companies have contact information on their main websites.

      Diana Gabaldon’s Webmistress

  10. Hi!!! I’m learning English to read outlander’s book. Nowadays, I started the 7th book because the release will be in 2019 here in Brazil and I can’t wait for translation. I love so much the history is wonderful and lovely. Diana, I beg you. When you will to finish the outlander’s book, pass Jaime through into the stones to century XX together their family. I’d to see Jamie and Claire there living at Lallybroch . Can be a cliche, but the love is too. Seeing Claire and Jamie happy quiet my heart. If you read this to know I’m very grateful to you written outlander. You bring to me the pleasure to read. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hello,

    Sorry that i am not reading Outlander as a book but i am watching it as TV Series

    I really like the story , so please if u can keep writing more books about Outlander, so they can make maybe 10 seasons of the TV Series

    Thank you

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