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OUTLANDER_Starz – First Look OUTLANDER (tv) Trailer!

Here’s the “first-look” trailer presented at the recent Fan Event in Los Angeles, with a fascinating glimpse of the new cable-tv series (being produced by Starz), to be released sometime this summer!

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Looks very interesting. However, Sam isn’t quite as ‘beefy’ as I had Jamie pictured. Not enough upper body musculature as theHighlanders I have seen.



    • -> upper body musculature – my guess is dumbbells and protein formulae were not quite as efficient in the 18th century :-)

      I don’t really understand why there’s so much discussion about Jamie and Claire’s looks, since they are most of all extraordinary as persons … Yes, physical aspects get mentioned in the books, as they should, but not too much, as they should (am re-reading the novels right now and everything else about them is much more important, in my humble opinion).

      And yes, I am young enough to appreciate musculature, generally. :-)

    • WHO CARES about his muscles?? He’s a beautiful young Jamie and she’s a perfect Claire!!! From someone who has read the entire series of books at least three times, maybe more, I am ecstatic! Isn’t everyone? Finally!
      My mouth literally dropped open when I began to recognize what I was watching the first time I saw the trailer. Couldn’t believe it! We all have our own expectations of Jamie and Claire but
      Ms. Gabaldon created such wonderful characters and one of the best love stories ever told.
      These characters are so real to most of us because we’ve spent so much time with them.
      Let’s just thank our lucky ‘Starz’ for putting it on screen for all of us to enjoy! I can’t wait for
      this summer!!!!!

    • Having grown up on a farm then gone off to war as a soldier Jamie wouldn’t have been “beefy”. You can’t realistically compare “today’s” highlanders (or any other muscled man) with a man from the 1700′s. They had different diets and no gyms, different everything.

      Jamie is never described as being huge and beefy, more lean and muscled.
      If you look at pictures of Sam Heughan (Jamie) from when they cast him and follow them to now you’ll see he’s changed a lot! He’s had a trainer and he’s gotten more chiseled and more muscled.

      Besides all of that, between the interviews I’ve seen with him and Caitriona, seeing their chemistry together and knowing how Diana feels about them I’m hooked on both of them. Diana said within a few minutes (seconds even) of seeing Sam’s audition tape (Cait’s too!) she knew they had found Jamie (and Claire) and was happy about the casting.

      If the writer herself says “THAT’S JAMIE” it’s good enough for me.

    • In regards to the replies to “MUSCULATURE” everyibe keeps saying there were no gyms etc back in the 1700′s. I must agree with Ms Clough, as that is how he was described!!!

      • Dear Christine–

        Y’all might just want to wait and see what Mr. Heughan looks like. He looks fine, believe me. (And I described Jamie–repeatedly–as tall, LEAN, ELEGANT and muscular–not as Mr. Universe.)



      • Diana,
        Never, I repeat never, have I been happy with the ppl chosen to play the parts of characters I’ve loved in books. The actors chosen to play Jamie and Claire are perfect…they are perfect…If I were 20 yrs younger, I’d be stalking Sam/Jamie, he is Jamie, no one else could of done this part, he’s perfect. And Catorina/Claire, again perfect, their chemistry is also perfect. I’m DYING for it to come back on tv…….btw, so far I’ve watched the wedding night episode about 4 times already.
        So happy with it all, but I hate waiting ;(


    • It’s always interesting to see how others visualize the characters of a book. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see the actual visual Diana Gabaldon has of her characters??

      Remember, Sam Heughan is representing a Young Jamie Fraser in the Starz Outlander Series. He hadn’t grown into his manly, adult self yet.

      The real question is … once you have started watching the Starz Series (and you KNOW you will) … will your own visual of Jamie, Claire and the other characters change?


      • Your comment just made me realize I don’t have a personal visual idea of them … at least not a very detailed one.
        There really is so much more about the characters that I tend to go sloppy on visuals :-)
        But seeing Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe in the trailer I was sure from the start that they’re perfect – because their acting corresponds to the complex, interesting personalities I have been reading about all these years.

      • OMG – so excited. This is the best love story ever. Second best, Pride and Prejudice. Third, Persuasion.

        I have a visual of Jamie & Claire. Jamie is tall, broad shoulders, lots of hair, Sam looks like he could be him. Jamie is a very confident, well-bred gentleman who means what he says and is smart and wily. Claire has lots of curly hair, eyes that tell everything with her expressions and so much courage and kindness. They (the actors) are well chosen. I hope they can make Diana’s books come to life. It will be just like the movie in your head or your fantasy video coming to life. Best ever. Thank you Diana…you have given me many laughs and hours of entertainment. xoxo

      • I have to agree with you on all but one thing. The actress playing Claire is just too skinny. She is very beautiful don’t get me wrong but as we all know very well Claire has a larger butt. Jamie loves this about her. I just hope as the show develops that they thicken her up a bit. I am so very excited to see the show and cant wait for the next book to come out.

    • I felt the same thing, although I thought his looks are outstanding! It does mention very, very often how tall and big he is, and how he stands out so much in a crowd, etc… however I do know cameras are magical, and we may see this one in a larger depiction. I am just excited to see what I have been obsessing about, like something to have and to hold!!! What a great story.

      • Dear Maria–

        The man is _very_ large. [g] Believe me, I’ve been in his company for several prolonged periods. He’s also very close to Jamie’s Identikit description–6’3″ and about 220 lbs.

        Pretty sure you’ll like him–and the rest of the marvelous cast!



    • Agreed also Jamie is always described as being very tall, never lost in a crowd, but claire is almost as tall as Sam.

    • I think the casting for Jaime and Claire was pretty good. However, I am having a very
      difficult time getting over the casting of Dougal and Column. They are just not what I imagined…AT ALL! I get that they are Scottish, but surely they could have cast someone younger and not so…well, just more attractive. They are after all described in the books as being handsome men, not old and scraggly.

      • I, too am quite puzzled by the casting of Colum and Dougal. Aren’t casting directors required to read the book? They were much younger men who were described as being handsome and having black hair. Not that the gentlemen cast in those roles aren’t excellent actors, they just don’t fit the descriptions and the visual images we probably all have of them.

      • Dear Deborah–

        Um…you might want to read those descriptions again. Colum and Dougal are described as being slightly older than Jamie’s father–i.e., in their late 40′s (and Colum, in poor health, is described as having gray-streaked hair and a deeply lined face, so looks older). Dougal’s hair is described as russet, not black. Granted, Graham McTavish is bald , but both he and Gary Lewis do a _fantastic_ job of embodying their characters; I couldn’t be more pleased.



      • I was apprehensive about watching the series, yet counting down the days as well… I almost never watch a video interpretation of a book I have loved, and the entire Outlander series definitely fits into that category. FYI, I have the series in hardback at each of our three homes, all of the DG books on my kindle and on audio. I am reading it again for the third time in 2014; I’ve probably read the entire series a couple of dozen times.

        I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the cast or the screenplay. Instead, I am completely bowled over by both. No, a few of the characters (i.e., Dougal and Rev. Wakefield to mention two) don’t match up to my visual, but the series is so well cast and superbly written that I don’t notice the discrepancies between my visualazation and the cast. Dougal may not be what I expected, but watching him, it is easy to see why his reputation as a “ladies man’ persists. Thank you for a wonderful 6 weeks and counting!

    • After seeing the first epidsode, the casting of Jamie and Claire are perfect together.

  2. to all: Don’t miss the slo-mo version of the trailer on You-Tube. It lasts nearly five minutes and really allows you to see all the details of the outstanding costuming and other details. The flo-mo version is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVOsNHHZs7Q&list=UUXSsjIY7gBUOLDrPXF0z6GQ&feature=c4-overview

  3. I’ve seen a bit of the Trailer. Okay, so the gentleman who isn’t playing Jaime isn’t beefy………. Nearly all the Characters weren’t who someone imagined……… This Is Diana’s Story………… and if They Can make you Believe for 5 minutes that they are Claire, Jaime Or even Frank/Black Jack…………..then they have done their job………….. I’m going to watch in the summer whenever it airs………….. my husband was trying to show it to me…….. I turned around closed my eyes and Listened……………… I’m hooked…………………See you All in the Summer…….

  4. I’m hooked too. The music, the visuals. It looks like it’s going to be a great series.

  5. The sets, costuming and film look to be high quality! I think Claire has tough role here, she has so much internal turmoil to try to show on screen. Fearful and confused, then fiesty, and the internal struggle about marrying Jamie, it will be interesting to see how that all comes through.

    Thanks for the update and please keep us posted so I know when to subscribe to Starz!

    I just have to ask, assume there will be some nudity in the series, did the actors have to audtion for ermm… that?

    • Casting calls specify the amount of nudity required for every role, but auditioning typically does not require nudity. Both Sam and Cait have worked as models and actors in jobs that should have made their physical attributes quite clear to the casting director. I do believe it was suggested to Sam that he work out with a trainer; he mentioned at the fan event that he did so for three months. That’s not unusual for physically demanding roles.

  6. From the minute I heard Outlander was going to become a show I was hooked. This show is a dream come true for so many of us. Of course you cannot please everyone and there will be your negative Nellies, but I am in 100%. I will watch it and love it! So far Starz and everyone involved in making this a reality are doing a wonderful job and I can’t wait for the show to start.

    • The only thing that troubles me is the fact that STARZ has a reputation for canceling a series before it barely gets started. (Boss, Magic City, Camelot)

      • Dear Barbara–

        Well, fwiw, this series has a guaranteed 16-episode first season; it can’t be canceled mid-season, I don’t think. And also fwiw [g]–I had dinner (along with quite a few other people) with Chris Albrecht, the CEO of Starz, who expressed the greatest enthusiasm and support for the show, and said (this has been reported in the film/tv press) that on the basis of what he’d seen so far, he was sure it would go to a second season. So we’re hopeful!


      • Well I for one would like to see the TV series in a complete “unabridged” version of the books. In other words – can’t get enough – ha. I think this will be a fantastic series and can’t wait for it to start. Thank you Diana Gabaldon!!

      • Boss was an excellent series, but it did run for two seasons and I don’t know that it could have continued for much longer without sacrificing its realism.

        Joseph Fiennes was the best part about Camelot!

      • Hi Barbara,
        That worries me too about Starz. My husband and I really loved Boss (we called it Bad Frasier) and were upset enough when it was canceled to also cancel Starz. I will re-order it to see Outlander but they had better be true to fans!!
        Best, Kyle

  7. I’m excited to have the trailer. I’ve been trying to brief my non-bookworm husband on what the book is about and so far, I don’t think he’s getting it. This is one tv show where I will have control of the remote! I can’t wait to watch him discover this world! It will make it all new to me, too!

  8. Can’t wait to see it!!

  9. I just started reading Outlander (again!) just so I would be even more familiar with the original plot. And yet again, I amazed at the amount of detail and description in these books. If this TV series can even come CLOSE to matching Ms. Diana’s writing, it will be worth watching.

    Of course, these characters on the screen won’t look anything like what we have pictured in our heads! These people live in Ms. Diana’s head (which fact we are all grateful for ) and no director or producer or casting person could be expected to find them in real life.

    I for one CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!! And not just for the TV series….but especially for MOBY!!!

    Thanks again, Ms. Diana.

  10. I received a promotion to win a chance to meet Diana,etc. I am supposed to click on the seal (on book) to enter. Just wanted to know if this was legit.

    • Dear Kathryn–

      Yes, that’s a Facebook contest sponsored by my US publisher, Random House. I believe it’s only open to US citizens (owing to the rules governing exclusive publishing territories), but if you are…Best of luck!


  11. Wow! Just love the trailer. Any chance we’ll be able to see it in New Zealand? I’m a committed fan of all the Claire and Jamie books, and will be devastated if we can’t see it ‘down under’

    • I agree, so want it to come to NZ as soon as possible. Here’s hoping!

    • Hi Janice and HA50, I’ve just emailed TVNZ, TV3 and Prime asking when (not if) they will be showing Outlander. If enough of us ask then they will have to purchase it.

      • I too can hardly wait for it to screen here in New Zealand!!
        I will have to follow your example Catherine, and email the TV stations and
        ask when we might see it!

  12. Je suis impatiente de voir cette série, depuis le temps que j’attendais.
    Les romans sont déjà super. Reste à voir si les acteurs seront à la hauteur des personnages tels qu ils sont décrits dans les livres.
    Merci Madame Gabaldon pour toutes ses merveilleuses heures de lecture avec le Chardon et le Tartan.
    Nicole (France)

  13. I just watched the trailer, and it’s great! I can’t wait for summer for two reasons now-MOBY and the Outlander miniseries!!! Congratulations, Diana, for all your hard work !! I know your’re not involved with the miniseries per se, but you did write Outlander, and are writing MOBY.

  14. What TV station will it be aired in the UK. or on Sky UK.

  15. While a lot of us feel that Sam H. is a bit too slight for the role of Jamie, I am just thrilled that the series is finally being produced. The trailer is a wonderful tease. And as a personal aside, unless it’s written by Diana, it doesn’t hold my interest. Long may she write!!

  16. Just FYI – Muscles from WORKING are way different that muscles from WORKING OUT. You go to the gym to get “fluffy” muscles. If you are doing the hard physical labor of a farmer (Jamie), your muscles will not bulk up, but define. Bulky muscles get in the way, and you lose flexibility and speed. And I don’t just mean running speed. But, speed with a sword, or handling large farm animals.

    Sam is looking great!

    • Precisely, Crystal. My personal image of Jamie is tall, of course. Jamie is nearly too thin but has those all important muscles defined from shoulder to foot. He is lean, lithe and luscious(well, he is.) My Jamie’s face was not as pretty as S.H.’s, but close. With each new photo of Sam he is becoming the perfect Jamie. In the books was he ever described as beefy of bulky? Don’t think so. Has anyone said they can not wait!!!!? DBD

    • Agree Crystal ! My DH is a farmer and he is so strong, but not bulky at all! And he has endurance from WORKING all day, 7 days week. No fluff here.

      I think a slight Jamie is fine, Diana has always said he’s thin. I just really expected his hair to be more red. I’m sure after the first 10 minutes will forget all about that though, the trailer looks good!

  17. I’m so looking forward to watching the series when it comes out. I do hope I will be able to watch it up here in Canada!! I was able to watch the hour and a half Fan Gathering video on You Tube and thoroughly enjoyed meeting “Claire” & “Jamie”. I found them both to be very believable as the characters.

    Cheers to all the fans out there!!


    • Dear Jacklyn–

      The tv show will be presented on Showtime in Canada. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


      • Dear Diana,

        Thanks so much for your reply! You’re awesome!!

        I started re-reading them when I heard about MOBY was coming out in the fall of 2013, and now I’m on round two (on chapter 44 in Voyageur as I write this) as I wait for it’s release in June 2014. I have so much to look forward to this summer! It looks to be jam packed with the series coming to life and the next installment. I’m really looking forward to reading about Roger going back through the stones to look for Jemmy!
        When ever you write a new book to the series, I’m always so pleased to see those cliffhangers… I know I’ll be getting a new one in the future.
        Not only have I read your wonderful series multiple times, I’ve had to purchase them multiple times, because I’ve worn them out! Love them!! I can only say good things about them.

        Thanks again for letting me know that I’ll be able to watch “Outlander” on Showtime.

        All the best & Cheers!!


  18. Would also like to know when it will be shown in UK. If at all. Please give us some hope!

    • Dear Kathy–

      I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t. [g] But the international rights to the show belong to the Sony corporation, who licenses them individually to distributors in various countries. At the moment, there is a deal already in place for Canada; Showtime will be presenting it there. But they’re only just beginning the marketing process of selling it in other countries. I’ll be sure to note further information as we get it!


      • I wanted to know the same thing since we now live in Cheltenham, England. Do you know about the Cheltenham Literature Festival in the fall? My friends and I all dream of you coming to do a talk there! : )

  19. I’m so happy! This is great! :) Have to ask from YLE (BBC in Finland) that is it possible to see the Outlander here also. Can’t wait. :)

  20. Bonjour à tous,

    Avec ma Maman (82 ans ) nous avons lu tous les volumes de Jamie et Claire, nous sommes même allés
    en Mai 2013 en Ecosse dans les Highlands, Ce fut magique, Clava cairns, Culloden ( très émouvant ) etc.
    Un souvenir inoubliable, et maintenant je n’espère qu’une chose que la série passe très vite en France !

    Fabienne et Paule.

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