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Schmoozing in LA – Part 2 – Episode 1!

Starz Poster So, Sony was previewing all of their new shows (eight in all, I think, and I don’t recall all the names) for international (i.e., non-US) buyers. Each day had a different slate of buyers to view the shows (Latin America/Africa/MiddleEast/Europe, etc.), and every evening had a mix of fairly high-up TV executives from different countries for cocktails and dinner.

Every day save Friday, OUTLANDER was fairly late on the schedule, so Ron and I would arrive around 3 p.m., and depending on how far behind schedule the shows were running (there’s some friction, given that some up-front interviews run longer than others), we might go on by 3:30 or 4:00. We’d be in the green room just before our time, and then follow one of the stage-hands (they thoughtfully shining a light on the floor so we could see what we were about to step on, and not trip over anything or miss a step). A technician back-stage (a very narrow, dark space, with a small cart stocked with cordless microphones and other useful items) would hand us each a mic and we’d stand there, listening while the audience saw a quick trailer for “Outlander” (from the sounds of it, it was either the same one y’all have seen lately, or something quite similar; with music from “Last of the Mohicans”). Then the moderator would introduce us and we’d walk out and take our places: there were three tall director’s chairs set up onstage at the side of the screen (a regular movie-theater-sized screen), and the interview would be televised onto the screen itself (and onto the TV in the green room as well, for the edification of anyone waiting in there to go on next).

The interview was short, about ten minutes, and pretty much The Usual: What attracted you to the material? (Ron) Did you have any concerns about having Outlander translated to film? (Me. Answer: Hell, yes…) How would the story evolve over the season? (Ron. Meaning they wanted to know how much of a book or books would be covered in a season, how many episodes, etc.) How did I come to write Outlander? (Me — quick reprise of my Dr. Who/man-in-a-kilt story), etc. (Webmistress’s note: See “So where did you get the idea to write these books?” in Diana’s FAQ to read about how a character from Dr. Who helped inspire Diana to write OUTLANDER, her first novel.)

Then we’d wave and walk off, and they’d start running the full first episode of the show. The first day we did this, I rather shyly said I’d like to watch the episode; I’d seen it, but not in its final form, with color corrections and score. Of course! They said, and obligingly brought me up the metal stairs to the top of the theater (the seating area looked very solid, but was evidently made of portable stuff like stadium seating; it wasn’t built into the building), where I paused for a moment.

The show was just starting, with Bear McCreary’s theme song/lead-in — I probably shouldn’t tell you what it was <g>, but I liked it very much. A different take on a well-known Scottish traditional song, let’s put it that way…

Ron had come up the stairs with me, presumably to see what I thought of the opening, as he wasn’t staying. We stood there watching the lead-in, and when there was a shot of Claire’s hands reaching for the flowers at the foot of the standing stone, I turned to him and said, “You got them!” (He and Maril had asked me, some months earlier, if I knew exactly what the flowers were, and if it was important that they be _that_ sort of flower. I told them I did, and it was— but only if they filmed all the way through the last book. He said they’d go on the assumption that they would.)

He grinned and hugged me, then went off about his own business and I found a seat and watched the whole thing, rapt.

They had made a few small changes to the first episode since the last cut I’d seen, but nothing major. It flowed beautifully, starting with the quick scene that Ron had described to me more than year ago, of Claire in a French military hospital (a bombed-out building), splattered with blood and working frantically to save a man, then coming out to find that peace has been declared. On to 1946 and a roadster with two laughing people, wind in their hair as they drive through the Scottish Highlands…

The major change, though, was the music. The previous cuts I’d seen had had temporary, sort of generic TV-music. This one had Bear McCreary’s score, and it was fabulous. Very atmospheric, by turns subtle and visceral, using (as is his wont) traditional instruments like tin whistle and bodhran.

He tweeted to me today, to congratulate me on MOBY, and I replied “The same to you, man! LOVED the music! (The whole theater shook when you hit the bodhrans— the thunder shook my bones.)” Which he was kind enough to say was “a wonderful review of my score! Can’t wait for the whole world to see this…”

Neither can I. You’re gonna love it. <g>

Click here to read Part 1 of this blog: “Schmoozing in L.A.: International Film Rights” if you haven’t read it already!

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  1. I AM SOOO EXCITED ! GETTING BOOK 8 TODAY…..EAGERLY AWAITING SERIES IN AUGUST. …Diana you bring me joy ! I strongly feel that we should all be more informed about the past. You have embraced Scottish history and entwined in it a story of pure love and adventure that makes our hearts pound in our chest with each page we turn. Pure magic. A passion that regretfully many of us only experiece through the lives of Jamie and Claire. Thank you for the gift. Please write on dear lady.

  2. Will the series be shown in the UK ??
    If so by whom and when ??
    I’m sooooo jealous of you all in the US.

    My copy of MOBY is currently winging it’s way across the Atlantic and I can’t wait.
    Thank God for amazon.com lol

  3. Oh Diana,

    I downloaded my digital copy on the morning of the 10th of June! I finished the book early on the morning of the 12th of June! I read morning and night until it was done but am a very fast reader! Now I can read it again only much slower! So many questions were answered! Won’t mention any as don’t want to create any SPOILERS for anyone! Oh my, such a good read! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us! I am a 66 yr old, disabled (hit by drunken hit and run driver 17 yrs ago) so I have lots of time to read! I keep only those books that I truly enjoy reading again and again. Needless to say, I have all of the Outlander series in hardcover and have read them again and again! I know I am only one of so many who tell you this but I truly have reread them many, many times. They have become dear friends! I am looking forward to the Outland TV Series very much! Your comments about it are so descriptive so we can’t help but feel this will be a visual of the book! While knowing that there will be some changes, knowing that you wouldn’t agree to any series that didn’t follow the flow of the book either! Anyhow, thanks so much and many Blessings from an ardent fan! TJH

  4. Will the Outlander television show be available for purchase on iTunes?

    • Dear Sandra–

      I don’t know. I haven’t anything to do with the licensing or marketing, but will certainly announce any news as I get it.


  5. Just finished book #8- loved it, of course! I will refrain from commenting on book #8 specifically, as I know many fans will not have read it yet. Thank you, Diana, for all the work you put into these creations of yours. From the time I started reading them (I came late to the game) I was struck by all of the historical, botanical, medical, etc. details that you include. I am a nurse, and your books have helped me realize just how far we have come, not only in the medical field, but in everything that affects our daily lives. I have spread the joy that comes from reading your books to everyone I can, and we are waiting impatiently for August 10th to arrive.

  6. I have read all the other books twice, ( after an interval ) they were just as fresh as the first time through. I grew up in Britain and we went to Scotland on holiday (as they say over there ).
    all I had to do was close my eyes and I was right there.

    I think this last book may be the best yet, a lot of things that needed to be done didn’t get done around here while I was lost in the 16 th century. There were some little funny bits that popped up and gave me a good laugh…

    I was well worth the wait. Now I have to find if there is TV coverage out here.

  7. Dear Diana,
    I’m reading the book 8 as slowly as I can to prolong the joy.
    MOBY is everything I expected it to be and more.
    Thank you Diana for giving us another masterpiece to cherish!
    P.S. I appreciate your telling us, Canadians that Showcase is going to air the first episode on August 24.
    It definitely saved me disappointment on August 9th.

  8. Bought your 1rst book Outlander accidentally twice at Books A Million. Have had it for a year- started it last week and couldn’t put it down! I have about 20 pages to go. Then got on the website and the rest is history-HA! Going to go buy Dragonfly In Amber today and hopefully the The Outlandish Companion V1 so I might be able to keep things somewhat straight! Anyways-want to tell you I LOVE YOUR WRITING and LOVE CLAIRE’S perspective. Will be stalking your blog and website for a long time to come (would be over the moon to get a response to this email from you!). Can not hardly wait for the TV show in August-have taped the ad to my wall. Cele Schaffer from Knoxville,TN age 55 (just in case you wanted those details)

  9. Good grief, woman! You’ve done it again! This book is one of the best of the bunch and I was so upset to have it end. You may be geographically and chronologically challenged, which I noticed especially in Outlander, but you have a way with words that can turn a phrase into pure poetry of the finest kind. Or pure hilarity of the wittiest kind. I found myself just about rolling on the floor with laughter one minute, and sobbing into a tissue a few minutes later. How do you do that?

    My only fear is that I may wind up in a nursing home before the next book comes out, but at least there’ll be a visual feast to enjoy on STARZ. It’s a tribute to you that the network, and Ron Moore particularly, were so moved by the books that they feel obligated to remain faithful to your story and characters. I already picture Sam Heughan as Jamie now when I read the book, and that means I don’t have to work so hard to visualize him. I hope you’ll start posting snippets of the next book soon, since I’m dying to know just how Brianna, Roger and the kids get to the Ridge in the correct time frame. Are you telling us they went back to 20th century Scotland, went to Okracoke and travelled through again to be able to go to the Ridge? Or have you discovered a new aspect of time travel which would permit a leap of only decades that is less terrifying? Gardening has taught me patience, but you have a knack for stripping it away!

    Thank you from my heart for all the years of pleasure you’ve given us. Dinna fash, I’ll survive somehow!

  10. Can’t wait to hear Bear McCreary’s score! His work for Battlestar was incredible, and I loved all the Celtic influences in it. I’m guessing I’ll be over the moon at his Outlander work!

  11. Just finished Book 8. Can’t wait for the series. Hope it comes on DVD too . Wondering if there will be a Book 9.

  12. Diana,
    I downloaded MOBY to my Kindle at 6:30am on 10th

  13. I am 74 yr old and I can hardly wait for Aug.9th
    I just finished the your newest book I LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! the book
    when is the next one??? I want to know what happends to John. Will, Roger’s
    voice Brianna, Jemmy & Mandy, Oggy’s name, Marsali’s baby, Ben, Hal, Dottie, Richardson,
    ect. ect. ect…

  14. Diana,
    Another amazing book, thank you so much. I finished it in two days! My daughter and I are both such fans, we are going to Scotland in late August for our own adventure.

  15. I just finished book 8 and I think it’s my favorite so far, mostly because the characters have been built so well that I love the exchanges between them. There are so many funny and moving parts to the story but it’s going to kill me to wait for book 9 now!

  16. Just thinking: At the end of book 9, Claire and Jamie will go back to Fraser Ridge in today’s time and Jaime will get the operation he needs to live. They will be happy there in their old age and live in eternity in the North Carolina Mountains. We will not know how they pass away. I can’t stand it to think about it. This is the best love story I have ever read.

  17. Counting the days! Just finished MOBY and sad to wait to see what comes next.. Good news …there HAS to be a next!
    Loved it.

  18. I just read your newest book! Loved it!!! Even doing other things in my life I was able to read it in just over a week. I received your first book for Christmas and by the first of April that year I had read all of the series, plus Lord John books. It was soooooo hard for me to wait until your newest came out. When’s the next one? LOL
    While reading I found myself thinking of how during a movie you wanted to tell someone to not open the door because someone bad was behind it. Well, I found myself thinking …. go to the other side of the hill/field, etc. My heart was filled with the excitement and pain everyone was feeling, oh yes and the love they had for each other. Thank you for letting me enjoy your series of books. I can’t wait until August to see it on TV. My sister in Texas is almost blind and is unable to read the books. Wish I could get the talking books for her, but told her she will have to wait until August. (Just hope her eye-sight will hold out till then, but doubtful.) THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SERIES… I REALLY FELT LIKE I WAS LIVING THERE WITH THEM. GOOD WORK!
    Donna L, Independence MO

  19. Diana, you mention the tv music score.Will they release it on cd like the Game of throne? I work both jobs on Saturdays and I have a friend who has Starz.Will they only air Outlander on Saturdays or will they do an encore at another time?

    • Dear Kathy–

      I haven’t the slightest idea, but I’m sure things like that will be announced in the fullness of time, and when they are, I’ll be sure to tell you!


      • Thanks Diana, I am sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I have been without a computer for 2 months and have been only been able to briefly at times get on the internet at local library where I work.I have a working computer now at home. I was able finally visit your website. My one of my sisters might buy and download the theme song for the show from Amazon for my birthday which is Monday.I was hoping to watch the show but my friend who had Starz decided a week before the show started to cancel her Starz subscription. I hope it comes out on dvd. I will definitely buy it.I enjoyed Moby very much.I couldn’t put it down,and lent it to friend to read as well.Thank you for writing such entertaining stories.

  20. Hi Diana,

    Looking forward to the series on TV, but will it air in Canada?? I am hoping so!

    Just finished MOBY and loved it. I know this is pushing it….but, when will the next book be out? LOL

    • Dear Maria–

      How would I know?

      As to the show, yes! Canada will have it on Showcase; airing August 24th, or so I’m told.

      Hope you enjoy it!


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